It is never too late for divine redemption

I finally understood that all the suffering I experienced with Rosa was for my highest good by helping me to grow immensely. A new perspective opened where I recognized Gretchen, another important ally.

A heart of courage can withstand against all odds

An unexpected attack from the king caught me off-guard and led to the loss of one of my best team members. My situation appears very dire but everything is going according to plan as I am guided by a faint light.

How to find your purpose and unlock your destiny?

To find our purpose in life, we need to first disconnect from modern society, seeking stillness and going on an inward journey following our innate talents and most importantly facing our suppressed traumas.

A trail of divine breadcrumbs leads to our destiny

While we are programmed to only search for answers in the material world, there are so many hints left for us everywhere, like a trail of divine breadcrumbs leading to our destiny.

A man does what he can until his destiny is revealed

I always felt a strong connection to Far Eastern cultures. I realized that I had an incarnation as a Samurai in ancient Japan as part of the preparation for the current mission.

Overcoming my deepest fears to fulfill my divine mission

The work of my team in creating transparency has pushed the corrupt king into a corner, who is planning a massive counter-attack. I need to overcome my deepest fears and make amends with Rosa to set the king check-mate.

When we maintain a high vibration, victory is certain

In a past life, I was framed for adultery at the king’s tribunal. Today, I am maintaining a high vibration to follow divine guidance, stepping onto a higher timeline for a better future.

Preparing for the epic finale of cosmic justice

Accidentally, I stepped into a snake pit of corruption through my work in this community. Several people are not pleased by my efforts for transparency and will attempt to kick me out of this project by applying every dirty trick known in history books.

At the cusp of one of the most dramatic transitions in human history

I am being confronted with fascinating revelations about the connections between my past & current life and decided to finally cut energetic cords with Rosa to ready myself for the grand finale.

Let’s talk about sex baby, a spiritual perspective

What are the spiritual implications of sexuality? Perspectives of religions and modern culture are contrasted to my own eye-opening experiences which taught me that sex is much more than a mere physical act.