What happens on Earth affects the entire galaxy

What happens on Earth affects the entire galaxy

Earth can be regarded as a theater stage where different beings incarnate to safely replay disastrous events in order to clear old karmic cycles that were unresolved for eons.

In the previous article, I have described mind-blowing insights about those Reptilian shapeshifters who have been walking among humanity for eons, who tempted us into following their ways of duality, violence and deception (see https://lightprism.net/2022/02/24/reptilian-shapeshifters-have-been-walking-among-us/). We have reached a point where humanity is ready to transcend the Reptilian influence by stepping into our divine powers. In the following, I will provide some further insights into how those negative Reptilians operate and also highlight an astral encounter with a benevolent Reptilian who actively assists in the liberation of humanity. Before we start, we need to talk about truth and how you can find out for yourself what is true.

How to discern truth

We are witnessing a fundamental paradigm shift in the way people discern what is true. As the vibrational level of humanity rises quickly, we shift from the old Matrix paradigm to a New Earth method of being able to decide for ourselves what is true and what is fake. Let us contrast both approaches.

The Matrix method

In the old world, the only way to discern truth was to look to the outside world, e.g. to the wisdom of so-called “experts”, what powerful institutions or the government were saying or even by simply following the majority opinion. This clearly shows as many people request “proof” or sources for my spiritual posts on Twitter. People want to have something tangible that a very smart person said or wrote in a scientific publication so they can determine the validity of my statements. Many people nowadays mindlessly repeat the slogan “trust the science” without realizing that this statement is a glaring contradiction in itself. Trusting the science blindly implies dogmatism, i.e. blind faith, instead of the rigorous analytical process, referred to as the scientific method, that is at the core of all sciences:

[The scientific method] involves careful observation, applying rigorous skepticism about what is observed, given that cognitive assumptions can distort how one interprets the observation. It involves formulating hypotheses, via induction, based on such observations; experimental and measurement-based testing of deductions drawn from the hypotheses; and refinement (or elimination) of the hypotheses based on the experimental findings. 


I personally have worked as a researcher for a large internationally renowned institute for almost a decade. I have learned to apply the scientific method rigorously in order to carefully validate my initial assumptions. For instance, I was analyzing user data of a smartphone app we had developed. Initially, was pretty sure that I intuitively knew what functionalities users would love the most and what they would hate. These were my subjective assumptions or hypotheses. As I analyzed the data, I was shocked as I found out that my hypotheses were almost all totally wrong. Sifting through heaps of data and doing statistical analysis, I learned that users valued different aspects of the app than I initially thought. As I thought about these new conclusions, they actually made sense but I could not see them before because my judgment was clouded by my initial beliefs. I was unable to see different perspectives because I had very narrow expectations – a psychological phenomenon also referred to as confirmation bias: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confirmation_bias

The statement “trust the science” is a glaring contradiction in itself as it is the opposite of the scientific method.

My point is that in today’s culture, many people use “science” as a replacement for religion as they exhibit an unbearable attitude of snobbish superiority. When someone says something that goes against their politically correct beliefs, they are often denounced as heretics, just with different terminology such as “conspiracy theorists”, “extremists” or even “science denier”. The irony could not be more extreme. What exacerbates the situation is that our governments, scientific intuitions and the media are not neutral but all heavily influenced by elitist think tanks and lobbying organizations. When you actually follow the money, you will find out that most Western media institutions have a large percentage of ownership by the same few transatlantic organizations. As this is an article about Reptilians, who have been controlling Earth for millennia, just take a wild guess who all owns and controls those media outlets? The puppet strings always lead back to a very small group of powerful individuals, bloodlines and families who are at the top of the Reptilian power structure that is called the Illuminati by many.

The Matrix feigns an illusion of idea diversity but most scientific institutions and the media are all controlled by the same interest groups.

