Karmic, soul mate and twin flame relationships

Karmic, soul mate and twin flame relationships

We are all looking for our dream partner yet there is much confusion around karmic, soul mate and twin flame relationships. This article shines a light on the differences between these connections.

The topic of “twin flames” is one of contention. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and many people project their idolized romantic delusions on this concept. So let me give you a very realistic yet sobering view of the meaning of twin souls and the differences between karmic and soul mate connections. Let us start with karmic relationships.

Karmic relationships

The most common connection is karmic, i.e. you come together with another soul that is not from the same origins and has a very different underlying vibrational pattern. Many ancient souls have made soul contracts to enter karmic relationships with younger souls in order to reach mutual growth by playing through dramatic karmic timelines. Karmic relationships are not stable and they do not last long. The main purpose of karmic situations is to trigger each other in excruciating ways, then to heal and integrate the lessons. There often are many cycles of triggering, isolation and healing. Karmic relationships usually are an emotional rollercoaster. They begin with a very strong attraction to the other person but also a feeling of risk, uncertainty and adventure. There usually is not much clarity with karmic partners. Those who are awakened, often enter karmic relationships with someone who is still very entrenched in the Matrix. Karmic partners also have trouble understanding each other on a deeper level. The relationship is superficial and centered around certain customs, activities and external appearances. Many people who have a spiritual awakening while being with a karmic partner realize that their partner simply “does not get it” because they still run on autopilot, following the default programming laid out by the system. In karmic relationships, there tends to be a vibrational imbalance, i.e. one partner is of a much higher vibration than the other. 

Karmic relationships go hand in hand with codependency where one partner is controlling and manipulative and the other is submissive, withdrawn and inhibited. After the rose-colored glasses are taken off, the karmic dynamic tends to quickly descend into a downward spiral of intense ego battles and dramatic scenes. Unfortunately, these dramas are necessary to bring repressed trauma to the surface. People agreed on a higher level to live through these karmic timelines in order to trigger the related traumas and finally clear them. Many try to avert the inevitable collapse of their karmic relationship but they eventually realize that it is impossible to come to terms with the karmic partner. As they are on a different level of consciousness, they are unable to relate to the partner’s viewpoint and it is impossible to see eye to eye with them. This is one of the key lessons of the karmic relationship: Even if you try to go all-in, sacrifice yourself for the relationship and do everything in your power to save it, it will still fail and fall apart. Some things just don’t work out and that is okay. The main purpose is that we grow and learn the lessons on an individual level. Afterward, you are able to move on to much better relationships with someone who is more compatible on a soul level. That being said, let us look in detail at two examples of karmic relationships in the following.

Narcissist/empath dynamics

Oftentimes, very dark karmic patterns are experienced in karmic relationships. These dark programs entail an energetic imbalance where one partner is constantly extracting life force energy from the other. Narcissist/empath interactions are a prime example of where one partner is taking more at the other’s expense. So what is the meaning of Narcissism?

[Narcissism is a] condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of extreme confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.


As the above definition shows, Narcissism is rooted in emotional trauma that a person has incurred in their childhood. Narcissists often have deep wounds that reflect their longing for external validation. They try to receive the love and validation from others that was denied in their childhood. Narcissists do this in a very unhealthy way as their inflated egos prevent them from recognizing the needs of others. They are exclusively focused on their own needs to the detriment of others around them. Moreover, Narcissists expect praise and validation at all times and they are typically unable to handle criticism. If things do not go their way, they tend to explode in anger in order to force the other person to comply with what they want. That being said, Narcissism is a spectrum. Everyone has Narcissistic traits to some degree. Taking this into account, Narcissism can be regarded as an ego defense mechanism. When someone triggers emotional traumas that were previously hidden, the ego tries to prevent an uncomfortable confrontation with these dark emotions and instead seeks to reestablish control by attacking the other person. In my personal experience, Narcissists usually are unwilling to go within and do shadow work. They always seek solutions in the outer world and they are masters at projecting their own unresolved issues onto others. Put differently, Narcissists often accuse others of what they are guilty of themselves. They are masters at playing mind games and emotional manipulation. They also have problems opening up to others and vulnerably sharing their emotions. Another factor is entity attachment because Narcissists are under the heavy influence of negative entities that rear their ugly heads once the Narcissist is triggered. Narcissists are easily controllable by these entities because they are unwilling to face their pain within.

