The veil ruptures as the last karmic debts are cleared

The veil ruptures as the last karmic debts are cleared

I unconditionally followed my higher guidance to experience a dramatic shift in my life heralding the completion of my biggest karmic cycle and the rupture of the veil.

In the last post, I described how the evidence I compiled helped to bring down one of the members of the project director’s corrupt Machiavellian administration. My higher guidance directed me to talk to the daughter of the founders as well as Mario, who is a very close manager to the project director. I had a really strong intuition to talk to them but the outcome was shockingly unexpected…

Following divine guidance in blind faith

On Thursday evening, I talked to Mario in private. He is one of the highest-ranking managers of the project director and has a lot of insider knowledge about the corrupt schemes because he is maintaining many of them as the director commands. For instance, Mario has all the keys for every warehouse on the weekend, when nobody else is there. Several people already indicated that he takes out materials and subsequently transports them out of the project. Similarly, he has the keys to the fuel tanks and frequently filled fuel into gas canisters and transported it out of the project. Through my efforts in digitalizing the warehouse, I have become aware of conflicts between the warehouse staff and Mario. Several times they told me how Mario was entering the warehouses on the weekend but did not report to them which materials were taken and for which project. Likewise, there is a system to track the fuel usage but there often appeared a high discrepancy between the documented refueling and the actual amount left in the tank. Even the director told the founders that “someone was stealing fuel” several weeks ago when I already knew that it was Mario and it was commanded by the director.

I followed my higher guidance to speak to Mario and tell him that I know everything. I knew it was risky but certainly, there would be a higher reason, wouldn’t it? Our conversation began with friendly small talk, as Mario complained how he is totally overwhelmed and exhausted with work. One key aspect of the project director’s Machiavellian scheme is that it does not scale well. There is so much corruption everywhere, that he needs to rely only on a few people who keep it all in check. If he would hire additional experts, they would quickly realize what’s going on and become a threat to his system. Especially because competent individuals always have options and higher standards, so many of them would not succumb to the director’s efforts to pressure them or control them through financial means, as he likes to do with his loyal henchmen. Hence, so much responsibility in this rapidly growing project is loaded on Mario’s shoulders so that he is almost at the point of burnout. I used this to build a bridge to what I wanted to address, so I told Mario that many of the current structures do not allow for any more growth in the project. Now, I had his full attention and said that there are also many things in the shadows and there is a dualistic command structure between the founders and the director, with conflicting interests. Mario was a little bit confused but knew what I was hinting at. Subsequently, I started to tell him the experiences I had during the implementation of my digital systems in the warehouse and how the director revealed his true nature to me in the process. Back then, Mario defended my team member James during a meeting as the director wanted to see him out of the company. So I thanked Mario for doing this, which he acknowledged. I continued that I wanted to help Mario now to balance the scales. Because I knew that he was implicated in several illegal activities so I told him that I will do everything to protect him if he helps me with further information. Mario was very hesitant and insecure and told me that he is just following orders because he needs the job for his family and children. A strong undertone of insecurity and fear was in his expression. Mario proceeded to ask if there will be consequences for him because he was just following orders? I told him the story of the Nuremberg trials in Germany after WWII, where most of the accused tried to defend themselves by stating they simply followed the orders. This however was not enough. Each person has their conscience and stands responsible in front of God for their actions. Mario thought for a moment and then asked if we really have much evidence, so I told him that we have collected tangible numbers and the founders will most likely do an external audit of the accounting books, which will quickly reveal the director’s duplicitous schemes. Mario also asked me if other people know about this information, so I said that many investors do, as well as several local workers. As we parted ways, I felt a strong energy rush in my spine, acting as a powerful divine confirmation that I was on my destined path – even though I did not know yet how bumpy it would be!

