Reptilian shapeshifters have been walking among us

Reptilian shapeshifters have been walking among us

Reptilians have ruled over us as false Gods for millennia in a dramatic karmic theater play mirroring galactic history and we are close to the final showdown marking the end of duality.

In the last weeks, I faced countless shocking revelations about those Reptilian beings who have been tempting humanity into self-imposed slavery. As written in the last post about sexual traumas, their main weapon is the sexual traumatization of humans, leading to a distortion of our sexuality which they feed on energetically. Sexuality is the most potent life force energy we can use for conscious creation as long as we have control over it. However, if sexual traumas are involved, Reptilian entities attach to our energy fields and can actually extract our most potent life force energy for their own gains. Hence, I realized that the key to human liberation is to face and heal sexual traumas which is the last bastion in this spiritual war against our Reptilian overlords:

Learning about Reptilians by healing sexual traumas

2022 kicked off into high gear for me as I started to offer shadow work sessions. After I published the earlier post about sexual traumas, I received several requests to hold sessions, which was very interesting as each session revealed more details about those Reptilian beings who have been attached to sexual trauma. Essentially, I assisted several people to clear their sexual traumas and thus removing Reptilian attachments. As a result, I received a lot of revelations, visions and intuitions about the true nature of the human existence, those Reptilian beings and about the detailed mechanisms of how they have been able to control us for so long.

Insights from shadow work sessions

As described in the last post about sexual trauma, I had my first session with an old friend (see I assisted her in facing very dark sexual abuse traumas from when she was in a foster home as a teenager. As we faced the trauma, we saw how a repulsive being was sitting on top of her younger self. It had dark yellowish, greenish, gray skin, scales, sharp teeth and claws. I instantly recognized this entity as a Reptilian. With the support of Jesus, we faced this Reptilian who appeared to be terrified as it was suddenly confronted with so much light. It was almost a 4-hour session but we could clear the sexual trauma, liberate my friend’s younger self as well as one of her female ancestors who had a similar sexual trauma. The Reptilian being was also released from this trauma bond. As I faced the Reptilian head-on, I realized that it wanted to be released. It apparently had been trapped and needed our help to be liberated as well. It was an interesting experience but I had even more questions than answers afterward. After the session, I was utterly exhausted and immediately fell into my bed. During the night, I had many nightmares where I was chased by someone or something. The next day, I randomly came across a post saying that these types of dreams indicate Reptilian entity interference. So it seems like Reptilians had begun targeting me now, trying to interfere with me helping others heal sexual traumas. Great!

Reptilian dream interference

A couple of days later on a Sunday, I had two shadow work sessions over the phone. During the night, I had even more dreams of being chased and attacked by several people. Right before I woke up, I found myself in an office where a coworker suddenly grabbed a pen and tried to stab me with it. I fled and found myself in a giant underground complex. It was dark, cold and had a lot of artificial lighting as well as giant ventilation tubes all over the place. As I was running through the narrow hallways of these obscure facilities, I noticed that there were other people there. They seemed to be shackled and trapped there as prisoners. It was seriously really scary to witness that dream! After that, I found myself sitting in front of a computer as if I wanted to initiate a voice call for the shadow work session. All of a sudden, an English guy stood next to me and he started to utter harsh violent threats in a typical low-class English accent. At this point, I woke up and it was clear to me that these were Reptilian entities interfering in my dreams in a desperate attempt to prevent me from doing these sessions. As I realized what was going on I said out loud: “Your interference is a confirmation that these sessions today are important!” and I was very determined to pull it off as I was overcome by a strong energy current in my spine – divine confirmation to keep going.

