A new perspective on the Bible

A new perspective on the Bible

Chaotic events have drastically shifted my life’s trajectory as I had an epiphany on how I could integrate the Bible into my spiritual toolbox.

After leaving the project, the closure of major karmic cycles, and many revelations, I was guided to contact the lady on 11/11. She has been an integral part of my spiritual awakening in 2020. In 2021, we worked together about 3 months ago where I helped her in processing several of her dark core traumas. Unfortunately, we parted ways in a very dramatic way and haven’t spoken since. But the time has come for our paths to unite again, even though it all turned out to be highly chaotic and required cutting through many of my own illusions and barriers.

Clearing my confusion with the shaman’s help

The lady lives in a small town in the mountains where also many of my old friends live. Initially, I met the shaman and his wife and we had a long conversation on a mild spring evening. We mainly talked about the project I had left and its uncertain future. Many people are still financially entangled with it, so this causes a lot of uncertainty and discomfort. At some point, the shaman went to bed but I kept talking to his wife. I mentioned my plans to visit the lady in order to make amends and reestablish contact. The shaman’s wife told me that the lady has recently entered a relationship so I should not get my hopes up if there still are romantic feelings lingering inside of me. She also told me that I better should not pursue her romantically but find another, more balanced partner. This information really hit me hard in my gut and brought several negative emotions to the surface. It was what I had feared the lady would do: Run away from her repressed traumas into a romance that would distract her from facing her childhood traumas. However, this ironically was the same thing I attempted to do 3 months ago: I wanted to escape from my own extremely dark traumas by jumping into a romance with the lady. However, fulfilling this neurotic fantasy was not allowed for me and I was forced to confront this trauma and finally clear it – which I did about 3 weeks ago with the closure of major karmic cycles.

The other negative emotion surfacing within me was a sense of having failed my mission. Because I received the higher mission to assist in clearing the lady’s traumas 3 months ago so that she would not resort to replaying the repressed trauma in the external with other people, i.e. especially with karmic romantic partners. It always is the same: What we don’t want to face within us, we will replay externally with other people in dramatic theater plays until we start facing it internally. Hence, the more we resist looking at the darkest shadows within us, the more suffering we will recreate around us. Essentially, humanity has been stuck in a loop of insanity, where we perpetuated the traumas externally over dozens if not hundreds of generations without being able to break this vicious cycle by going within and healing ourselves. 3 months ago, the lady suddenly left the project and refused to further work together with me to clear her traumas. She also spoke very negatively about my healing methods, e.g. those energy healing and visualization tools, the shaman taught me. The lady even accused me of doing “the devil’s” work as she reverted back to the very strict and extremely narrow Christian views of her grandmother. This also created immense pain for me because I felt punished for following the higher orders of my divine mission. Faint memories of being burned at the stake and being crucified surfaced within me. It now has become clear that these were other traumas from my past incarnations, which needed to be cleared and the lady was merely triggering them. Of course, she had no bad intention and was simply acting out of unconsciousness, following a script laid out by her higher self to help me to clear that old baggage.


The following morning, the shaman and I did a long meditation session as well as an I-Ching to give me some clarity on how I should proceed with this situation and with the lady. The I-Ching yielded hexagram 25: Innocence. Basically, the advice is to let go of everything and especially the fear of the unknown and the need to control everything. Accepting the divine unfolding of events and having patience will be rewarded. A fitting analogy: When planting seeds, one should not think about the harvest but focus on the current moment. I should assume the best and don’t overthink old wounds, they will heal on their own. After the I-Ching, I finally had clarity and decided to contact the lady despite being very unsure of how she would react and if she would still harbor a grudge for my past behaviors. I told her that I realized that I did what I accused her of, i.e. I wanted to escape from my repressed trauma into a relationship with her. However, the dramatic events between us shook me to the core causing several ego deaths, eventually revealing deeply repressed trauma from my father’s ancestral lineage (see https://lightprism.net/2021/11/08/the-destruction-of-female-innocence-is-a-satanic-offering/). Furthermore, I told her all the best with her boyfriend. I had a strong intuition that I needed to assist her in some way, shape or form again but my vision was still somewhat clouded from my own confused emotions. Above all, I needed to let go completely of all of my romantic delusions and focus on the higher cause, the divine mission. It is the ultimate test of unconditional love for me: I would need to help the lady even if she will eventually be together with another man. This is a tough challenge where I need to reach a new level on this journey. Challenge accepted.

