The phoenix rises from the darkest abyss of humanity

The phoenix rises from the darkest abyss of humanity

I uncovered a horrendous sexual trauma related to my twin flame in a past incarnation in the Rennaissance age, the most challenging trauma I ever had to face.

By going through dramatic events in my own life, I uncovered further horrific details about my deepest sexual trauma from the past life incarnation in the Rennaissance age in Germany. It is all connected to the lady, who played a key part in my awakening journey in the last 2 years. She and I are what is commonly referred to as “twin flames”, even though I do not like the term. So let’s dig in.

A visionary Rennaissance project

For almost 2 years, I had been working for a community in South America, where they attempted to build a very ambitious light-house project of innovation and progress in the midst of one of the darkest and most underdeveloped regions of the world. This project is a karmic replay of a failed project in the Rennaissance age in the city of Rotenburg in Hessen, Germany. At some point, I recognized the main actors who were replaying unresolved karmic storylines from the Rennaissance age in order to clear heaps of underlying emotional trauma. My role back then was the general of the army, one of the highest and most influential positions under the king. Rotenburg was a very small dukedom so it did not have the largest army. Nevertheless, I had a lot of influence as I was also helping to organize many different projects in the multi-cultural Rennaissance project. Let us forget what official history told us for a moment – it is all highly distorted with a lot of omissions! What happened in Rotenburg was an unprecedented coordinated effort by many influential people from different kingdoms and cultures. Nobles and commoners from all over Europe came together in Rotenburg to achieve a critical mass of progress in various areas: Commerce, construction, science, education, engineering, philosophy, literature, spirituality. It was a truly fascinating project and my father was the founder, architect and visionary. He was a man of outstanding intellectual ability, a master of entertaining ambitious visions and networking with people. He skillfully handled the arts of persuasion as he managed to attract support from all over Europe: Emissaries from Spain, different German kingdoms as well as Great Britain received a warm welcome in the newly founded dukedom of Rotenburg in 1627. The atmosphere was full of hope, excitement and aspiration as my father presented his grandiose visions. It was truly unique, something unprecedented which was unheard of in Europe at that time. And that all happened in one of the supposedly darkest times during the 30-year religious war! Of course, the powers that be (more about them later) did not want to allow such an uplifting project so they applied their usual Machiavellian divide and conquer tactics to undermine and eventually take it over.

The dukedom of Rotenburg came into fruition by dividing a larger dukedom into four smaller parts due to the royal laws of succession. The king of this newly founded dukedom was one of the four sons of his royal family. He was very well educated, intelligent, unscrupulous and power-hungry. He represented a stark contrast to the visionary founder, as he was more down-to-earth and pragmatic. He got things done so that they actually worked, while my father tended to overcomplicate things as he lost himself in beautiful visions that were unfortunately often divorced from reality. Furthermore, the king had relatively humble origins, i.e. he was a small player compared to other kingdoms in Germany at that time. However, as my father managed to acquire a staggering amount of support and resources, the king suddenly became very powerful, as he handled the majority of the project’s execution and financial details. The sudden influx of a massive amount of resources was a great temptation for the king that eventually corrupted him. He started to engage in financial corruption, as he diverted large amounts of resources from the project into his own pockets. He also engaged in the blackmail of his loyal servants to keep them under tight control. He was applying Machiavellian strategies to gain and maintain power at all costs (see also, which stood in stark contrast to the Christian ethics of the project founder. That said, the king engaged in something even darker: He systematically exploited impoverished rural women by offering them money and positions in exchange for sexual acts. The same thing is still going on in a similar form today, as outlined as follows:

As I found out later, the king was part of a deeper power structure that had its own interests. From the beginning, he was only keeping up appearances that he was sharing the uplifting vision of the project founder. Secretly, the king always pursued a hidden agenda, which was to undermine and eventually take over the project. Fascinatingly, the same players from back then have come together once more to repeat the same karmic storyline now in South America. At some point, I realized how their current takeover plans are very similar to what they did in the Rennaissance age:

I had a very important role in this project. My mission was to identify the corruption and to eventually expose the corrupt actors and their allies so that the project could blossom and become sustainable. It was a very challenging mission and I failed spectacularly due to human weakness: I was sidetracked by women and my romantic affections for them. Until now, I thought that I only had developed romantic feelings for a woman called Rosa, with whom I had an intense rollercoaster of emotions (see Well, it turned out that I was wrong!

