We are the second coming of Christ

We are the second coming of Christ

Shocking events in my life led me to the question: Why do I suffer so much? I realized that many of us are following in the footsteps of Christ clearing old karmic timelines to assist in the liberation of humanity.

The past two weeks have been a time of utter confusion and emotional turmoil for me. Shocking events in my life confronted me with dark collective fears of losing everything to corrupt authorities in unjust acts. After my body processed those traumas, I realized that we are the second coming of Christ, as we carry the burden of clearing old karmic timelines for the human collective. We basically followed in the footsteps of Christ to finish what he started: The liberation of humanity.

Disturbing insights after leaving the community

About 3 weeks ago, I left the community due to a dramatic turn of events. I told several people the truth of what I learned about the project director, i.e. that he has been extracting massive amounts of money through illicit accounting schemes and that he also set the project founders against the investors to create conflict and fortify his own position. The people I told this information to did not keep their mouths shut but reported what I told them to the founders and the director. As expected, the founders chose the lie over the truth because their core trauma is the fear of losing their business along with their reputation and everything. In order to maintain their fragile worldview, they resorted to calling me “unhinged”, “easy to manipulate” and that I would be “living in a dream world”. All projections of course due to their unwillingness to face their own fears internally. Instead, they would rather continue full speed ahead like a massive old locomotive that is headed towards a large abyss. The director wanted to persecute me for trying to assassinate his character but the founders said they would let me go if I don’t cause further trouble. I agreed with them and said I would rather move on and not get into a conflict with them. I know that it would only help the director’s hidden agenda if the founders and I clash because he could create more division and chaos to further draw them away from the real problem of his corruption in the administration.

As I was traveling in the capital, I received additional information about how the director engages in systematic sexual exploitation of female employees in this company. At that time, I also cleared major karmic cycles which allowed me to finally open my eyes to neutrally look at these dark activities, which happened regularly in the director’s house at night time. I became aware that a lady from controlling who was fired weeks earlier also participated in selling herself to the director for material gains and status. I decided to message her and ask her if she wanted to meet and talk. Another contact had told me earlier that she was very upset because the director had fired her from her well-paid position. Hence, she had been telling others about the dark secrets that have been happening in the director’s house. I wrote her a couple of messages saying that I am looking for “justice for their crimes” and that I basically know everything, so she and I could talk. The lady from the controlling department replied that she is very thankful for everything the company did for her and that she had no idea what I was talking about. I replied that it is a “hellish pit clothed as paradise”. Again, she stated that she had no idea what I meant. As I sent her those messages, I felt an energy jolt in my body so this is part of my mission – even though I was not aware of what would come next…

A few days later, a contact told me that his sources informed him that the lady from controlling already had betrayed me by telling the director about what I wrote to her. I knew the director would be really scared about the fact that I continued my investigations in this matter. Also, he certainly would use these messages against me. That said, this acted also as an important lesson because I realized how afraid those women are who participated in the sexual exploitation schemes. As a contact suggested, there most likely exists photographic evidence of those women, which would be used to blackmail them: “If you open your mouth to testify what happened here, we will send these photos to your family and everyone you know”. These acts are connected with such a burden of shame, especially because this region is rather conservative. The main takeaway for me was that I could not place any trust in the women who have been participating in the sexual corruption. The barrier of shame and fear is so high for them that they would rather throw me under the bus than help in bringing the director to his deserved justice.

The fear of being mistreated by oppressive regimes

As written in the previous post, through a miraculous turn of events I found a nice house for rent in a beautiful mountain town. Last week, I went back to the closest town near to the community as I would need to organize a transport of my furniture to my new place. I already sensed that this would not be an easy undertaking and probably turn out to be quite dramatic. Oh boy, my intuition was spot-on! I tried to contact the project founders so that they could confirm a day and time for when I could enter with a truck to pick up my things and leave. On Saturday, they wrote me the following message:

Due to reasons known to you, you will not be allowed to enter the premises. You will be asked to give a detailed list of all your private belongings to the security personnel. Also a key to your storage container. Your private belongings according to your list will be delivered to you. All commercial goods and data storage media will be seized. Trade goods will be handed over to you only upon presentation of an invoice.