Meeting the lady for a coffee

I was really surprised that the lady responded very positively that our drama indeed was very intense but she is not angry anymore for that she realizes she also did not behave in the most optimal way. She admitted that she had taken away many lessons and it was a very instructive time for her. The lady even suggested we could meet for a coffee. I agreed so she invited me to come to her grandmother’s house. The following day, on 11/11, I finally met her again. 11/11 was an incredibly powerful energetic portal, heralding a massive seismic shift in my life. At first, I was still very unsure how to react but the lady welcomed me and seemed happy to see me. She appeared to be very relieved that we could finally set the ugly past drama behind us. I apologized wholeheartedly for what happened and she did so as well. We had a nice and long conversation where I talked about the news in my mission and the craziness I went through – stuff that is more intense than most Hollywood movies. I still was unsure about how much progress she made on her healing journey in the 3 months since we parted ways. I carefully gauged her energy and what she was telling me. I noticed that she spoke about many things that triggered her and that she was going through an intense emotional rollercoaster after leaving the project. This was a positive sign, indicating she was becoming aware of her emotions and trying to process them. Just 3 months ago, she was not even able to do this and did prefer to rather not feel anything at all.

However, I noticed that she still did not really want to drill down on her darkest and most repressed emotional traumas. Instead, she tried to control her outward behaviors to avoid certain situations with other people, e.g. she was cutting off the contact with her mother and tried to reduce contact with some of her male friends. I felt a readiness in her to face those traumas but she apparently did not know where to start. The lady did have neither the tools nor the knowledge of how to do shadow work. 3 months ago, right before we separated, I perceived that she had a very dark trauma from when she was 14 years old. When I wanted to help her to unravel it, she ran away. While she mentions other reasons for her escape, my intuition tells me that she fled because she wanted to avoid facing that particular trauma. Interestingly, her repressed core trauma is connected to mine which I only resolved a few weeks back. The last time we worked together, I was still carrying this trauma within me so my energy field was highly distorted and I was unable to assist her in healing her core trauma. The lady’s dramatic escape forced me to finally address my last core trauma and close a major karmic cycle.

That said, as I am now free of my heaviest core trauma, I am finally able to assist the lady in handling hers. I now have the neutral clarity to take on part of her trauma within my body to help her clear it. Several days later, I got an overwhelmingly strong intuition that I would need to not only help her clear those traumas but to teach her my healing toolbox so that she can do shadow work on her own. As I am leveling up to a new challenge, the lady obviously is destined to do so as well. This meeting paved the way for my new mission. I was still somehow confused and unsure as a lot of things were moving in my life right now, when only 1 month ago I felt stuck in a state of excruciating stagnation. What a miraculous change on this powerful day of 11/11!

Stumbling ahead in confusion yet firmly guided by the divine

Before the meeting with the lady, my plan was to travel some more, e.g. to do an extended motorbike trip and meet other people. During our meeting on 11/11, the lady suggested that I could rent a house in the mountains, in her vicinity. She even offered me help in searching for a new home there. She also said that she had been reading my blog posts, which surprised me. I took those hints as confirmation that I needed to move to these mountains, effectively canceling my other plans. There only is one problem: This mountain town has been totally overrun by European immigrants in recent months. Thus, it is extremely difficult to find a rental house or apartment and the prices have been driven upwards to levels far beyond the average of this region. So I knew what to do but was still quite unsure how to proceed. I stayed in a very basic rental apartment but the daily rates were extremely expensive and the quality was just terrible. The bed was tiny for me and so soft that I woke up constantly with back pain. I could barely sleep at night, it was awful. Ironically, this discomfort pushed me to accelerate my plans to look for a rental place. The next day, being still tired and somewhat dazed, I stumbled out of the door heading to the center of the town.