Another love story in the Rennaissance age

The lady who played an integral part in my spiritual journey often asked me what her role in the past life was. Until now, I never got a clear intuition about it. A few days ago, it all hit me: The lady and I had developed feelings for each other which lead to disastrous consequences. As I said, I was a royal knight and the general of the army. I was highly educated, had a lot of influence and access to resources, as I also organized several intercultural projects. After all, I could speak four languages more or less fluently (German, Spanish, Latin and English) and I had often traveled to other kingdoms and had a lot of experience with other cultures. That gave me a decisive advantage, as I could effortlessly facilitate the dealings between people from different cultures and backgrounds. Needless to say, I had a very high standing in the Kingdom of Rotenburg and I was highly respected by many. After a while, I detected the dark agenda of the king so he realized that I was his greatest danger for his secret plans and tried to find a way to reduce my influence. So far, the king had little success as I skillfully evaded his Machiavellian power plays and always came out stronger afterward. He continually searched for weaknesses but could not find any attack vector against me.

At some point, a young lady started working for the office of my parents. It was an 18-year-old peasant girl who got along very well with my mother. The young lady was doing various different small tasks and because she got along great with my parents, they trusted her with more challenging tasks despite her lack of education and experience. After all, my parents were visionaries and they did not judge a book by its cover, e.g. if a person is noble or common, but they wanted to install a meritocracy where people are promoted according to their innate abilities instead of their social standing. What a truly revolutionary idea for that time! The young lady was intelligent and quick on the uptake and my parents trusted her completely. There seemed to be a deeper bond between them regardless of the difference in social status. As she was so close to my parents, I often came into contact with the young lady and she instantly attracted my attention. She was stunningly beautiful and had a very attractive body, combined with an innocent youthful charm and an aura of graceful elegance. When I looked at her, I felt instantly mesmerized and forgot whatever I was thinking about before. The lady had recently married, which was a common thing to do after reaching the 18th birthday. Back then, most marriages were of a practical nature as the parents knew each other or due to other pragmatic considerations. Marriages of love were almost non-existent. Of course, I was married too and I was of nobility, while she was a commoner. Still, I felt strongly attracted to her. The lady had very enticing energy about her, she was very charming, soft, feminine yet intelligent, deep, and considerate.

That being said, the lady was also strongly attracted to me. Despite being more than 10 years younger than I, she was enthralled by my presence. I was one of the most powerful men of the highest social status in Rotenburg so many women were always trying to get my attention. Except for Rosa, I never fell for that temptation – until now! During meetings with my parents, where the lady was present, she observed me closely as I was managing challenging situations with people from different cultures. As a general, I was leading military operations and had many complex missions, some of which were quite dangerous. As a knight, my sacred vow was to protect the people of my kingdom from all evils, within and without. The lady was impressed by my courage, determination and single-minded focus towards the greater good of the kingdom’s people. Over time, she and I got closer and started to have small little random conversations. I was surprised by her curiosity and her intelligence. Even though she was a peasant girl, her family actually owned a lot of farmland and had a large estate so the lady had received a minimal education in various subjects. She even could read German literature even though it required a lot of effort and her vocabulary was not that large. Still, she really impressed me as she was frequently inquiring me about my current projects and told me her own opinions on various complex subjects. As I explained in detail my thoughts and different perspectives, she was listening attentively and was soaking up the knowledge. The fact that she actually did not have a profound education turned out to be an advantage: Sometimes, her comments to my complicated thoughts seemed to be a bit naive but she often inspired me to see things from new and simpler perspectives. The castle of Rotenburg had a massive Rennaissance library with a vast collection of literature from all over Europe. For many foreigners, one of their main reasons to visit Rotenburg was to visit this library and to immerse themselves in the incredible variety of literature in many different languages. Due to my various challenging missions and complicated projects, I often went to one of the silent corners of the library to clear my mind and gain new perspectives. The lady loved to visit the library as she was astonished by the multitude of books, by the depth of wisdom that was hidden in them. My parents realized how much the lady loved to visit the library and that she tried to spend as much time there as possible. One afternoon, as I discussed a complex project with my parents, they suggested that the young lady could actually assist me during my studies in the library. I felt mixed emotions bubbling up inside of me: On the one hand, I loved the idea to spend hours alone with her but on the other, I was afraid that I would grow too fond of her and that this could cause problems. Nevertheless, I agreed and the young lady seemed very happy and eager to work with me in the library.