Sexual traumas and Reptilian attachments

I had two shadow work sessions on that Sunday. Of course, I won’t go into details but both clients had sexual traumas that were surfacing right now. Keep in mind that the vast majority of people have sexual trauma even if they were not abused in their childhood. Many sexual traumas are inherited through your bloodline or originate from past lives. In those sessions, I entered a deep meditative stance as they were telling me what had triggered them. As my body was totally clear at this point, I was able to feel their traumas in my body. As they told me the grim details of what was weighing down on their soul, I was able to pinpoint the exact location of those traumas in their bodies. For instance, I felt a resonance of strong trauma in the solar plexus chakra where our sense of self resides. A massive solar plexus blockage often distorts the perception of our own self-worth so we are unable to assert our needs. What has very often appeared also were throat chakra blockages. For some of the clients, the throat chakra blockage was so massive that it was very difficult to resolve. I felt the mirrored emotional state it in my body and it was as if a giant rock was stuck in the throat. People with those throat blockages often have the problem to communicate their needs to others. Instead, they often will behave in a very passive way and let others decide. They often have the feeling that anything they say is irrelevant anyway and would not change a thing. Sexual traumas are commonly also felt below the solar plexus chakra in the sacral chakra, which is the center of sexual energies. So what is so difficult about sexual traumas compared to other traumas? The problem is that people often feel sexually aroused if the trauma is invoked, i.e. the sexual trauma links to hidden sexual fantasies. Needless to say, many people are terrified of facing that shadow side within because they have the impression that they actually enjoyed being traumatized as a child. Thus, many people chose to repress their sexuality entirely by following very restrictive forms of Christianity for instance. In some cases, people who have sexual abuse trauma, still do have sex as they are in partnerships and marriages but they are just doing it for their partner but not enjoying it themselves. Another angle of this is that they often are secretly attracted to sexual practices which mirror their sexual trauma. For instance, victims of sexual abuse tend to be aroused by BDSM (bondage, dominance, and submission/sadomasochism). That is why it is so difficult to face sexual traumas as there is so much fear, shame and guilt around the related sexual fantasies.

Nevertheless, these shadow work sessions were highly successful as we cleared numerous massive blockages. What was very interesting was that both clients told me that they frequently had seen Reptilian eyes during their meditations. I realized that Reptilians had attached to their sexual traumas and could interfere with their minds in what is called “trauma-based mind control”, also known as MKUltra. However, the Reptilians can only access the mind but not our heart. As we clear the traumas, the related blockages in the body are removed to reestablish the free energy flow through all chakras. As a result, our higher abilities strengthen and the Reptilians lose control over us. So far, I assumed that Reptilian beings only attach to our traumas on an etheric level, i.e. once a sexual trauma is committed, they attach to the energetic fields of both the victim and perpetrator, forming a trauma bond between them. What happened next, blew my mind and shook the foundation of my understanding of reality…

David Icke was right, Reptilian shapeshifters do exist

A week later, I had another shadow work session on the phone which caused a seismic shift in how I view this reality. The client had a sexual abuse trauma, as a man essentially strangled her during otherwise consentual sexual activities. This is very similar to the sexual abuse trauma, that my friend had experienced in the foster home. It seems to be a very common thing that sexual traumas are going hand in hand with choking or strangulation. It is a common sexual fantasy too, especially entertained by many women. As a result, several energy blockages are created at once, i.e. in the sacral and root chakra as well as in the throat chakra. I personally found it to be the most challenging to resolve throat chakra blockages which had been inflicted during sexual traumatization. I suppose that is exactly why the Reptilian entities favor it – because it is so difficult to face and to incredibly challenging to resolve. This particular client also had the problem that she was unable to speak to others about her sexual trauma as if she felt totally powerless and did not know how to express it. Fortunately, we could clear the throat blockage, which was by far the most dominant trauma. Hence, it was the absolute priority to clear that. Because in many cases, people seek out sessions if they are overwhelmed with the trauma, unable to face it on their own. Once the dominant energy blockage is cleared, they often are able to continue the healing process on their own.

At the end of the session, the client told me that she had observed strange phenomena with the man who abused her. She saw how his eyes seemed to shift in a peculiar way before he stepped closer to her. Also, he exhibited very strange behavioral patterns and rapid shifts in his personality. I paused for a moment but then was hit by a massive realization:

I felt an intense current of energy running down my spine as I realized: The abuser was not human. He was a Reptilian in human form. A shapeshifter.

