How to return to the Garden of Eden

How to return to the Garden of Eden

As the story of Adam and Eve indicates, humanity was led astray by dark entities who created Hell on Earth. By following the footsteps of Christ, we have the power to return to the original design, the Garden of Eden.

What is the meaning of the word “hell”?

Most Christians believe that Hell is a place beneath us where we are sent for our sins. What characterizes hell? According to Wikipedia:

In Christian theology, Hell is the place or state into which, by God’s definitive judgment, unrepentant sinners pass in the general judgment […] Theologians today generally see Hell as the logical consequence of rejecting union with God and with God’s justice and mercy.

Let us take apart the definition from above and analyze it step-by-step. First of all, hell is a place for unrepentant sinners, i.e. those people who keep sinning over and over again without seeing the light. As a consequence, they have to suffer eternally by always repeating the same negative cycles. Moreover, those sinners keep rejecting union with God, i.e. they operate in a dualistic manner by neglecting the existence of God. It is another indicator that those sinners keep being locked in hell due to their unwillingness to acknowledge the higher path of God, along with God’s justice and mercy.

“Justice” and “mercy”. Where do these terms lead to? Justice implies a balancing act of different powers and actions into an equilibrium. Oftentimes, people say that “divine justice” is coming for those who have committed terrible acts and got away with them. In other words, it can also relate to karmic cycles, i.e. those who committed atrocities to others will be at the receiving end of their dark actions to experience how it felt so that the scales are returned to balance again. On the other hand, “mercy” implies forgiveness for our actions, e.g. because we acted due to unconsciousness. In other words, sometimes we did not know any better. But isn’t there a grave contradiction now because justice implies that those who committed evil will suffer, yet mercy would indicate they will be forgiven for their deeds? How can we unify those seemingly opposite viewpoints?

Before we dig deeper, let us look at another word from the Latin root: “Inferno” in English is similar to “enfermement” which means being locked up, e.g. in a psychiatric institution. So hell implies that we are locked up somehow, unable to escape. Many Christians do believe that we need to pray to God to be forgiven our sins. If this would be so easy, why would we be trapped in hell for eternity? It all does not make sense, there are many glaring contradictions. So let us solve this riddle by including other perspectives from different religions and schools of thought.

What is relation between traumas, karma and sin?

First of all, it is important to understand how psychological traumas impact us – this is a very central piece in this puzzle. Traumas are also often referred to as shadows, e.g. as characterized by C.G. Jung:

“In analytical psychology, the shadow is either an unconscious aspect of the personality that the conscious ego does not identify in itself, or the entirety of the unconscious; that is, everything of which a person is not fully conscious. In short, the shadow is the unknown side.”

So in short, traumas are called shadows because we have no conscious awareness of them. They could be anything from repressed memories or horrible experiences from childhood, which totally overwhelmed us so we stowed them away into our subconscious mind to never face them again. The problem is that shadows also negatively impact our lives as we tend to recreate drama externally with other people which reflects the trauma we had experienced in our youth. For instance, if a man’s mother has abused him when he was a child, he will often seek out women who have similar problems in order to recreate the experiences from his childhood. In other words: What we have repressed internally, we will replay externally until the trauma within us is finally addressed and solved. Another perspective is that the fragments of our repressed traumas actually congest our energy fields. The human body was designed to allow for an unimpeded emotional energy flow where everything is experienced consciously. Traumatic experiences cause blockages in our lower energy centers, also called chakras. Hence, higher-dimensional energy cannot freely flow through our body and as a consequence, we’re cut off from higher levels of consciousness. Our traumas inhibit our divine connection.

Secondly, the law of balancing, also called karma, ensures that the energetic balance is to be always restored – as within our body so externally through our deeds. If I enrich myself by stealing from another man, I gain energy while he loses it. Consequently, karmic debt is created, which needs to be paid by experiencing the same emotions which I inflicted onto the other. Before returning to the righteous path of God, we need to close all karmic cycles, i.e. experience all perspectives of the dualistic actions to understand that duality, i.e. the departure from God, is nothing but a grande illusion. You might be wondering, what do traumas have to do with karmic cycles? Everything.