On the way there, I saw a food cart, operated by an old friend of mine: Alfred and his wife. I also met them in the project in 2020 and we had a lot of stories to tell each other. I told them about my plans to relocate to this mountain town so Alfred’s wife immediately agreed to assist me in the difficult search for a rental place. Already the second contact yielded a promising result: A local family who were building a small house on their property. It was still under construction, so they did not yet publish an offer for rental. Already the next day, I went there and had a good rapport with the owners so we agreed that I can move in as soon as the construction is completed. Besides, the price was very affordable, significantly under the average of the market. What a miracle this was. Another sign for me to move ahead with my plans, strengthening the intention to work together with the lady. Moreover, I would need to bring my own furniture but this was no problem either as I just purchased the entire furniture of a Central American friend about a month ago, who left the project. So all the puzzle pieces seem to be falling into place in a miraculous way!

A new perspective on the Bible

After the absolutely exhausting yet very successful odyssey in the mountains, I returned to the town where the project is located. I found a very cozy and affordable hotel and finally had a resting sleep again after about a week of sleep deprivation due to the challenging circumstances. I was using this time of relaxation to rest and integrate what was going on the week before. One evening, I found a Bible (new testament) in a bilingual English and Spanish version. I suddenly felt an urge to meditate and then randomly open the Bible and see what resonates within me. A strong energy rush through my spine confirmed this intuition. After a couple of minutes of meditation to clear my mind, I randomly opened the Bible to Luke 18. I found several interesting bits which resonated within me. For instance:

“Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, ‘God, I thank You that I am not like other men — extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this tax collector. I fast twice a week; I give tithes of all that I possess.’ And the tax collector, standing afar off, would not so much as raise his eyes to heaven, but beat his breast, saying, ‘God, be merciful to me a sinner!’ I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other; for everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”

The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector, https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Luke+18&version=NKJV

This particularly resonated and contains a lot of useful wisdom. What is hilarious is that the Pharisee puts the tax collector on the same level as extortioners or adulterers. The job of collecting taxes indeed never had a high reputation. Yet, the tax collector humbles himself, praying that his sins will be forgiven, while the Pharisee is arrogant and thinks he is better than the tax collector. However, how God views us does not depend on our worldly position and titles but on our attitude alone. Those who are humble will be raised up and those who are arrogant will be humbled. God’s redemption is always available to us, regardless of what we have done. We simply need to surrender and give our lives to God and we shall be free. This is corroborated with the story when Jesus was crucified, along with two men who were convicted criminals. One of them started praying to God, asking for redemption and his soul was saved.

And when Jesus saw that he became very sorrowful, He said, “How hard it is for those who have riches to enter the kingdom of God! For it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” And those who heard it said, “Who then can be saved?”. But He said, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”

With God All Things Are Possible, https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Luke+18&version=NKJV

This paragraph is interesting and also quite popular. The love of money, power and worldly things prevent us from accessing the kingdom of God, i.e. from reaching higher states of consciousness. When we have a lot of money, we have a lot of worldly power but this comes at a high cost. Sure, we can buy many things, giant houses, big cars and even impress young women with our money. But we can not buy love for instance. We can not resurrect dead family members with our money. We can not stop the flow of time or reverse aging with money. Having a lot of money and material possessions also weighs us down, creating a lot of worries and sorrow. The expensive sports car? It can be stolen. The luxurious mansion? Could burn down. The expensive stock options? Could crash to zero. Furthermore, it states that “things which are impossible with men are possible with God”. It has a very deep meaning, pointing towards the over-dominance of the ego common to our current human experience. Our ego thinks of itself as separate from God and is constantly preoccupied with fears of survival, amongst others. Hence, it tries to manipulate and control the outer world, which essentially limits us to a very narrow spectrum of the human experience. Only when we surrender completely to God, to the mysterious unfolding of the divine journey and when we embrace the unknown and the uncertain, will we be able to unlock the full spectrum of what the human is capable of. This is what the Bible is referring to with “possible with God”.