What an incredible realization! This changed everything. This radically shifted how I view this reality. The implications of this insight are extraordinarily profound.

Reptilians have been actively participating in trauma bonds and karmic cycles

In a previous article about the Garden of Eden (see, I outlined in detail how humanity was tempted into sin, which essentially means a path of duality disconnected from God where we are trapped in neverending trauma bonds and karmic cycles. It is clear that the snake represents the Reptilians who took over control of Earth and humanity. The following section of the Bible is really interesting:

Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.

This section talks about Reptilian entities referred to as dragons, fallen angels, serpents and Satan who are fighting against Archangel Michael and are falling from heaven as a consequence. As laid out before, heaven and hell are no places beyond but states of consciousness. Heaven is a state of full interconnectedness with the divine, where everything flows and is in harmony. Hell is what we have been experiencing on Earth for millennia: The deliberate imbalance within and without, endless trauma bonds and karmic cycles as well as the inversion of truth and the perversion of sexuality. In other words, what the above Bible story implies is that those Reptilian entities began to permanently disconnect from God and embarked on paths of duality where they attempted to install themselves as false Gods and to enslave other beings, parasitically extracting their life force energy. And that is what those Reptilians started doing on Earth as well. An interesting coincidence is that dragons were often portrayed to possess the ability to shapeshift into human form. The truth has always been out there, hidden in plain sight. We just need to collect the pieces of the puzzle to regain a full picture view.

So you might be wondering, what does it mean that Reptilians have been shapeshifting into human form? The answer is that Reptilians are not being able to incarnate in human bodies but they are present in their normal Reptilian bodies that are using some sort of highly advanced quantum technology to assume a human appearance. In other words, they are not human but Reptilians pretending to be human. Now let us go a step further. Based on my shadow work sessions, I learned that Reptilian shapeshifters are perpetuating traumas against humans directly. Even during the first session, I did with my friend, a Reptilian shapeshifter appeared on top of her younger self. She had a trauma bond with that Reptilian, which created a karmic debt so that the traumatizing experience is repeated over and over again. The karmic laws of balance are universal so everyone needs to obey them, even the Reptilians. They obviously are a very advanced and powerful species so they have “gamed the system” for their personal benefit. They installed themselves as false Gods for humanity and started walking amongst us, infiltrating all institutions of the church, government, media and education to keep us locked in a state of eternal traumatization, neverending karmic cycles of suffering and hopeless ignorance.

The fact that Reptilians are trauma bonded to many humans means they cannot simply be exiled from Earth. I suspect that especially many ancient souls are prone to have direct trauma bonds with Reptilians because they are aware of who those powerful ancient souls are. The larger the trauma load a soul has to bear, the more difficult it is to incarnate again. As explained in the previous post (see, Reptilians and their loyal human servants have attempted to inflict the maximum possible amount of trauma to those ancient souls who are the greatest risk for them. Hence, the logical consequence is that we cannot defeat the Reptilians externally unless we address and resolve those sexual traumas within ourselves.

The Reptilian power structure on Earth

That is a lot of information to take in! The good news is that Reptilians are drastically outnumbered. Based on their mode of operation and their shapeshifting technology, they have extremely high energy needs (more on that later) and there are very few of them actually on Earth. I suspect it is a ratio between 1:10 000 and 1:100 000. Thus, it is clear that they would have no chance to keep power if we woke up from our slumber and became aware of their existence, their terrible deeds and true Earth history. Therefore, Reptilians have always been operating very cautiously and applied their sinister plans of divide and conquer over large time spans. During the course of history, they always slowly infiltrated and undermined all institutions and established a system of parallel shadow governments that actually are more powerful than the official governing structures. Haven’t you ever wondered why unelected organizations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) have so much influence over our democracies? The WEF has been currently highlighted through the events in Canada but there are countless other secretive organizations that have amassed immense power and influence over the vast majority of countries. Most prominently, the financial system has been firmly under Reptilian control too as they are in charge of the central banking institutions, represented by influential bloodlines such as the Rothschilds. Furthermore, the pharma industry is also under Reptilian control as the objective is not to heal but to poison us and keep humanity in a state of perpetual sickness so that we cannot develop our organic conscious abilities.

