The Second Coming of Christ is Sacred Sexuality

The Second Coming of Christ is Sacred Sexuality

The corruption of human sexuality is the key to how dark power structures could maintain control over us. Reclaiming sacred sexuality leads to our liberation and sovereignty.

In the recent post, we analyzed the symbolism of the Garden of Eden story and the original sin of Adam and Eve:

What I did not wrap my mind around was why the snake tempted Eve to taste the forbidden fruit. Why did the snake not try to tempt Adam directly? Why did Adam follow the sin of Eve without doing anything? And what does the apple represent? Let us dig deeper.

The forbidden apple represents the fall from sacred sexuality

In the initial design of the human experience, Eva and Adam complimented each other in a divine union. They were two parts that completed each other. The divine feminine, Eve, had been given the gift of purity and innocence, as well as a very strong and unimpeded connection to higher realms through the female body. For the divine masculine, Adam, the situation was reversed: He did not have a strong divine connection but had access to the tree of knowledge so that he could accumulate skills knowledge and discernment in the physical world.

Simply put, Eve dominated the spiritual world and Adam the physical world.

Back then as today, young women are given the divine gift of peak beauty, fertility and spiritual connectedness at a young age where they did not yet have had the chance to collect a lot of experiences in their lives, nor earn important valuable skills. On the other hand, men need to go through many trials to prove themselves, as their only option is to develop useful skills to use in the physical, that contribute to the creation of value or the protection of their families and children. As in the days of Eden as well as today, young women were in an advantageous position as they were freely given their beauty, fertility and connection at an early point in their lives. On the other hand, men always needed to go through tough trials and tribulations to earn these gifts.

Yet in the days of Eden, this discrepancy was not a problem because they were in divine union. Their relationship was characterized by unconditional love and Adam gladly fulfilled the role of protector and supporter in the physical world for Eve. At the same time, Eve shared her spiritual connection with Adam, especially amplified through sacred sexuality. The sexual act was of a much more spiritual nature than physical and allowed for the complete merging of both souls. The energies of Adam and Eva amplified each other exponentially and during the sexual act, the level of consciousness could be raised to almost unimaginable heights. This enabled the connection to very high dimensional aspects and to channel them into the physical. Above all, the female ability to conceive and birth life is the highest form of channeling, as it allows higher souls to incarnate. It was a win/win for both Adam and Eve. They were a perfect match, an invincible team eternally bound for one another through an uninterruptible bond of unconditional love.

Well, almost uninterruptible! Dark entities who wanted to take control of humanity sought a way to set Adam and Eve against each other. They recognized that the early design of the human had a fatal imbalance. The sexual dynamic between Adam and Eve and their dependency on each other was a vulnerable point. Adam needed Eve to give him access to his divinity through her body. Eve needed Adam to protect, support and empower her in the physical world. Hence, the snake offered the temptation of the forbidden fruit to Eve, so that she would not depend on Adam any longer but receive everything from the dark entities (snake) instead. The only condition was that Eve needed to sell herself, her body and sexuality to the dark entities. The following definition underlines how the apple has been frequently used to symbolize love, romance and sexuality:

Since ancient times [the Apple] has also been known as the ‘Tree of Love’ and is associated with Aphrodites, goddess of love. This tree plays an important role in Greek mythology. The Earth goddess, Gaia gave Hera, the supreme goddess, an Apple tree when she married Zeus. The sacred tree was nurtured by the Hesperides, Daughters of Evening, and fiercely guarded by the dragon, Ladon.

In other words, the apple offered by the snake to Eve represents lower pleasures, power and material gain. The only thing which Eve needed to give up was her sexual innocence and purity. As she accepted the devil’s bargain, she turned away from Adam in order to explore lower timelines. It was her free will choice to do so. Still, Adam did not protest this decision nor intervene. He simply followed Eve’s decision and also accepted the snake’s temptation, who made great promises to him. If Adam followed the dark agenda, e.g. commit terrible atrocities, he would be rewarded by the dark powers with sexual access to Eve and as many other women as he desired. So in essence, the dark temptation signaled the end of sacred sexuality. In its place, a lower form of sexuality was established which is based on emotions such as fear, shame, guilt and hate. This lower form of sexuality is what is omnipresent in today’s world. Sexual energy still is one of the most powerful energies available in the human body but it exclusively nourishes those dark entities who rule this planet. As discussed in the previous post, those entities feed on the lowest emotions of human suffering, and their perverse manipulation of human sexuality is the key to how they could gain and maintain control over humanity for so long:

What once were the shining role models of Adam and Eve descended into a grotesque caricature that carries little resemblance with the initial design of how men and women interacted and lived out their romantic relationships. And due to the unfortunate circumstances, men and women were turned against each other and descended ever deeper on a downward spiral of mutual resentment, hate and division. Adam harbors negative feelings against Eve as he feels betrayed by her actions. To put it bluntly, from Adam’s perspective, Eve turned into a whore, who sold her God-given gifts to dark entities for material riches, status and power. At the same time, Adam turned into a mindless executioner carrying out unimaginable acts of evil and punishing the feminine at every possibility. The masculine has lost his trust in the feminine so they established systems of control that brutally suppressed it. The lower human experience is characterized by overdominance of the masculine in the physical which caused tremendous suffering for men and women alike.

The dark agenda to confuse us about sexuality

It has been decided for a long time that humanity is to be liberated from its auto-inflicted state of misery. The arrival of Christ heralded a key turning point in the trajectory of Earth. The downward spiral of ever more trauma and suffering was interrupted and humanity received a blueprint, a path forward, on how to heal their deep wounds and elevate their level of consciousness in order to eventually achieve total liberation. In the current times, this process of liberation has made quantum leaps of progress and we are close to the absolute destruction of those dark power structures which have enslaved humanity for eons. Those dark entities, who have been ruling over Earth, were aware of this so they tried to prevent the inevitable. They know that the key to maintaining their power is the corruption of the sexual relations between men and women. In general, sexual acts performed with nothing but the purest intentions will contribute to their power position energetically because they parasitically feed off the sexual perversion. Moreover, lower sexual acts and addictive behaviors keep men and women entrapped in their trauma and karmic loops, preventing the healing process. So what else did those dark elites do?

Their agendas to further corrupt the sexual relationships between men and women went on overdrive. For instance, they tried to erase the male/female polarity by teaching our youths that there is an infinite amount of genders. They attempt to convince young boys and girls that they should transition from male to female and vice versa through surgery or hormone therapy. Also, they create absolutely terrible role models through their Hollywood and music industries. What our modern culture portrays as relations between men and women is nothing but a transactional, hedonistic mechanical act. Through shows like “Sex and the City”, sexuality has turned into nothing but a mere physical act of pleasure, entirely disconnected from love, family and reproduction. Furthermore, women are animated to freely engage in sexual activities without worrying about reproduction. Abortions are encouraged, which is nothing less but the murder of conceived life and the traumatic entrapment of a new soul who eagerly wanted to incarnate onto Earth. Besides, the destruction of the family unit contributes to further traumatizing children and divides fathers and mothers. A secondary effect is that more and more children are to be raised by the state, e.g. in foster homes, where vulnerable children often fall victim to terrible sexual abuse. And of course, young girls are sexualized at an early age, as they naively follow their role models on TV and pop culture. At the same time, young men are hooked to freely available pornography where sex is rarely displayed as a mutually respectful and loving exchange but as brutal domination and humiliating submission of women. Have you ever wondered how much it costs to maintain the video streaming infrastructure of pornography websites and who does pay for it? Follow the money is sound advice that leads to unsettling conclusions.

Everything we know and understand about sex through our culture and history is twisted and perverted, turning us away from the higher potential of sacred sexuality.

And let us be honest and take a look at how far romantic and sexual relations have strayed away from the divine. Actually, there is little if any resemblance to divine love left in the romantic realm of modern culture. Many people use romantic relationships as an escape from their own inner problems, in the hope that all troubles will resolve themselves with just the right romantic partner. While in fact, people frequently attract karmic partners and get into mutually abusive relationships of control and power struggles, which reflect their unresolved traumas within. On the other hand, many women are often taking advantage of entering relationships to rise higher in the social hierarchy. It is no rare occurrence that men who lose their jobs are left by their wives who are looking for more promising prospects. At the same time, there are men who exploit their power and status to have sexual relations with as many women as possible without giving any commitment. For instance, calling a woman a “slut” and trying to dominate and control her through sexual acts has nothing to do with sacred sexuality. Likewise, a woman who seeks to gain favors by sleeping with her boss has nothing to do with sacred sexuality either. It is a sad state of affairs far away from unconditional love and divine relationships. The following article dives deeper into what I learned about lower sexuality as I resolved my karmic timelines:

How we can reclaim our birthright to sacred sexuality

So how can we rectify this situation and end this downward spiral of eternal suffering? By following the footsteps of Christ and finishing what he started. The stories in the New Testament describe the First Coming of Christ about 2000 years ago. As discovered in the previous post, we are the Second Coming of Christ. The main difference is that Christ followed a path of celibacy where he exclusively focused on doing shadow work to break through the downward spiral of trauma and karmic cycles. As long as we carry within us a load of unresolved traumas, deeply stowed away in our subconsciousness, it is not wise to engage in sexual relations at all. Because unhealed lower sexual acts just perpetuate our trauma cycles and play into the dark agenda. Unhealed sexuality to us is like a heroin injection to a drug addict. It gives us a short yet very intense high of incredible pleasure but keeps us entrapped in the energetic entanglement of our traumas. When we engage in sexual acts with another unhealed soul, it potentially leads to further entanglement and confusion. Lower sexual pleasures still are very enticing, if not the most alluring drug to draw in higher souls like a moth flying into the raging fire. Many of us are so addicted to lower forms of sexuality that it’s very difficult to even only perceive a path back to sacred sexuality.

This post will probably trigger and enrage a lot of people. Strict Christians will be outraged about the idea that sex could actually be a divine thing that contributes to humanity’s spiritual elevation. Many Christians I know have a strong sense of shame and guilt connected to sexuality. It is something dirty, tainted and vile that needs to be repressed at all costs. Sex is allowed only in marriage but then it only serves the purpose of recreation and not pleasure or spiritual upliftment. On the other extreme, we have progressively minded people who frequently celebrate enacting sexual acts as empowering. They will take offense at the notion that the lower addictive form of sexuality they have been engaging in, always proclaiming how liberating it is, actually only contribute to their enslavement.

In any case, we can’t deny the sexual nature of our existence. The human experience is incomplete without sexuality. Nevertheless, we need to follow the example of Christ and completely heal ourselves before we can unlock sacred sexuality. We need to face all our repressed traumas within and resolve them to purify our energy field, regardless of how dark they are. Once we have completed our internal healing journeys, we can enter a divine union with our healed counterpart. So what characterizes sacred sexuality? It has barely anything to do with what we know today as sexuality. The lower expression is mainly physical and only aligns with the lower chakras in our body. Hence, lower addictive sexuality is creating a feedback loop in the lower chakras always perpetuating traumas within and sexual abuse, domination and punishment without. The sacred expression of sexuality makes use of all chakras so that we can drastically amplify the divine energetic connection during the sexual act. There won’t be any lower emotion and thought pattern during the sexual act of shame, resentment or fear. Instead there only is mutual respect, acceptance and unconditional love.

Sacred sex is more a spiritual than physical experience.

It might sound harsh but we first have to unlearn everything we know about sexuality before we are able to embark on the miraculous journey of divine sacred sexuality. And once we reach this evolutionary step, we can enter a divine union where the sexual exchange will send shockwaves of unconditional love around Earth, which will tear apart all that remains of the dark power structures. This is how we finish what Christ started. It is the final step before we reclaim our place in the Garden of Eden. It is how we will transform life on Earth into paradise. Besides, humanity has learned its lessons and evolved tremendously. Contrary to the initial design of humanity, we will have a greater balance between the divine feminine and masculine energies within both men and women. In other words, both men and women will stand much more sovereign than in the past. A fitting analogy would be that men and women are not incomplete puzzle pieces who need each other but they will be whole on their own. They will work together at eye level to assume their rightful place as kings and queens of the New World.

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Light Prism
1 year ago

what about homosexuals

Dakota White
Dakota White
7 months ago
Reply to  Light Prism

Homosexuality is a low program. There is divine masculine & divine feminine. If you scroll up on the website Light Prism talks about how the elites agenda to stay in control is to separate male & female union. introducing a range of genders, & sexuality to children early on to separate male & female divine union. Homosexuality is naturally unbalanced energy & dark desires that can be transmuted through shadow work i believe

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