Many people who have raised their level of consciousness in the last years after taking “the red pill” one way or the other have realized that something is not right with the media, scientific research and all the top institutions that want to dictate to us what is “right” and what is “wrong”. The contradictions have become more extreme and the viewership numbers of large media outlets have descended into an abyss of insignificance. A lot of what the media says and the “sources” they provide are based on circular referencing, often leading back to a single source and repeated by various news outlets. This merely creates an illusion of opinion diversity while in actuality the media has become nothing more than synchronized propaganda outlets. Their objective has nothing to do with truth, they only care about controlling the narrative and punishing dissidents who become dangerous to the Reptilian power structure. Needless to say, it is so obvious with the media now but Western scientific institutions are not any better. Their funding is controlled by governments and powerful elitist forums, such as the unelected people sitting in the European Commission. From my personal experience in science, I know that funding is only granted to those proposals that have the highest percentage of keyword match to the public biddings. Consequently, research institutes fastidiously follow the narrow requirements of what the governments want to have researched. There is little to no room for going against the flow or exploring controversial topics. Nevertheless, I am very grateful for my time in public IT research as I have learned so many valuable lessons and skills, even though it does generate barely any value for society as a whole.

The old way of finding truth by looking at the outer world has clearly failed us and is one of the main reasons how negative Reptilians could maintain their control grip over humanity for so long. Actually, the centralized control of information is one of the key aspects of Reptilian mind control. But what is a better way to find the truth? How can we empower ourselves to overcome the Reptilian influence? The key, as always, is going within!

The New Earth method

As you do shadow work and heal the traumas that have been stuck in your body, you also resolve blockages that inhibited the energy flow through your body. Many people can attest that the more healing they have done, the more easily they are able to feel energy jolts in their bodies acting as divine confirmations. Maybe you cannot relate to this but I am sure you know the feeling of goosebumps when you listen to a beautiful song that moves your soul? Imagine that feeling in your body and then imagine it would be ten times more intense. That is what I started to feel more frequently after I healed my childhood traumas. Feeling this energy current running down my spine indicates resonance of something I have seen, read, heard or thought with the higher truth of my soul. In other words, these energy jolts in my body have become a divine confirmation, turning my body into a truth finder instrument based on energetic resonance.

Have you noticed how many people on the internet and even offline began to use the phrase: Does it resonate?

As you progress on your shadow work journey you resolve internal blockages and unclog your body’s energy field which enables you drastically upgrade your intuitive abilities.

Needless to say, learning to do shadow work and healing your traumas and energetic blockages is of key importance in order to turn your body into a truth-finding instrument of resonance. Even if you are at the beginning of your shadow work journey, you always have the capacity to listen to your intuition and inner discernment. For instance, many people have a bad gut feeling about something as their body warns them of a dangerous situation. However, as you progress on your healing journey, you unclog your body’s energetic pathways and will activate even more powerful intuitive abilities.

As you raise your vibration, your body will become a quantum supercomputer and your intuition so sharp that your higher self can guide you effortlessly through even the most challenging circumstances.

Once you experience these gifts of your higher power, you become accustomed to the subtle knowingness of what is true for you personally due to the resonance you feel in your entire body. You will flow smoothly through your day and you will notice subtle hints that are all around you. Many of those hints have been there all along but you were not ready yet to trust your intuition and your inner compass because we were still too entrenched in the external illusion of dense thought constructs that constitute the fake Matrix reality. Naturally, you need to break out of your old life first by mixing things up, changing routines, shifting jobs and maybe even moving to other locations. When you have the courage to trust in your higher guidance, your life will improve drastically even though your limited mind will not comprehend how this was even possible. But that is okay. Trust in yourself and your internal higher abilities and you will become a God walking in human form. That is what the Reptilians are truly afraid of because it means they lose all power over us. This is how we win.

Truth can be regarded as a higher-dimensional structure. We are only to see its lower-dimensional projections depending on our unique perspectives.

Finally, let us revisit an important point: What is truth? In the Matrix, this was quite clear, truth is the overlap of certain perspectives forming a consensus reality. In other words, two people have different perspectives and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. People think that the ultimate truth exists and that we just need to keep looking for it by contrasting the perspectives of different people. This seems to be a very two-dimensional concept, i.e. finding the truth at the intersection of two partially overlapping circles. I would suggest another definition of truth that it exists at a high-dimensional level but we are incapable of finding it by direct observation and measurement because we only see reduced projections of it. Let me explain this with the analogy shown in the image above: The truth is a very complex 3D object that is illuminated from different angles. And we can never see the actual 3D object but only the 2D shadow that is projected. Every person sees a different projection, i.e. a different shadow. Hence, all individual perspectives are perfectly valid, they are all true as indicated in the image above. Fair enough but you might wonder: How do we find the truth then if we cannot measure it directly? The answer is always the same: By going within using your powerful tools of resonance. The human experience operates at a very low dimension, this is a very dense and reduced reality. Every human being sees a very limited frequency band, a unique perspective, related to powerful higher-dimensional truths. When you are able to feel the resonance in your body, you can talk to people having very different perspectives and you can effortlessly feel what resonates within you and what does not. Each soul has very unique goals and challenges in this incarnation. But we all have one goal in common: We are here to expand our level of consciousness. By redefining truth this way, we are more empowered to defer judgment and listen to different perspectives. The ego also becomes less defensive as our personal beliefs are not as closely tied to our identity.