The general rule of thumb is: Assume that each large centralized system is under Reptilian control. Instead of deferring to external authority, listen to your own intuition and forge your own path.

Reptilian / Illuminati shadow power structure as presented by David Icke, source:

David Icke has been vocal about Reptilian shapeshifters for decades and he excellently outlines how their power structures operate. In essence, what Icke refers to as the Illuminati is a strictly hierarchical structure of various secretive organizations which are more powerful than the official governments visible to us, the people. Due to karmic reasons, the Reptilians cannot operate in absolute secrecy. In order to avoid even more drastic karmic consequences, they are hiding the truth in plain sight. Any informed citizen is able to request information about the inner workings of those organizations, their connections to our politicians, the financial flows and their policies. They even go one step further as they are broadcasting their intentions publicly across the media outlets which are also firmly under their control. For instance, Klaus Schwab and his ilk have been openly talking about their plans for the “Great Reset”, even though that has been ridiculed as a crazy conspiracy theory only a few months earlier. The sad truth is that humanity has fallen for the Satanic Reptilian temptation and the inversion of everything. Combined with a large load of traumas in the human body, a blockage of chakras and the connection to higher realms, humans have become used to mindlessly walking around in a zombified state, exclusively focused on the external illusion. People have lost the ability for inner discernment by relying on their own intuitive and logical facilities in order to recognize the grand deception.

In the opening ceremony of the Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland in 2016, many people remarked that it was strange to see apparent Satanic rituals and sexual perversions on full display.

That said, pure Reptilians who shapeshift into a human form are extremely rare. There are only a few of them at the highest echelons of power in the shadow government structure. The most prominent examples are the Queen of England as well as the Pope in the Vatican. Furthermore, there are several Reptilians who even assumed powerful positions in politics as well as all other areas of our societies. Besides the Reptilian influence, there are many human bloodlines that are tied to the highest ranks of these shadow governments. Many human souls have been accomplices in the Reptilian power structures and received privileged positions as a result. What is also important to mention is that one of the hallmarks of Reptilian power is Satanic rituals and sacrifices. There is a lot of information on the internet so you can research for yourself. The abyss of human suffering they cause for their nourishment is extremely sinister. Often, Satanic rituals consist of a mixture between human sacrifice and sexual orgies but it all makes sense when we understand how they operate. As always, they engage in obvious symbolism, which will be their eventual downfall and lead to their complete exposure.

Reptilian consciousness is represented by the Dark Triad

What characterizes the Reptilian personality? The best representation is given by the Dark Triad of Narcissism, Psychopathy and Machiavellianism. Reptilians have no empathy for other beings as they have installed themselves as fake Gods for humanity. They feel superior as if they have the right to do whatever they want with those who are beneath them. Reptilians see humanity like a farmer views his cattle: We are valued as livestock who nourish their owners. Reptilians have allowed humans to grow and prosper up to a certain point but only to then tear it all down when the day of slaughter arrived. Another key attribute of Reptilians is their arrogance. They consider themselves superior to us in all ways. They think that our human traits of compassion, mercy and vulnerability is a weakness, while in reality, it is our greatest strength. Their arrogance will be their downfall.

During my mission here in South America, I came in contact with fierce Machiavellian opponents who have been trained in the Reptilian power structure and climbed to relatively high positions in their hierarchy (see The Machiavellians I met are human and they are tormented souls as they were trauma bonded at an early age in Reptilian institutions in order mind-control them easily. A key attribute of those Machiavellians is their two-faced nature: They present themselves as benevolent saviors publically while they commit the most atrocious deeds in private. It is all about gaining and observing power. Similarly, Reptilians try to mimic the qualities of the light in their public appearances. They pretend to act for the highest good of humanity, for instance by reducing poverty, creating jobs or fighting corruption. While in actuality they do exactly the opposite and they assume that nobody will be able to uncover their false light facade. What they do not know is that humanity is starting to look through their duplicitous schemes as the vibrational level on Earth rises. It is only a matter of time until their false light facade crumbles down entirely.

