Dimensions of consciousness

Dimensions of consciousness

This article provides a concise overview of the differences between the dimensions 3D, 4D and 5D and how they relate to the ascension process of human consciousness.

Let us talk about the dimensions 3D, 4D and 5D. Many people are throwing around these terms but there is a tremendous amount of confusion about it. First, let me clarify what is not meant by these dimensions. When talking about 4D for example, I don’t refer to what we learned in school, i.e. 3 dimensions as coordinates (x,y,z) plus a time axis. Instead, as far as I intuitively understand it, 4D and 5D are vibrational levels that overlap with the physical 3D existence. Hence, 4D and 5D both encompass the physical 3D reality and they are connected directly to it. 


  • There is a lot of confusion and misinformation about dimensions. 
  • Spiritual dimensions (3D, 4D, 5D) refer to vibrational levels and not to the physical dimensions we learned in school. 
  • The unseen realms (4D, 5D and beyond) overlap the physical realm (3D), they always coexist. 
  • 3D is a physical realm that we can experience using our 5 senses. It is a projection of what is manifested in the astral realm, 4D. 
  • 4D is the astral realm where duality and separation exist. It is the realm of the mind, of thought forms, concepts, dogma, religion and beliefs. 
  • 5D is the realm of the heart where everything is flowing and in harmony. It is the gateway to higher dimensions. 
  • We incarnate from the 5th dimension descending into the 4D and 3D realm that is Earth. 
  • The veil is a frequency barrier that separates the 4th from higher dimensions. It limits our access to higher dimensions while being incarnated. 
  • There are many fallen souls that reside in the 4th dimension. They lost access to higher dimensions and they chose a lifestyle of parasitically extracting the life force from other beings who they are trauma-bonded with. 
  • The leaders of those fallen souls are of Reptilian origin and they walk among us too, as they are able to project their consciousness into a human body. 
  • The liberation of humanity is an inside job, as we signed up to dissolve the veil by clearing the respective traumas that have entangled many souls. 
  • The ascension process happens in the physical human body that shifts to a more crystalline state where we are able to seamlessly access 5D and beyond. 
  • The ascension coincides with a massive influx of cosmic and solar energy. These frequencies trigger DNA activations that shift the human body. The ascension process is part of the human design. 

The 3rd dimension

3D is the physical realm that we can experience with our 5 senses. We are born into this physical human body and we are trained by the Matrix to only trust what we can perceive with our physical senses. Many people who “believe in science” (a contradictory statement in itself) outright neglect everything that cannot be measured physically. These beliefs entrap people as they are reluctant to connect to higher dimensions that are overlaid on the physical realm. In fact, the 3rd dimension is not the be-all and the end-all because what we experience in 3D is often a projection of what has been manifested in higher realms. I would even say that the 3D realm is a mere theater stage where we go through storylines that relate to energies and vibrations on higher planes, especially the astral plane, i.e. 4D. 

The 4th dimension

4D or the astral realm is the “mental realm” from which duality and separation originate. 4D is the realm of thought forms, theories and concepts, hierarchies (some are higher than others), “good and evil”, dogmas and religion. Whenever we use our minds, we operate at the vibrational level that represents 4D. That said, the 4D realm can be very useful as it allows consciousness to experience different facets of itself by separating them. A good analogy for this is a prism that separates a white light beam into all the different colors of the rainbow. The prism as well as our mind can separate the different colors in order to experience them on their own. Our emotions also connect to the 4th dimension where a wide range of experiences is possible reaching from the lowest vibrational emotions of guilt, fear and shame to the highest possible ones of love, gratitude and serenity. The 4th dimension spans a wide range of frequencies because it encompasses the full spectrum of experiences that stems from extreme duality. 

