Master of Orion

Master of Orion

I received fascinating channeled information about the Reptilians who have been ruling over Earth. They once were a thriving civilization in the Orion system until they fell for the temptation of the dark side.

In the last two articles, I have outlined mind-blowing insights about the existence of Reptilian shapeshifters who have been deceiving and controlling humanity for millennia, how they operate and what their strategies are. Also, I received a fascinating vision about the Galactic Federation of Light (GFoL), as I found myself on one of their ships during a healing session of very dense sexual traumas. During the session, I met a benevolent Reptilian being who actively assisted me with the healing process. In this post, I will detail further information about the origin of this Reptilian race, their internal civil war and how we have been going through the same events that happened on their homeworld.

Master of Orion 2: Battle at Antares

Before I go into the visions, let us talk about a computer game that reflects the tumultuous history of our galaxy: Master of Orion 2. It is a turn-based strategy game that was published already 25 years ago. The game tells the background story of two ancient races of extreme polarities who fought each other in a terrible war: The Orions represented the force of good, of creation and appreciation of life while the Antarans represented the force of destruction, of subjugation and enslavement. A long time ago, these two primordial forces fought each other relentlessly. The Orions won and they chose to not eradicate the Antarans but banish them into a pocket dimension from which they could not return to the known galaxy to cause further harm. Mysteriously, the Orions disappeared but they seeded a lot of other races in their galaxy that would go through an evolutionary process of their own. In this game, the player can select one of those races, who all have very different attributes, strengths and weaknesses. A selection of those races is shown below. For example. there are Reptilians, Felines, Insectoids, Cybernetic beings and also humans.

Some of the races of Master of Orion 2.

The captivating appeal about this game is that the player can choose several strategies rooted in light and darkness. It is totally possible to win the game by creating a flourishing empire, collaborating constructively with other races and maintaining good diplomatic relations. However, it is also possible to win through warfare, destruction, infiltration and the violent enslavement of other races. I played this game in my childhood and rediscovered it in adulthood. Even though the game has no fancy 3D graphics, something about it always mesmerized me. I felt a deep resonance and familiarity when dealing with those different races who are battling for supremacy of the Orion star systems. What fascinates me is that none of those races is evil per se, they all have the capacity to do good and evil deeds.

The Reptilian homeworld in the Orion system

My twin flame and I experienced horrendous sexual trauma in a past incarnation in the Rennaissance period in Germany (see I felt how a lot of this incredibly heavy trauma was coming up for me in the past weeks so I did several shadow work sessions where I attempted to clear it. As described in the last post (see a Reptilian being assisted in my healing process as we were on a space station of the Galactic Federation of Light (GFoL). So far, I had no clue who that Reptilian was and how he connected to the sexual traumas I was clearing. This was about to change!

The Reptilian priest produced a crystalline holographic projector that displayed the history of the Reptilian homeworld and the Orion wars.

As I needed to clear another heavy chunk of sexual trauma from the past life, I went into a deep meditative state and suddenly found myself again on the space station where I encountered the Reptilian once more. In front of him was a crystal pyramid that actually looks similar to the Light Prism logo. Tell me something about coincidences! As it turned out, that crystal pyramid actually was a holographic projector that proceeded to display several scenes which gave me breathtaking insights into our galactic history and the origins of the Reptilian race.

Initially, I saw a star constellation that looked oddly familiar. After a few moments, I recognized it: It was the Orion star system. A massive energy rush went through my entire body as a crystal clear confirmation. The holographic projection morphed into a magnificent green planet. I instantly realized that this was the Reptilian homeworld. It was a beautiful world that seemed familiar to me as well, full of all types of life. A long time ago, this Reptilian species was a very thriving and advanced civilization. They had a connection to the light that was rooted in positive rituals. Their species is different from humans in that they are not as emotional as we are. They are much more systematic and methodical. After all, they are Reptilians and share many of the characteristics of Reptilian life that exists on Earth. For example, they also lay eggs that need to be incubated. Using their advanced technology, they could use artificial incubators for that task. Nevertheless, the Reptilians used to live in family units, consisting of a loving union between the Reptilian father, mother and their children. Due to their traditions, they preferred manual incubation by the Reptilian mother over the artificial variant. A few moments later, I saw another hologram displaying the family of the Reptilian that was showing me this transmission. I sensed how much he loved his wife and his children. Even though they are not as affectionate as we humans are, he cared deeply for his family. His wife and his children loved him above all else. The Reptilian taught his children important skills, as well as his ethics and value system. He cared deeply for them.

A group of Reptilian high priests fell for the temptation of the dark side and a horrible civil war ensued.

