Legions of angels assist to break the Machiavellian front

Legions of angels assist to break the Machiavellian front

As I was close to giving up on my mission, I was jolted into action against my Machiavellian opponents. Legions of angels assisted to deliver a decisive strike pushing us closer towards the ultimate victory of the light.

I was at a point where I was giving up on my mission to resolve corruption by exposing Machiavellian schemes. I just wanted to have my peace to focus on private projects. The power structures of the project director seemed to be solid and impossible to overcome. That was when things suddenly started to go into motion again.

They forced my hand to go into the offensive

As described in the last post, we found evidence about how the IT guy from the city office, a key member in the director’s Machiavellian power structure, is using his wife’s company for the majority of IT equipment purchases. I did not want to attack the Machiavellian scheme but instead retreat and focus on private projects, in the assumption that everything will fall apart on its own in the near future. However, the director and his henchmen crossed the red line for me because they attacked my team member, James. The internal audit guy, who does fake audits ignoring real problems but instead frequently uses his position to eliminate dissidents, proceeded to make severe allegations against James. He had installed a biometric time tracking system for the employees at the company. Recently, a couple of people gamed the biometric system to register time for friends who did not come to work. James always did everything in full collaboration with the HR department but the director told the founder’s wife that James acted independently, without permission and knowledge of the HR head and the director. I had an intense conversation with the founder’s wife, who naively repeated the director’s accusations against James, demanding explications from me. Intense anger bubbled up inside me as this reminded me of how the director easily manipulated the founders to turn against my team member Andrew a few months ago. I told her that I am tired of those political games and intrigues coming from the city office, so I want to stop all my efforts to reveal corruption. Suddenly, her whole expression changed and she listened attentively to what was weighing down heavy on my soul. I reminded her of what I had gone through with my team earlier when we tried to implement a digital system for the warehouse and how they now are trying the same strategies to weaken us. What surprised me is that the fonder’s wife apparently had already repressed those events from memory. She initially resisted but then acknowledged what I said. I proceeded to say that I made the founders aware of grave corruption in the city office but that is all I can do. They need to take action to further investigate the situation. The founder’s wife responded that they need a lot more concrete evidence before they can act. I told her that they have the authority to request a detailed audit of the accounting books by an external company. The founder’s wife thanked me for inspiring her, stood up and left. As I found out later, she proceeded to investigate an offer of a laptop for one of her secretaries, which is managed by the crooked city office’s IT guy. What a coincidence!

As the director and the fake audit guy continued to viciously attack James by trying to make him responsible for a crime others committed, I decided to attack them with all we have, firing a full broadside against the crooked IT guy. I knew this would dramatically escalate the situation but I would do everything to protect my team member James and not allow them to repeat what they did to Andrew in the past. My Machiavellian enemy is a powerful opponent, with superior numbers and much more resources than I have available. Yet, their largest disadvantage is their own arrogance. They have underestimated my resolve and perseverance time and time again, similar to how the Roman republic underestimated the slave rebellion led by Spartacus. And in a way, I find myself in a Machiavellian slave system where I cannot freely act but need to defer to their corrupt outdated structures. I and many other people have great potential to unleash to bring the project forward, yet we are blocked by the Machiavellian control structure which desperately fights for its survival. Unlike Spartacus, my weapon is not the sword but the truth, which is equally powerful if wielded wisely.

Compiling waterproof evidence against the IT lead

As I decided to go into the offense, we needed to hit them hard, dealing a destructive blow to their schemes. The goal was to rely as much as possible on tangible numbers, that would clearly make visible the corruption even for those who would rather look the other way. Thus, I met with the founder’s son and we used his account in the company’s accounting system to export a list of all company purchases. Afterward, I took the afternoon off to work through those data points, analyzing all purchases from the company of the IT guy’s wife. I quickly found myself in an alternating emotional state of amazement and horror as the total sum of purchases only in the current year was immense. Moreover, I compared the prices of several items such as laptops, printers and smartphones with those available in large online shops in this country. Every item I found was significantly overpriced! For instance, a smartphone was 25% above the cheapest market price, a printer was even overpriced by 120%! But there have been many more irregularities. For instance, the invoice numbers indicated that the company makes few sales to other customers except to us. I wrote down all of those observations, along with attached screenshots as evidence, in the most neutral way I could. The numbers speak for themselves. It actually is quite funny how ruthless and careless they are as the IT guy is in a key position where he manages all purchases of IT equipment in the company and even its inventory. So it is impossible to track the whereabouts of the purchased products and if they physically are delivered at all.