We are so much more than a set of ridiculously limited beliefs. It is time to let it all go and to open ourselves up to reveal the mysteries of the universe.

Further insights about Reptilian shapeshifters from shadow work sessions

Since I published the last article about Reptilians shapeshifters (see https://lightprism.net/2022/02/24/reptilian-shapeshifters-have-been-walking-among-us/), I have done many more shadow work sessions with people who had read this article. Many of them resonated strongly with the information I provided so I agreed to help them to clear their traumas and remove any potential Reptilian entity attachment.

Reptilians infiltrating the spiritual community

First of all, I did a session with a lovely lady who complained that she had been totally blocked, almost paralyzed, as if all her energy was drained. She had a spiritual business too but could not really help people lately, as she felt something was blocking her energy flow. We dug into the trauma and as it turned out, her ex-boyfriend was the root of the Reptilian attachment. It seemed as if he siphoned off her energy during intimate acts where he behaved in a strange way as if he was not human. His eyes also appeared very freakish at times as if they were shifting for a blink of an eye. As the lady told me these facts, a shiver ran down my spine followed by an immense revelation: That man was not human but a Reptilian shapeshifter! Unbelievable, she was already the second woman who was in an extended intimate relationship with a Reptilian! The crazy thing is that the Reptilian boyfriend actually assisted her to set up her spiritual business. He greatly helped her to do the technical setup and she explained to him all about spirituality. What is going on here? It occurred to me that Reptilians have been infiltrating the spiritual community in very direct ways since the beginning. They have been hijacking spiritual trends, twisting and distorting them to destroy the credibility of the New Age movement for instance. Some examples of fake narratives injected by Reptilians:

  • “Only focus on love and light but no worries about your traumas”
  • “Jesus Christ will return and save you all, just live according to the ten commandments”
  • “The aliens will come and save us with their powerful ships”
  • “Trump and Qanon will save us all, just wait”
  • “The aliens will bring down medbeds to heal you, just wait a bit”
  • “There will be a financial reset and a new Quantum Financial system where all your debts are wiped and you all will have a basic income.”
  • “When the event happens, we will all ascend into another dimension”

Do you see a common denominator in the narratives above? All of them attempt to lull people into a sense of complacent inactivity as an external savior is implied. They want people to put all their hope in something outside of themselves so that they remain docile and obedient servants to the Matrix system which is still firmly in control of the Reptilian elites. In reality, you don’t need to wait for something external because you have tremendous Godly powers within that are waiting to be unleashed. The only thing you need to do is check out of the old system and focus within, especially on doing shadow work to heal your emotional traumas. Therefore, it is quite easy to spot which spiritual accounts are under Reptilian influence and which ones are genuine. That said, even most genuine people still have Reptilian attachments so they will spout some misinformation. I include myself in this. Nobody is perfect. As always, you need to see for yourself what resonates and what doesn’t.

The Reptilian power structure on Earth forms a strict hierarchy like a pyramid. Only the Reptilians at the very top know everything.

Furthermore, the lady mentioned another interesting occurrence with her Reptilian boyfriend. Once in a restaurant with him, she saw a tall entity (>2.20m) in a ritualistic robe. It seemed as if the boyfriend was subordinate to this entity. She wanted to talk to him about it but he categorically denied that this encounter ever took place. It was clear to me that this entity was the Reptilian master of her boyfriend in its natural unshifted form. It does make a lot of sense because the Reptilian power structure is strictly hierarchical. Only the highest echelons of power know everything, all the levels below have only limited knowledge and need to know their place. The top of the power pyramid is comprised exclusively of Reptilians. In the lower levels, there are many Reptilians but also some humans who have earned their place and related privileges by being loyal to the system and their Reptilian masters at the top.

During the successful shadow work session, Reptilian implants looking like large eggs were discharged from her body and subsequently, a portal to the Reptilian home world opened.

What an interesting shadow work session! But it got even better. The lady had a lot of traumas in her body but the predominant one was a throat blockage.