Moreover, Reptilians have no creativity as they are disconnected from higher-dimensional planes. They always apply their exact same strategies to use those innovations humans have created for their own ends which is the continual enslavement of humans. Even though Reptilians are not creative, they have incredibly powerful mental facilities. They are masters of the mind. Human minds are pathetically weak in comparison. We have no chance of defeating Reptilians on the battleground of the mind. A fitting analogy would be that when playing a 2D chess game against a Reptilian, a human has the mental capacity to think 5 chess moves ahead while the Reptilian has already played out the next 20 chess moves in their minds. Fortunately, we humans have one decisive advantage against them: Access to higher realms and divine guidance through our heart-centered intuition. Even if our limited minds do not grasp what is going on, we are being guided by powerful forces beyond our understanding towards victory.

How does Reptilian shapeshifting technology work?

The most pressing question is: How do those Reptilians actually shapeshift? Does that not violate the laws of physics we have been taught in school? I am going to present the most reasonable explanation according to my current understanding, which is still highly limited. So bear with me, please. First of all, we need to examine the biology of those Reptilians. As far as I understand, those Reptilian beings are physically living on Earth like we human beings are, i.e. they are born into their normal Reptilian body. As they are reptiles and not mammals, they lay eggs and incubate them in their underground bases, like the one I saw in my dream. Their lifespan is much larger than that of a human, i.e. they can live in their reptilian body for several hundreds of years. When a reptilian being reached the end of their biological lifespan, they are not incarnating into a new body but they are using technology to transfer their consciousness into a new reptilian body. The key is that they are disconnected from higher dimensions and have been banished onto Earth, as outlined earlier. By transferring their consciousness from body to body, they are essentially immortal, which does make a lot of sense as they see themselves as Gods who rule over humanity. So what do they look like? According to my visions and several sources on the internet, I presume Reptilians are taller than humans, as they reach a size of 215cm (7ft) or even taller. They are humanoid and they walk upright but their appearance is characterized by scales, sharp teeth, claws and slit eyes. They have a protruding snout and a tail as well. Their skin tone varies but can range from greenish to yellowish grey. The following image is what I found on the internet, which comes closest to the appearance I saw in my visions.

As long as those Reptilians are in their underground bases, they can do as they wish but they would incite shock and horror if they walked around amongst humans! So how does their shapeshifting work? Again, I have to empathize that my understanding of their technology is still highly limited. But let us be honest: Our common understanding of physics, biology and quantum mechanics is ridiculously limited. What we refer to as “science” today is nothing but a poor imitation of the endless secrets of the universe waiting for us to be unraveled. Even Nikola Tesla stated as follows in his famous quote:

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

So let us address the topic of Reptilian shapeshifting not from a perspective of arrogance and certainty but from one of humility and openness for all possibilities, however crazy they might appear to our current understanding of reality. Many people have been stating that Reptilians do not shift their body but simply mind control humans into making them see a human even though a Reptilian is in front of them. I considered this theory too but then quickly discarded it because many things do not align well. For one, photos taken of Reptilians should clearly show a Reptilian then.

I came to the conclusion that Reptilians shift their bodies on a cellular level using highly advanced quantum technology which is directly linked to their consciousness. That said, their cellular configuration is being restructured entirely as they shift into the form of their human avatar. Put differently, when they have completed their shapeshift, they look and feel like a human and have very similar physiological attributes. However, this process of shapeshifting requires extraordinary amounts of energy which the Reptilians parasitically extract from human suffering and sexual perversion. They feed off on our life force energy and one of the main uses for this energy is to enable and maintain their shapeshifting. Ergo, their power over us depends on their ability to shapeshift, which in turn depends on our continual suffering. The clear solution on how to liberate ourselves from our Reptilian masters is to cut the karmic cords by resolving our traumas via the shadow work process. Our healing will set us free, clear our chakra system, reestablish our divine connection and starve them energetically until they lose the ability to shapeshift into human form. Yes, you read that right: At some point, the Reptilians will be unable to walk among us undetected and each human will be able to bear witness to the shocking truth of their existence.