The Rennaissance library of Rotenburg was massive, a large section of the Rennaissance castle was dedicated to it. There were various different sections and different genres. The library had tall bookshelves, some of which could only be reached with a ladder. The library had a magical atmosphere as the smell of ancient wisdom lay in the air. It was mesmerizing. I had a favorite spot which was in one of the corners of the library. It was a secluded space that was encompassed by large bookshelves. I liked this spot because it was very comfortable and calm, with few people interrupting. On the first day when the lady started working with me, she was already waiting at the entrance for the library. I greeted her and she had a warm smile on her face but I also sensed a little bit of nervousness. I tried to calm her by making a silly joke, which was not that funny, but she laughed anyway. We gathered a few books relevant to my current projects and we sat down at a table at my favorite secluded spot. She asked if she could read one of the books while I was going through another one. I proceeded to go through a book written in Spanish to find answers to a philosophical question that had been bothering me for days. The lady recognized the frustration in my expression so she asked me what the problem was. I explained to her in detail as she was looking attentively at me. She asked me a few questions which seemed irrelevant initially. I first thought that her comments were quite naive but then I realized that she had a point. I was unable to see the obvious answer because I was stuck in my habitual ways of overcomplicated thinking. We continued this process over several weeks and as I educated her on many subjects, the lady also helped me to see things from different perspectives. Each day, I felt more attracted to her and her behaviors indicated the same. We held intense eye contact and the tension between us rose to unimaginable heights. I noticed how the lady was thinking a lot about what I had taught her and she often commented on new insights and connections that potentially could help me in my projects. She obviously thought a lot about our sessions, even when she was at home. Over time, we got closer and I realized how close we were sitting next to each other. The lady obviously craved my attention, my physical touch and to be close to me. Despite the age and class difference, I felt a strong connection to her that was deeper than to any woman before. Eventually, we fell in love, even though we both knew that this was inappropriate and even very dangerous. That is when things started to fall apart dramatically…

A descent into one of the darkest abysses of humanity

The lady’s husband, a very young man, who was the son of another large landowner, eventually realized that his wife worked closely with me almost every day. As he also worked in the community, he sometimes even saw me talking to his wife and how affectionate we treated each other. He and his wife only were married for a couple of months but he noticed how her behavior towards him shifted as well after she started working for me. Understandably, he became very jealous and accused his wife of disloyalty. The situation escalated in a very dramatic way which ultimately lead to her husband initiating divorce. Back then, that was only possible under severe accusations of adultery. Needless to say, this was catastrophic for the lady, as it damaged her reputation and socio-economic standing. In her desperation, she went to the king to ask for help so he offered her the devil’s bargain: Sell yourself for sexual acts and we will reward you financially and by assisting you in your situation. There might have been other ways out of the situation but the lady was desperate, hurt and confused so she accepted.

I was aware of what the king had been doing, i.e. that he exploited the difficult life situations of many peasant women to prostitute them. The women needed to engage in sexual acts to the entertainment of the king and often were used sequentially by several of the king’s henchmen. The right hand of the king was Mario, a Spanish knight. Mario and I initially got along well but at some point, I noticed that he was orchestrating the repugnant schemes of sexual corruption for the king. Mario was grooming the women and also abused them himself. Needless to say, I distanced myself from him. Many of the knights had loyalty to me and they knew about the sexual corruption as well and how it was highly damaging and traumatizing for those impoverished women. That said, the king did not force the women to participate in these sexual acts. As always, he cleverly pulled a lot of strings to manipulate them, mainly related to money and favors. It was a slippery slope though and many women accepted, even though they could have found another way to improve their situation. Hence, we cannot easily acquit the woman who participated as they made a free-will decision to do so. After all, it was the classic devil’s bargain – an easy and quick way out. The only thing women needed to give up was their sexual purity and innocence. They carry responsibility for choosing this path as well.

