The Orion Wars

The Orion Wars

The Orion Wars marked a calamitous chapter of our galactic history where we explored extreme depths of duality.

The history of our galaxy is characterized by a bloody conflict that emerged in the Orion system. I received several visions and downloads about the Orion wars and how they still affect Earth and humanity today.


  • All of the following information is directly “downloaded” from my higher self, mostly during shadow work sessions. 
  • The Orion wars originated on a planet of Reptilian beings whose high priests succumbed to the temptation of the dark side.
  • The Reptilian high-priests experimented with extreme duality, trauma-based mind-control and energy harvesting. 
  • After the Reptilian homeworld fell to the dark side, they expanded throughout the Orion system and the entire galaxy. 
  • Many other races fell for the temptation of the dark side and descended into terrible civil wars. 
  • I received a vision from a past life as a lion being where I had to witness the destruction of my civilization. 
  • Many of us have taken on trauma from the Orion wars and the main purpose of humanity is to clear this karma. 
  • It is time to unearth the ruins of the High Council of Orion. 

Where do I get this information from?  

So many people are interested in this topic and there are countless articles and Youtube videos about the Orion wars. However, I did not look at any of them because my higher guides indicated that I need to be as unbiased as possible when I download the information directly from higher realms. I am now certain that I participated in the Orion wars, as did many of you for sure. My mission here on Earth is also closely linked to the legacy of the Orion wars and especially towards resolving the heavy loads of karma that many of us ancient souls have taken on. Thus, all the information I present below is what I got directly through my higher self. My approach to obtaining this information is that I receive visions and downloads during shadow work sessions. I realized that many of the traumas I have been resolving myself and helped others to do so originated from the Orion wars. And with each trauma that I processed in my body, I am rewarded with fascinating visions and tons of information. It is not unusual that I need half a day or even more time to write down all the information that I receive within a few moments during a successful shadow work session. It is really intense and the information I receive has blown my mind several times. So this is another reason that I don’t watch many videos on this topic, I just don’t have time to do so as I am bombarded with first-hand information continuously. That being said, all the information I provide is from my unique perspective, filtered through my lens of perception. I am aware that this is just a small aspect of the bigger picture. So my recommendation is to see what resonates with you. Those of you who participated in the Orion wars will feel an intuitive confirmation upon reading. And you are always welcome to comment below.

How it all began 

A few months ago, as I was processing very dense trauma related to my twin flame, I received several visions of a benevolent Reptilian being. It turned out that he was a high priest in the Reptilian homeworld in Orion. The Reptilians once were a peaceful and flourishing civilization until a group of high priests fell for the temptations of the dark side. They went down a path of extreme duality, turning away from the light as they began experimenting with trauma-based mind control. They disconnected themselves from higher realms and began a parasitic existence where they extracted the life force energy from other beings they trauma-bonded with. A terrible civil war ensued on their homeworld and there was a group of high priests who did not want to give in to their dark schemes. As a consequence, they traumatized the benevolent high priest in the most horrible ways possible by destroying the union he had with his wife. I realized that I actually was processing this heavy trauma from the Reptilian high priest by going through similar triggers with my twin flame. As I cleared this trauma in several sessions, I received mind-blowing visions about the Reptilian civilization and their downfall. After the dark side took over, they created a hierarchical power structure that is similar to the one we now have on Earth. They destroyed the family unions and educated the Reptilian children in soulless institutions where they could be easier to influence in order to become obedient servants to the system. They even deleted and rewrote history so that nobody could even recall that there used to be a different “way of life”. Sound familiar? 

The Reptilians began to expand throughout the Orion system and the entire galaxy. They tempted other beings, many of whom were relatively young civilizations who had no idea of the dangers of walking down this path of extreme duality and separation. The Reptilians were master illusionists and knew how to trick and mislead other people into following their example and eventually serving them. Many races and civilizations succumbed to this temptation and descended into terrible civil wars and later wars between each other. There was an unprecedented amount of suffering and loss of life. However, this is exactly what the Reptilians needed to nourish themselves. They trauma-bonded with other beings in order to attach to their souls and extract life force energy whenever they were suffering. Also, many other beings followed this “way of life” and became energy parasites as well. A downward spiral of epic proportions unfolded resulting in the Orion wars. The level of suffering, deception, manipulation, slavery and loss of life was unprecedented. 

