A palm leaf reading elaborates my soul’s destiny

A palm leaf reading elaborates my soul’s destiny

I requested a palm leaf reading, which provided interesting hints on my spirit guides, previous incarnations and my soul’s destiny.

A while ago, a friend told me about a German guy who lives on Bali, Indonesia and offers palm leaf readings, that give indications on our soul’s missions and destiny. I was intrigued and immediately requested a reading, which costs about 200 USD.

What is a palm leaf reading?

In Hinduism, there is a tradition of palm leaf libraries, which are ancient libraries where information about specific souls is stored. As we have had dozens, if not hundreds of incarnations on this world, there are recurring themes in our soul’s karmic blueprints and missions spanning across multiple incarnations. In addition, there are many palm leaf libraries across the globe and every single one of them might have different information about us and our soul’s destiny. However, it also might be the case that there is no information at all. As I read about this topic, it resonated deeply within me and I immediately requested a reading from the contact on Bali. They needed my date and location of birth and my name. Then they converted my birthdate into the format of the Hinduistic lunar calendar in order to verify with a local shaman, whether there was information available for me. Indeed, it was the case that they encountered a palm leaf for me. Hence, they performed the reading and after about two weeks sent me a large audio file containing the reading of the shaman, a translation into German and additional information about the entire context. The reading started with explaining my 3 spirit guides, which are Gods or figures of Hindu mythology.

Indra is my main spirit guide

My first spirit guide is Indra, the king of gods in Hinduism. He is the God of lightning, thunder, storms and war. He is one of the most powerful deities similar to what Zeus is in Greek mythology. The fact that Indra is my main guide means that I have a very important and very challenging mission in this life, as he is the source of extremely strong, powerful but also violent energy. Indra has the power to create justice in the material world, through belligerent means if it is necessary. It absolutely fits my role as a warrior, or more precisely my role as a general, as I am task to bring down very corrupt Machiavellian power structures of this Matrix where I currently am in South America. An interesting link to a vision about Zeus: https://lightprism.net/2021/04/13/divine-absolution-and-the-ultimate-promotion-of-the-highest-honor/

Furthermore, Indra implies that I have a great potential of leading teams and working on my own as an independent entrepreneur. Fascinatingly, that is exactly what I have been doing for the last two years, as I created my own company and work on a large project as an independent sub-contractor building up complex IT infrastructure. To achieve this, I have been leading diverse teams of locals as well as Europeans. Many people have commented on my effective leadership abilities. My leadership style is based on finding talented people and empowering them to become self-sufficient. I don’t want to tell people what they need to do. Instead, I look for people who are ready to take on large challenges and I empower them to tackle them on their own accord. Based on this strategy, I have managed to create highly effective teams who always had my back in very challenging crisis situations as well.

Lastly, Indra as my primary spirit guide implies that I have a very impulsive temperament. My astrological sign is Aries, a fire sign, so without any doubt, I often am prone to impulsive behaviors and imprudent actions. It is advisable to set up a regular spiritual practice of meditation and breathing exercises to balance out my emotions so that I can direct them from a neutral, controlled position. For years, I have already implemented a regular meditation routine as I realized early on that this was important for my inner balance. Nevertheless, I still have the potential to explode once in a while, especially when faced with grave injustices, e.g. how the project director schemed against my team members. The final advice was that I need to keep focusing on opening my crown chakra to establish a better energy flow and a better divine connection.

Urangan as my second spirit animal

Urangan (I am not sure if the name is correct) is a bird in Hindu mythology and it stands for creativity and innovation. It also implies that I have a high potential to actually implement my ideas and bring my visions into reality. Moreover, I am highly adaptable to rapidly changing circumstances and I have the talent to work together with other people, due to my high rhetoric and communication skills. This would make me a good teacher, motivator or consultant, which indeed is a role I have often assumed throughout my life. For instance, back in Germany, I was teaching several courses at university. People always told me that I have the talent to express highly complex topics in simple terms so that they are easy to understand. In addition, I have high artistic abilities, especially in relation to writing skills. This is no surprise, as I often was drawn to jobs where I needed to write a lot, as in my position at a leading research institute in Germany. Especially for my current mission here in South America, it is of utmost importance to produce written documentation about all my projects in order to defeat the lies and deceptions of my Machiavellian opponents, who prefer verbal agreements which they suddenly have forgotten weeks later.

Furthermore, Urangan implies that I frequently switch between my inner world and the outside world. I need periods where I am focused within, in solitude and introspection so that I can draw new inspirations and ideas. Subsequently, I will then put myself out there into the outer world to actually implement these ideas, in often very dynamic setups. Another aspect is that I like to travel the world to absorb as much information and impressions as possible to grow as a person and to go onto new paths. In fact, I always was repelled by the idea of doing what others told me to or by walking the well-trodden paths. I always preferred to follow my own intuition, to often switch paths, learn new information and especially different cultures and by cutting out my own path. Finally, I also have a talent for finances and handling money. This certainly will also be very important in my mission in the near future.