In relationships, Narcissists often pair with sensitive empaths. This tends to lead to an imbalanced situation where the Narcissist is exploiting the soft nature of the empath in order to extract energy. And the empaths keep feeding the Narcissist energy as they are often unwilling to draw boundaries and are averse to conflict. Depending on the level of Narcissism, it can lead to a very painful and toxic dynamic where the empath sacrifices themselves and the Narcissist uses them to feed their egos. This is the case in many romantic relationships but also in other situations such as the workplace. It is important to not see this as a victim/perpetrator dynamic. The empath willingly accepts the connection and often has many unhealed wounds themselves that they are unwilling to face. Ironically, the more empathic partner often can also exhibit many Narcissistic traits albeit in a less obvious, more covert manner.

I recently recognized that I used to have Narcissist traits as well. As I have been growing this Light Prism page, I have been engaging with a lot of people on social media. Due to the highly unconventional nature of many of my posts, I have received a lot of criticism or people who vehemently disagreed with my content. This triggered a very painful reaction within my body. At first, I perceived many of those critical responses as attacks, i.e. I thought these people want to bring me down because they are triggered. I needed to sit down and meditate extensively in order to unravel those dense emotions that bubbled up from my unconsciousness. Yet eventually, I realized that there was a past life trauma that emerged through the trigger of those valid criticisms. What came up was that I was exiled from my families and communities, by the people I loved and respected because I was speaking uncomfortable truths that were going against the status quo. I intentionally exposed myself to more of those critical comments to trigger myself as much as possible. This way, I was able to process the intense stinging pain that appeared in my heart and solar plexus until it eventually vanished completely. Miraculously, after I did this inner work, the negative comments did not bother me anymore. I realized that these rather innocuous comments triggered an exaggerated emotional response that had nothing to do with the current situation but with my unresolved past life wounds. Actually, this is a great example of how to do shadow work using social media. It is very hard though because it requires us to face very uncomfortable emotions that we would rather suppress. For instance, I could have seen the people who wrote critical comments as “evil trolls” and blocked them right away. This would have preserved my fragile ego and kept the trauma repressed but I would have throttled my social media account by creating an echo chamber with only people who praise me and say what I wanted to hear – exactly how a Narcissist would do it. I am really grateful to have learned this lesson which enables me to see the comments on social media in a more neutral way. It greatly enriches the entire experience and I will be able to learn a lot and expand my horizons.

Codependent relationships

Another prominent factor in karmic relationships is codependency. Let us look at a common definition:

Codependency can come in all shapes and sizes and varying levels of severity. Foundationally, it is due to poor concept of self and poor boundaries, including an inability to have an opinion or say no. [It is] an imbalanced relationship pattern where one person assumes responsibility for meeting another person’s needs to the exclusion of acknowledging their own needs or feelings. 


Codependency actually is very common in romantic relationships. It happens when one partner sacrifices their own needs, goals and identity in order to satisfy their partner. People who are prone to enter codependent dynamics usually carry a heavy burden of unresolved traumas from their own childhood. They often have a low sense of self-worth and fear that their partner will leave them if they speak up and begin to assert their true hidden desires. Thus, they repress their own needs and play an act as this gives them a sense of control over the relationship. In other words, by doing everything for their partner being needed constantly, they think they can maintain the relationship. This of course is an egoic illusion and it will collapse anyway eventually. Another key factor in codependency is that the person loses their own identity as everything will be defined through the lens of the partnership. The codependent person often sacrifices their own interests and hobbies to exclusively do what their partner wants. This can even lead to an identity crisis where the codependent person cannot imagine a life without their partner because they have completely intertwined their own identity with the partner, as well as the partner’s friends and family. Codependent people often idolize their partner, i.e. they put them on a pedestal, viewing them in a much better light than would be justified. In general, codependent people have a problem with setting strict boundaries as they are so afraid of losing their partner that they avoid conflict at any cost. And if a conflict arises, they tend to take the blame and apologize even if their partner is responsible and hurt them deeply.