4D is also often referred to as the astral realm because it overlaps the physical realm and interacts with it in fascinating ways. In fact, the physical realm can be regarded as a direct projection of what happens in the astral realm. There is a saying that goes along the lines of “you can manifest what you can envision” which highlights this link. Many of you have probably experienced something like this: Your life seems stuck and stagnant but suddenly you receive an inspiration that leads to mental clarity. Afterward, you know what steps you have to take to implement the vision into reality. There is a time delay and a lot of effort required to make things work in 3D but the hardest part often is to obtain clarity on what to do. Furthermore, the 4D astral realm also is the home of ghosts, demons and fallen souls. 

The 5th dimension

In contrast, 5D is a vibrational level that is significantly higher than 4D and it is the realm of the heart where everything is flowing and in harmony. While 4D is separated from higher dimensions, 5D seamlessly connects to them as well. Hence, 4D can be regarded as a “quarantine realm” where certain beings can isolate themselves and play in duality but 5D is the door to higher levels of consciousness where everything is connected, in flow and in harmony. We can access 5D through our heart center and by following our emotions instead of thoughts. In the prism analogy, 5D is the white light. All frequencies are overlapping and are experienced all at once. 

Our souls are vast and span a vibrational range that is much higher than 5D. It depends on the “age” of our souls and how wide our vibrational bandwidth has become. Thus, the human experience is only able to hold a small percentage of our higher self. Before we incarnate, specific aspects are projected down and create our human avatar. A good analogy is a theater play where each incarnation is a different playbook and we can go through a predefined set of roles and storylines in order to grow and expand. 

The veil 

What Christians refer to as “the veil” is a barrier between the 4th and higher dimensions which seals off the 4th dimension and creates a quarantine. Hence, after we incarnate into the human body, our access to the 5th and higher dimensions is severely limited. This veil is a frequency barrier that also upholds the Matrix reality by preventing the influx of higher vibrational frequencies. The normal incarnation cycle is from 5D into 4D and 3D, thus we can also say that the soul descends into the human experience where it is cut off from its higher-dimensional aspects. In fact, souls can only “download” a small percentage of their vast spectrum of frequencies into the human avatar, as mentioned before. They go through very limited karmic storylines that they agree upon with other souls before the incarnation. That is why the human experience can be regarded as a giant theater play where we go through heavy limitations and duality while being disconnected from higher realms, in order to learn hard yet valuable lessons. 

What we are experiencing now is the dissolution of the veil. Many brave souls have signed up for painful missions where they took on a lot of traumas from other beings in order to clear it and break the related karmic cycles. As we are doing this, the 4th dimension is cleaned up from all the ancient lower-vibrational remnants that have entrapped many souls in trauma bonds and never-ending karmic cycles. It is as if we are clearing out an old basement that is full of dirt and spiderwebs. The spiders have entrapped many souls that are unable to leave on their own. We need to entangle ourselves in those spiderwebs to some degree in order to resolve them and free those beings. The spiders in this analogy are negative entities that have harvested the life force energy of other beings. 

Fallen souls and negative entities 

Who are those beings that are unable to go through typical incarnation cycles because they are stuck in the 4th dimension? There are many different types of beings, e.g. Reptilians, demons and ghosts. So what happened to them and why do they resort to a parasitic lifestyle where they leech off the life force of other souls? Do they have a soul? As far as I understand it, every single one of those entities has a soul, i.e. a set of vibrational frequencies spanning across multiple dimensions. Unfortunately, many of these beings have fallen very deeply and they lost the connection to the higher levels of their soul as they became stuck in the 4D realm. For instance, those Reptilian beings that have been ruling over humanity once were a mighty race of beings in the Orion system. They once had a peaceful flourishing civilization but fell for the temptation of extreme duality as their home world plummeted into a terrible conflict. Many of those Reptilian beings lost the connection to their higher soul aspects as they isolated themselves in the 4th dimension and began to extract life force energy from other beings who still had a higher connection. The existence of being a parasitic energy vampire goes hand in hand with trauma bonds and karmic entanglements with other beings.