Vijaya Kusuma as my third spirit symbol

Vijaya Kusuma (not sure about the pronunciation) is a tree and represents a very strong connection to nature. Thus, I feel a very strong connection and a frequent need to recharge my batteries by seeking solitude in quiet places in nature. Indeed, I always was very sensitive and was quickly overwhelmed by the sensory overload, especially in big cities. So I preferred the countryside and to be alone or in small groups in nature to relax and find inspiration. Another aspect of this symbol is that I have a very high capacity to take up new information and an ability to quickly work into novel fields. Strong energy seems to be connected to my hands which are perfectly suited for a career in science, technology, IT or writing. And yet again, this perfectly matches my life path so far as I had been following an IT career with great success so far. Another aspect of Vijaya Kusuma is that I am gifted with a powerful ability to heal others through my strong connection to nature. As a matter of fact, since last year I have made quantum leaps in my own abilities by learning the toolkit a shaman had taught me. I already successfully applied his methods to assist others in doing shadow work and to heal their childhood traumas.

Hints to my soul’s mission

In fact, I can use the entirety of my energy, knowledge and abilities to assist others, to open up their blockages, help them to find balance and to lead them on the right path. The plan leaf reading indicated that my soul is very old yet also very strong and has taken on a monumentally challenging mission in this lifetime, which however is very crucial for humanity. I would be faced with enormous challenges and undergo extremely hard times with a lot of suffering. The most important hint for me is to focus on my own balance and self-care. I need to carefully pick my battles to not deplete my energies too fast. Also, I need to delegate less important tasks so that I can focus on those critical battles that eventually decide the course of my mission.

Well, the fact that I have an important mission and would face a lot of suffering is not really a surprise! Nevertheless, this information is interesting and gives further details into the higher context of my mission. All of my intrinsic talents, abilities and interests seem to have led up to the mission I am facing now in this community in South America. In order to expose the deeply rooted corruption and those cunning Machiavellian schemes, I assumed a key position in this project by building up a modern IT infrastructure by leading a diverse multi-cultural team. Eventually, we even expanded our reach into the accounting processes of this company, where the central cesspit of corruption lies. As the Machiavellian director realized that I got too close, I already had a too important position to easily fire or replace me. Subsequently, my systematic, diligent and factual style of documenting every single one of our steps and observations allowed me to shine a light on the corrupt schemes and also to open the eyes of the project founders. Ultimately, when the project founders realize that their director had been deceiving them for years now, the whole corrupt house of cards will come crashing down and all people involved, investors, employees, politicians and observers alike, will be in confusion and despair. That is when this blog here comes into play, as it will help to make the people understand what really is going on by explaining everything from my perspective. That said, of course, I am not entirely sure how everything will play out exactly. But I am very certain that everything, all corruption, all lies, manipulation and even crimes need to be brought into the light so that everyone can see them. The times of secret schemes existing in the shadows of our unconsciousness are over. The darkness needs to be faced head-on to be able to overcome it. A related post about my soul’s mission and how you can find yours too: https://lightprism.net/2021/06/18/how-to-find-your-purpose-and-unlock-your-destiny/

Hints on previous incarnations

The palm leaf library contained hints on 5 of my incarnations in the last 2800 years. My intuition has indicated that I am a very old soul with hundreds if not thousands of incarnations on this Earth, so these 5 incarnations are a certain excerpt, representing a recurring theme of my soul’s plan. First of all, 2800 years ago, I incarnated as a man in the role of a Yogi in India so that certain things like meditation and yoga must come really naturally to me. Indeed, this is the case, as it was almost effortless for me to learn to meditate, basically reconnecting to an ability that already was linked to a past life. More than 2000 years ago, I had another incarnation as a man in South America, living in the jungle with a small group, having a spiritual role. Afterward, I incarnated as a woman in Middle America where I had a key position in the community and a very social role. Later on, I had another incarnation as a woman in South Africa as a spiritual teacher. Finally, I had an incarnation as a man in North Europe, where I was the spiritual leader of a large community.

This is really interesting as all of these incarnations link to a common theme where I was a spiritual teacher or a spiritual leader in communities. I never got any hints on these incarnations before because in my current mission to bring down the corrupt structures, I found myself in the role of a warrior who is fighting for truth and justice. Hence, several memories of other incarnations as a warrior were activated as I was going through similar struggles. For instance, I was a leading general in the Rennaissance incarnation in Hessen, Germany, which is the most important incarnation related to the current project that is replayed now in South America. Memories of other incarnations, where I was a samurai in ancient Japan or a Templar knight in Jerusalem also came to my attention. Recently, I realized that I also was a general leading a Roman legion into battle against the Germanian tribes in the geographical area that is now Hessen, Germany. In any case, as my mission to expose the corrupt structure and ultimately bring them down will soon come to an end, my next mission will begin. And it very well might be one where I am a spiritual teacher and leader in this community, which will need to be built anew from the ashes. We shall see but I am looking forward to the next mission.

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