The Matrix veil is a frequency prison

Another key aspect of how the Reptilians could maintain their power structure is that they have tampered with the natural design of Earth. They are the architects of what is commonly called “the Matrix”, i.e. a controlled artificial reality or hologram. In biblical terms this is referred to as “the veil”:

19 We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the [veil]

The Bible contains many passages about the veil referring to the false illusion humanity has been trapped in. The key to our liberation as outlined above, is to stop engaging with the illusion and turn inwards to the eternal wisdom of our own soul, i.e. our divine connection.

But how does the Matrix operate in technological terms? Again, I cannot be entirely sure as my understanding of reality is still severely limited. However, the most plausible explanation is that Reptilians have installed highly advanced technology on Earth which has prevented, or at least severely limited, the influx of higher frequencies into Earth. In other words, they installed a filter that keeps humanity and Earth at a very narrow frequency band. This is how they have created a frequency prison so that the entire human existence has been replaying at those lower frequencies of fear, suffering and sexual perversion which the Reptilians feed on energetically. Moreover, this frequency barrier has made it difficult for powerful ancient souls to incarnate on Earth in an attempt to tip the scales towards human liberation because the available bandwidth between the human in the flesh and their divine guidance used to be very low. It was difficult for higher realms to interfere in the chessgame of duality playing out on Earth. David Icke suggests that this frequency filter is operated through the moon, which actually is an artificial construct set up by the Reptilians. This theory does make a lot of sense and there have been many suggestions about this in popular culture as well. For instance, in the movie “The Truman Show” where Jim Carrey lives life in a virtual reality show, the control center is located in the artificial moon above the veil of the movie set.

Reptilian infiltration throughout human history

The fact that Reptilians are able to shapeshift into whatever human appearance they chose gives them a great advantage as they could eliminate world leaders and assume their place in order to set people against each other. Reptilians love to cause large-scale wars where humans slaughter each other as this creates untold suffering they can feed on energetically. During the course of human history on Earth, there have been numerous attempts to liberate humanity from the Reptilian influence. Many old civilizations such as Egypt, Rome and Greece were coordinated attempts by ancient souls to raise the level of vibration of humanity and to break the vicious cycles of suffering and trauma. Human history appears to be strangely cyclical because always the same process occurred: First, ancient souls incarnated to manifest innovation and progress which succeeded for a while. However, Reptilians began infiltrating the power structures, introducing corruption, intrigues, violence and sexual perversion. As a consequence, many once-great empires collapsed and descended into gruesome wars and decay, causing ever more suffering. It is almost as if the Reptilians are doing with us what a farmer is doing with his animals: He allows them to feed and grow but eventually leads them all to slaughter in a massive feast. These cycles have been ongoing throughout human history.

But it goes way deeper than that: The continuous fight between ancient souls and Reptilian deceivers mirrors galactic history. There has been immense suffering in this galaxy’s history, as Reptilians and various species descended into dualistic confrontations, amassing unspeakable amounts of karmic debts. Entire civilizations were destroyed as a consequence of Reptilian infilitration, there was untold chaos and giant diasporas. As a consequence, massive amounts of karmic debts accumulated but not only between Reptilians and Pleiadians for instance but also between different species who were tricked into fighting against each other. The same thing which is going on here on Earth has been going on for eons in this galaxy. At some point, a unanimous decision was made to bring this catastrophic experiment of duality to an end by defeating the Reptilians once and for all. The load of trauma bonds and karmic debts between various species and Reptilians were so massive that it was impossible to resolve. It was a mess of epic proportions.