I had heard about the lady’s difficult situation but I could not help her directly, as the accusations of adultery were directed against me too. I was still somewhat shielded due to my high status and good reputation but the king knew that he could use this against me to get me out of the way. Some of the king’s guards loyal to me forwarded a message that the lady was about to sell her soul to the director. As I received the message, I put on my full wire-mesh armor, grabbed my sword and went to the king’s chambers where those two loyal soldiers provided me with further information. With a sense of reckless conviction, I told them that we need to “end this now” and if they would assist me in doing so. I made clear that this was not an order because it would be extremely dangerous and could have even deadly consequences for them. One of the soldiers nodded and grabbed my hand as a sign of affirmation. The other one hesitate for a few moments but then said that he remembered the day when he swore a sacred oath to protect the vulnerable from all evil, within and without – even if it means his own death. I nodded and went straight into the king’s chambers, my two loyal men following closely behind me. I saw how the king was sitting on his throne as he was watching the lady undress. Mario was standing behind the lady and six guards loyal to Mario and the king were standing at the sidelines watching.

I sternly addressed the king reminding him of his oath to protect his people and the kingdom. For a moment, he was shocked that I had the audacity to confront him in his throne room accompanied by two of my loyal soldiers. However, his expression shifted rapidly to amusement, as he was starting to laugh maliciously. He recognized how futile and imprudent my plan was to try to give orders to the king in his own throne room, as I was trying to save some random peasant girl with who I had fallen in love with. The king only needed to make a simple hand gesture and 6 of his loyal guards began to approach us, in an attempt to arrest us. I pulled out my sword as did my two loyal soldiers and a brutal swordfight ensued in the throne room. Mario also pulled out his sword so the odds were 7 to 3. While I was very skilled in the arts of sword fighting, these odds were too much for us. I managed to cut down one of the king’s guards but was then faced by Mario. While I could have handled normal soldiers, Mario’s skill level was close to mine. A fierce battle ensued between Mario and me while my two loyal guards had to face odds of 5 to 2. That was too much for them, as I saw from the corner of my eye how they were struck down one after the other. They were executed right at the spot, as one of the king’s guards thrust a blade into their neck, as they were wounded on the floor. While I was still in the fight with Mario, the remaining 5 king’s guards encircled me, ever getting closer. I was convinced that I would fight to the death but one of them struck me from behind so that I lost balance and collapsed to the floor where they could quickly disarm me.

The king stood up from his throne and approached me with a burst of gleeful laughter. His most dangerous enemy was suddenly lying at his feet in a futile attempt to rescue some worthless peasant girl! He ordered his guards to tie my hands and to hold me in a restraining grip, as I would receive the punishment for this attempted treason. I saw how the young lady was sitting at the sidelines of the throne room, her eyes were wide open in shock and terror. The king uttered some unclear commands, which seemed familiar to his guards and they started to drag the young lady towards the center of the room, directly in front of me. The guards began undressing the lady and then they then took turns to have sex with her. The king sat back down on his throne and enjoyed the scene from his elevated position. Sometimes he would have sex with the women himself in his private chambers but other times he orders his guards to do this as he watches, as this gives him an even stronger feeling of power and superiority. I was forced to watch the ordeal which probably is the most horrible thing I ever had to witness. This experience was so traumatizing that I had it repressed until recently. What makes it worse is that it is sexual trauma, so it had distorted my entire sexuality and the way I viewed women, as long as it was lingering unresolved in the shadows of my subconsciousness. I can’t even begin to imagine how horrible it must have been for the lady. She probably is going to have an even harder time facing it.

A path towards healing and divine justice

As this trauma reemerged in my body, I almost could not handle it. It was just too dark, too humiliating, too horrible. The trauma flared up in the solar plexus chakra area, where our sense of self and identity resides as well as in the sacral chakra which is the center of sexual energies. Most importantly though, I had an enormous throat chakra blockage. As the memories came up, my throat became more and more swollen as if a large rock was stuck inside of it. Because I felt that a terrible injustice was unfolding and I was powerless. I could not speak up or do anything to prevent it. From one perspective, this is as bad or even worse than having a trauma inflicted on me directly. This has created such an enormous trauma bond between me and the lady which is so difficult to overcome. And that of course is deliberate as the king knew in detail about the effects of trauma on the body, mind and soul. After all, he was part of the power structure and received elite education in many esoteric subjects. Furthermore, the king’s masters, i.e. influential figures who were pulling the strings across Europe, probably also inflicted trauma on him as a child so that they could enact trauma-based mind control to keep him in line. Who are those people in charge, those dark controllers of the system? At the very topic, there is a group of entities, many of which are not human but of Reptilian origin. Many important powerful figures throughout history actually were not human but Reptilian and they shifted into an appropriate human form. But more on this later in a detailed article.

