Reclaiming sexuality will liberate humanity

Reclaiming sexuality will liberate humanity

Sexual traumas reflected in our secret sexual desires are the final frontier in this spiritual war and the ultimate blockage towards the liberation of humanity.

This is going to be a very difficult topic to talk about but a discussion is long overdue. The fundamental question is: What is the relation between our secret sexual desires and our deeply repressed sexual traumas and how can we face and heal them? Let us dig into it.

Secret sexual desires reflect the deepest sexual traumas

As explained in the post about shadow work (see, each traumatic experience that happens to us and that we are unable to handle, will be stowed away into the depths of our subconsciousness creating fragmentation of our personality. Parts of our younger self are permanently disconnected and inaccessible to our conscious awareness. The more trauma we have, the smaller our conscious awareness becomes. Moreover, each trauma or fragment represents an energetic distortion in our body’s energy field which will manifest outwardly as well, magnetically attracting the same traumatic situations over and over again. Another word for this is a karmic cycle resonating to a specific trauma. As within so without. So for example, if we carry the trauma of being betrayed by a partner, we will attract the same experience over and over again until our trauma, i.e. the energy blockage within us, is resolved. Some people carry trauma, which has been handed down from generation to generation and turned into a family curse because nobody was able to resolve it so far.

So what do repressed sexual traumas have to do with our sexual desires and fantasies? The short answer: Everything. Our repressed sexual traumas, residing in the darkest shadows of our subconsciousness, are directly reflected in our secret sexual desires and fantasies. In this regard, sexual traumas are unlike other traumas because we find a strange sense of pleasure in going through them again, even though it is only in our imagination. When most traumas are triggered, this leads to very uncomfortable dramas which always cause pain and suffering. Usually, we don’t like to go through our traumas again so we do everything to distract ourselves to not feel them, e.g. taking drugs, overeating, overworking, seeking validation from others, etc. What is so strange is that we actually do enjoy going through our sexual traumas, even though most people are not aware of this link because they do not want to admit it to themselves. After all, there is a lot of guilt and shame connected to sexuality in general, let alone sexual kinks and secret desires. For example, someone who was abused as a child, will most likely not be aware of the trauma because it is deeply repressed and fragmented away from their conscious awareness. However, the same person will often feel attracted to sexual practices such as BDSM (Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism), which is a way to relive the sexual abuse unconsciously. It is no surprise that the book “Fifty Shades of Grey” has become a bestseller as it explores this taboo subject of BDSM. Another aspect is the stellar rise of the pornography industry with many very exotic categories, attracting millions of views.

Hence, sexual trauma is an exception to other traumas, as we gain a peculiar pleasure from acting it out through our sexual kinks and fantasies. That said, sexual trauma distorts our sexuality so that we continually recreate the corresponding trauma. Thus, it is very difficult to clear and resolve, because we are addicted to the strange pleasure it brings and we also do not want to explore those shadows of our psyche as it is such an intimate topic linked to so much fear, shame and guilt. But why are sexual traumas such a special case?

Mind control and negative entities

You might know someone who has a lot of unresolved issues from his childhood and is prone to bursts of explosive anger when triggered. Doesn’t it sometimes seem as if the personality has totally shifted as if suddenly someone else is in control? People who have these extreme outbursts of anger often say and do things that are totally out of character. What I noticed was that some people during fits of rage drifted off into the territory of sexual insults, e.g. calling women “whores” or insinuating that men have potency problems. I even noticed this in people who are quite conservative and usually do not talk about sexual things. Why do they act that way?

The sinister aspect of this personality fragmentation through repressed traumas is that it enables the attachment of negative entities. And they especially thrive on sexual traumas, which are the most severe, most deeply repressed and always the most difficult to face and to resolve. That is why negative entities love to inflict sexual traumas because it guarantees a stable feeding ground for them in order to leech off our life force. A long time ago, these entities have decided to disconnect from God and instead selected a parasitic lifestyle where they feed off the life force of other beings. When our deepest traumas are triggered, we shift into lower emotional frequencies (e.g. fear, anger, shame) which they take advantage of to feed themselves. Also, whenever we shift into the shadows of our psyche, we subconsciously allow those entities to take over control to act out through our triggered traumas.