What the hell? I would not be permitted entry and should write a list of my things so that security guards would fetch them for me? They would confiscate any computers and data mediums from me? They would not allow me to extract any tradeable items unless I would present a purchase invoice? They are treating me like a criminal, I thought. Extreme fear flooded my entire body. It was so strong that I was almost paralyzed, i.e. I could not form a clear thought. I tried to focus on my breathing and center myself to regain my calm. These terms were absolutely unacceptable. I asked the founder if I can name two of the people inside the project who could fetch my things. Fortunately, he agreed but as I told the founder who would help me I was overcome by another intense emotion: The fear of implicating them into my perceived crimes against the community. If those two friends helped me, the enemy of the project, they also would draw suspicion about their own intents. At some point, I realized how people in East Germany must have felt when they were declared enemies of the state for telling uncomfortable truths. And even worse, if their friends helped them in some way, shape or form, they also would draw suspicion and become outcasts. These were immensely strong fears which totally consumed my body. It was clear that they did not relate to my own karmic cycles. Instead, they were collective fears I had taken on, to clear and transmute them. As I was laying in my hotel bed, those fears were weighing down on my body like tons of brick. It was almost unbearable and I could barely find any rest at all. Most of the next day, I needed to relax and recover. But even the next night, the clearings continued and I frequently woke up with flashes of dark images and extreme fear. It was brutally intense.

An odyssey facing Draconian measures

On Monday afternoon, I organized a truck and we drove to the community. I had scheduled a time with the founder but we were running more than half an hour late so I informed the lead security guard via message. Before we reached the entry gate, the director send me an audio message effectively threatening me with consequences if I would continue to “give orders” to employees of the company. I responded my intent was merely to inform the security guard. The director responded that all communication should run through him and that I should not have any further contact with anyone from the company. He continued saying that he has the messages I had sent to the lady from controlling in written form and that I violated my agreement with the leadership. I replied that I am aware of certain errors I committed but I just want my things and move on to other personal projects. We reached the entry gate, where an Austrian friend of mine was already waiting. We quickly coordinated on how to organize this delicate process. The truck and my friend continued, escorted by security, to my property while I was waiting outside of the gates. The security guards were friendly as usual, only their leader was obviously quite nervous.

After almost an hour, they informed me that they’re done. The truck returned to the gate but there were still things to clarify. My friend told me that they had taken a bunch of documents and folders to the director’s house so that they could “verify” if they belong to me or the company. The head of security confirmed it. We had to wait until this “verification” is done. What the hell was going on here? I did not give my consent to this. What gives them the right to go through my personal documents without my consent? In this country, as anywhere, this is illegal. Secondly, they simply confiscated the keys for my containers. I also did not consent here. It is my property containing my personal items and documents. Now that they have my keys, they could easily enter my property, without my consent or knowledge, and do further searches through my personal stuff. The community leadership behaves like a government but without the separation of powers, i.e. division between the judiciary, legislative and the executive branch. From my perspective in light of these events, they behave like an oppressive totalitarian regime.

Another half an hour later, they finally handed over my documents, at least what remained of them. I quickly looked through them but of course, I did not remember what exactly used to be in those folders before. They could have confiscated any documents and I would not even know what they confiscated and why they did so. I had no option to object to this process. For a moment, I thought to do so but I then realized that I do not create further conflicts with the founders – because that is exactly what the director is trying to instigate. Besides, I did not really have any highly sensitive documents in my apartment. Some of them documented details about the director’s corruption but the majority of those I had already handed over to the founders. Furthermore, my friends confirmed to me that the security guards were meticulously documenting everything. They took a lot of photos and the head of security sent everything to the director immediately and informed him about all “findings”. It seemed as if they were looking for something in particular, as they seemed to be focused on my documents especially. The entire thing is really strange. In hindsight, it was a good decision to have my two Austrian friends involved because they could observe what the director’s security guards were doing. If I followed their initial plan, the security guard would have been able to go through all my things without any witnesses.