As I felt the hideous trauma in my body, I meditated deeply and asked Jesus to stand by my side because I could not handle this alone. An intense energy jolt announced the presence of Jesus, entering the gruesome scene. I also invoked Archangel Michael, who promptly appeared next to me as well. For a few minutes, I was just enduring the heavy trauma, feeling it in all of its heavy facets. It was odd that the trauma extended through a very large region in my abdomen – it was enormous and very dense. Subsequently, I imagined being at the scene again where I envisioned an energy sphere of bright light being projected from my being outward. The sphere slowly expanded and became an impenetrable barrier, like a protective energy field. I felt how my shackles vaporized and the two guards restraining me suddenly stepped aside as the energy field expanded. Thus, I could stand up again and faced the lady. I let the energy field expand further to also envelop her. Suddenly, the guards also stepped away from her as if they were afraid of the high-frequential light of this energy field. Additionally, I invoked Archangel Raphael whose green emerald energy is specialized in healing sexual trauma. I kindly requested to charge the energy sphere with his healing light, as it suddenly turned into a green emerald color. In my mind’s eye, I saw how my perspective zoomed out and that the lady and I now were inside of what looked like a beautiful green crystal. This crystal was placed on top of a large platform and emitted a strong healing light in all directions, rotating like a lighthouse. It was crystal clear that through the healing of this trauma, we are anchoring additional healing frequencies in the physical realm that can be disseminated to others who have experienced similar traumas.

In addition, I cut the energetic karmic cords of all people involved with this situation so that the lady and I could heal the trauma on our own. I then invoked the highest possible frequencies of thundergod Zeus as well as of Archangel Raphael and commanded those energies with my hands. Over the dark scene, dark clouds formed all of a sudden, announcing the arrival of a heavy thunderstorm with powerful lightning strikes. I continued to infuse those clouds with Raphael’s green healing frequencies and the entire sky turned green, like rare Northern lights but much more intense. Suddenly, the entire scene was immersed in this intense green light and I could see the fear in the eyes of all those people who had committed those atrocious deeds. I then addressed all of them individually. First, I told the guards that they have violated their sacred oath to protect the citizens of Rotenburg against all evil, especially from within. So that they now will face their individual karmic consequences depending on divine justice. I proceeded towards Mario that he will not be able to escape the consequences of his actions. For a moment, it appeared as if he wanted to run away but he realized that he had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Finally, I faced the king, stating that justice is near and that everything he has done will be exposed to the last minute detail for the whole world to see. The king’s usual expression of smug confidence turned into shock and terror as he recognized the gravity of his situation.

A phoenix rises from the darkest abyss of sexual trauma

What a horrible situation this was. After I was forced to watch the horrible ordeal in the king’s quarters, I was trialed for treason and publicly tortured, humiliated at the pillory and eventually executed at the gallows. The whole year of 2021, I was processing heavy traumas all the time. My body was constantly at its limits as old emotional traumas and brief flashes of memories flared up. Why did the king decide to traumatize me that much instead of simply executing me rapidly? The answer is to overburden my soul with so much trauma that I could not easily reincarnate and become a danger to their power structure again. Because the Reptilian entities who are the architects and controllers of the system that has been enslaving humanity for eons know that throughout history many ancient souls have attempted to course-correct the path of humanity towards freedom and sovereignty. Their entire power structure is built on the foundation of inflicting emotional trauma and causing soul fragmentation and never-ending karmic cycles. And especially sexual trauma is their favorite weapon to control humanity because it is so incredibly difficult to face. Our entire culture is designed to prevent us from healing emotional trauma, in order to maintain humanity’s unconscious zombified state of eternal servitude.

I am so glad to have finally faced and understand the sexual trauma which always has been standing between me and the lady, like a giant mountain massif impossible to traverse. Thankfully, I am close to the healing of my deepest core traumas and attaining freedom from my painful karmic lessons and contracts. Furthermore, I will keep sharing as many insights as possible and dedicate my life to helping others to do the same. As humanity is reaching a critical mass of healing, the Reptilian influence will fade more and more and they will be exposed for what they truly are. We have got a lot more work to do but I am certain that we have a bright future ahead of us.

Humanity was stuck in a deep abyss of the most horrendous sexual trauma but we shall rise like a phoenix from the ashes and assume our rightful place as a sovereign galactic civilization.

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