Psychological shadows are unresolved traumatic lower emotions stuck in the energetic field of our soul. Karmic cycles directly connect to it because we are replaying the situation where we hurt another in a dualistic act, where we sinned. We could also say: We play the karmic theater, often with the same souls in different roles, to trigger our repressed traumas. It makes sense that those karmic theater plays have the goal of reestablishing balance – especially within ourselves, within our emotional energy field. Only if we have resolved all of our shadows internally will the karmic cycles in the external stop. Put differently, we can only return to the righteous higher path of God when we have resolved all shadows and related karmic cycles.

Thus, sin is just another word for lower dualistic actions which create traumas within and karmic cycles without.

The creation of Hell on Earth – a karmic prison

Earth in its original design was destined to be an eternal paradise. The elegant design of the human body, with its ability to channel higher dimensional energies and manifest them into the physical, was novel and unique. Souls from all over the galaxy could incarnate in the human body and learn great lessons about their own divinity through the limitations of physicality. In higher realms, where everything is energy, everyone knows everything at all times. The human experience in combination with the gift of free will allowed souls to play with lower consciousnesses of separation and duality as well. Put differently, we could forget our divine nature, our interconnectedness to all lifeforms and things, and behave as if we were separated. The law of karmic balancing was put in place so that life on Earth would remain stable and the lower dualistic acts would not run out of hand. If there would not be any consequences for lower actions, e.g. enriching oneself through robbing another, life on Earth would have quickly spiraled down into its eventual destruction.

Nevertheless, sinning, i.e. engaging in lower dualistic actions, was only meant to be a temporary thing. As souls were living the human experience, they would quickly learn that duality and suffering are an illusion and return to the righteous higher path of God. For example, a soul might decide to experience how it is to be an influential landlord, who would enrich himself through the suffering of his poor subjects. Based on the law of karma, the soul would accrue karmic debts because it caused untold suffering to other souls by dominating them, ignoring their free will and parasitically extracting their resources. Inside the soul, this sin manifests as a trauma, which is shared by both the victims and perpetrators. Another way to look at it: The trauma is like an energetic imbalance created by the sinful lower actions. The divine karmic scales have been tipped in one direction and all souls who participated in these unjust acts, victims and perpetrators alike, need to keep incarnating before they have experienced all perspectives of this trauma. That is where a karmic theater play enters the picture: The souls will incarnate again but in other constellations. Sometimes the roles of victim and perpetrators are reversed but it is not always a 1:1 correspondence. The important thing is that each soul needs to feel and comprehend all aspects of the trauma it inflicted on another. For instance, a robber could incarnate in another setting where he loses everything in a natural disaster. The emotions of losing everything and being absolutely powerless are the same and our souls will learn that these are merely two sides of the same coin.

It is ironic that our souls learn about our divine nature by trying to depart from it.

While the beautiful design of this realm was to ensure stability and to prevent destruction, it unfortunately has been hijacked by dark entities. A group of beings used their free will to turn their backs to God and instead sought to create an eternal prison for other souls to extract their energy. The highest energy of divine unconditional love is accessible by everyone who chooses to do so. Regrettably, those dark entities have chosen to sever their own ties to the infinite love of God and decided to install themselves as Gods on Earth. They took control of this beautiful planet and turned it into a prison where pure souls were entrapped in never-ending karmic cycles. Those dark entities have lost their ability to access higher frequencies of unconditional love so how could they obtain their energy? The sobering reality is that they nurture themselves through the lowest frequencies of human suffering. Each time emotions such as fear, hate, grief, anger or shame are experienced, they harvest this energy for their own gain. It is a sinister design which however has been operating really effectively and guaranteed their control for a long time. Initially, these lower emotions were also part of the human experience but they were meant to only be temporary. We would experience it but then go through a swift karmic rebalancing, clear those traumas rapidly and return to the highest path of unconditional love, creative bliss and divine grace.