Furthermore, those entities are able to manipulate our minds by inserting damaging thoughts which are in resonance with the trauma. For instance, victims of sexual abuse often have very self-damaging thoughts often connected to self-harm. Sometimes, the thoughts escalate and even become suicidal. What is crucial to know is that those thoughts do not originate from ourselves, they are inserted by negative entities who want us to cause more harm and suffering to ourselves and others around us. And this is also exactly the reason why we cannot heal our traumas in the mind, i.e. by thinking about them. That will only enable those entities to lead us astray by creating infinite thought loops that lead anywhere but to the actual root of the trauma. People who have a schizophrenic personality disorder represent an extreme case of fragmentation due to very serious trauma in their childhoods. In other words, the fragmentation has become so massive that the door is wide open for entities to assume a significant portion of control over them, to the point where it seems that there are different consciousnesses living in the same body.

What kind of entities attach to our fragmented shadow aspects and act out through our traumas? Well, there are many different entities who like to parasitically feed off our energies. There are many different types, many different names and descriptions in various cultures. Even the bible has them. There is one group of entities that stand out though: Reptilian entities, who are at the highest ranks of the oppressive system which has enslaved humanity through an infinite cycle of trauma and karmic loops for eons. The Reptilians are the prime architects of this system, commonly referred to as the Matrix. They are really sophisticated beings who have decided to cut off their connection to God and explore another path of existence, where they exploit other beings and enslave them. Due to the karmic laws of balance, they cannot act against the free will of other beings, as this would cause disastrous consequences for themselves. Hence, the Reptilians have been merely tempting humanity into walking this path of self-inflicted suffering and sexual perversion. Here comes the shocker: Humanity went down this path willingly. As stated in the story of Adam and Eve, humanity chose to follow the sweet Reptilian temptation and grabbed the forbidden fruit, representing a departure from sacred sexuality.

Those Reptilian entities have specialized in weaponizing our human sexuality against us. They thrive on sexual perversion and perpetuating sexual traumas to others. They want us to create an endless loop of sexual traumatization in a victim-perpetrator relationship, permeating through the generations so that it eventually becomes a family curse. Many families have those curses which are mostly rooted in deeply repressed sexual trauma that nobody was able to resolve for in some cases dozens of generations. And those entities have manipulated our sexuality to actually make us enjoy reinforcing the trauma through our sexual desires. It is like a feedback loop where our secret sexual fantasies are projected from the repressed sexual trauma so that with every iteration they are reinforced and more difficult to clear and resolve. Most importantly, those Reptilian beings have not forced us to do this. Instead, they merely tempted us but we made a free-will decision to walk down this path, which turned into an ever descending downward spiral. Humanity has turned into numb shadows of their former selves, who mindlessly chase after lower forms of sexuality, repeating their sexual trauma cycles, reinforcing their imprisonment.

3 examples of sexual trauma

Let us explore 3 conclusive examples to better understand sexual trauma and how it is reflected in sexual desires before we present some guidelines on how to face and clear them.

My personal sexual trauma

In my case, my deepest sexual trauma was handed down over the generations but originated in the 1630s during a Rennaissance project in Hessen, Germany (see Back then, one of my female ancestors willingly sold herself to a young ambitious king who exploited his ill-gotten wealth and power to tempt poor peasant women into prostitution by offering them money, status and influence. The terrible thing from the perspective of her husband was that she was not abused against her will. Instead, she made a free-will decision to break the sacred bond of marriage to her husband for a few silver coins and a prestigious position in the Machiavellian power structure. The worst thing is that a child was born from this which created even more shame for her husband and the family, as it was a permanent reminder of the wife’s actions. That illegitimate child is part of my ancestry, as was the trauma which I inherited. So needless to say that I had these irrational fears all my life, e.g. not being able to trust women because they would betray me, a fear of raising children of another man and generally perceiving women as very selfish calculating beings who only care for material things, money and status. That said, my sexual behavior was subconsciously aimed at the control, domination and punishment of women. At some point when I became aware of these deepest layers of my sexual trauma, I realized that those sexual cravings were directly linked to the trauma, reflecting and reinforcing it in my being. As I cleared that trauma by doing shadow work and understanding all perspectives of the complex situation leading to this trauma, those sexual cravings and fantasies also lessened and eventually faded entirely.