What happens on Earth currently is often referred to as the “liberation of humanity” from the Reptilian control above and below. From another perspective, we are doing this to liberate those Reptilian souls as well by carefully untangling the complex web of trauma bonds that frees other beings from their influence and ultimately exposes them. When all trauma bonds are removed, those 4D entities are exposed as they have nowhere to hide anymore. And this is precisely the point when those beings can be offered a second chance to end their parasitic existence and reconnect to the higher vibrational dimensions. In my personal experience, many of the fallen 4D souls I have encountered in shadow work sessions want to reconnect to the light. They are tired of living as energy parasites and they have realized after many cycles that this way of life is not sustainable. It leads to eternal stagnation. It is a dead end and does not lead anywhere. As a matter of fact, all souls desire continuous expansion and learning so many of those fallen beings reached the conclusion that the only way to continue their evolution is to reconnect to the light, i.e. the higher dimensions.

That said, many of those Reptilian entities are also walking among us in human form. They are unable to go through a normal incarnation cycle as we do, but they can project their consciousness into a human body. This process is often referred to as “shapeshifting”. Many of the world leaders, global elites, financial gurus, CEOs, superstars, etc. are actually of Reptilian origin. And many of them do not want to end their lifestyle as energy vampires so they do everything to block and delay the ascension process. Even the spiritual community is full of those beings, who have been spreading so much intentional misinformation on the “New Age” movement. But they shall fail as we have outsmarted them at their own game. They are desperate as they are losing ground every day as our level of consciousness is rising too fast. We are able to look through their manipulative schemes and see them for who they really are. We are close to the point where the game is over for them. 

The ascension process 

There is so much confusion about the ascension process of humanity. Many of the narratives that have been spread across the spiritual community are based on fear, e.g. “when you ascend, you disappear to others so you need to leave them behind”. I have seen countless comments from people who are scared by these narratives. This always felt off to me and I had the suspicion of it being a false light psy-op that was deliberately spread to terrify and confuse people as much as possible. 

The ascension process makes a lot more sense when taking into account the above information about the different dimensions, i.e. 3D, 4D and 5D. According to my current understanding, ascension happens while we are in the physical human body. First and foremost, it represents an internal transformation of the body to a more crystalline structure which allows us to connect more seamlessly to the higher realms. The ascension process coincides with a massive influx of cosmic and solar radiation which specifically activates hidden DNA sequences in the human body. These DNA sequences have been there from the start because it is all part of the human design. As our DNA is activated and our bodies become more crystalline, we are able to pierce through the veil and access the 5th dimension more readily. This allows us to download even more high vibrational codes and anchor them in the human body as well as in the Earth grid. As we are doing this, we are being confronted with a tremendous amount of low-vibrational remnants that show up as our past traumas and karmic patterns. We have to work through all of this darkness, resolve and transmute it. This is our mission and part of the ascension process. It is the resolution of the veil, the clearing of vast amounts of duality and the liberation of many souls that have been trapped in the 4th dimension. 

That being said, as we go through this ascension process, we always stay in our physical body incarnated on Earth. We never magically vanish when we reached a certain vibrational threshold. Instead, we simply are able to access 5D and the higher dimensions while being in the human body. We will be able to access those mystical worlds above and beyond in a more conscious way. And we realize that there is so much more than the physical world. Needless to say, this process happens over a large timespan in a very gradual manner. We don’t wake up one morning and magically ascended into higher states of consciousness. In fact, it is a very arduous process that requires a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication. Not all people are going to make this transition. Many will exit this realm but they won’t magically disappear, instead, they will go through certain events that lead to the death of the human body. It is what it is and the only thing we can do is accept it. That said, I still feel that a grand proportion of humanity is going to make the shift into a 5D-connected body, heart and mind. It will happen in waves and many of you have the task to guide others who are going to awake in the near future. A long yet magical journey is ahead of us. 

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Heather Marshall
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Are you okay?? I’d worried maybe you’d blocked or muted me on Twitter lol but no one has seen you post for a couple of weeks—?? Sending love. Stay STRONG.
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I am so glad you are here. Spread the light.

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