Fear of legal repurcussions

My friends were in utter shock about how this thing went down but at least this further exposed the director’s intentions. I suspect he acted out of deep fear, knowing what information I have about his dark activities. Needless to say, I don’t keep documents on pen drives and printouts in my apartment. Instead, I have everything in a digital form with sufficient backups. So, he cannot simply take away the evidence and destroy it. On the other hand, the director might try to find compromising information that he could use against me. His usual Machiavellian tactic to silence enemies would be to blackmail them with whatever tools available. The entire behavior demonstrates how afraid he is of me and how dangerous he perceives me for his plans. The following days, after relaxing from this shocking odyssey, again strong fears surfaced of being persecuted legally. The director could file criminal complaints against me, as he initially suggested. I am not sure which charges he would bring forward but he could certainly make something up to entangle me in legal proceedings. This usually draws out for a long time and would distract me from gathering further evidence, even if the charges are not true. In addition, it would be a massive financial burden for me.

My body was overcome by massive fears again, especially because the director often boasts his powerful political allies, whose connections reach the highest echelons of this country. After I woke up, I scrolled through Twitter where I found a few interesting articles about the political allies of the director. In short, they are not as strong and powerful as they appear and they have a lot of opposition as well, who would like to see their dealings exposed. Of course, this information presented itself at the right time and later that day, other relevant information reached me as well. If the director really would escalate and file criminal charges against me, I would react accordingly and seek out the best high-profile lawyers. This would further escalate the entire situation and draw attention to the director so I am not sure if he really would pull this through. We shall see. In any case, everything will continue according to the higher mission and I will keep listening to divine guidance. To get a clearer picture of this situation, I did a Bible meditation: I cleared my mind by focusing on my breath for a couple of minutes and then randomly opened a page with my left hand. I got the following:

But in accordance with your hardness and your impenitent heart you are treasuring up for yourself wrath in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God, who “will render to each one according to his deeds”: eternal life to those who by patient continuance in doing good seek for glory, honor, and immortality; but to those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness—indignation and wrath, tribulation and anguish, on every soul of man who does evil, of the Jew first and also of the Greek; but glory, honor, and peace to everyone who works what is good, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For there is no partiality with God.


These Bible passages resonated immensely and it became clear that everything is as it should be. The truth shall prevail eventually and there will be divine justice.

We are the second coming of Christ

After having processed so many extremely dark fears, I was wondering why I have to suffer so much? I felt almost as if was carrying a cross on my shoulders to atone for the sins of humanity! Something clicked inside of me and it suddenly all made perfect sense. Jesus Christ is an archetype of how an embodiment of Christ consciousness looks like. Yet, any one of us can attain Christ consciousness, which operates at the highest vibrational frequency of unconditional love. It is far removed from the lower emotional states common on Earth right now, e.g. fear, anger, hate, shame, envy, pride, etc.

Furthermore, what does the term “sin” actually mean? Many Christians believe that sins are missteps from the righteous path of God, which condemn their souls to eternal damnation in hell. The only thing which we can do to prevent this terrible fate is to repent and to ask God for forgiveness. We should be living as close to the scripture as possible for that our soul eventually will be saved. In my humble experience, many Christians live in a constant state of fear and shame because they keep deviating from this ideal higher path of God. It just seems to be impossible for them to control their behaviors to comply with the higher commandments! But why is this so difficult? Why are people continuing to sin? How can our souls be saved then?