On Friday evening, I decided to talk to the daughter of the founders. We have never talked before, except for small talk. Yet, I always felt a strong connection to her, as if I somehow knew her. Anyways, we started talking and I told her my own experiences as well with the project director and his people from the administration. I told her the minute details of how the director lied several times to us, especially to the founders. I gave her detailed accounts of my experiences and how hard the last months were. How every single one of our efforts to implement digital systems was obstructed and attacked from several directions. How rumors about sexual molestation of female employees were suddenly starting to circulate against me. How there were rumors against all of my team members, which we could quickly verify as false in front of the founders. And every single time, the strings were leading back into the office of the director. I explained to the founder’s daughter, how shocked I was about how easily the director managed to manipulate the founders against one of my best team members. The director created a false facade of fear, mixing in several false witnesses with other semi-true facts so that the founders absorbed these allegations at face value without critically questioning them. Subsequently, the founder’s son and I could verify that the majority of those allegations were false and the founder himself confronted the director for more concrete evidence – which he of course never provided. Just recently, the director has tried the same strategy again against my team member James, i.e. creating false allegations against him through the fake internal audit and then feigning ignorance and upset in front of the founders about James. My own research confirmed quickly that James did everything by the book and all those allegations were untrue, fabricated to frame him and weaken his position. The founder’s daughter was a bit overwhelmed but she took it all in. She asked me why the director would siphon off large sums of money? At this point, I was not sure but could only speculate. I told her that during the last conflict in January, the director used divide-and-conquer tactics to set the founders against certain investors and vice versa, by giving each party false information about the other one. A sinister tactic that created incredible upheaval in this community but who profited from it? Of course, the director. His position was fortified and many investors preferred to organize all dealings with him instead of the founders. I suspect that the director knows that the financial situation of the project does not look very rosy. It is only a matter of time until the liquidity will dry up, especially if more investors take flight. His end game probably is to take over the absolute control of the project, to which he needs to have especially the largest investors on his side so they can wrestle the control from the founders. I have observed how the director is often pampering especially those investors with a large stake in the project, some of whom do not speak with the founders anymore. This for me always was a huge red flag, I told the founder’s daughter. I am very suspicious of this, especially having observed the cunning divide-and-conquer tactics of the director in the past. I told her that it is her responsibility as well to prevent such a power grab and to keenly observe the social dynamics between the director, her parents and the investors. Lastly, I had talked about this situation with a few of the long-term investors, many of whom have begun to look through the director’s facade as well. This was a lot to take in but she thanked me and said she needs to process things first. I told her to not speak to her parents about it because they are absolutely blind to the true nature of the director but just see his false light facade. If she told this to their parents, they could even kick me out for creating division.

Pulling the rug from beneath my feet

Strong energy jolts in my body confirmed to me that I had been doing everything according to the higher divine plan. Yet, on Sunday I was presented with my personal tower-moment, as the founder asked me to his house to “have a conversation”. The founder and his wife were neutral and polite and I had no idea what was about to hit me as the director suddenly entered the door. It started to dawn on me that a different turn of events was planned then I anticipated. The founder asked me if I had talked to anyone since my last meeting with them. I knew that he was aware of my meeting with his daughter, who probably went to his parents and told them about everything. The founder confirmed, saying she cried for hours and was almost impossible to calm them down. The founder proceeded to ask if I talked to anyone else. I admitted to having talked to Mario too. The director began to quote things I was saying to Mario. I realized that Mario had recorded the entire conversation! I had a suspicion about this earlier but did not think he would do this. I was wrong! And now the director of course was using this to get me out of the way. He said I was engaging in defamation against his “good reputation”, so now I would learn to feel the full force of the justice system in this country. I felt how he really wanted to hit me as hard as possible so that I could never become a threat to him ever again. The founders were not really angry though, they continued to hold a civilized discussion. The director stormed out to smoke a cigarette as the founder accused me of being easily misguided by people who have left the project. I instantly knew, he was projecting onto me, as he said that I am unable to form my own opinion but only follow the manipulation of several other people. He continued to say that I need help with dealing with my issues and that I am living in a dream world, in an attempt to escape reality – another projection because that is what he has been doing all along. The founder’s wife said they thought how they could “rectify” my point of view but they realized that it would be impossible so that I can never work with them again.