I have been noticing that throat blockages are always the main indicator of Reptilian attachments and they are incredibly dense and very difficult to clear.

The lady also had a massive throat blockage she did not even notice because she had grown accustomed to it. This was how the Reptilians could control her, siphon off her energy and prevent her from doing her spiritual practice and helping other people heal. I applied the shadow work process, see https://lightprism.net/2021/12/19/shadow-work-following-the-footsteps-of-christ/, and after a while, the throat blockage dissolved. Fascinatingly, the lady saw a vision of how several dinosaur eggs were leaving her throat. It occurred to me that these eggs represent Reptilian energetic implants, as they are not from Earth but from another world. The technology they used to manipulate the human energy field and to interfere with the throat chakra is ancient, by far outdating the relatively short timescale of human life on Earth. As the eggs were removed from her body, suddenly a star appeared on top of her, similar to the beautiful decoration on top of a Christmas tree. I noticed that there was more to it, as it represented something akin to a powerful galactic portal or stargate. All of a sudden, it hit me: This portal connects Earth to the Reptilian home planet! I felt a very positive energy in my body, a sensation of progress, hope and intercultural understanding. I suddenly understood that there was another reason the Reptilian was together with this lady: He wanted to learn how it is to be human. He wanted to understand, how it is to have a loving partnership and build things together. He wanted to learn how it is to be spiritual and to have a direct connection to God instead of being a slave to the strict Reptilian hierarchy. This was all part of the soul contract of the lady. In turn, she learned how the negative Reptilians operated, how they siphon off other people’s life force and interfere with them. But now we have overcome their influence and also liberated them in the process by clearing old karmic ties. It was a great step forward yielding fascinating revelations about the Reptilian beings.

Reptilians attempting to sabotage twin flame unions

A week later, I had another shadow work session with a good friend. He had a lot of worries about his twin flame relationship. He used a third party, a female counselor, to assist him in “coming together” with his twin flame. That counselor also had direct contact with his twin flame, so she was in contact with both parties. I knew that counselor too but she did not resonate at all with me because she viewed the twin flame relationship way too positively, as the “fairytale dream relationship”, while she seemed to gravely disregard her inner shadow work. That woman herself was chasing her own twin flame and she was neurotically obsessed with him. She seemed to be a very advanced soul and have impressive psychic powers as she could tap into the emotional state of other people but she misused that power for egoic reasons, e.g. to periodically check on her twin flame. I was repelled and broke contact with this counselor but my friend continued to work with her because she would help to give him information about his twin flame. Unfortunately, the counselor did not do it out of unconditional love but for egoic reasons, as she pressured my friend into doing certain favors for her, or she would not help him anymore. At some point, my friend realized that this was toxic and they broke contact. It triggered deep traumas from his childhood and I helped him with the shadow work process. As he explained to me what had happened with the counselor, I immediately received the intuition that this woman had a very pronounced Reptilian entity attachment. It made a lot of sense. Reptilians could easily control her due to her unwillingness to face her own shadows. She was looking for a “quick fix” ego-based solution to unite with her twin flame in a “fairytale relationship”. It is a classic case of the devil’s bargain, i.e. sell me your soul and I will give you immediately what you (i.e. your ego) desires. Needless to say, it is disastrous to have her in a position where she gives out advice to twin flames if she is firmly under Reptilian mind control. Their goal is clear:

Reptilians attempt to prevent twin flames from coming into union because it raises both partners to a vibrational level of unconditional love far above their reach where we become immune to their influence.

As we cleared my friend’s throat blockage, a Reptilian shapeshifter showed up as Nosferatu and handed over a message from the highest ranks: “You cannot stop us.”.

