Exposing their takeover plans

Exposing their takeover plans

After I left the project, I received additional information and finally could connect the dots to put together a comprehensive hypothesis exposing the director’s takeover plans.

During my higher mission, I came into contact with the most deviously corrupt people, especially the project director of this community in South America. I always suspected that he had a secret agenda which is in stark contrast to the uplifting vision of the European project founders. Even though the director always pretended to share the founder’s vision, his actions revealed his true intentions. So what is his long-term play?

Putting together the pieces of the puzzle

Most people believe in the outer facade the director is projecting: A rational, benevolent businessman, who wants to elevate the disadvantaged people of this impoverished region towards sovereignty. For a very long time, I believed it too, especially because I had a constructive relationship with him and he often highlighted my excellent work results. The illusion began to shatter when we started to implement a digital warehouse using the Odoo software (see https://lightprism.net/2021/05/17/preparing-for-the-epic-finale-of-cosmic-justice/). As we successfully implemented software that could provide a lot more efficiency through the transparent control of business processes, I suddenly seemed to fall out of favor with the director. He began to attack our efforts, as did his loyal employees from the administration in the nearby city. A lot of headwinds suddenly came from all directions but it did not make any sense at all because we were doing great work. As they could not attack our results, suddenly allegations of sexual assault of female employees were beginning to build up against me. I could recognize what was going on and stop it. However, my team members were then attacked with wild allegations of political corruption, amongst others. We could prove all those allegations untrue but two of my team members quit out of frustration. One of the lead accountants of the director’s administration was fired without notice because he apparently disagreed too often with the director’s plans. This accountant was one of the top experts in this company and being treated in this way enraged him so that he proceeded to tell me all the inside details about the director’s corruption (see https://lightprism.net/2021/07/31/the-obvious-assumption-is-not-always-the-right-one/). From the start, it was obvious to me that the director was behind all of this as all decisions are handled in a highly centralized and even dictatorial way through him. The accountant told me that the director and his loyal henchmen follow the ideology of Machiavelli, which makes a lot of sense (see https://lightprism.net/2021/08/07/how-to-defeat-a-machiavellian-opponent-who-has-no-moral-code/). For instance, they have neither honor nor any moral codes. Everything is just about gaining and maintaining power so “the ends justify the means”. Moreover, the truth holds no intrinsic value to them unless it helps them to gain power. According to Machiavelli, it is totally acceptable to lie, manipulate and scheme to secure one’s position. This leads to the “two-faced” duplicitous behavior of the director where he openly pledges his support to a project but from the shadows does everything to attack it. It is a really sinister ideology, which has caused a lot of suffering and destruction. And it is very difficult to face and to counter because the director has deliberately entangled his own fate with those of the founders to make himself inseparable. It is almost like overgrowing cancer that cannot be simply cut out without causing severe damage to vital organs.