At the root of codependent behaviors is always dense emotional trauma from the person’s childhood. Codependent people were often neglected when they were children as their parents were unable to care for them and their emotional needs. This is common in unstable families, such as many single-mother households, where the children only experienced conditional love, i.e. they were only accepted if they behaved according to the adult’s expectations. For example, when a mother threatens to abandon a child for expressing its negative emotions, the child learns quickly that it needs to suppress its own authentic feelings in order to be loved. These repressed emotional traumas are then carried over into adult life where this toxic pattern continues. People from traumatized homes also did not learn to look within to regulate their emotions but they were always in survival mode and suppressed everything in order to focus exclusively on the external world. Many codependent people are unwilling to face their trauma within and instead seek solutions in the outside world. For instance, a woman who grew up in a traumatizing single-mother household might look for a husband who is from a large, stable, traditional family. She might think that this will ensure that her own children will have a better future. Unfortunately, seeking external solutions for internal problems never works. As the unresolved codependent behaviors are carried over, the relationship will soon turn toxic. The woman in the example above might feel incredibly unfulfilled despite trying very hard. It seems terribly unbalanced as she is giving so much but receiving so little. Even if her dream relationship with a perfect family seems within her grasp, she is not able to create a stable foundation on her own. In fact, it seems as if she is sabotaging herself because no matter how hard she tries, it simply does not feel right. She also feels as if she is betraying herself as she is neglecting her deepest innermost wishes and desires in order to force the relationship to work. Ultimately, these codependent relationships fall apart dramatically in any case when a critical mass of inner frustration has accumulated. Because we can only play a fake role for so long until the painful cry of our authentic self becomes too loud to ignore.

The key lesson here is that there are no external solutions for internal problems.

Given the example from before, the woman who refuses to work on her own traumas but instead tries to find an external solution by selecting a stable husband enters a soul-crushing codependent relationship which ultimately collapses anyway. Even if she can keep it together for a few years and have children with her partner, the emotional pain will become unbearable. At some point, there will be a dramatic collapse which ironically represents a recreation of her own childhood trauma. Regardless of how hard she tried to make her dream relationship work, the unresolved internal issues kept haunting her. We always manifest externally, what we carry within. And if our inner vibrational frequency is repressed trauma, we manifest the same trauma over and over again until we muster the courage to face the dark pain in our soul. On the bright side, the painful collapse of the relationship finally forces the woman to face the inner wounds that she attempted to ignore previously. The universe always guides us towards the resolution of our inner traumas. The more willing we are to face our own darkness within, the quicker we will break those terrible karmic cycles and family curses. However, if we don’t listen to our higher guidance and try to force external solutions, the universe will create shocking tower moments that forcefully destroy our entire reality. These shocking events are often necessary in order to bring about the death of our egos so that we finally start searching for solutions by going within.

