Waves of light are illuminating every shadow

Waves of light are illuminating every shadow

As the Machiavellian house of cards of corruption is starting to collapse, I am elaborating on my vision of this project’s prosperous future.

On this higher mission to help revealing corruption in this project in South America, I had received the vision to directly attack the Machiavellian project director more than a week ago. In a meeting with the founders and their son, I fired a broadside of truth against the director: https://lightprism.net/2021/08/22/the-final-spiritual-battle-for-truth-and-justice/. For instance, I presented my plans on how we could make the purchase processes tamper-proof, I implied that we need to have all accounting checked through external auditors and I revealed that I knew that the director had attacked my best team member months ago. I had everything documented on a sheet of paper which I handed over to the director. As described previously, I sensed how he was wobbling like a fish that is trapped inside a fisherman’s net, desperately trying to get out but it was not possible. The truth shall prevail, always and the reigns of darkness on this beautiful Earth are coming to an end, as massive waves of light are hitting us, like a violent tidal wave on the Atlantic seashore.

The Machiavellian illusions are falling apart

My attack on the director mirrored the cavalry charge in Roman military tactics, where the general hits the enemy army in a surprise attack from the rear. Similar to the barbarian armies in the Germanic wars, the director did not see this coming at all. It became obvious now that he was totally surprised and overwhelmed by my attack because he did not have anything prepared to defend himself or to counter my attack vectors. As I had closely followed my higher self’s intuitions before, I had simulated a retreat of my anti-corruption efforts about 2 months ago. As the director and his henchmen proceeded with their plans, I did not do anything to counter them, instead, I passively let them continue with their advance. As two of my team members had left the project, the director must have felt very safe in his victory. In reality, I was patiently waiting for opportunities and as one of the main accountants from the city office (where the corruption occurs) quit, I connected with him and got intricate details about how the director’s Machiavellian system works (see https://lightprism.net/2021/07/31/the-obvious-assumption-is-not-always-the-right-one/). Hence, I had been collecting more and more evidence and was waiting for the go-signal of my higher self to start my counterattack. And now we have completed our counter-attack and totally overwhelmed the enemy army and their ranks are almost starting to fall apart. My main objective was to point the project founders, who have the ultimate control over everything, to where the corruption exactly is happening. And it worked, as the founder himself took matters into his own hands after the meeting with the director. The founder still did not want to look at the purchase processes, handled in the city office far away, but he focused on the more tangible topic of the invoices for the Mini Market.

As described earlier, the director and his henchmen tried to dismantle all of the systems my team and I had implemented in order to take back control into their own hands. They attempted to do so not by competing fairly as they pretended but by deceiving us again. For instance, they said it is impossible to obtain the authorization for legal invoices for our Point of Sale (PoS) system, so they needed to install their own system. Well, I crossed their plans again as I just went to my own accountant and got the authorization for legal invoices for the same PoS system via my own tax number. As the founders got to know this, this angered them immensely as it vividly demonstrated how devious and unfair the play of the city office actually is. Ultimately, the founder started to vehemently insist that our company’s accountants would provide us with authorization to emit legal invoices through our PoS system. Consequently, a lot of pressure has been building up against key people in the corrupt power structure in the city office. The lead accountant, the right hand of the director, even needed to crawl out of his safe position to show up in person for a demonstration of their system. The founders enforced that their system and our own PoS system would now compete fairly. It will be interesting to observe what they are trying next but as their plans were crossed dramatically, they certainly will commit many errors and keep revealing themselves more and more.

The accountant who was kicked out for his lack of loyal obedience had told me that two of the people from the city office are also very tired of being a pawn in the director’s corrupt schemes. They had been working on plans to improve the business processes in the company but were blocked by other people higher up in the Machiavellian hierarchy. Thus, I figured that I would give both of them a chance to help me by supporting my efforts to reveal the illicit schemes, which have been going on since the inception of the company. I sought out a private meeting with the city office’s IT guy first. I was a bit nervous but an energy rush in my spine confirmed to me that I was doing the right thing. So I told him that I know everything and that I can help him if he supports my efforts. Unfortunately, he did not have the courage to support me but instead, he played stupid and pretended that he knows nothing but only does what he is told. A week later, I talked to the auditor, offering him the same terms that I had offered the IT guy. The auditor also told me that he just does what he is told but that nothing he did was personal, e.g. the attacks against my team’s efforts earlier. Well, at least I had both of them given a chance to change sides. Unfortunately, they continued to remain loyal pawns in the director’s system and proceeded to tell me several lies a few days later, as they wanted to install their own system in the Mini Market. I knew a lot of things, so I tested them with certain statements to see how they react. They were obviously insecure and nervous but continued to play their stupid little game of deception. Finally, I teased the auditor jokingly asking him why he did not take the director’s offer to assume the fired accountant’s position for a really good salary. For a short moment, I saw how his facial expression collapsed as he was thinking of how to respond to this question. Would it be better to negate it, change topics or joke about it? After a short moment of unease, I diffused the tension by jokingly saying that I would not want to be an accountant either in the city office. Both the IT guy and the auditor laughed nervously but also in huge relief. In any case, after this meeting I was sure: They had chosen to continue to be on the Machiavellian team. Before I had considered to spare them but now my decision was made: I would attack them with full force, I would annihilate their position. The time for mercy was over.