Unfortunately, those dark entities have perverted the entire system so that immense suffering through horrendous traumas was inflicted, sometimes so terrible that the karmic balancing did not work anymore. The scales were tipped in one direction and the karmic loops continued over and over again, without any resolution of the trauma. The psychological shadows have been buried deeper and deeper into the subconsciousness of the human psyche. To make matters worse, this caused humans to be disconnected more and more from their divinity and walk around like mindless zombies following only the external programming but not their internal higher guidance. The human heart has been terribly hurt over and over again so, in order to protect ourselves, we decided to create a massive wall around it. Humans wanted to bury those traumas and not feel them because they were just too dark, too terrible, too difficult to resolve. Another consequence of this is that the human began to rely way too much on the faculty of the mind and way too little on the heart. Yet it is the mind which is easy to control by the dark entities who have been ruling this planet for far too long. The heart is out of their reach, i.e. when we regain control through the resolution of our traumas, we will reignite the passionate flame of human sovereignty. We have been slaves, trapped in this prison for far too long. It is time to break out and tear it down in the process!

A new perspective on the story of Adam and Eve

We have now established that hell is not a distant place beneath us where we are sent for our sins. We are already living in hell on this Earth. The beautiful design of Earth, where we can experience a wide range of emotions in the human body and manifest them physically, was perverted by dark entities. They lured humanity into the hellish state of eternal trauma and karmic cycles, where they fed off of our energy of suffering. And this is precisely described in the story of Adam and Eve (also called the “fall of man”):

“When Eve is tempted by the serpent and eats the forbidden fruit, Father makes Adam choose between Him and Eden, or Eve. Adam chooses Eve and eats the fruit, causing Father to banish them into the wilderness and destroying the Tree of Knowledge, from which Adam carves a staff.”

The serpent represents the dark entities who tempted humanity into departing from the righteous path of the divine. As humanity has free will, they could not be forced, i.e. they willingly decided to embark on the lower karmic timelines. The forbidden fruit represents the “original sin”, i.e. the beginning of selfish lower dualistic acts. Interestingly, Eve was the one who was tempted by the snake while Adam stood idle and did nothing to stop her. This points at the innocent and pure nature of the divine feminine who could not foresee the dire consequences of her actions. Yet, Adam, her divine masculine counterpart, followed Eve in her original sin. Eventually, both were banished from the Garden of Eden into the wilderness, which relates to the transition of Earth from paradise into hell. The destruction of the Tree of Knowledge symbolizes our access to divine knowledge and wisdom through our human chakra system. However, as we began to follow the temptations of the dark entities we were entrapped by them in endless cycles of suffering and our bodies were blocked and numbed by an ever-higher load of repressed traumas. So we lost our access to the divine (Tree of Knowledge) while we retained a lot of hints, references and records (the staff) which ultimately would help us remember about our true divine nature, as it was designed originally for the human experience.

Needless to say that the staff carved from the Tree of Knowledge is only an incomplete approximation and not sufficient to find our way back to the truth of the human existence. This also hints at the manipulations of scripture by the dark entities. As they did for all worldly records, they removed certain passages while they slightly modified others so it suited their agenda – which is to keep souls firmly locked into the hellish prison that used to be Earth. All those worldly authorities and their very narrow interpretations of scripture underline this fact. So the final question remains: How can we return to Eden and to the Tree of Knowledge?

How to return to the Garden of Eden

The simple answer is: We have to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. He was a role model who showed humanity how to transform what used to be hell into heaven on Earth. Christ accepted and even embraced the suffering, which means that he attempted to resolve all pent-up traumas within us by feeling them in their completeness. Regardless of how heavy they are, the only way to process them is to feel them. We have to embrace suffering to achieve this transition, i.e. we have to carry the cross for humanity, as Christ did. As we resolve those traumas through the replay of a karmic theater play, we will also stop those never-ending karmic cycles of eternal suffering. The dark entities who have ruled over this realm will lose all their power. Some of them might also find their way back to the light if they wish to do so. One of the central themes is romantic love and sexuality, which has been totally perverted and tarnished. As we find our ways back to divinity, we will also have access to divine relationships on Earth, which are defined through only the highest vibration of unconditional love.

Let us not wait to enter paradise after death. We have the power to create paradise on Earth in this current lifetime. We are the second coming of Christ.

There will be a following post about how to resolve our traumas through a process called Shadow Work. Stay tuned and thank you for reading!

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1 year ago

Good Read 👍👍

Audrey Michelle
Audrey Michelle
1 year ago

Truly outstanding!