The only option would be to leave the project. I told them that I mean no harm and I don’t want to create any drama. So I would pack my things and leave immediately. For the rest of my things, my property and container, I would need to decide on a later date how this could be organized. The director had a very smug attitude about him, as he told me that “I am not as smart as I think”. “Talking to his best manager” and expecting to “turn him” was obviously such a stupid idea. I wanted to give the director his feeling of victory so I told him that I have greatly underestimated him and now must pay the price for it. I saw a smug grin on the director’s face and turned to the founders. They asked me about two key investors and the secretary of the founders, Rosa, which I mentioned in the recorded conversation with Mario. I realized how agitated the director was as he thought I had talked to those investors. He even quickly stood up to smoke a cigarette again. During the 30 minute meeting, he smoke more than 5 cigarettes, revealing how nervous he was. I told the founders that there is a systematic corrupt scheme for siphoning off a lot of money from the company, as confirmed by many. It operates in a systematic way and everything is ordered by the director. The director vehemently interjected that he “never would order over-invoicing or other schemes”. He continued to assure that every single one of the employees of the administration, who is discovered doing corrupt acts, will be fired immediately. Even the IT guy, who I exposed, will be fired without compensation, the director said. He proceeded to say that I urgently should seek out psychological help for my delusions. I responded that this is a well-known strategy of Stalin who accused dissidents of mental illness to silence them. The director was enraged but then became quickly silent, unsure of what he should respond to my comment. I turned towards the founders and thanked them for everything, reassuring them that I am only acting towards the best interest of them and the project as a whole. I admitted that I might have a lot of things to learn and maybe this exit is an important lesson for me. I then also thanked the director, at least for everything until the situation escalated this May, as we tried to implement our systems. I assured them that I would quietly leave for “personal reasons” and that I would now take time off for travel and introspection. The founder thanked me and wished me good luck for my further journey. The director asked the founder if he really does not want to take legal action against me? The founder responded that he will only take action if I would create further problems. I thanked them and reassured him otherwise. I noticed how disappointed the director was that I was let go so easily and without graver punishment.

I was escorted by security to my room where I had 30 minutes to pack my backpack with the most important items and leave the community on my motorbike. What an interesting turn of events! I was really surprised at how calm I was within. There was little fear and uncomfortable emotions, yet a lot of clarity, peace, and centeredness. I really had come a long way in my healing journey. I drove to the next city where I spent the night in a hotel. As I reflected upon the situation, I understand that this was all intended to happen. However, I needed to have absolute trust in my divine guidance to walk on this risky path. Even though it looked as if I had lost everything, this actually was a great success! My intuition confirmed that I was on the right path, that I needed to leave the project behind for now and focus on other things. The director might feel safe because I made this apparently stupid move towards my personal destruction. What he does not realize is that I am merely following my higher guidance, which knows much more than my limited mind could ever comprehend. While the director is disconnected from the higher levels of consciousness, still deeply entangled in his fears and traumas, that block his view. As I was riding on the motorbike, I saw a brief vision of how the Machiavellian lines have been broken by my frontal assault. Now, they are scattering and desperately trying to regroup, while I am pulling back my troops. What I saw then was very interesting: From the sidelines, a massive assault was executed on the director’s troops who were still scattered. They would never see this attack coming and were totally overwhelmed by it to the point of complete annihilation. In the evening, I talked to the founder’s son who informed me that the corrupt IT guy was fired and now my team member James was the new head of IT in the entire company. Nobody vouched for the previous IT guy, he was dropped immediately. Wow, what a pleasant surprise!

The final closure of karmic cycles

After this shocking turn of events, I drove to the capital to take several days off and relax. I noticed how my body was processing a lot of dark emotions, especially fear. I woke up several times a night and felt those dark emotions in my body. I just surrendered to them because that is the only way we can clear them. One day, the upcoming shadows were so intense that I started to meditate extensively. In my mind’s eye, I found myself again at the marketplace of Rotenburg in Hessen, Germany, in the Rennaissance age. These were my final moments, where I was standing at the gallows, to be executed. What I saw in front of me looked like a theater play: Dark, brutal and limited. I saw the timber-framed old houses, which I know from my home town in this incarnation, which is also Rotenburg. The universe truly has an interesting sense of humor as we are closing the karmic circles. In front of me on the marketplace, there were the roaring masses. They were absolutely blood-thirsty, disconnected from the divine, shouting aggressively and demanding my execution. As I was standing there at the gallows unable to do anything, I perceived the upcoming trauma in three regions:

1) In my throat, I felt intense constriction, as if I am unable to speak or defend myself. I knew had understood the exact details of the king’s (the director in this current life) corruption, yet I did not have all the evidence because I could not convince my parents (the founders). Regardless of what I said, it had no effect. They were totally stuck in their beliefs that the king was sharing their higher vision. And they were full of fear that the project would fail. A fate, which would come in any case, especially because they avoided facing the corruption around them and the negative emotions within.