As I started the shadow work process with my friend, I noticed that he also had a massive throat chakra blockage. It was clear that this was a Reptilian attachment as well, one related to a traumatizing event from his childhood. It was not easy to clear but we eventually succeeded in an extended shadow work session. As the blockages were cleared, my friend received a vision of a being with no eyes, a frail body, who looked very unhealthy as if not really alive or even demonic. That being looked similar to Nosferatu. My intuition instantly confirmed that Nosferatu was a Reptilian shapeshifter. My friend commented it seemed like he had a middle manager position in an office. It occurred to me that this Reptilian has been connected to the throat blockage of my friend and now that it was cleared, he was revealed to us as having a middle rank in the strictly hierarchical Reptilian power structure. Nosferatu delivered a message which was written on a yellowish old paper: “You cannot stop us!”. The font seemed childish and comical. I sensed that it had multiple meanings. Firstly, they want us to believe that their plans are too advanced already for us to stop them. Secondly, it can be considered a clear threat, i.e. if you don’t back down, we come after you and destroy you. The energy of this message did not appear to be very intimidating though. It rather sounded as if they were terrified and panicking as we were clearing so many Reptilian blockages, setting people free and thereby paving the way towards the union of several twin flames in very important positions. Furthermore, the message had a red seal (like a royal seal) and was signed. It was clear that this message was from the highest Reptilian ranks, i.e. from their leadership on Earth. We have now drawn their attention, which means they think we are a grave danger to their plans. The signature was not human, it was in a strange script or symbolism unknown to man. The Reptilians clearly are afraid. They are bluffing and it is obvious. I received a strong intuition that this spiritual war is now shifting into the next phase. We have the important mission to keep exposing the Reptilians and helping people to break free from their mind control influence.

Meeting a benevolent Reptilian and learning about their origins and history

Several weeks ago, I was facing heinous sexual traumas in relation to my twin flame that we had experienced in a past life together. As outlined in the article about sexual trauma (see https://lightprism.net/2022/01/13/reclaiming-sexuality-will-liberate-humanity/), they are incredibly hard to face because it warps our entire sexuality. Sexual traumas manifest as dark sexual desires and fantasies and there is a certain appeal to them, which creates a feeling of guilt and confusion. Moreover, there is a lot of shame that prevents exploring these traumas and related sexual longings. As I was facing these gruesome sexual traumas, I felt helpless and overwhelmed so I invoked Archangel Raphael who is specialized in the healing of sexual traumas with his beautiful emerald green energy. As I got into a deep meditation, a vision appeared in my mind’s eye. I saw a lying “8”, infinity sign, on the floor. My twin flame and I were trapped in the left and right side of this infinity symbol respectively. A very dark, dense energy circulated around the shape of the infinity symbol. I recognized that this energy represents the sexual trauma cycles that have been repeated indefinitely between men and women, blocking divine unions as they are a massive barrier to overcome.

The infinity sign appeared as analogy for sexual trauma cycles that were ever repeating and prevented divine unions.

My intuition told me that we need to destroy this alternating sexual trauma cycle, this “8”, for good. As I went ever deeper into meditation, I received a strong hunch that I needed to connect to my “star family”. Suddenly, I found myself on a spaceship of the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL). I was standing inside a control room and a lot of beings were operating the different control instruments. They were not operated physically but with consciousness, which linked the operators and the spaceship. As we are in a spiritual war, there is a command structure. My role is that of a General, who is leading ground operations in enemy territory. Hence, I was commanding the initiation of a launch sequence for a potent energy weapon to precisely target the sexual trauma in my human body and destroy it. I did a military salute and felt incredibly strong energy in my spine as I saw how many other beings did the same as a response. I heard someone say “welcome back sir, it has been a while” and many were pleased to see me back in command for this challenging mission. I thanked them for always having my back and for their assistance. The commander nodded with an expression of gratitude.

During the shadow work session to resolve the sexual trauma in my body, I suddenly found myself in a spaceship of the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL).

In the center of the room, there was a circular hole in the ground in which a round sphere was located. It had a red color tone and was floating and rotating. It also had these electrical sparks on its surface, reminding me of some of the inventions of Nikola Tesla. I saw that there were several other beings standing around this sphere in order to charge it with their specific healing frequencies, which would be combined into a powerful energy beam. The energy beam would contain the ideal combination of frequencies to do a deep cellular renewal of my human body, in order to clear these deep-seated traumas and the physical vessel in general. In front of me, there was Archangel Raphael, extending his hands over the sphere and charging it with his green energy. His emerald green energy is very conducive to the healing of sexual trauma and I had already utilized it in various instances. On my right, there was a man who was oddly familiar. It suddenly hit me: It was Nikola Tesla himself! He already assisted me in another shadow work sessions months ago by equipping me with upgrades for my human consciousness (see https://lightprism.net/2021/08/04/a-divine-gift-from-nikola-tesla/). I greeted him and he nodded in respect and started charging the energy sphere with a beautiful light blue energy emanating from his being.