Well, maybe we got it all wrong and we fell victim to drastic misinterpretations. The term “sin” originally means to “stray from the righteous path”, i.e. the divine path of the interconnectedness of all things. In other words, sin refers to karmic cycles where we have chosen to engage in selfish acts and lower timelines. Karma can also be called the “law of balance” as we need to incarnate as many times until we have understood every perspective of the lower acts we have committed previously. Only when we do so, we are able to restore the balance again, close the karmic cycle and return to the righteous path, i.e. the highest possible timeline. The karmic balancing process equals justice because this is how our souls learn that we can never gain by taking away something from another soul. We are all connected and part of the same divine fabric. By stealing, we steal from ourselves. It is such an irony that we learn to appreciate our divine nature by trying to depart from it. All those deviations are massive lessons for us where our souls can accrue immense growth.

Thus, sin is not necessarily a bad thing. Our sins, i.e. negative or addictive outward behaviors, point us to our internal traumas, which in turn lead us to our karmic cycles. Contrary to common Christian teachings, we do not need to primarily attempt to control our behaviors. This would be impossible and meaningless as it is a mere reflection of what needs healing inside of us. But how can we heal those traumas? By carrying the cross as Jesus did! Well, of course not literally but by enduring the suffering, accepting it and even embracing it. In this case, the cross is an analogy for our suffering, i.e. the negative emotions related to the karmic balancing process. Hence, the only option we have is to go within and to feel all of those dark emotions so that they can flow through our bodies and be resolved. Personally, I have been feeling such an immense burden of negative emotions my entire life but especially during the last 2 years. There almost has been no week where no major emotional purge was ongoing. My body was constantly at its limit. I realized that I literally have been carrying the cross for humanity, I have processed many of humanity’s collective traumas to achieve the karmic balancing in order to contribute to the ultimate liberation of humanity.

Let’s dig a little deeper. On the internet, the number of 144k souls who are assisting in this shift on Earth is discussed frequently. This is the number of ancient souls, who decided to incarnate on this Earth in strategic locations and bloodlines to help resolve related karmic storylines. Almost a year ago, I even received a vision where I saw how I and many souls from my soul family incarnated on Earth, piercing down like laser beams to cut through the Matrix and form an energetic grid (see https://lightprism.net/2020/12/07/calling-in-a-team-of-inter-galactic-special-forces/). In my case, I feel that the family I incarnated in Hessen, Germany, is not part of my close soul family. Instead, this bloodline is interwoven with really heavy karma from one of my incarnations in the Rennaissance age. I strategically incarnated with them to assist in clearing those karmic cycles because they were not able to do so on their own. It was just too much for them, the trauma which they had endured was too cruel, too heavy, too shameful. Thus, I agreed to incarnate in this strategic bloodline position to clear the majority of the trauma for them and close the related karmic cycles so that all those souls of my bloodline ancestry would finally be free to make the jump to New Earth. And this is the main mission of the 144k light warriors: Strategically incarnate to resolve as many karmic cycles to free as many souls as possible. From one perspective, the old Earth, or the Matrix, was like a prison, where dark entities created endless cycles of trauma because they parasitically fed on the suffering of other souls. As it was for my ancestry, many of those trauma and karmic loops were so dense that the majority of souls could not free themselves. They were trapped in a never-ending loop of suffering. This shows why this current mission is of such monumental importance. We are talking about the liberation of Earth and millions of souls who were entrapped.

Sure, not all souls can be saved and taken over to New Earth which will be at a much higher level of vibration. The currently predominant lower states of consciousness (e.g. fear, shame, anger, etc) will not be allowed to exist anymore. As the “vibrational water level” rises quickly, people operating on those levels cannot continue to exist on Earth. And those unresolved traumas and karmic cycles prevent us from rising higher, they are like a heavy anchor holding us down to the bottom of the ocean. Hence, it is of utmost importance to clear old karmic cycles before people can make a shift into higher states of consciousness. Many will be able to do so, others will eventually check out and incarnate elsewhere. Unfortunately, this is necessary to pave the way towards the breathtaking Rennaissance of the ancient ways of life on this beautiful Earth. In the following years, during times of massive chaos, there will be seismic shifts and quantum leaps of incredible transformation into something we have not seen for a long time. It will be the fulfillment of what Earth truly was designed to be:

A cosmic library of unprecedented diversity, eternal beauty and unimaginable prosperity.

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