Soul mate relationships

Secondly, we have the “soul mate” dynamic. Unlike the karmic relationship, it refers to a connection where both souls are closely related in terms of their incarnational origins. Many soul mates have lived together for many lifetimes as romantic partners or in other constellations. When you meet a soul mate, you simply “get” each other even without needing to say many words. You feel a sense of familiarity as if you are coming home. While with karmic partners there is much confusion and uncertainty, soul mates are effortlessly vibing together as if they’re surfing on the same wave of higher consciousness. With a soul mate, you can easily talk about controversial topics as well as spirituality. Unlike karmics, they will not judge you for speaking your authentic truth, even if it seems “out there” or ridiculous and goes against societal norms. There often is a sense of having a shared mission with a soul mate. For instance, both might feel the same impulse to move to another country together or start working on a spiritual business. Soul mate relationships are not as emotionally volatile as karmics because both people are more aligned to a common vibrational denominator. They simply get each other and there is little drama. Soul mate relationships tend to be harmonic, it is “smooth sailing” even under turbulent external conditions. That said, there can be karmic episodes within soul mate dynamics. It is not uncommon that soul mates go through periods of intense triggering, separation and internal processing. Temporary separation might be necessary if there are very dense past-life traumas between soul mate partners or if they are entrapped in an unhealthy codependent dynamic. Yet eventually, when both partners have healed on their own and reached a higher vibrational level, they can find common ground once again and continue the relationship. 

Twin flame relationships

So now let us address the topic with the most confusion around it: Twin flames refers to the concept of twin souls, i.e. both partners share exactly the same soul and vibrational frequency. In fact, this dynamic is extremely rare. I would estimate that only less than 0.1% of the population actually are twin souls, i.e. two people from the same soul that incarnated at the same time. Only the most ancient souls have the vibrational capacity to split their souls and incarnate on Earth simultaneously.

The perfect romance or purgatory?

Unfortunately, there has been a lot of misinformation spread about the topic of twin flames. The Reptilian power structure intentionally did this to cause as much confusion and uncertainty as possible. The spiritual community has been flooded with crude exaggerations of the “ideal romance”, “finding the other half of your soul” and the “ideal relationship”. These of course are blatant mischaracterizations that could not be further from the truth of the actual reality of twin soul dynamics. You might ask why there is so much misinformation on twin souls? Because they are a severe threat to the Reptilian cabal and their power structure on Earth. 

Now, let me give you some more context on what a twin soul dynamic looks like. According to my own experience, a twin soul dynamic is the most excruciatingly painful thing you will ever experience because both partners literally trigger the hell out of each other. That is why this dynamic is also referred to as “mirror soul” because all of the deepest and darkest shadows are brought to the surface. Also, these dark remnants are usually so unconscious and repressed that it leads to breakdown after breakdown and countless ego deaths. The prime objective of the twin soul dynamic is to cause the most amount of soul growth through suffering in the shortest possible time span. The expansion of consciousness is the main goal and to do this we have to purge everything. A permanent twin soul union can only happen if both partners have shed all the layers of their fake identities and cleared all the darkness to the surface, integrating it in a conscious way. Twin soul partners can only enter a stable relationship when there are no major blindspots left, i.e. when they both have faced the abyss of their own darkness and brought everything to the surface for healing.

Entity attachment

Twin souls are often trauma-bonded with negative entities who are able to control them by influencing their minds. In fact, it is very common for negative entities (e.g. fallen Reptilian beings) to invest a lot of resources above and below in order to lead twin souls astray and to prevent or delay union. So there are a lot of hurdles to overcome, being in a twin soul constellation is in fact a monumental challenge that only the most audacious ancient souls dared to take on. The mutual triggering can be so brutal and the pain so immense but it is necessary to clear layers upon layers of trauma until ultimately those negative entity attachments are revealed. These entities are benefiting from the shadow work as well as they are often liberated and can reconnect to the light. A fully healed twin soul is out of reach for the lower entities after a certain vibrational threshold is crossed. That is also why the Reptilian Cabal is so terrified of twin souls coming into union because it literally blows up all the dark control structures that have held this Matrix together. 

How does it work?