Furthermore, I was going through another strange experience where I felt sexual energy related to a female colleague, Rosa (see Several months ago, Rosa and I were going through a karmic replay related to heavy trauma in the same past life incarnation in the 1630s in Germany. What was so strange about it, that I telepathically felt when Rosa was thinking about me in a sexual way one night. As I was sitting in my room, writing a technical article, I suddenly was overcome by a strong current of sexual energy. It was totally overwhelming as suddenly I started feeling Rosa, receiving very sexual visions and thoughts. That was an intense experience and it was proof that sexual energy is one of the strongest energies we can handle through the human body. The more we heal ourselves and raise our level of vibration, the more we can handle it consciously. However, what I did not realize back then is that this sexual energy I felt from Rosa was distorted through the shadow aspects of my unprocessed trauma. It was a lower form of sexual experience and desire, directly aimed at reliving the traumatic circumstances of the failed romance in the past incarnation, which resulted in untold suffering and chaos. Fortunately, I did not engage in an intimate relationship with her and continued facing my traumas internally. As I processed and healed those traumas, this intense flame of neurotic sexual attraction towards Rosa lessened until it eventually expired entirely. In the end, I could finally perceive Rosa neutrally without being torn apart anymore by these intense pulls originating from the unresolved sexual trauma, that manifested in confusing sexual desires. Once we heal the underlying sexual trauma, the related sexual desires also vanish entirely.

Fifty Shades of Grey reflects the collective female sexual trauma

Fifty Shades of Grey tells the story of a young student who has an affair with a rich businessman, who is into BDSM sexual practices. It was very complex with many facets but in essence, the lady explores her sexual shadow which is representative of the collective female shadow. As discussed in the story about Adam and Eve (see after the fall of humanity, the divine union between men and women was replaced by a transactional style of relationships where women sought out men with high status, power and material wealth. At the same time, men who excelled in the Matrix system could obtain sexual access to as many women as they desire. The other part of this is that the Matrix controllers regularly orchestrated large-scale wars which created incredible suffering for the men who faced gruesome brutality. Those entities who feed on our suffering see us like cattle who willingly walks into their own slaughter. And each war is like a giant feast to those entities as it energetically nourishes and strengthens them.

Needless to say, not only men suffered during wars. The men who survived those wars often performed horrendous acts against the women of the defeated group. In human history, it is a normal occurrence that women were raped and abused against their will. Those sexual traumas reach the deepest layers of the female psyche and are linked to the female shadow aspect. The book Fifty Shades of Grey, albeit being somewhat scandalous at the time of its release, became a bestseller read by millions of women worldwide. That alone underlines the fact that the secret sexual fantasies of many women reflect sexual abuse trauma. That said, it can be positive that women explore their shadow side as long as it is coupled with conscious awareness and the willingness to face those traumas. Besides, the rich businessman who performs BDSM practices on the young student acts out the other side of this sexual trauma, reflecting a victim-perpetrator relation. The businessman is able to realize his dark fantasy of performing sexual acts against a young woman against her will. Of course, the young student could object but she derives pleasure from the experience so that she willingly surrenders to it. Hence, they are replaying the same sexual traumas which have plagued humanity for eons. Fortunately, the book also shows the way out: True love that sees the traumatized person behind the sexual facade and is able to heal those wounds together.

Facing a Reptilian entity during a shadow work session

I recently assisted a friend in clearing some of her deepest sexual traumas during a shadow work session. Certain events happened in her life which triggered very dark emotions and memories from her youth where she stayed in a foster home. I quickly sensed that there was a sexual abuse trauma but it was so deeply repressed that she had no clue about it at all. What happened back then was so traumatic, shameful and confusing to her that this aspect of herself was separated and stowed away into the darkest corners of her subconscious. As the energetic water level on Earth is rising so rapidly, this trauma started to bubble up and my friend felt a sense of urgency to face it, as it also was related to other family members. I guided her through the shadow work process. We first collected a lot of triggers by trying to access old memories and to think about them using the mind. At some point, we needed to make the shift from thinking to feeling so I instructed her to focus on her breath and the center of her body next to the heart. After a while, she started to feel very disturbing emotions: She could barely breathe, it felt as if someone was sitting on top of her. Also, she felt pain in her neck and face as if someone would violently touch her. Moreover, she felt terrified and nauseous as well as a general sense of confusion. Lastly, there were also negative sensations in her hip and legs. At this point, it was clear, that it was a sexual abuse trauma and these were the emotions her younger self had felt but suppressed. After another meditation, I instructed her to visualize her younger self and she saw how a dark and very scary being was sitting on top of her younger self. That being was continuously smashing his fist on the ground next to the head of her younger self, as it was expressing extreme rage. I instructed her to look closer at the scene. She then saw how it was her mother who now was in this situation. To me it was clear, that this trauma was a family curse, i.e. it was handed down from generation to generation. Each girl would experience it in some variation because they carried it in their energy body and unconsciously manifested outer experiences which are at the same vibrational frequency.

