A podcast about the organic evolution of human consciousness

A podcast about the organic evolution of human consciousness

I went on my first podcast ever with Conrad to discuss various controversial topics such as twin flames, karmic cycles and sacred sexuality.

The last weeks of my life have been really chaotic after I had left the community here in South America in a dramatic exit. I relocated to a mountain town, where also the lady, who played an integral part in my awakening, has moved to. I have not mentioned this before but the lady and I are what the internet refers to as “twin flames”. Many things were still very uncertain in my life and I was undergoing massive physical shifts in my body. The first two weeks of December, I felt very sick, weak and as if my consciousness was not fully anchored in this reality. I received a message from Conrad, who runs a very interesting podcast about different topics related to spirituality and the expansion of human consciousness: https://conrad.buzzsprout.com/. I had listened to some of his podcasts and found them very intriguing. My intuition instantly confirmed that I should go on this podcast and talk about my story and especially the pathway towards sacred sexuality. Through my awakening journey, I had unearthed very interesting perspectives on many controversial topics where there is a lot of confusion. I figured that I now needed to step up my game to put myself out there in a more public way in order to further disseminate this information.

Going on Conrad’s podcast

As I received many confirmations that I should do this podcast with Conrad, I dropped all other priorities and organized it. Where I currently live, there is no stable internet connection so I went to another town where I used the connection of an old friend. I even bought a dedicated microphone for podcasting so that the audio quality would be at a sufficient level. I was really excited about doing my first podcast ever! Conrad’s style is free-flowing, there is no fixed agenda or guideline. The discussion should flow organically complementing both our combined streams of consciousness. Nevertheless, I wrote down some things I would like to discuss and talked about them to my friend before the podcast so that those complex ideas are already somewhat structured and I could present them more fluently.

Last Sunday, we did the podcast. I have to admit that I was quite nervous that I could not answer all questions or would be stuck. But Conrad did an excellent job to guide the conversation. Whenever there was something unclear, he rephrased it with his own words or humorously connected the dots between divergent topics. I quickly relaxed and the information started to flow effortlessly. Sometimes, it was a bit challenging because I had to explain many very complex concepts in simple terms. And the vocabulary I am using also needs to be explained because a lot of it is frequently misunderstood by the general populace. A good example is the word “karma”. Many people think it as a punishment/reward system while I more accurately would call it a balancing system that ensures that Earth and humanity do not spiral down to rapid self-destruction. What did help a lot was that I could use examples from my own experience to explain those complicated topics. As I realized in the past, it does not make sense to present purely theoretical concepts to an audience. An overdominant mind is not attractive and has difficulties holding the audience’s attention. Instead, if the message flows from the heart and is supported with authentic experiences and stories, it is always much better received even by critical audiences.

Podcast links



Discussed topics

An overview of the discussed topics with timestamps:

  • 8:00 Introduction
  • 9:35 My background, first awakening, Trump, media indoctrination, leaving the big city, connecting with nature
  • 16:40 Motivation for emigrating to South America, leaving the system
  • 19:20 Community in South America, alternative lifestyle, COVID, learning mechanical skills, internal balancing, healing childhood trauma
  • 22:10 Childhood trauma and fragmentation, healing & integration leads to expanding awareness, karmic storylines, triggers
  • 25:10 Twin flame, misinformation, confused people are easier to control, split of humanity in lower & higher timelines
  • 27:20 Overdominance of the mind, accessing higher knowledge from the heart, when my twin flame and I first met and how she triggered all my deepest fears
  • 30:00 Twin flames trigger and mirror each other to pull up repressed emotional traumas, twin flame misconceptions
  • 32:50 What are emotional traumas and how do they influence us? My personal experience of triggering of my deepest trauma, heartbreak by my twin flame, shamanic healing tools, shadow work
  • 37:00 When we repress traumas, we repeat them externally with other people, trapped in cycles of eternal suffering / insanity, psychological projection onto other people
  • 39:00 The current human experience fits the definition of hell, i.e. infinite karmic cycles
  • 41:10 Reconnection to Christianity, integrating the Bible into a spritual practice, external savior vs healing ourselves
  • 45:00 Heaven and hell on Earth, strict Christian teachings preventing healing journey
  • 48:00 Two false dualistic Matrix choices vs finding the truth on our own in nuance
  • 50:00 The relation of traumas, sinning, dualistic selfish acts and karmic cycles? “As within so without”, the human experienced is designed to achieve balance emotionally and through our actions
  • 54:50 Prison Planet: We need to incarnate on Earth until we have resolved all trauma & karmic cycles
  • 56:30 External savior myth, religious indoctrination, dark entities who parastically feed on our suffering, want to keep us in infinite karmic loops
  • 1:01:40 Who is Jesus? Did he exist? Falsification of the Bible and history, unity consciousness, following the example of Christ to reach 5D consciousness, new explanations for Christian symbology, the Chakra energetic system, traumas as energy blockages, taking on the suffering of humanity, traumas manifest as physical symptoms
  • 1:07:00 Sexual trauma, cultural brainwashing and our repressed traumas keep us in a lower state of sexuality which dark entities feed on
  • 1:09:50 My personal ancestral sexual trauma from my father’s bloodline, a female ancestor selling herself to a king for money, status and connections. All my relationship problems can be rooted back to that ancestral trauma manifesting as a family curse
  • 1:13:30 False sexual liberation & selling oneself for money in economically difficult times, selling ones body is a devil’s bargain (quick material gain for selling your soul)
  • 1:16:50 Using sexuality as a coping mechanism to not face the trauma, unconscious loop between traumas and thoughts
  • 1:19:00 Breaking centralized systems of influence and build alternatives from the grassroots, reestablishing our path to divinity, channelling higher knowledge from within, the flow state, difference 3D vs 5D
  • 1:21:50 MetaVerse as an attempt to stop the organic evolution of human consciousness by emulating it in a virtual reality, the law of free will
  • 1:24:00 The effects of freely available online porn, follow the money flows to find out what is to our detriment or benefit,
  • 1:27:50 How repressed sexual traumas express outwardly in sexual relations, lower sexuality as a tool of control and dominance focused on the physical body, lacking higher emotional spiritual connection, sexual activities as a distraction to escape to not face traumas, true for both men and women
  • 1:30:10 Repression of sexuality is not an option either, leading to shame and guilt, as long as repressed traumas linger within we will engage in external actions anyways, sexuality is part of the human experience which needs to be integrated
  • 1:33:00 Lower sexual activities are usually enjoyed by both partners as the deeply repressed sexual traumas are replayed, rough sex always is part of the lower sexual expression, our ancestors have experienced terrible sexual traumas which are partially still unresolved
  • 1:36:30 Celibacy as the best option to focus on your own healing journey, physical sexual activities are really dense if unresolved traumas are present, twin flame experience
  • 1.39:10 My twin flame is the ultimate final test for me if I am ready to embody the higher form of sexuality
  • 1:40:30 The crucifixion of Christ represents the absolute ego death before we can embody the higher self in the human body
  • 1:41:10 The meaning of Light Prism
  • 1:42:10 A sober view on twin flames and potential union, expectations limit the free unfolding of the experience, Mother Mary, the vibrational level of father & mother determines the level of vibration of the soul to incarnate
  • 1:46:50 The unification of all things leads to our liberation, unifying New Age vs Christian knowledge into a holistic understanding, help as many people as possible to make the jump into the organic evolution of human consciousness


So this was a very interesting experience! It was fascinating how the conversation flowed between Conrad and me. What really surprised me was how often the topic of Twin Flames emerged, it was a continual theme throughout the podcast. And in the end, something unexpected bubbled up from my higher consciousness which I did not really consider before: The role of Mother Mary in the birth of Jesus Christ. I spontaneously realized that Mary was a really pure soul, unblemished by traumas and karmic cycles. And that was actually necessary to channel such a powerful being into human existence through the birthing process. Hence, the vibrational level of both mother and father determines how high-vibrational the beings are that will be birthed as children. And this is precisely one of the main tasks of the twin flame relationship! After going through our individual purgatories, clearing all our deepest repressed traumas and purifying our emotional energy body, we will be able to exponentially raise the vibration in this human body. Thus, we will be able to embody more and more of our higher self in the human form and be in an uninterruptible connection to higher dimensional planes of existence. And once both partners have reached this state, they are finally ready to enter a divine relationship so that they can channel children into this world who will have a MUCH higher level of consciousness than anyone who incarnated here ever before. Those children will be the spiritual guides, the leaders and creators who catapult the human experience into an elevated state of peace, prosperity and abundance that was never seen before. Especially because those souls are unburdened by the collective trauma, suffering and karmic cycles which have kept down humanity for eons. All the suffering we have endured so far will have been worth it, for that we enable those blessed souls to enter this world as our children to show us the way to the next level of human evolution. We will reclaim our birthright and return to the Garden of Eden, a true paradise on Earth.

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