Hence, a highly advanced species called the Elohim came up with the idea to create humanity by combining DNA contributions from all affected species as well as Reptilians into a new species: The human race. It sounds similar to the word hue-man, i.e. a being consisting of a large variety of different color hues. Thus, humanity is a genetically engineered species containing DNA from various galactic civilizations. We are a cross-section of the entire universe. Fascinatingly, this coincides with the creation story in the Bible. And it also explains the great variation of genetic diversity between the different races on Earth, which reflects the diversity of galactic species. After humanity was created, the Reptilians were banished onto Earth so that they could start replaying those karmic storylines again reflecting the dramatic galactic history of duality. Souls from different galactic species began incarnating in human form to go again through the same horrors that had happened to their civilizations. Have you ever wondered why Earth’s history has been so brutal, why so many civilizations collapsed and entire races were annihilated? That is a reflection of what happened in this galaxy and by going through these karmic storylines again, all involved souls could process those traumas and finally overcome it. What has been happening on Earth is like a theater play to replay those lower timelines of duality in order to resolve the karmic ties with the Reptilians and between different galactic groups. What happens on Earth at this time is affecting the entire universe. We are the center stage of a massive closure of karmic cycles and the end of duality.

A path towards the liberation of humanity

These are shocking revelations, it is a lot to take in. But don’t be disheartened, I have good news: We are at the cusp of the ultimate defeat against the Reptilians and the liberation of humanity. Let us examine what exactly has been going on behind the scenes and what detailed steps you can take individually to free yourself from their influence.

The vibrational water level is rising

As the karmic cycles on Earth have been reaching completion, the decision was made to end this experiment of duality and to liberate humanity from Reptilian dominion. This transition coincides with the shift into the Age of Aquarius where Earth enters a different area of space causing a massive influx of high frequential light. Our sun plays a central role in this process as it literally bombards Earth with powerful higher frequencies. This process of an increasing influx of higher frequencies has been ongoing for decades but dramatically accelerated in the last years. And especially now in 2022, we have reached a tipping point where the frequencies are rising almost exponentially. These energies are so powerful that they penetrate the Reptilian control structures and are are received by humanity to affect drastic change in the human body, mind and spirit. The so called “starseeds”, i.e. ancient souls incarnated in human form, are the ones who predominantly receive these light codes and anchor them on Earth as well. In fact, starseeds are anchoring on Earth what can be described as a grid of higher frequencies that is in direct competition to the artificial frequency barrier of the Reptilians. A fitting analogy is a rapidly rising waterlevel, while standing at the bottom of a canyon holding on to heavy rocks. In order to rise up, we do not need to put effort into swimming, we simply need to drop off the old loads (i.e. traumas, limiting beliefs and expectations) and will be elevated. Finally, the human DNA is being reactivated by those powerful energies and powerful higher capabilities are coming online once again.

The role of the US military, QAnon and Trump

The ground operations against our Reptilian overlords, their secret underground bases, their shadow institutions and military assets were spearheaded by the US Military and the 45th president of the US, Donald J Trump. Also, there has been an unprecedented wide-scale public intelligence operation called QAnon, that also was orchestrated by the US Military to create public awarenes of what really was going on behind the scenes. QAnon regularly posted complex messages coinciding with world events in order to provide a different angle on the hidden power struggles in the shadows. For instance, there was a lot of discussion of shadow government structures on a global scale and inside of the US. Other topics mentioned were Satanic inversion (e.g. “up is down, left is right”), the financial system, elite bloodlines, symbolism, numerology and spirituality.

A QAnon drop hinting at the truth of Reptilian control at the Vatican.