After a while, we proceeded to the clearing phase as we invoked Jesus to create a golden dome of light around us to heal and transmute this trauma. Thereafter, my friend began to directly face the entity, which then stood up. It looked really repulsive, with dark green skin, large teeth and scales. At that point, it became clear: We faced a Reptilian entity who had been attached to this gruesome sexual trauma for many generations. The Reptilian entity appeared to be very afraid actually as it was faced by us and Jesus. I perceived an expression of utter panic from it, as it tried to escape but could not do so as there was the golden dome of energy enclosing the scene. After my friend took her inner child by the hand and brought her to the safety of Jesus, we confronted the Reptilian again. I sensed that something was still missing, we needed to do something else to complete this clearing. My friend asked the entity what it wanted and if there was something else we should do. It pointed towards an Ouija board which is a tool to summon ghosts and spirits. Instantly, I felt an overwhelming energy jolt in my spine as I realized that there is a lost soul who has been trapped due to horrific sexual trauma. My friend said that her great-grandmother was raped by Russian soldiers after WW2 and I got an instant confirmation that it was her. The soul wanted to be connected to Jesus so that it could finally leave in peace. My friend threw the Ouija board against the golden sphere which made it collapse so that the soul could enter. The great-grandmother appeared and was very grateful to be finally released from that horrific trauma. She gave a gift to my friend which was a golden necklace containing 4 images: Her mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother. I instantly realized that we had liberated the entire female ancestry from that trauma – it was really a powerful liberation!

As I later reflected on the experience, it became clear that the Reptilian entities are very high up in the hierarchy of beings who have been ruling Earth, they are the controllers of the Matrix who use their favorite tool to control others: Sexual traumatization. From my own experience with powerful people of the old system, i.e. Machiavellianists (see, I learned how they engaged in the systematic sexual exploitation of young female employees. They lure those women in by offering them wealth and status but then traumatize them so they can be controlled. It is the same trauma, which my female ancestors suffered from. Machiavellianism is an aspect of the “dark triad”, along with psychopathy and narcissism, representing Reptilian consciousness. As they are disconnected from God, they can not rely on divine guidance as I can. They themselves are in a constant state of fear as their only option to maintain their power is to control everything and everyone to the last minute detail. The good news is that the vibrational energy level of Earth has been rising so rapidly, that many of those beings cannot sustain their dark schemes anymore. Many of them are tired of their state of parasitic existence and want to return to the divine love of God. That is also what the Reptilian entity in the session communicated. It was actually quite relieved that we healed the trauma so that it finally could be released as well and return to God. After all, from a higher perspective, there is no good and evil but simply experience. Even the darkest depths of duality offer beautiful insights as we ultimately realize that duality is an illusion. Whenever we hurt someone else, we hurt ourselves. The time has come to end this experiment and return to the original blueprint of Earth, where everything is connected, flowing and in harmony.

How cultural programming prevents us from facing sexual trauma

Another factor is that our cultural programming has made it almost impossible to openly talk about sexual traumas and secret sexual fantasies because they are connected to a lot of shame and guilt. Hence, most people prefer to turn a blind eye, denying their existence while still unconsciously acting them out. Well, that was true for the predominant Christian cultural values who are very restrictive and suppressive of sexuality in general. Of course, worldly institutions are also part of the power structures installed by those dark entities. Every single institution which is centrally controlled serves those dark entities and tries to influence our cultural values in a way so that the healing process of our deepest sexual traumas is avoided: governments, mainstream media, culture, movies and music industries, etc. But there is another strategy they like to use: Providing two alternatives that seem very different but both serve their interest. A good example is the “sexual liberation” movement starting in the 1970s. At first glance, it sounds positive to finally “liberate” our sexuality from the archaic strict rules of those outdated Christian institutions. Unfortunately, it went totally to the other extreme: From suppression and denial of sexuality, we shifted towards an “anything goes” culture, where there are no rules and limitations. This does not help either because the sexual trauma does not heal if we unconsciously act it out with dozens of different people. It also perpetuates and strengthens it. So what is the alternative? How can we finally heal our sexual traumas and liberate ourselves?