The director always feigns transparency and integrity by saying that anyone who only steals just a single cent from the company, will be fired – without any exceptions. This of course is his Machiavellian facade, presented to the gullible public. What he actually means though is that he will fire those who steal without his authorization. “The end justifies the means” – so from the director’s distorted point of view, it is no problem to siphon off as much money as possible to fortify his own position. Unfortunately, the founders still place their unconditional trust in this false Machiavellian facade. They are blindly following the false light of the director, which always leads them away from the actual corruption towards fake illusions. My mission is to essentially walk with the founders shining my own light, which is much stronger than that of the director, and illuminate the actual problems so they can see them with their own eyes. Eventually, they will be unable to ignore it and will be forced to confront the director.

Legions of angels descending to assist breaking the Machiavellian front

The founder’s son and I set up a meeting with his parents, where we would present the evidence in written form. As I walked towards the meeting, I closed my eyes and received a strong visual where I found myself on a battlefield heading towards the enemy line. Legions of angels descended and joined in this battle, which I commanded as the general of this divine army. I perceived how the dark forces were already on the defensive but now it was the time for the forces of the light to go into the offense, firing everything we have at them. It was a quick battle where the dark forces were totally overwhelmed by the merciless assault of the light. The Machiavellian front was easily breached and they scattered and retreated in full panic. We are in the process of ending their outdated dark schemes once and for all in order to be able to create something new from the rubble of their collapsing structures.

The meeting with the founders went quite well. Initially, they tried to rationalize away how severe those findings are but the numbers were too obvious to be white-washed. The founder’s son eagerly supported me, pointing out additional findings and connections he made. The founders finally said this is impossible to ignore and further investigations need to be done. I told them that nobody from the administration can be trusted. They will try to interfere and block the process as long as possible. The only reasonable path of action would be for the founders to request an external audit from a large professional company with a good reputation. The founder responded that he agreed because the internal audit is totally worthless as they should have done the work which I did. What really surprised me is that he also said that he and his wife already decided to do an external audit. Incredible how quickly everything is falling into place now! If the founders request an external audit, this will put the director under even more pressure. According to his Machiavelian playbook, he would try to organize a fake audit, where the auditors are paid off and just look where they are instructed. Surely, they will find a few little problems and the director will sacrifice one or two of his loyal employees by putting all the blame on them. That is what he usually does and has done frequently in the past. The founders, totally overworked and with very few people they can trust in the company, could do nothing but accept the fake audit’s findings and move on to business as usual.

Of course, the director knows that I am standing in the way because I would certainly interfere with those plans as I did in the past. Especially the decision of which audit company to select is the most critical. Large audit firms from the capital are impossible to bribe because this would destroy their reputation. If the director would attempt to interfere with the auditing process, this would cause even more legal problems for him. He cannot afford that. Thus, I guess the director’s only course of action is to get me out of the way first. Right now, he is trying to neutralize my team member James to weaken my position and demoralize me. If that fails, which it most likely will, he has no choice but to attack me directly. I am not sure if he will do this but it is quickly becoming a loose/loose situation for him. They are almost in checkmate. Regardless of what they do, they will weaken their position and continue to reveal their schemes.

A powerful divine message from the Thundergod Zeus

Last weekend, a strong thunderstorm hit and several lightning strikes caused equipment malfunctions. Almost a year ago, we already had a catastrophic lightning strike, which destroyed a large number of our network equipment. Interestingly, the main network router had only a partial failure, where the left half of the ports was still functional while the right half of them were destroyed. Back then, I realized that there was a divine message in this disaster: There will be a change of leadership in this community. One-half of the leadership will be taken out, as well as many people in strategic points. However, this process will be completed very swiftly without causing catastrophic problems for this project. A normal working operation will be quickly restored.

This time, the pattern was different. Only two network switches at very strategic, central locations were damaged. The first one was at the office where the local South American workers reside. The second one was between the house of the founders and her daughter. Logically, it did not make any sense that these two devices were damaged because they were not directly connected. How could a lightning strike so selectively damage those two devices but leave all others between them intact? After completing the repairs, I went on a meditative walk to ponder this strange situation. I quickly realized that this was not a coincidence but there was another divine message in this incident: The two network switches symbolize two people who are at strategically important positions. The first one is Mario, who is working closely with the director and is responsible to manage all teams of local workers. The second one is the daughter of the founders, who came here just weeks ago to now live permanently in this community. As I made these connections, I was overcome by an intense energy jolt in my spine, a divine confirmation. These two people at very critical key positions will apparently play important roles in the coming collapse. What roles could they possibly play? I see two main options: a) they could accelerate the termination of the old schemes by taking decisive action and b) they could assume leadership in the coming chaos to keep the business going while the old leadership is in disarray and chaos.

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