About Light Prism

This blog is to document my tumultuous yet exciting awakening journey since 2015. My name is Daniel and I would like to invite you to join me in this life-changing journey!

I am originally from Germany, more specifically the state of Hessen (this will be important in one of my stories) and I had my first awakening (opening of the mind) in 2015 – along with the US elections in 2016. Recently, I have moved to South America, where I live and work for an exciting community project in the rural countryside. Since about March 2020, when the Corona virus appeared along with strict quarantine laws, a mysterious series of events started to occur which led to my second awakening (opening of the heart).

The opening of heart has been (it still is) really painful as I have had to confront my deepest fears, traumas and insecurities. However, I have undergone such a rapid transformation that I barely recognize myself and my life anymore. I don’t need this blog for financial gain, my motivation is instead to get the word out to help as many people as possible by sharing these transformative experiences. The main insight of this blog is as follows:

We can shift darkness into light, creating growth, wisdom and novelty by directing our loving attention to the darkest parts of ourselves!

I have split up my awakening journey into different chapters:

Are you ready to join me and partake in this fascinating journey? Let’s go!