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A civilization of courageous lion beings 

As I was doing another shadow work session a few weeks ago, I received a vision. I was sitting on a high mountain looking down at a large city below. I recognized that I was not human but in fact, a feline being who was like a lion. I had a strong build, golden fur all over my body and powerful arms with claws. It was clear to me that I was this being and I had experienced this situation, i.e. it was one of my previous incarnations as another species in this galaxy. As I was sitting alone on the mountain top, I looked down on the city in the valley below, only to witness how my civilization was destroying itself. Initially, this feline civilization was very peaceful, honorable and righteous. The lion beings were respected across the galaxy for their courage, gracefulness and the high ethical standards they adhered to. They were a highly intelligent species connected to higher realms of consciousness through their heart center and they had built a beautiful world and had created a flourishing civilization that was in contact with many other species. There was a long period of peace and prosperity until the mind virus of duality spread out from the Orion system and many lion beings began to follow the dangerous allure of this dark consciousness, ultimately leading to a collapse of their civilization. Eventually, a brutal civil war erupted and my own people slaughtered each other. I felt an incredible sadness overcome my entire body as I realized this and in my vision, I witnessed how I was roaring like a lion as I was crying out in pain, hopelessness and desperation. It occurred to me that I used to be a spiritual leader of these people and I always attempted to guide them towards a better future. I had predicted this outcome a long time ago and I had tried to warn my people on multiple occasions but they just did not want to listen. I could not stop the inevitable terrible fate that was about to tear this civilization apart even though it was clear to me from the start. The only thing I could do was to watch how this calamity unfolded and my people started slaughtering each other in cold blood. 

It was very tough to process these heavy emotions but after a while, I was overcome by a strange sense of peace. The feeling of heaviness and desperation suddenly lifted as I saw recognized that my lion-self was sitting in a meditative pose. Even though there was chaos, destruction and suffering all around me, I accepted this reality and focused on my inner divine connection. As I felt the fresh air on my face and heard the birds sing, I noticed that this mountain still provided a calm and tranquil ambiance despite the atrocious events happening in the valley below. I realized that whenever I have a strong connection to my higher self, I can return to a state of peaceful acceptance even if there is chaos all around me. It is an important life lesson as well, i.e. great things can be achieved in times of chaos as long as we maintain a strong divine connection within and don’t allow ourselves to be dragged into the drama. This vision or remembrance is fascinating and it makes a lot of sense. I have always strongly resonated with the lion as a spirit animal. For instance, one of my key incarnations happened in the Renaissance age in Hessen, Germany and me and all the other main actors have been replaying karmic storylines from that lifetime for the last two years in a small community in South America. The visions I received about our galactic ancestry (especially in the Orion constellation) underline the fact that we don’t only process trauma from past lives on this Earth but also past lives we had as other species in this galaxy! What an incredible revelation. Yet, everything is connected and our higher self always leaves a trail of breadcrumbs so that we can connect the dots. Likewise, the emblem of the state of Hessen is a red lion. What a coincidence! At this point, it has become clear that there are no coincidences in this magical journey. 

The high council of Orion 

Eventually, I got another intuitive message: “Unearthing the ruins of the High Council of Orion”. This reminded me of the galactic council in the game Master of Orion, where many of the different races meet in order to vote on important issues. The role of this council is to also serve as a point of exchange between the different races and cultures. If conflicts and aggressions arise, the council can also assist in finding peaceful diplomatic solutions thus preventing destructive wars. Unfortunately, as the Orion wars erupted, countless other worlds were consumed in this conflict so that the high council of Orion was rendered meaningless. At some point, many species united in an alliance called the Galactic Federation of Light in order to stop the Orion wars. They eventually succeeded but the toll was immense. Many civilizations were destroyed beyond repair, there were massive diasporas of people who lost everything and most importantly, it was difficult to heal the wounds that our souls suffered from this. In other words, there were still so many traumas weighing down on our souls and karmic ties between various different beings that it was almost impossible to resolve this mess. That is where Earth enters the picture as humanity was created as a theater stage where souls from all over the galaxy could incarnate to replay their karmic storylines and finally resolve the underlying traumas. And here we are, doing exactly that! The time for the restoration of Orion’s high council has come. 

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11 months ago

Part of my perception of what’s real just disintegrated in the most spectacular way.🤯🙏

10 months ago

First of all, my English is not very good. I even read all his articles by translating them into Turkish. How many hours of shadow work do you do? I’m really curious how you got these visions. And I wonder how you get information from your high guide. I feel very close to you and your information when I read your articles. I’m really reading with excitement and interest. Thank you ligt prisim, for all the information.

Jessica Hamilton
9 months ago

Wow, another fantastic read. I am reading this the week of the Mar A Largo raid. So much is resonating right now. Keeping my optimism. Thank you Light Prism!!

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