How to face and clear sexual traumas

In the following, we will provide you with several suggestions on how to face and ultimately clear sexual traumas. The suggestions from the article about shadow work still are valid, see, but this information is additional and specifically tailored to handle sexual traumas:

1. Forge your own path

When the Matrix system provides you with two extreme choices, always choose the third option! The key is to disengage completely from the external system, i.e. stop following the mainstream culture and media propaganda and instead go within and forge your own path. When following the strict Christian path of repressing sexuality entirely, it is impossible to face the underlying traumas. Instead, people are stuck in loops of fear and shame because it is not possible to repress sexuality – it is an integral part of the human experience. Those things which are suppressed will only accumulate within until they will erupt like a powerful volcano one day. And that is exactly what the system wants, that we explode in a violent eruption where we keep perpetuating the trauma with other people.

In contrast, when following the “sexual liberation” movement, for example, the traumas are mindlessly repeated with others which also does not help. Performing intimate sexual acts with others leads to a merging and intermingling of the energy fields of both people. When engaging in sex with a person who has a very fragmented energy field with a lot of attached entities, this will negatively affect the partner’s energy field so that the entities can cross over as well in many cases. In other words, two people having sex is an energetic mess that creates a lot of entangling, confusion and further traumatization. Of course, that is what the Reptilian entities love as it strengthens their control of humanity and gives them more negative emotional energy to parasitically feed on.

A better alternative would be to forge your own path. Forget everything the culture, media and your parents have told you. You can assume that the “default advice” is terrible and will lead you away from the healing process. Do not be afraid to explore your own sexuality but always do it in a conscious way. Have the courage to ask difficult questions. Do not worry about what others think of you. I am aware that this post is very controversial and many will be offended by it. And that is exactly why I feel it is important to publish this. We need to have more difficult and uncomfortable discussions. We need to stop only focusing on the light but instead illuminate our shadow aspects within so that we can integrate our fragments to become whole again, to become truly sovereign beings who are in control of their own destiny.

2. Explore your hidden sexual desires

As outlined earlier, our sexual desires are a direct reflection of the sexual traumas we have repressed. Often, when sexual traumas are inflicted, especially during childhood, we have cut out a part of ourselves and stowed it away in the very dark corners of our subconscious. It is very common that we are unable to access the emotions and memories related to this trauma. From the perspective of our mind, it seems as if the trauma does not exist, as if it never happened. This is a deliberate coping mechanism to “function” in society as it allows us to uphold a facade of normalcy, even though it is quite fragile. The question now is: How do we heal the trauma we have absolutely no access to?

The starting point when doing shadow work is always to focus on triggers, i.e. external circumstances which invoke traumas in our body. For many sexual traumas, even they do not work because the trauma is so deeply repressed that it won’t emerge whatever trigger occurs around us. Thus, we need to apply unconventional strategies to unearth sexual trauma: We need to explore our hidden sexual desires, fantasies and kinks. We need to do what is absolutely frowned upon by our culture, especially by Christians. Could you imagine telling a Catholic priest your darkest sexual desires during a confession? The priest would probably listen but simply say that you need to control yourself and pray to God to stop thinking these dark thoughts. But that would be exactly the wrong advice, keeping you locked into the sexual trauma loop. Push the religious shame aside for a moment and look at the dark expression of your sexuality. What you find appealing sexually resonates with the experiences which originally created the sexual trauma within you. You need to tread carefully though as it can be very appealing, even addictive, to become caught up in lustful cycles of sexual fantasies. That said, it is important to always maintain a high sense of awareness and introspection while exploring your sexual shadow aspects. Lastly a comment about pornography. In general, it can be helpful to explore pornographic content as well to see what resonates with our sexual traumas. Needless to say, the key here is to not become mindlessly lost in it but to use it with caution and not excessively.

3. Choose a solitary path to do shadow work

By exploring your hidden sexual desires, I do not mean to do this with other people, e.g. mindlessly jumping from one partner to the next. This too would have disastrous consequences as it would cause a lot of energetic entanglement of your auric field and further complicate your healing process. For that with each intimate sexual connection, you also connect to the unhealed sexual trauma of the other person. At some point, you would have a hodgepodge of traumas causing confusion and further exacerbating the healing process.