I do not want to go into details of what QAnon was saying but instead provide a novel perspective given the currently emerging insights about Reptilians. The above Q drop illustrates that the US Military was aware of who the Reptilians are and how they have been hiding in plain sight. In fact, once we are aware of their symbolism, their tactics and their communication style, they are quite easy to identify. The Reptilian reign resides on the foundation of human ignorance so QAnon was a very effective strategy in disseminating information to bring clarity by breaking the mind control programs and inversion of beliefs. That said, the main goal of Q was to reach the maximum amount of people to facilitate a critical mass of public awareness about the Reptilian deep state. Therefore, Q had to be very careful about how they phrase the messages. They could not risk to attract ridicule and mockery by talking about “UFOs and aliens” because that is part of how we are mind controlled. The media has done a great job of putting partially truthful information about extraterrestrials out there but with their common Satantic inversion tactics tainted the topic as being only discussed by deranged lunatics and crazed conspiracy theorists. Even though the fact alone that so many people have been attracted by discussions about aliens speaks for itself. We intuitively know that there is truth to it but we keep allowing our mental programming to overwrite our intuitions. David Icke has been talking about these supposedly crazy topics for decades and he made an extraordinarily important contribution to shift the public perception. However, he still remains fringe, as it was impossible to convince a large plurality of the population about these truths. For these reasons, QAnon was extremely cautious about not saying too much about aliens and Reptilians in order to reach mainstream awareness – which ultimately succeeded.

Trump humiliated one of the leading Reptilians in front of the whole world – a clear message about the end of their reign.

Fortunately, humanity has grown a lot in the last couple of years and shed many of those limiting beliefs. We are now ready to face the true nature of our existence and it will set us free. Thanks to the leadership of the US Military, the Reptilians and their power structures have been neutralized. This has been demonstrated by how Trump humiliated the Queen in her own palace during a visit a couple of years ago. Many of the Reptilians remain in their positions in order to help to further awaken the human masses and to resolve their own karma. At some point in the not so far future, the whole world will see the Reptilian leaders for what they truly are and it will be epic. QAnon frequently mentioned “military tribunals” for the corrupt Satanist. Many people have been disappointed that nothing has happened until now. However, it could be that we are given more time to raise our level of consciousness so that humanity is ready for military tribunals of those beings who have enslaved and mislead us for millennia: Reptilian shapeshifters.

What steps to take individually to overcome Reptilian influence

Most importantly, what steps can you take in your own life to remove Reptilian influence? By far the most important step is to learn the process of shadow work, i.e. facing your repressed emotional traumas and integrating them to raise your level of consciousness (see Reptilians also nourish themselves through perverted sexuality rooted in sexual traumas. Hence, it is also advisable to muster the courage to face your hidden sexual desires which eventually will lead you to the underlying sexual traumas. Facing sexual trauma is not easy as there are also a lot of fear, shame and guilt barriers to overcome. Therefore, I have dedicated a detailed article only on how to face sexual trauma (see As discussed earlier, there are Reptilian entity attachments to your energetically, that are connected to sexual trauma. As you heal these traumas, the Reptilian mind control influence on you diminishes and you take a quantum leap towards being a sovereign being who is in charge of your own destiny. As the energy level on Earth continues to rise rapidly, healing your traumas becomes easier as time progresses. Nevertheless, do not shy away from asking for professional assistance for your shadow work process. There are many people out there worldwide who already went through this troublesome process and can be a guiding light for your own path.

Additionally, you can help by educating yourself further about how the Reptilians operate and how they wre able to tempt other beings into making a free will decision towards their own enslavement. I know that these are very uncomfortable topics to face but we cannot ignore the shadows within and without. What we try to suppress and ignore will keep being manifested through our unconscious fears, as we are trapped in lower vibrations and magnetically attract those same experiences over and over again. The truth will set you free after all, even if other people will call you crazy for it. Do not worry, this too shall pass and at some point in the not too far future, the truth shall stand tall and roar like a mighty lion for the whole world to see it. And once we are done with this process, when humanity has completed these karmic theater plays, we shall be liberated.

In the not too far future, the Reptilians will be a thing of the past, merely a faint memory as humanity grows up and takes its rightful place as a sovereign galactic civilization who is in control of its own destiny.

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You had some great stuff here. but when you believe Trump is a savior i realized you have been caught in the lie. The dark has infiltrated some light workers like yourself, Trump is a demon

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