About Light Prism

We have the power to shift darkness into light by facing it courageously to create a future where the ancient and new ways become one.

Thank you for coming here! I created this blog to document my spiritual journey since the beginning of 2020 when I emigrated from Germany to South America to live in a small community in the countryside. Initially, I did not even plan to stay here but as the pandemic started in early 2020, my plans changed. While the awakening of my mind had already started in 2015, a strange sequence of events led to the awakening of my heart. It has been very rough but also extremely rewarding.

At some point on my journey, I realized that nothing happened by pure chance, instead, there always has been a higher purpose to everything. This community is actually a replay of a failed project in the Rennaissance period in Hessen Germany. Back then, I and many other mighty souls had the higher mission to establish a cultural, economic, scientific and philosophic exchange center in one of the darkest regions at that time. Unfortunately, we utterly failed that mission and everything fell apart in chaos and destruction. All of the key players have come together another time in this current age to repeat the Rennaissance project, now in South America. I have a central position in this replay and also have the task to document the rebirth of this magnificent project.

The blog is organized into various categories:

Are you ready to join me and partake in this fascinating journey? Let’s go!