The pressure keeps building up

Interestingly, the director is getting a lot of pressure from other directions too. A middle-aged German guy has invested a lot of his own money into the project to keep building up factories, implementing the use of heavy machinery and generally modernize the construction processes in this company. He is a very smart and hard-working guy and a close friend of the project founder, as they share similar visions. I highly respect this innovator for his disciplined work ethic, his dedication to the project and his creative ideas. Nevertheless, he has also a lot of unresolved shadows and psychological blindspots. Like the founder, the innovator is focused exclusively on his work, thus neglecting to do important shadow work, e.g. by facing and healing his past wounds. That said, he creates a lot of pressure on the project director as well by forcing him to modernize the business processes to improve efficiency in this company. Interestingly, the innovator had also noticed grave problems with the purchase processes. He had observed that many of the purchase prices are way too high, especially as the company is buying things in large quantities and should receive considerable discounts. Hence, the innovator started to connect to various merchants on his own and obtained his own quotes for the same products. He made a detailed list of the prices he, as a private person, could obtain and created a side-by-side comparison with the prices of the purchasing department. Of course, it was no surprise that the company’s purchase prices are way overpriced but this created additional pressure on the director to bring transparency into his purchase department. The founder used this opportunity again as another attack vector and demanded a meeting with all department leaders and the project director. The innovator told me that the director reprimanded his department leaders how this possibly could happen and he promised to further investigate the roots of this problem. Anyone who would be caught in the act of stealing money from the company through over-invoicing or other means would be fired immediately, the director promised.

As the innovator told me this, I chuckled inside as I thought the director would need to fire himself first because he has been siphoning off massive amounts of money through the purchase processes right from the start. In his Machiavellian setup, the director always seeks to build control over people, especially by giving them huge loans at good interest rates. After all, it is a developing country here and many can’t resist the sweet temptation of borrowed wealth. Many of the director’s loyal employees have taken on massive loans to purchase luxurious homes and fast cars. Unfortunately, they have sold their soul as they are now in the hands of the director and have to obediently follow every single one of his orders lest to not be fired and to lose everything. Of course, the innovator is also unwilling and unable to entertain the idea that the director could possibly be behind all of this. He prefers the comfortable illusion that the director himself is being deceived by a few of his employees. This image is much easier to bear because one or two corrupt employees could easily be replaced without risking a catastrophic collapse of the entire company. Just like the founder, the innovator has invested too much of his own capital and lifetime into this project to allow this to happen. Thus, their cognitive dissonance forces them to keep their internal worldview intact so that they will continue to be able to function in this company.

It is a similar thing I observed with the founder’s son. Weeks ago, I told him the unfiltered truth, that the director has been orchestrating this corruption since the beginning, but he just could not bear the crushing weight of this truth. Instead, the founder’s son proceeded to rationalize away this idea and even started to attack me for suggesting it (see https://lightprism.net/2021/08/01/being-trapped-under-the-crushing-weight-of-fear/). I quickly realized that I needed to maintain the cognitive illusions of all people involved and in a slow step-by-step process guide them to the truth like a stubborn mule is guided through the desert to a water source. This process would take time but the evidence against the director would continue to build up until the stinking heap could not be ignored by anyone anymore. And even the usually effective Machiavellian tactics are starting to fail now, as the heart of the director’s corruption is being targeted. In the past, the director had sacrificed some of his knights to put blame on them for things he was responsible for. This tactic will not work anymore for two reasons: 1. Every key employee of the city office who is fired will start to talk and provide me with more insider information and 2. every new person who is employed is a potential risk for not tolerating the corrupt schemes. I am not sure what exactly will happen but there very well could be problems as well with certain authorities of this country, as the accounting of this company is not in order. The auditor’s refusal to take the well-paid position of the main accountant underlines the probability of this manifesting in the near future.

Lastly, I am surprised how monumentally the director had underestimated me! Already three months ago, I went on extended weekend trips to meet key people who provided me with a lot of insider information about the director’s schemes. My eyes were opened to the director’s Machiavellian two-faced nature back then. I remember to this day how heavy my body felt as the cognitive dissonance rose up within me and my previous mental constructs of the director’s benevolent image ruptured into a thousand pieces. But here I am now seeing clearly and I went through this uncomfortable process, which many others still have ahead of them. And I have little to lose, as I am still young, have not invested too much in this process so that I maintained my financial freedom and agility. That said, the director has now finally realized what great threat I am, as trusted sources have told me that the guards now track my entrance at the main gate and notify the director about it. Moreover, the director told me in a meeting with the founder’s son last week, that he has “many powerful friends in the capital”. At that time, this comment was totally out of order and did not make any sense as we were talking about the internet connection. But in hindsight, I realized that it was a veiled threat directed towards me so that I shall stop with my efforts to investigate their schemes. So many people are afraid of the director and his “powerful friends”. An old friend who had left the project long ago told me to not keep looking into the director’s schemes as it would be “too dangerous”. Also, the lady who worked with me escaped two weeks ago as well because she did not feel “safe” here anymore.