The twin soul dynamic is usually very uneven, as one partner is highly spiritual while the other is firmly entrenched in the Matrix. This is by design as both partners share a strong bond to their same soul on a higher level. The more both partners heal, the more they activate their chakras in order to connect to their soul at a higher level and align with each other as well. The “Matrix twin” often goes through the most abhorrent depths of duality, being cut off from their own higher guidance while the “spiritual twin” is holding space and assists in processing the trauma in their own bodies. In the majority of cases, the more conscious counterpart is the woman and the one entrenched in the Matrix is the man. Hence, many twin flame resources are speaking of the “divine feminine” when they refer to the more awakened counterpart and of the “divine masculine” when referring to the “Matrix twin”. However, there are cases where the man is the “spiritual twin” and the woman is the “Matrix twin”. This is rare but not uncommon, as I am a prime example of this. 

Twin souls often are guided to a common path through serendipitous circumstances that might appear magical. Their encounter unleashes a period of intense triggering and soul growth followed by separation and solitude. There is a strong attraction between twin soul partners but not always a romantic relationship at first. There commonly is a chaser/runner dynamic, i.e. the “spiritual twin” is more aware of the connection and chases the “Matrix twin” who prefers to stick their head in the sand and run away. Furthermore, the chaser attempts to go after the runner and convince them “in 3D” of their love but the runner frequently enters karmic relationships with other people. It is very common to have “love triangles” where very dark patterns are being unearthed and processed, such as unrequited love, betrayal, and infidelity.

The magic of aligned chakras

Twin souls go through so much pain and heartbreak because an integral part of their soul mission is to resolve vast amounts of trauma and to break numerous karmic cycles. And they are incredibly effective in doing this as they share exactly the same chakras that connect them to their higher soul. This is where the true magic stems from. Let me explain. Once twin souls meet in real life, they activate each other, which usually is very dramatic and causes the eruption of huge amounts of trauma and consecutive ego deaths. After the activation, both partners tend to go separate ways in order to heal on their own. As they do, their chakras are activated and they align with each other. In my personal experience, I was able to directly access the chakras of my twin soul, feel her traumas in my body and clear them.  It sounds like magic because it is. Last year when I received these intuitive downloads, I could not understand how this works but it worked flawlessly. I cleared vast amounts of my twin soul’s traumas in my body because she was unable to do so yet. In essence, she was my first shadow work client. I did many sessions with her in order to refine my technique. That said, I am now also able to access other people’s chakras in a similar way in order to feel their traumas in my body (with their permission of course) but the connection is never as strong and direct as with my twin soul. 

As both twin soul partners heal, all the chakras align more and more. The barrier of traumas between both counterparts shrinks and the access to the higher realms strengthens exponentially. With the alignment of their sacral chakras, for instance, both counterparts connect on a sexual level. They will be able to feel each other sexually even if they are separated physically. This unveils even more magic because it goes to show that the sexual act is far more than physical. It is a spiritual energy exchange between two souls and the sexual energies between twin soul partners are extremely strong. As I outlined in this article about how to heal sexual traumas, they need to be processed by facing them head-on, which often means exploring the shadow side of our sexuality, i.e. repressed dark desires and forbidden fantasies. As some of the underlying sexual traumas are very dark, it would be highly detrimental to act them out in an unconscious way with other people, as it is happening in the “no limits” culture in big cities for instance. However, both twin soul counterparts can play through these traumas sexually even if they are not together physically. As the healing process is about rebalancing the underlying energies, the twin soul setup allows for the clearance of massive amounts of sexual trauma without exposing themselves to the risky physical sexual exploration. 

How to bring about a twin soul union?

Many twin souls are destined to be together and have families but they will never have a “normal life”. They can only come into union if there is no growth anymore in separation, i.e. if they already have exhausted all possible triggers and healed sufficiently. Once in union, they embark on challenging missions together, e.g. bringing down the old power structure, creating alternative paths, spiritual businesses, healing and guiding others, etc. When twin souls are healed, they have a very strong connection to higher dimensions and can channel massive amounts of information, spread and manifest it as well.  In terms of sexuality, all shadows also need to have been resolved and integrated consciously. This opens the portal to sacred sexuality and to channeling vast amounts of energy through the sexual act too. So what is necessary to make a twin soul union happen?