On the left next to Raphael, there was another being that seemed unfamiliar to me. It was not a humanoid being, it was a Reptilian! I saw how it looked similar to the Reptilian beings with shapeshifting abilities, who held humanity hostage for millennia. And indeed, he was of the same species with the same origins. I knew that this being can not communicate verbally as humans do or the sounds it uttered would make no sense to us. But I connected with it telepathically and I felt how it was benevolent and actively wanted to contribute to the liberation of humanity and their fallen brothers. The Reptilian operators of the Matrix are still trapped in trauma bonds and enless karma. Hence, this positive Reptilian being wanted to assist to clear their own karmic bonds and give their fallen brothers a second chance. The energy from this Reptilian being, whose name I could never pronounce, felt very peculiar. It was a rare thing that they would collaborate with the GFL. And I would not exactly call this being very charming. It had a strange sense of communicating and viewing things, it was not very familiar to me. I even felt a hint of arrogance about me and humans in general but I was not entirely sure if I misinterpreted that energy. That said, the Reptilian being sensed my insecurity and tried a couple of futile attempts at humor. I honored its attempt to break the ice but it caused only more confusion. Imagine a nerdy classmate who makes very complex jokes and nobody gets the punchline. Still, I honored the Reptilian’s good intentions and kindly requested it to start charging the energy sphere. A blue/greenish light emitted from the Reptilian and converged into the sphere, charging it alongside all other contributions. The Reptilian light is actually of great assistance because they have the same genetics as those beings who had enslaved humanity. Hence, their frequency is very similar which greatly facilitates the healing process and resolution of energetic blockages inflicted by their malevolent Reptilian shapeshifter brothers.

It was a huge surprise that besides Archangel Raphael two other beings assisted in the healing process: Nikola Tesla and a benevolent Reptilian.

There was one more person close to me on my left: It was my twin flame or to be precise, her higher self. She joined me to assist in this healing process. With my left hand, I took her right hand and together we proceeded to charge the sphere with our unique frequencies. As we charged the sphere together, the operators gave updates about the charging process. The energy rose and reached 80% of the necessary charge. I gave the command to start the launch and target sequence. I saw a vision of my human body where the emotional trauma in the solar plexus appeared like a dark greenish cloud, almost like cancer but energetically. “Target acquired” the operator responded. Meanwhile, we had reached 90% of the necessary charge. I kindly asked all participants to give as much energy as they can. I saw how Raphael, Nikola Tesla and the Reptilian were focusing their entire attention on the oscillating sphere as intense energy flowed out of them to charge it as much as possible. “95% charge reached,” the operator said. I took a deep breath and focused on the sphere as much as possible. “100% charge reach, ready for launch” the operator proclaimed, with a soft undertone of enthusiasm. I then gave the command “initiate launch sequence” and a countdown started, “10 .. 9 .. 8”. For the last time, I ordered a quick system check and an operator quickly responded “all systems green, ready for launch” as the countdown had reached “4”. I continued focusing on the sphere as the countdown reached “2 .. 1” and then I gave the order: “Fire!”, accompanied by a hand gesture to direct the energy flow.

After the red Tesla sphere was charged, a powerful energy beam emitted and hit my human vessel on Earth to resolve the sexual trauma.

I saw how a powerful beam of light, containing a very diverse range of healing frequencies, was shooting down from the spaceship and directly into Earth. In my human vessel, I felt how the energy was hitting me and drilling down directly to the solar plexus area, where the extremely dense sexual trauma was located. I visualized how the energy beam would dissolve the trauma like a cleaning tab thrown into a container of dirty water. I felt a lot of higher activations all over my body. This potent healing light was flooded down to the cellular level, reaching everything that was fragmented or separate before. I saw a vision of how my cells were flooded with these energies and a lot was reconfiguring, including DNA changes and activations. I sensed how the trauma slowly dissipated in my body, I felt much more relaxed and balanced. My attention briefly switched between my presence on the ship and my human body. I understood that I was at both locations at the same time from the standpoint of my higher consciousness. I simply needed to raise my vibration and connect to my presence on the spaceship. Back on the spaceship, I proudly proclaimed “mission completed” and everyone in the room was clapping and celebrating this successful healing mission. The mood was euphoric, the taste of victory was lying in the air. Yet, we are just getting started! I addressed Raphael and Tesla to thank them for their help. They nodded as a sign of respectful approval. I looked at the Reptilian being who seemed to have a gift it wanted to hand over. I saw what looked like a liquid floating in the air that had many little lights inside. I took it in my hands and saw how it was gently floating around while it was emitting an entire spectrum of very beautiful energies. I realized that it was some sort of quantum technology that carried a sense of consciousness on its own. It then hit me: This was pure lifeforce energy, or Qi related to human sexual energy. As we heal those gruesome sexual traumas, we unblock the deepest channels of our creative sexual power and cut any remaining cords to parasitic entities. Once we do this, the powers that are unleashed for us are simply unimaginable. What a powerful time to be alive!