2) In my heart, I felt fear and sadness. The fear is for my own imminent fate, death at the gallows but also for the impending fate of the citizens of Rotenburg. As the corruption was so extreme and the financial situation so disastrous, their recently founded princedom was doomed to descend into terrible chaos and destruction. I felt sad too because in a way I felt responsible for all those people. I knew I had a higher mission to expose corruption and to set the course right for the future prosperity of this dark region. Still, despite all my knowledge and awareness, I was unable to succeed and thus, many of those people who were demanding my death, were soon to have a similar fate.

3) Lastly, I felt shame and guilt in my gut. I felt ashamed for the errors I had committed and for my obvious missteps. Well, they were obvious in hindsight but in the heat of the moment, I could not see them coming. Especially the betrayal of Mario came as a surprise. But he was merely giving in to his lower emotions of fear and shame as well, i.e. fear for his family and shame for the terrible deeds he had done for the king.

At this moment, I realized that all those souls back in the Rennaissance incarnation have had grave missteps. I was not the only one. We were all responsible, carrying a part of the burden of the resulting chaos and suffering. My parents (the founders) were reluctant to face their fear of a potential project failure so they preferred to not look at the king’s (director) corruption. The king (director) was so deeply fallen to the lower temptations of money, power and women that he just could not get out alone but preferred to do everything to hide his acts, even at the expense of others. The situation for Mario was similar, yet he also was afraid that he could not provide for the family if he would oppose the king. My sister (founder’s daughter) was overwhelmed by the burden of what I told her and could not do anything but betray me, even though she did not realize it. I was just too much everything. My younger brother (the founder’s son) always had my back and helped me to convince our parents of the truth, but he was just too young and too enmeshed in his own personal struggles to help me to bring the mission to a conclusion. We all have made terrible mistakes and caused immense suffering as a result. However, it is never too late to forgive ourselves and to seek divine redemption. Once we have forgiven ourselves and learned from those missteps, we can always return to the divine path.

The fortunate thing is that I got a strong intuition that I am close to finally clearing the karma from those unfortunate events in the Rennaissance period! Through my quick death in that lifetime, I had little opportunity to learn and understand why it happened. The events in 2020 were a partial replay of those situations with the same souls, in order for us to learn those lessons and to see other perspectives. I now see all those participants for what they are: Conflicted souls, who deviated from their higher path, and who got enmeshed in an unfortunate web of negative circumstances. None of those souls is beyond saving, even the king (the director). My exit from the community means that I have terminated my karmic theater play and now the other souls will continue their final chapters to finally bring this show to an end and start anew. As I prayed for divine support to resolve those dark emotions and old traumas, I felt how incredibly powerful energy was streaming through my body. I was still standing at the gallows at the marketplace in Rotenburg when I saw how suddenly the dark skies were bursting open and the entire scenery was flooded with intensely bright white light. I heard the trumpets as legions of angelic beings were streaming into this dark theater and immersing everything with their beautiful energy of unconditional love. It was fascinating, as the formerly dark and brutal scenery was being rapidly transformed into something vivid and colorful. There were beautiful flowers growing, animals were joining the people at the marketplace and finally, it looked as if the people woke up from a dark spell. Before, they demanded my execution shouting in hate and rage, but now they were looking around, slightly disoriented as if they woke up from a long dream. Those people were encompassed by the energy of unconditional love which was flooding the stage so they were looking around to the people next to them and holding them in a warm embrace, grateful to have them here with them.

It was such a beautiful vision, which hints that I am in the final stages of my karmic clearings. As I am with those clearings, humanity as a whole is very close, to the total disillusion of the old Matrix systems, which held us enslaved for millennia.

The veil is dissolving and the light quotient on this beautiful Earth will only continue to rise exponentially. I am so grateful to be part of this and I am looking forward to a bright future for us all – one full of endless opportunities and new beginnings.

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