The path I took and which I can recommend is celibacy, in the sense of not entering intimate relationships with others. Exploring the own sexuality privately is perfectly fine, as long as it does not turn excessive. In general, it is very important to get used to being alone and to stop chasing the false comfort other people and larger groups provide us with. The healing journey always is a very solitary journey and we need to make peace with the fact that many old friends and acquaintances will fall away once we start healing internally and leveling up our vibrational frequency. That is perfectly fine and natural.

In my own example, I have been single for more than 3 years now and it turned out to be absolutely necessary to learn to go within and stop listening to the noisy outer world of constant distractions. Unfortunately, romantic relationships are one of the greatest distractions there are! After the initial honeymoon phase, most relationships descend into mutual energetic hostage-taking, where both partners constantly trigger and try to control each other. Should relationships not be mutually supportive, allowing both partners to evolve and flourish? The sad reality is that the opposite is the case, i.e. people expect that the other person is responsible for their own happiness. This usually turns toxic pretty quickly so that both partners pull each other down energetically, like crabs in a bucket. Another valid analogy is that those lower relationships are like two beggars trying to steal from each other. Eventually, they realize that they can gain anything but at least they have each other in shared poverty.

4. Learn to love yourself first

It is very crucial to develop unconditional self-acceptance and self-love. This often is very challenging, especially because negative thought patterns are linked to our darkest traumas. It is advisable to listen to how you keep talking to yourself. If you frequently say things like “I am so stupid”, “something is wrong with me”, “I need to change myself to be accepted by others” – the chances are you are not loving yourself. Once, you are aware of your negative self-talk, you can do something about it. What I liked to do is to take a walk in nature and just talk to myself and to my higher guidance. Just by saying out loud provocative questions, oftentimes something suddenly shifts and you get another perspective about your traumas and what causes the negativity.

For me personally, I always held the belief that I needed someone to complete me, that I could impossibly become happy on my own. I was always looking for the “yang” to my “yin”, not realizing that this does not work at all. It is nothing but an illusion that someone else could give us the love that we are unwilling to give ourselves. The attempt to seek love and happiness in things outside of ourselves only leads to more pain and suffering, thus prolonging our healing journey. Instead, we need to heal and reintegrate our own fragments which are linked to our past traumas. We need to learn to love ourselves unconditionally, even in a broken and imperfect state. Nobody else is responsible but ourselves.

Also, take a look at the difference between egoic love and unconditional love:

5. Shift from headspace into heartspace

Most people are stuck in the headspace, the mind, the thoughts and beliefs. It is however impossible to heal trauma that way, especially sexual trauma. As stated before, negative entities have the ability to influence and manipulate our minds. They can insert thoughts in an effort to try to distract us from actually revealing a trauma. So what can we do? The secret is to shift from the headspace to the heartspace, from thinking to feeling, from believing to intuiting, from understanding to flowing. A good starting point is meditation, i.e. focusing on the breath and just feeling all the subtle sensations of our body. The mind naturally calms down as we focus our attention elsewhere. The problem is that we are simply trained to always be in the mind. We can reprogram ourselves to have our default center of attention in the heartspace instead. The challenge is to simply feel and accept all emotions, especially the very negative ones, which we had been repressing for a long time. Those emotional traumas are similar to a crying child that just wants to be seen, heard and accepted by a loving mother. Once you accept your traumas, they will lessen and vanish. As a consequence, the body will be liberated from the energy blockages, allowing for an uninhibited energy flow through all energy centers, also called chakras.

6. Write down your emotions

Another great strategy is to write down your emotions, thoughts and questions, everything which burdens your soul. Writing always is a good way to cut through the confusion as it helps to bring some sort of structure into the heavy fog of emotional chaos. In general, we can resolve traumas by feeling and understanding them in all of their aspects. Unresolved traumas always appear much worse than they actually are. Many times, we perceive other people as evil and demonic while in reality, they often are traumatized themselves. A good example is a father who beats his children and who has been beaten himself when he was younger. As soon as this connection is made, the perpetrator does not appear as evil anymore but merely as a traumatized child himself who did not know how to process his emotional traumas. Moreover, your writings might help you in the future when you revisit them and can draw additional conclusions and insights that you were not aware of at the time of writing. It always is a good investment to write down how you feel. You can start today.