Well, if everyone would back down from dangerous missions, humanity would always continue to wallow in a vile swamp of corruption. I will not back down at this time. In reality, I would never back down. This mission is much more important than I am and I need to keep going regardless of what happens. Furthermore, my higher guidance has signaled me that there always is divine protection and that I am on the right path so I will keep going. And we are close to the final collapse as the director’s Machiavellian toolkit is exhausted and the whole weight of his karmic debt will come crashing down on him like an avalanche of truth. I certainly don’t want to be in his position, when his karmic debt is due on the final payday of cosmic justice. As stated earlier, I have processed my own feelings of anger, hate and revenge and now am in a state of neutrality where I see the director as a troubled soul who is caught in a swamp of his past actions. And I will assist him if he is ready to confess and admit everything and to help to construct a renewed project built onto a better foundation of truth and honor.

Corruption is an outdated consciousness

As the old corrupt structures are being revealed more and more to me, I get glimpses into alternative structures that are being built up in parallel, like little wildflowers growing through gaps in the concrete floor of old soviet-era buildings. For example, as we had massive internet problems with our provider, we started looking for alternatives. We found a new and innovative provider in the next town, that offered fiber-optic internet connections at very competitive rates and with very high reliability. We invited them onto our premises and I was positively surprised how innovative and agile they are. As we talked about their modern technical infrastructure and their young but rapidly growing company, the company’s owner admitted that they have it very easy as there are no real competitors in the city. The only competitor is a corrupt state-owned internet company that has several internet outages per week, a terribly low speed and almost non-existent customer service. He said that corruption is destroying this company because the employees are not incentivized to improve the company processes or customer service but they only engage in political and status games to please their superiors so that they can maintain their well-paid positions. Where did I see this before? In our own company especially in the city office! So it was really an interesting timing to have met these agile, innovative and goal-oriented entrepreneurs. They certainly can help us to improve the internet service inside this community and our future collaboration might extend way beyond internet services. We shall see but these are very promising developments just as we are on the cusp of everything falling apart.

This whole country is plagued by corruption. It is like a parasite who continuously extracts the lifeforce out of his host, who is kept just alive in a zombified state. Another analogy is a large beautiful oak tree that however has been eroded internally by termites. While it looks massive and indestructible, it will give in and collapse if there is a strong storm. In terms of this project, a good analogy would be the following: We are building a massive building but it is constructed on a foundation of sand. While the project founders keep wanting to add new levels onto the building, the director is taking out material from its foundation. It consequently is only a matter of time for this project to collapse. The internal accounting processes of a company are its base foundation and they need to be properly designed and transparently controllable above all else. I remember during a meeting with the investors, the founders and the director kept talking about why many projects in this country have failed before. Many Europeans emigrate here as this country promises a lot of benefits: Low taxes, cheap property, a high interest rate on savings, a nice subtropical climate and beautiful women. So why did so many projects founded by Europeans fail before? The founders mentioned something about problems in the community, e.g. psychological problems people would bring along with them. The director added other points, e.g. that the buildings were poorly constructed and of low quality. Even back then, this did not make a lot of sense to me. But now I realized that the main reason why so many projects failed before is what has kept this country and its people on its knees for centuries: Corruption.

Corruption is the core problem of this country, of the people’s mentality on all levels. The people high up in the hierarchy are used to take all the spoils, to simply extract money from the systems as long as they are in charge. And the common people got used to this system where innovation and results are secondary to knowing the right people and having the right connections. It is almost as if the people of this country suffer a form of Stockholm syndrome where they started to defend what is holding them hostage. The extreme level of nepotism has eroded the economic base of this country and is the main blockage to its development. There are countless reports of international organizations which have noticed that anti-corruption efforts are the main tool to propel this country forward. Fortunately, there already are a lot of positive developments and the people are getting very tired of corruption so the public pressure to make improvements is rising drastically. As corrupt players are being exposed more and more, modern and innovative structures are emerging simultaneously. Nowadays, there are many highly professional and modern companies that operate at a high level of transparency and economic efficiency. As the corruption in this project will be revealed soon, there will be a short yet very intense period of utter chaos. Without a single doubt, after the initial shock and shattering of illusions, a lot of competent people, i.e. the best experts of this country as well as many experienced European investors, will come together to build something great, something which the world has never seen before. I already see a clear vision in my mental view: A booming project, where people of the most diverse cultures and backgrounds work together at eye-level to create economic affluence, a flourishing center of commerce and innovation, a center of spiritual enlightenment, a beacon of light which will be in high demand for delegations from around the world. I am so tired of the darkness, of the Machiavellians and their devious schemes, which are in their last gasps now. After the darkness has perished and the false illusions have burned away, something new, something better, something beautiful can thrive from the ashes. And this will be the mission, I am really looking forward to. I am ready for whatever challenge is coming my way.

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