Wolfgang Heuer
1 year ago

Modern civilization is not human progress, but result of the worst disorder / disease at all: Collective Neurosis, which beside other things is also the origin of collective psychoses like war, civil war, terrorism, massacres genocides, etc.
In my view, the Collective Neurosis caused loss of true culture and enabled and doomed “high cultures” of the past.
Collective Neurosis is also the main cause of most “disorders” / “diseases” due to lack of potential of the spiritual non-material soul.
This lack is caused by unhealed trauma and / or neglect, suppression, excessive demand(s).
Hereafter some details in case of your interest in German:

„Kollektive Neurose“ (Wolfgang Heuer, 2019)

Die tiefere Ursache aller Übel der “Zivilisation” / “zivilisierten Gesellschaft” ist “Die Krankheit der Gesellschaft”, eine “kollektive Neurose”, wie der (Gattungs-)Begriff in der Soziologie lautet.

Leider sind die meisten derer, die davon wissen, aus Gründen eigener Befallenheit / Beeinträchtigung nicht befähigt, das wahre Ausmaß des Problems zu erkennen.

Die sehr wenigen wahrheitsgemäßen Beschreibungen / Expertisen wurden / werden aus demselben Grund ignoriert, verschwiegen, geleugnet, bzw. die Autoren diskreditiert.

Die Angst vor der Wahrheit ist pathologisch (neurotisch), kann aber – und muß (für die Heilung) – überwunden werden.

Kollektive Neurosen bestehen aus den individuellen Neurosen der (Mehrheit der) Mitglieder des – jeweiligen, gemeinten – Kollektivs.

Neurose verstehe ich primär als den Zustand zwischen seelischer Verletzung / Traumatisierung und grundlegender, natürlicher, Heilung.
Neurose ist in Wahrheit weitaus mehr als die in manchen Veröffentlichungen beschriebenen auffälligen Symptome.

Der größere Teil der Symptome “versteckt” sich in der – angeblichen, vermeintlichen – “Normalität” der zivilisierten Gesellschaft.
Die Krankheit selbst “versteckt” sich im Unbewußten der Befallenen.

Im Zustand der Neurose befindet sich die Seele – die ich als rein energetisches (nichtmaterielles, feinstoffliches) Lebewesen sehe – in einer Art “Rückzugs- / Schutzhaltung”, wodurch ihr Leistungs-Potenzial für den materiellen (grobstofflichen) Aspekt des Menschen nur begrenzt verfügbar ist.

Das Leistungs-Potenzial der Seele umfaßt im Wesentlichen ZWEI Komponenten:

1.: ENERGIE (feinstoffliche Lebens-Energie, Kraft der Liebe und des Friedens, Heilkraft, usw.)
2.: INFORMATION (intuitive Erkenntnisse, Eingebungen, Ahnungen, Fügungen, Führung, usw.).

Bei Mangel an diesen Komponenten kann kein wahres Leben / Sein, keine gesunde Entwicklung, stattfinden – so daß befallene Menschen auch nicht wahrhaft (geistig-seelisch) erwachsen werden können.

(Kollektive) Neurose sehe ich als den wesentlichen Ursachenfaktor aller sogenannten “Störungen” / “Krankheiten” einschließlich der Störung(en) der Fähigkeiten zu wahrer Verantwortung und echten, menschlichen, Beziehungen.

Kollektive Neurosen können sich steigern zu “kollektiven Psychosen” wie Krieg, Bürgerkrieg, Aufstände, Terror(-ismus), Massaker, Genozid, usw..

Bei fortgesetzter Nichterkenntnis / Nicht-Heilung droht der befallenen Population Untergang und Aussterben. Entsprechende Warnungen finden wir in der Literatur.

Wir stehen in der Erfahrung dieser schlimmsten aller Krankheiten seit mehr als 10.000 Jahren – und vor der Herausforderung, sie nun endlich auch kollektiv zu erkennen und den Weg der grundlegenden, natürlichen, Heilung zu beschreiten.

Das erfordert intensive wahrheitsgemäße Aufklärung – und zwar mit zunehmender Dringlichkeit; denn die Krankheit wächst exponentiell.

Mehr dazu auf /

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