The galactic origins of humanity

My encounter with the benevolent Reptilian indicated that there is much more to the story than I initially believed. As I was pondering this magical experience, I received a lot of further insights into the origins of humanity. A thought crossed my mind: “What happens on Earth affects the entire galaxy”, followed by an extraordinarily intense resonance in my spine. There are no coincidences to the unfolding of events for humanity. Everything we are experiencing now was planned all along and holds a much deeper meaning than we can even begin to grasp with our current understanding. Primarily, we need to understand the calamitous history of this galaxy. Initially, there was prosperity, peace and progress but some beings decided to turn away from the light and explore the path of darkness and duality. Many of those beings who fell for the corruption of the dark side were of Reptilian origins, like those beings who have been deceiving and controlling humanity for millennia. Those negative Reptilians were a very advanced and powerful species and they began to wreak havoc across the galaxy. They conquered many worlds, infiltrated and enslaved various species who fell for the alluring temptations of power, energy harvesting and lower sexuality. It was a disaster as the Reptilians deliberately created the most gruesome trauma bonds with other beings in order to trap them in eternal cycles of playing out the same negative karmic cycles of terrible suffering. Even though the Reptilians had lost their own connection to God a long time ago, they learned how to parasitically siphon off other beings’ life force energy when they were suffering and engaging in sexual perversions. This created a downward spiral of ever more traumatization and reinforced those karmic cycles. Many of the young species in the galaxy, such as the Pleiadians, succumbed to the Reptilian’s temptation and began to descend on a path of duality as well. As a consequence, they themselves began to fight and enslave each other. It was a disaster and at some point, several species formed an alliance called the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) with the goal of preventing a further spiraling out of control of the situation. Eventually, the Reptilian advances could be stopped and the damage contained but a key problem remained: How to resolve all these trauma bonds and karmic cycles? The Reptilians were too far gone, they had amassed mountains of trauma that blocked their return to God. They did not even remember how it was to possess a direct divine connection as their vibrational frequencies had collapsed sharply. To make matters worse, many beings of different species had karmic ties with each other when they followed the Reptilian’s example. How could all of this karma possibly be untangled? It was a mess of epic proportions.

Humanity contains genetic contributions from many species of this galaxy and Earth is like a theater stage where we can safely play out calamitous events and resolve karma.

Very advanced beings called the Elohim made a proposal to the GFL on how all of this karma could be resolved: By creating a quarantine planet and genetically engineering a new species that would contain DNA contributions of all involved species in this galaxy. The GFL accepted this idea and this marked the beginning of humanity as we know it. Earth was chosen as an ideal planet for this unprecedented experiment and humanity was created in several iterations over a relatively short time span, in galactic terms. Different human races have different genetic compositions, linking them genetically to different galactic civilizations. The diversity of human genetics and culture mirrors the diversity of species in this galaxy. That being said, humans also carry Reptilian DNA. Yes, we are part Reptilian too and this is all by design. The human body bears almost unlimited potential, as we can live out the lowest vibrational states of duality as well as the highest possible states of all-encompassing connectedness. The human genetic code has been prepared for this right from the start. We started with a 2-stand DNA as we went through the karmic replays mirroring our galactic history, while 10 DNA strands laid dormant waiting to be activated for “the grand finale”. In other words, humans are like actors on a theater stage, where we engage in a “safe” karmic replay of the calamitous events that happened in our galaxy eons ago.

We are the karmic cleanup crew resolving karmic cycles from other races, including Reptilians. What happens on Earth affects the entire galaxy.

The completion of karmic cycles on Earth will liberate many souls of other species from this galaxy. This completion has been heralded by many souls for eons and we are in the final stages. The vast majority of ancient souls who have incarnated at this time are resolving old karmic storylines from other worlds. Many of you even took on karma for other beings in order to assist in the liberation of your souls. Thank you all for your service. You are honored more than you could ever imagine.

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Such & Such
Such & Such
1 year ago

Xcellent Read 👍👍


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