7. Each trauma has two mirrored sides

In order to heal trauma, we need to understand all perspectives, which include the motivations of the perpetrator. For sexual traumas, e.g. sexual abuse, this is often quite challenging as the perpetrator is often perceived as simply evil and demonic. While in reality, it often is the case that the perpetrator also is a victim of sexual abuse or had other severe traumas in their childhood. That said, most victims are also not “blank slates” as they carry their own trauma within, many times inherited through the ancestral bloodline. Due to their internal energetic imbalances, they tend to behave in ways that eventually attract the same type of sexual traumatization in their lives that had been inflicted on their ancestors. It always applies: What we do not heal within, we need to replay without. In other words, we will always go through dramatic karmic replays with other people which give us the opportunity to finally face the upcoming trauma and heal it. Whenever we are unable to do so, we will go on another iteration of this downward spiral. As we break those family curses and heal the related trauma, we realize that it is often a connection of unfortunate circumstances, misunderstandings and the inability to look within, which had caused the trauma.

8. Do not hesitate to seek out professional support

It is totally okay to also seek professional guidance in the process. Overall, clearing sexual traumas is a very difficult undertaking. It literally is the endgame in the healing journey, representing the deepest layers of traumas in our bodies. There are many great people out there who can assist you in this process and who will not judge you for talking about very dark aspects of your shadow self. In general, we often cannot see the forest for the trees as we are trapped in the chaos of our own emotional traumas. Other people, especially experienced therapists and healers, have a higher viewpoint on your trauma and will be able to guide you through the process and give you important impulses to move forward and to overcome large roadblocks. Because sometimes people become stuck at a certain stage of their journey and just need a little nudge to overcome a blockage.

The path towards divine relationships

The human experience is in a turbulent process of rapid transformation. As the collective energy level is rising very quickly, we are being forced to let go of everything which holds us back. And one of the most limiting things we are holding onto is romantic relationships where partners torment each other in a state of eternal misery and toxic codependency. Most importantly, we need to heal ourselves first and foremost before we can enter any sustainable relationship. To get there, we have a long and rocky road of shadow work ahead of us where we need to keep shedding layers and layers of the false facade we had erected around our heart to not feel the pain. We numbed ourselves and sought ever more distractions to not feel the pain and the trauma thus perpetuating seemingly never-ending karmic cycles with other tormented souls. Our greatest drug has been a lower form of distorted sexuality which resonated at the low frequencies of our repressed sexual traumas. We have become addicted to the strange pleasures of our distorted sexual fantasies which only kept reinforcing our sexual trauma. Thus, sexuality has been the main weapon of how Reptilian entities have been able to control us for too long. Especially because we made a collective free-will decision to go down this path of sexual temptation.

That was the past though. Humanity is shifting, evolving and growing up right now. We are becoming truly sovereign and conscious beings who take their rightful place alongside our galactic brothers and sisters. We have the power to reclaim our sexuality, choosing a higher expression, unblemished by the gruesome traumas of the past, free of external influence and distortions. This new form of sexuality will be innocent and pure, creative and uplifting, loving and understanding. It will bear no resemblance to what we had known in the past. It will truly be beautiful and pave the way towards truly divine relationships where the sexual act will radiate outwards shockwaves of positive energy around the planet, which will quickly tear down any remaining influence of the Reptilian controllers.

Reclaiming our sexuality in a conscious way and with unconditional love is how we will win this spiritual war.

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Thank you for sharing this information

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Sebastian L Cole
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Thank you for talking about a very under talked about subject. If you have any more resources about sexual power please inform me


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[…] In the last weeks, I faced countless shocking revelations about those Reptilian beings who have been tempting humanity into self-imposed slavery. As written in the last post about sexual traumas, their main weapon is the sexual traumatization of humans, leading to a distortion of our sexuality which they feed on energetically. Sexuality is the most potent life force energy we can use for conscious creation as long as we have control over it. However, if sexual traumas are involved, Reptilian entities attach to our energy fields and can actually extract our most potent life force energy for their own gains. Hence, I realized that the key to human liberation is to face and heal sexual traumas which is the last bastion in this spiritual war against our Reptilian overlords: […]

2 months ago

VERY well written and I wholeheartedly agree with all of this. I’ve seen massive shifts in my own life, family, and friends due to diving into deeper ancestral and soul group clearing. It’s so powerful the shift we can make within ourselves and then it naturally ripples outward in amazingly magical ways.

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