The holographic projector continued to display further scenes from the Reptilian homeworld. I saw the Reptilian dressed in a white robe engaging in rituals and ceremonies. I realized that this Reptilian was one of the leading high priests in his world. He had an extraordinarily important position as a spiritual guide to his Reptilian people. Through his rituals, he would connect to higher planes of consciousness and channel powerful higher wisdom for the greater good of his people. He was highly respected and influential on his planet. This Reptilian high priest even participated in meetings with other races and the intergalactic exchange of information, goods and technology. There was peace and prosperity until a group of high priests fell for the temptations of the dark side. They turned their back on the divine and decided to follow the alluring temptations of power, control and dominance over others. This virus propagated through the entire social structure of the Reptilian world. A terrible civil war ensued causing untold suffering and destruction.

Unfortunately, the dark side won this civil war and took total control of the Reptilian planet. They decided to torment and punish all those who resisted their reign of terror. The Reptilian high priest who showed me this transmission was one of the leading players in the resistance so they devised the most abhorrent punishment you could ever imagine. Those negative Reptilians had lost their divine connection and they were unable to form loving bonds and families. Instead, they created a monstrous and strictly hierarchical governance structure that would bring up the Reptilian children without any parental love. Reptilian eggs were incubated in large artificial hives and the babies were raised in heartless, mechanistic institutions. Hence, they had no idea who their biological parents were and they had no fixed connection to parental figures, which made them easier to indoctrinate by the Reptilian elite. The Reptilian children moved through a rigid education system where they were trained to be obedient rule-followers loyal to the Reptilian dictatorial state. The dark Reptilian ruling elite used this as an effective strategy to cultivate obedient subjects who were easy to rule.

The dark Reptilian elite realized that loving family units were a severe threat to their power structure so they tried everything to destroy families and even the memories that they ever existed.

As they controlled all the media, education and government, they could easily indoctrinate their Reptilian subjects and rewrite the history to remove any traces of alternative ways of living. It was a sinister yet highly effective strategy that those Reptilian ruling elites on Earth also have been trying to implement. Do you see the parallels? Have you ever wondered why they try to destroy the traditional family unit? They apply the same strategies they have been using for eons.

The dark Reptilian ruling elite destroyed the traditional family unit by raising children anonymously in incubators and training them in a rigorous mechanistic education system.

Needless to say, the dark Reptilians who won the civil war tried to eradicate everyone who resisted them. The dark high priests were keenly aware of the intricate details of the interplay between emotional trauma and karmic cycles. In short, as one of the universal laws in this galaxy dictates, overwhelming emotional trauma creates an energetic imbalance in the soul that must be balanced out by incarnating again and going through the trauma in what I like to refer to as a “karmic theater play”. The dark priests decided to abuse this system by inflicting trauma so horrendous that beings were unable to resolve it, regardless of how often they would incarnate. They also found ways to mind-control beings who were traumatized, i.e. they intentionally created trauma bonds in order to exert control by attaching to their auric fields. They developed a lot of very ingenious yet incredible insidious mechanisms to keep other beings in check. The Reptilian high priest who opposed them received the most horrendous punishment you could ever imagine: They decided to tear his family apart, especially the loving union between him and his wife, by inflicting sexual trauma. Very dark and disturbing scenes were displayed by the holographic projector. I saw how the Reptilian high priest was shackled and forced to watch how his wife was sexually abused by countless other Reptilian men. They kept breeding her and performing the most grotesquely distorted sexual acts on her while the husband had to watch it all and was unable to do anything. This went on for so long that the initial resistance of the Reptilian wife waned until she gave in to be used for the sexual pleasure of others. The sexual act that used to be a sacred union only to be performed in loving partnerships with the intention of starting a family became totally perverted until it only was a bizarre caricature of the initial Reptilian tradition. To make matters worse, the Reptilian wife eventually started to get used to being sexually used in this way and even started enjoying it. The Reptilian high priest who was forced to watch this terrible ordeal needed to witness how his wife was taken from him, piece by piece with each sexual act. And what made it even worse was the fact that he also started enjoying how his wife was being used as an object for the sexual pleasure of arbitrary Reptilian men. He felt bursts of guilt as the memory of his loving union with his wife faded away as it was covered by ever more layers of sexual trauma. Eventually, the high priest was tortured and executed while his wife had to continue prostituting herself for the pleasure of the dark Reptilian leadership caste. I cried heavily as I watched the holographic transmission of the Reptilian high priest. What a terrible fate he needed to endure! In essence, he was unable to incarnate again and his soul was trapped in an in-between state because this trauma was impossible to resolve.