First of all, a twin soul union never is a “normal” relationship because it defies all norms and toxic patterns that are omnipresent today. For example, there can not be any codependency between twin soul counterparts, where one partner represses their own needs to please the other one. There cannot be any secrets or manipulation tactics either. All shadows need to be illuminated and integrated. Twin soul unions can only prosper on a foundation of truth, surrender and vulnerability. That said, there has to be an absolute balance between the two partners and they need to see each other eye to eye. Due to the runner/chaser dynamic, this proves to be very difficult because this pattern in itself is very unhealthy and imbalanced. In essence, these patterns need to be reversed which means the person who kept chasing needs to have more patience and give the other person time to heal. Likewise, the person who kept running away needs to stop doing so and have more courage to face their counterpart and be honest about their feelings. In many instances, the runner twin is in a karmic relationship and cut off communication with their counterpart. The chaser needs to accept the runner’s decision and give the runner space. However, the runner also cannot expect that the chaser will keep pursuing them if they are in a relationship. This would be unhealthy and toxic. Under such circumstances, the runner needs to muster the courage to reestablish contact with the chaser.

How to know if someone is my twin flame?

So how to know if someone is your twin flame? Nobody can know that except yourself. Ultimately, you have to listen and trust your intuition. But there are some key differences I have been observing.  

Many people confuse twin soul and karmic dynamics because there equally is a lot of triggering, heartbreak and despair. So how to know the difference? The main difference is that the higher connection to the twin soul partner only strengthens over time while it quickly fades away for a karmic partner. If twin souls are destined to be together, they never forget each other even if they try to distract themselves with other partners or activities. With karmic partners, there tends to be a feeling of “closure”, i.e. having learned all lessons and being ready to leave this chapter behind. This is never the case for twin souls, as they always enter our minds once in a while. We can never really forget them after we “activated” each other, even if we try very hard to get over them. Also, unlike karmic partners, twin souls don’t want the other to conform to fixed expectations. Instead, they always want their counterpart to grow and advance spiritually. Even if there is drama and conflict between twin souls, they always push each other to rise to higher levels of consciousness. Moreover, it is not uncommon for twin souls to feel “at home” when they talk to each other and there is a deep understanding that goes way beyond words. There also can be dreams where the twin soul partner appears and it is even possible to feel each other’s emotions if the chakras of both partners have been aligned sufficiently. Twin souls will certainly be the first people who can use telepathy, not through the mind but through the heart. 

So far so good. But how to distinguish soul mate and twin flame dynamics? In contrast to karmic relationships, a soul mate constellation is much more harmonious. There is a feeling of familiarity and an intuitive understanding of the partner. As soul mates were partners before in several lifetimes, they can just continue where they left off. The main difference between twin souls is that soul mates can enter a stable romantic relationship much quicker, as there is less of the mutual mirroring that happens in twin soul dynamics. While the soul mate connection is much stronger than the karmic one, it is nothing compared to a twin soul connection. Nevertheless, soul mates can also more easily feel into their partner, especially when both have healed sufficiently. But a soul mate connection will never be this intense raging fire that twin souls experience. A soul mate connection is more of a smooth sailing journey where partners might go through short episodes of mutual triggering but then come together and support each other again. Twin souls on the other hand are going through extreme and dramatic cycles of attraction, heartbreak and separation that are frequently repeating in many rounds. 

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Jessica Hamilton
1 year ago

What a great read!! Seriously, I have been on my own journey for the last 2 years, since I had my first born. Her father and I have been together for 8 years now, and I have always used the term “at home”. So much of the Soul Mate relationship descriptions resonate with me, we have done some hard work together, and continue to do so. But have always made it a point to recognize ourselves as individuals, and grow separately, as well as together. Absolutely great read! Lots of aha moments throughout, thanks for sharing this blog. I truly love this site!

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