God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands; Neither is worshipped with men’s hands, as though he needed any thing, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things;

Paul Addresses the Areopagus, https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Acts%2017%2CHechos%2017&version=ESV

During another meditation, I opened this chapter. It strongly resonated within me, as I was feeling strong energy jolts in my body as I read those words. God is a supreme power, which is not bound by any worldly authorities. In other words, we do not need any external authority, e.g. any church, temple or procedures, to access the divine. God is the all-encompassing force, which is experienced through all lifeforms and all things. Yet, God is not something that punishes or destroys. The energy of God resides on the highest frequency of unconditional love, a frequency so far above average human experience that it is almost impossible to comprehend. Furthermore, we are all extensions of God, we are his children and we have been blessed with many powers and gifts, above all free will. We chose to come here into this human experience and many decided to use their free will to live a life disconnected from God by trying to control, manipulate and dominate others. As we are all connected, all part of the same divine fabric, that is an illusion, as we only hurt ourselves when we hurt someone else. This illusion of separation has been allowed to exist for a long time and through a lot of trial and error and immense suffering, we have learned that we are all one. We are now entering a miraculous chapter of humanity where we leave the illusion of separation behind to once again become aware of the beautiful interconnectedness of all things, vibrating in a divine symphony of unconditional love.

Integrating the Bible into a spiritual toolbox

I am deeply humbled by this journey and recognize my part in this glorious divine plan. For a long time, I was neglecting Christianity as it is practiced today because worldly institutions in my home country Germany appeared to be deeply corrupted by political agendas. After I left Germany, I met several Christians who practiced an extremely strict form of Christianity where they attempt to closely live by the Bible and arrange their entire lives according to scripture. The latter approach was always very repelling to me as well. How could people take a collection of old stories at face value, that were written about 2000 years ago and mistranslated over and over again? It is no secret that a lot of our history has been rewritten according to the interests of the powers-that-be. Why wouldn’t they do the same thing to the Bible?

Oftentimes, I noticed that people who cling to the Bible and try to “be saved” are doing so out of fear. When I talked to many of them, I always felt a strong undercurrent of fear, repressed emotions and traumas. Unfortunately, according to their beliefs, negative emotions should not be faced but rather suppressed. They tend to focus on rather controlling their outward behaviors, i.e. living by a strict set of rules as laid out by the scripture. And many believe that if they live faithfully according to the Bible, they eventually will be saved. According to my own experience, this does not work and is highly counter-productive. First of all, there is no external savior who will do the work for us and rescue us. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We need to rise up to the spirit of Christ and save ourselves. In order to do so, we have to work on ourselves, on our own repressed emotions and traumas internally. In any case, our outward behavior depends on our internal emotional state. Put differently, the traumas we do not face internally lead to dramatic external theater plays with other people. Controlling our behavior does not work or only temporarily. For example, if we harbor a deep fear of experiencing bankruptcy and losing everything, this exact outcome will happen over and over again until we address and resolve those traumas internally. We might need to incarnate many times more because we preferred to seek solutions in the outer world instead of within ourselves.

For those reasons, I have neglected Christianity and the Bible for a long time. I focused on other tools the shaman taught me. He taught me energy healing and visualization methods, which are extremely effective in doing shadow work, i.e. the resolution of our repressed traumas. I am aware that my connection to God exclusively happens through my own body and soul. I do not need any external authority to tell me how to connect to God, instead I just “feel” into it. I also found that there are many ways how I can connect to God. I often will be presented with signs and symbols in whatever way shape or form. It can be anything from music, social media messages, videos to random conversations, dreams, animals, inspirations, weather patterns or even Tarot cards and the I-Ching. I now realized that the Bible can be integrated as a worthwhile instrument into this divine toolbox. Because there are so many golden nuggets of higher wisdom contained in it, that have the potential to trigger awareness within and even DNA activations to anchor higher-dimensional knowingness in this realm. There are always no surprises on this marvelous journey. Thank you for reading.

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