When a child manages to heal a trauma, the whole family line is liberated. You can break any family curse by healing your own emotional traumas. Yes, you truly are that powerful!

We are offering one-on-one shadow work sessions. The main objective is to locate and resolve your repressed emotional traumas in order to unblock your energy field so that you can develop your higher intuitive abilities. We are using several shadow work modalities and visualization techniques in order to resolve blockages and bring your inner child back home. We’ll guide you through the process but you are doing the healing in your body.

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We will assist you in resolving energetic blockages relating to past traumas in your body through the shadow work process. We are not doing healing sessions, nor do we treat medical conditions or diseases. Hence, there is no guarantee that you will feel better immediately after the session. In some cases, after huge energetic blockages are cleared, the body will continue to do deep purgings on its own. In order to heal traumas, we need to feel them in all of their uncomfortable facets. Thus, you might feel sick or exhausted after the session which means the body is doing more work. Thus, it is important to take time for yourself to relax and recuperate.

By requesting a session, you confirm that you have read and understood this disclaimer.

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