Furthermore, the director’s schemes have advanced very far so that he controls the vast majority of the company’s employees through coercion and repression. Some of his most loyal servants are even controlled through extortion, as they received very large loans to build luxurious homes for instance. If they don’t follow the director’s orders, he can fire them and they will be unable to pay back their loans and lose everything. Yet what is most important for the director’s plans is his control of the project founders. The founders still are the owners of the project and have the power to order an audit of the company’s books to reveal corruption. However, the founder’s vision is so massive that they perceive it to be impossible to pull through without the director. After all, the founders are mainly focused on onboarding new investors from Europe, i.e. acquiring new capital. On the other hand, the director handles the entire rest of the company: Administration, human resources, accounting, purchases. Simply put, the founders acquire a lot of money and the director decides how it is spent. Of course, the founders have access to the overall financial data but because of an utter lack of any systemization and professional structures, they have no idea where exactly the money goes. But why don’t the founders do anything to improve the processes? Indeed they frequently try to implement improvement but they have no loyal people under them who could execute those tasks. Everything is handled through the director and he always puts up the Machiavellian theater where he tells the founders what they want to hear but then does the exact opposite when nobody looks. That said, the founders are aware that there are grave problems in the director’s administration but they shy away from a direct conflict with the director because they are terrified of having their project fail again. They had many project failures already and carry deep wounds and trauma within, which they, unfortunately, are unwilling to face. Instead, they are frantically pressing forward, always acquiring more money but not addressing the problems in the director’s administration. Furthermore, the director is incredibly skilled in psychological manipulation. He knows how to invoke the traumas of failure and embarrassment in the founders and he is doing so on a regular basis to control them. It is almost like a puppet master who is controlling the puppet through the strings of their traumas (see https://lightprism.net/2021/08/15/evil-can-only-flourish-in-the-fragments-of-our-unconsciousness/). And if the founders complain about the lack of progress, there are always some people to blame for those problems. When those stalling tactics do not work anymore, the director will shift the gears towards more extreme measures, for instance creating a crisis by setting the investors and founders against each other (see https://lightprism.net/2021/09/08/how-could-we-fall-for-the-illusion-so-easily/). The sinister aspect of this is that he exploited his position of trust and respect with both the founders and certain investors, giving both parties false information about the other one. He successfully managed to set the investors against the founders and in the chaos and confusion was praised as the “better leader” by many. This level of malicious ingenuity is almost beyond comprehension.

The most coherent hypothesis of their plans

So what exactly is the hidden agenda of the director? Where do his schemes ultimately lead to? I have been thinking about this question for a long time but it never made any sense to me. There are many aspects that appeared contradictory. For instance, the director is extracting a lot of money and he also is personally legally liable for payouts to investors who left the project. Also, efficiency seems to be of no priority as he always hires more employees even if they have no productive work to do. The company has several hundreds of employees causing an enormous burn of liquid capital each month. The only valid conclusion is that the director is trying to run the company into the ground, to cause the eventual bankruptcy. So why is he personally liable for payouts? Wouldn’t he lose all of his own savings if the company would go bankrupt?

Besides this contradiction, there is another one that never made sense to me. Many people told me before that large projects like this would be prone to money laundering, i.e. illegal funds flow into those projects to turn them into legal funds. This usually is done by purchasing large machinery, properties, or even companies. Many people often told me that they noticed that large machinery was purchased by the director at extremely elevated prices. However, the company is still firmly under the founder’s control. So why would they inject black market capital if that would prop up the project and strengthen the founder’s position? It does not make any sense, especially given the fact that the director is extracting and burning as much money as possible, i.e. it looks more like he wants to cause bankruptcy.

So how do those two perspectives combine in a logically coherent way? The answer is that the director’s plan is to cause bankruptcy but he knows that his political allies are ready to purchase the project (see https://lightprism.net/2021/09/28/when-will-this-madness-end/). Upon doing so, the European founders would need to cede control of their company and transfer it in its entirety to the director and his political allies. Knowing the founders and their resilience, I would suspect that they would attempt to do an audit of the accounting books to retrace where capital outflows were going. The director knows this of course so he already has set in motion another “divide and conquer” plan to set the founders against the investors. I have frequently witnessed how the director has been keeping very close contact with several of the largest investors. And every time, he drops tiny yet derogatory pieces of information which let the founders appear in a bad light. As the director controls almost everything in this company, it would be easy for him to produce false evidence which would show that the founders engaged in the embezzlement of investors’ funds. As a matter of fact, I heard that the company was buying large properties in the mountains close to the administration office. When the bankruptcy hits and the investors are in panic, the director could present evidence that the founders stole their money and planned to retreat to their mountain property.