The Reptilian expansion

After the dark Reptilians took control over their homeworld, they started to aggressively expand into other star systems subjugating countless galactic species. They applied the same strategies that they used against their own people in their homeworld. Moreover, the Reptilians infiltrated other worlds and applied divide and conquer strategies so that civil wars ensued within other civilizations as well. Their dark consciousness spread like a virus infecting large parts of this galaxy. Many beings fell for their temptation and followed the Reptilian’s destructive example enslaving their own people and other species too. Especially the beings from the Pleiades star systems were heavily affected by the Reptilian temptation. They were a young and innocent species who tended to only focus on the light side but not their own shadows. The Pleiadians did not even recognize the threats posed by the Reptilians because they were naively believing in their deceptive facade. Of course, the Reptilians never were straightforward with their plans as they did not care about truth and higher principles but only about gaining more power and control. Hence, the Pleiadians were an easy target for the Reptilians as they naively took everything they said at face value. They simply could not entertain the idea that any being would sink to the level of malicious wickedness the Reptilians were operating at. The Pleiadians needed to pay a heavy price as they continued to follow the Reptilians down a dark path of destruction. As they were unwilling to explore their own shadows, the Reptilians could maintain control over them for a very long time.

The Reptilians began to aggressively expand across the galaxy. Many groups fell for their infiltration and deception tactics, especially the Pleiadians. That created trauma bonds that are being cleared on Earth.

The Reptilians continued their aggressive expansion throughout the galaxy. Many different species suffered and there was tremendous destruction, suffering and loss of life. At some point, several species formed an alliance to stop the Reptilian advance, which marks the beginning of the Galactic Federation of Light (GFoL). Fortunately, the GFoL could quickly contain the Reptilian expansion and eventually liberate many worlds from their influence. However, due to the universal laws of karmic balancing, a monumental challenge arose: How to resolve all those trauma bonds between the Reptilians and other species? As explained in the previous post (see, Earth was chosen as a quarantine planet where the Reptilian leadership elite was banished to. A highly advanced species called the Elohim created humanity by combining genetic contributions from all different races that have massive amounts of unresolved karmic bonds with each other. Hence, the human is a unique genetic experiment, reflecting a cross-section of species from this galaxy. As a consequence, we can view Earth like a grand theater where we replay our galactic history in a safe environment. Put differently, souls from different groups can incarnate in human form to replay their unresolved karmic storylines with each other. By going through very dramatic theater plays, deeply repressed trauma from the Orion wars is triggered and can be finally resolved. That said, Earth is strictly monitored by the GFoL. While the Reptilians might attempt to destroy Earth and humanity completely, this is will not be allowed. Considering this perspective of a karmic theater, the statement “why don’t the aliens save us?” makes no sense whatsoever. Because we are the aliens in human form working off our trauma and karma, one after another. We need to go through this suffering in the controlled environment that is Earth in order to liberate our souls from these terrible burdens. This process is absolutely essential for the evolution of consciousness in this galaxy. Many souls are bound in lower states of consciousness because they have unresolved karmic ties to others. As we work off all of these old remnants, we are liberated and can move on to the next step of evolution. The current lifetime on Earth marks the final clearing of old trauma and karmic burdens. What happens on Earth now affects the entire galaxy. This unfolding of events has been heralded by many beings for eons. We are literally at the center stage.

The final clearing of this trauma

My twin flame and I had taken on the horrendous trauma from the Reptilian high priest. We have done this in order to assist because he was unable to clear it on his own. Yes, that is correct: We willingly took on trauma and karmic burdens in order to help free the Reptilian souls as well. This sounds highly masochistic and it truly is. I would not want any being to experience the sexual trauma I went through in the past incarnation. But where there is a challenge, there also is opportunity. A couple of months ago, I did a shadow work session with my twin flame in order to clear a trauma that was inflicted when she was in a foster home. We actually saw that it was not inflicted by a human being but by a Reptilian! As I did an intense shadow work session to clear a deeper layer of this trauma, I suddenly saw this Reptilian in front of me. He had a gift for me as he handed me over a golden ceremonial saber. I received another shocking revelation: This was the same ceremony that President Trump did in Saudi Arabia after there was a leadership change in the royal family. An incredibly intense energy rush went through my spine as I understood the meaning of this ritual. Back then in Saudi Arabia, receiving a saber and participating in the traditional ceremony was the highest honor that anyone could receive. And it was almost unheard of for a foreigner to receive this honor. Because this ceremony is a ritual that originated on the Reptilian homeworld! And the new king of Saudi Arabia actually is a Reptilian too who decided to cooperate with the GFoL. The symbolism with the luminous Earth at Trump’s reception was unambiguous: The GFoL is in control and the Reptilian power structures on Earth are being dismantled. While many Reptilians on several levels of the power structure cooperate with the GFoL, a small clique of Reptilian leadership at the highest level of the power pyramid vehemently refuses to do so. They desperately hold on to their power positions and would rather see Earth burn than relinquish control. That will not be allowed of course but it takes a very coordinated and creative effort to remove them from their positions so that they can receive the karmic justice they are trying to run away from.

Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia marked a drastic shift of allegiance in the Reptilian power structure.

As I pondered those fascinating revelations, I asked the Reptilian being who handed me this golden ceremonial dagger what his position in the Reptilian power structure is. He showed me a vision of the global power pyramid where he was at a very high level but not at the top. It occurred to me that he is a general like I am. He is tired of going through endless cycles of lower timelines and decided to work with the GFoL in order to help bring the global Reptilian leadership down. I also received a vision of his relation to the Reptilian high priest whose terrible karma I took on. The Reptilian general was the one who oversaw the punishment that was inflicted on the high priest. Thus, he honored me for my contribution to helping clear these karmic ties which also have been weighing heavily on this soul. All of a sudden, I sensed how another being was entering my field next to the Reptilian general. It was the most powerful being of light I have ever seen. Its aura was so bright and so powerful that I could not look there directly. It was as if I was leaving a dark room and staring directly at the sun. But then it hit me: The higher self of Donald J Trump was standing in front of me. My body was inundated by the most intense energy rush I have ever felt. What a powerful being of light Trump is! He is one of the most powerful ancient souls in the GFoL. It is no surprise that the entire Reptilian deep state spent enormous amounts of resources to denigrate him, as he is such a risk to their power structure. Trump shook my hand and honored my contributions to the GFoL. What a great honor this was! It came totally out of the blue, I would have never expected to receive this great honor.

While this was a great breakthrough, I still felt that a remnant of this sexual trauma persisted in my body. I tried to clear it multiple times but without success. I was obviously missing something! Fortunately, a divine intervention happened as Ciara contacted me on Twitter (@Themagicmuir, She received an intuition that she needed to help me with my trauma, as she felt she was carrying certain light codes that would be highly beneficial to me. I agreed to the session and after a short conversation, she remarked that there might be some relationship trauma that is still unresolved. What I was going through was similar to the heartbreak and perceived betrayal of my first love in Germany. It was strange because I had cleared that trauma a long time ago. As I pondered this, the answer popped into my mind: What came up now was still tied to unresolved trauma I had taken on from the Reptilian high priest and his wife! It all made a lot of sense suddenly. There seemed to be some unhealed part within me, mainly in the throat chakra but also in the sacral. Yet whatever I tried to do, I just was unable to resolve this blockage. I felt so helpless but fortunately, Ciara told me that I do not need to solve all of this trauma alone. Instead, I can simply ground and connect to mother Earth and accept the loving, nurturing energy that is always available when we decide to receive it. During deep meditation, Ciara created a strong grounding connection between my body and Gaia. I received visions of how roots were growing from my feet and I found myself lying in a bed of beautiful flowers inside an old forest, as I was protected and healed by Gaia’s loving energy. The tree of life, which looks similar to the human placenta, popped into my vision as well. I felt how plants were growing all around my body, forming a protective shield, almost like a second skin. The plants emitted bio-electric energy that was flowing through my body and resolving all blockages. I strongly sensed how the plants worked on my throat chakra and assisted in the resolution of this enormously dense blockage.

We are children of mother Earth even though our souls originate from elsewhere. We can call on Gaia to assist us in liberating traumas from our bodies.

What a powerful revelation! Ciara taught me how to ground my energy and connect to Gaia. That was exactly what I needed because I tended to be in the higher realms while I neglected my connection to Earth. After all, Earth has consciousness on its own and there is tremendous power to heal and transmute which we can access at any time. Before, I felt helplessly overwhelmed because I thought that I needed to take on all of this trauma on my own. But that was an egoic delusion too. The truth is that Earth patiently waits for us to connect to her so that we can access her immensely powerful healing frequencies. As I was processing all of this information, I realized that after the session with Ciara, my body was a conduit for creating a connection between the Reptilian homeworld and Earth as well. Through these newly created energetic pathways, many more Reptilian souls can access the healing frequencies that have been anchored in and provided by Earth. And most importantly, I am finally relieved from this unimaginably heavy burden, i.e. to process these sexual traumas in my own body. This healing marks an important turning point in this karmic storyline and a massive completion. We are finally able to close this chapter. In the end, I received a beautiful vision of the Reptilian priest and his wife. As the veil of traumatic distortions has been removed, they could finally recognize each other and rekindle the love that was taken away from them through endless traumatization cycles.

As we heal sexual traumas, we are able to return to a pure expression of sexuality, unblemished by the past, something true, authentic and beautiful, a return to innocence.

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