It is a possibility, which is corroborated by the director’s past actions in his previous company. Several years back, he did the same things with another European founder, i.e. grabbing ever more power and extracting funds through illicit accounting schemes. However, the company’s owner detected what he was doing early on and intervened to regain control. The director subsequently fled into the arms of the Austrian founders of the current project and pinned all of his own crimes on his previous business partner. It is a typical Machiavellian strategy: When there is a risk of discovery of the own crimes, it is advisable to pin them onto another person so that they take the fall instead. The director tries to whitewash himself by pinning all he did on the Austrian founders. It truly is a sinister strategy. If he succeeds, the lofty vision of the founders is a thing of the past. There will be no commercial center where people from around the globe meet to work together on innovative technologies and spiritual communities. Instead, it will be under the control of the corrupt “powers that should not be” and they will implement their standard structures, e.g. selling some overpriced properties, a little bit of agriculture, and livestock, combined with some meager entertainment services. Sure, the project will continue but it will be dull, average, and uninspiring. And the founder’s deepest fears will become a reality as they are booted out by their business partner in whom they placed their unconditional trust.

A bold strategy to cross their plans

So how can the director’s plans be averted? How can the inspiring spiritual vision of the founders be made a reality? The only viable option is to convince the founders of the true nature of the director. This requires shattering the director’s facade which he is carefully upholding towards the founders. I already tried to do so as I gave the founders a lot of opportunities to make this connection themselves. Over a period of several weeks, I presented them with lots of evidence clearly pointing towards systemic corruption. Also, I guided them through a tense theater play where we caught the director red-handed as his lies about a Point of Sale (PoS) system fell apart. Even the founder’s son understood that the director is playing a foul game and that some hidden agenda is going on. Unfortunately, the project founders neglected every opportunity I gave them and refused to even consider that the director could not share their noble vision. Almost frantically, they rationalized away every evidence I provided them. They expanded immense cognitive energy into upholding their worldview that the director is on their side. Also, they vehemently refused to acknowledge that there are grave financial problems in the project. For me, it was utterly exhausting because I already showed extreme patience with the founders and they never wanted to wake up from their delusions. Why are they so blind to this and so unwilling to even look at the problems around the director?

About 10 years ago, my father almost had a financial bankruptcy. He had very high debts from a home extension from around the time I was born. Instead of facing his problems and seeking help, he chose to take on additional debts from financial services with really high-interest rates. Also, he racked up thousands of Euros of debt on several credit cards with also very high-interest rates. I only got to know about all of this when his bank threatened to freeze his account as he also was in the negative there significantly. When I started to talk to my father, he did not show any reason or willingness to face the problem either. Instead, he first tried to deny the problem, e.g. “it is not so bad”, “I never had financial problems” etc. And when he could not deny it anymore, he became angry and blamed everyone but himself, e.g. “how could the bank threaten to close my account after being one of their most loyal customers?”, “I only have those problems because nobody has ever had my back in life”, “I should not have started a family”. Why did he behave so irrationally? I realized that my father carried a deep trauma about money. He had a very distorted relationship to it. As my grandfather did in WW2 when my father was only a baby, he grew up very impoverished, being raised by a single mother in those unforgiving times. Thus, he had a deep-seated existential fear of hunger and starvation. But it went deeper. He also carried the shame of being perceived as a poor person. As a consequence, during his life, he adopted coping mechanisms of always trying to appear wealthy. In his 20s and early 30s, he spend lots of money on status symbols and also often invited others for a drink. He never saved nor invested much. And when he started a family, he extended his home far beyond necessity. It was more of an arms race with the neighbors in a competition for the biggest and most expensive home. My father always used to be a very diligent, disciplined and hard-working person yet his financial trauma caused the exact thing he was afraid of: Almost losing everything. There are strong parallels to the traumas and related behaviors of the Austrian project founders.

Hence, it became very clear that it is absolutely futile to try to wake the founders up to the financial corruption of the director. They will always look the other way due to their own traumas and fears. There is an alternative approach, however. The director engages in two categories of crimes: a) financial corruption and b) sexual exploitation of female employees. The founders carry no internal traumas regarding the latter topic, so they will be able to neutrally perceive evidence about the director’s sexual exploitation. Apart from their own financial problems, the founders hold very high moral standards and their dedication is to “fight the deep state” and to “enter a New Age of humanity”. Once the corresponding evidence is presented, they will never be able to whitewash it. This will the director’s downfall and disrupt his entire plans.

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