The final spiritual battle for truth and justice

The final spiritual battle for truth and justice

I have entered the final stage of this spiritual battle and we are close to the absolute collapse of the Machiavellian house of cards of lies and deceptions.

We have entered the final stage of this spiritual battle for truth and justice in this project in South America. As described earlier, I am faced with a cunning Machiavellian opponent, the project director, who has created a house of cards of lies and deceptions. While he is pretending to do the bidding for the project’s founders, he actually has siphoned off large sums of money and created duplicitous command structures that stand in direct opposition to the founder’s interests. I have received a vision to use Roman military tactics to help to push the director to the edge so that he will ultimately reveal himself and show his true colors to the founders:

The director realized that I am his greatest threat, which explains why he has been attacking me so harshly in the past, as described in previous posts. As he found out that the founders have my back and vehemently resisted all of his attempts to lower my position, the director started to attack my team members. Two of them quit on their own accord and as I tried to hire new people, he tried to block this effort. A divine intervention ruptured his blockage and set me free, as described previously:

Entering the hot phase of the battle

As described before, I applied Roman military tactics to attack the director. Over a three-week period, I continuously delivered small bits and pieces of information to the founders to reveal more and more of the corrupt structures. They have been struggling with massive cognitive dissonance, as they trust the external theater play, the director is acting out, while they feel that many things are terribly dysfunctional in the director’s administration. The founders still think there are only a few corrupt individuals who deceive the director. Thus, it was important to be very flexible with the attack vectors, as the founders reacted to some of my data points, while they quickly rationalized away others. For instance, they tried to whitewash the information about grave accounting problems in the city office far away, while they reacted to very tangible things, such as the problems of providing legal invoices for a store on our premises.

The last three weeks represented continuous heavy artillery fire against the Machiavellianists but now the opposing infantry armies have started to engage in direct battle. Meanwhile, I have been preparing a cavalry strike to attack the enemy army from behind, which will overwhelm them and mark the turning point of a decisive victory. The project founder invited me to a meeting in his house, along with his wife, his son and the director. I was really nervous and somewhat afraid before the meeting because there was a high level of uncertainty about how this would play out. So I needed to rest and meditate a lot to calm down and refocus. The night before the meeting, I woke up and several ideas popped into my head. I remembered certain facts of my earlier analysis of the purchase processes, certain problems I have observed and documented. Also, I received the intuition that I needed to attack the auditor, who is one of the henchmen in the director’s circle of power. The auditor has a lot of powers in the company to do random checks and reveal problems but I know that he is controlled by the director to only look at secondary things while ignoring the corrupt elephant in the room, in the city office. For example, I know that the auditor has accused one of the ex-employees of corruption, who actually has been uncovering corruption. Thus, the audit office, as all things in this company is a mere charade, a Machiavalliean theater. It has been instrumentalized as a tool to hide the actual corruption, maintain the director’s power and silence any opposition. The abyss of lies and deception is so large and in such a stark contrast to the director’s fake facade of benevolence, that almost nobody in this company would only entertain the idea that the director is actually orchestrating all of this. I have to admit, I am confronted with a quite brilliant Machiavellian dark consciousness here. It is an enormous challenge but I have been prepared to succeed and there is massive divine support all around me.

Hence, an hour before the meeting, I quickly wrote down all the thoughts and insights that popped up at night. I wrote down several facts from my perspective and I added a photo of evidence of some handwritten delivery slips from the city office. Handwritten delivery slips are at best a joke and at worst a criminal act, as they could write down whatever quantities and collect the difference in their own pockets, or more accurately the director’s pockets. I had collected this evidence already 2 months ago and the lady who showed me this was attacked by the auditor just a couple of days later. I added this point to my notes, which I would give the founders and the director as well. I also added a written assessment that in my humble opinion, the auditor is not qualified to hold this important position as he is not neutral because he has been in charge of the purchasing department only half a year ago. I knew that the director would perceive this as a direct attack on one of his key people who are upholding the entire scheme of corruption.

The meeting with the founders and the director

Two hours before the meeting, the founder called me and tried to brief me about a strategy he suggested to face the founder. He said that I would need to be calm and factual and not attack the director or raise my voice. Also, we should stick to the tangible things, such as the invoices for the Mini Market or the failed system implementation of the city office. I also suggested that we should mention several damning points about the auditor to weaken his position and the founder agreed. First and foremost, this was a very positive sign as it shows that the founder now is convinced that there are severe problems and he actually wants to face them. He probably has tried to do so before, but he never had tangible points he could use to build pressure against the director. I had delivered him those attack vectors and the founder has thankfully accepted them. Still, the founder trusts the director and does not want to damage relations, as they need to collaborate for the project to succeed. Thus, I knew I needed to proceed with caution but I also did not want to let the director get away with his lies like he did so many times before. It was a challenging balancing act.

Before the meeting, I quickly met the founder’s son to inform him about the strategy his father had suggested. We then entered the meeting. All participants seemed relatively relaxed while I also sensed tension and an undercurrent of tiredness in all of them. The founder asked me to explain what the problem with invoices in the Mini Market was. I proceeded to explain in detail that we had an agreement with the director that we would get a legal invoice authorization for our point of sale system but that he falsely stated several times, also in meetings with the founders, that this process is not easy and requires an extensive export report. I proceeded to say that I then went to my own accountant to obtain the same authorization for legal invoices for my own company, by filling out a web form of the taxation authorities, which only take 10 minutes. So after only 10 days I had my invoice authorization and could emit legally valid invoices through the point of sales application, which we also use in the Mini Market. The founder was typing notes as I said this and also the director listened carefully. As I was finished, the director said my explanation was “factually incorrect” and proceeded to say that we are a larger company with several branches. I could not help it, but had to laugh out loud for a moment. It was so comical what the director was trying to do. Upon my reaction, he turned very angry and said I should treat him with respect. I apologized for my reaction but said there are many companies who have several branches, like large supermarkets too. The founder’s reaction was interesting too as he reprimanded the director for using psychological tactics, as he would find small details in my explanation which he would use to falsify my entire statement. The founder would not accept this behavior and asked the director to focus on the facts only and respond accordingly, to which he reluctantly agreed.

We continued talking about several aspects, such as the auditor’s inefficient approach in making the inventory. I said they needed about 4 weeks with 2-4 people to do so, while my colleague Andrew had done it in 3 days with only one helper. And the auditors haven’t even succeeded in getting the other system online yet. The wife of the founder asked the lady who works in the Mini Market if this is true. The lady responded that they have been working since the end of July, one week full-time and then sporadically. In general, the lady said that she felt molested by their presence as they would interrupt her workflows and it is not clear what they are doing. The director immediately used this to try to disqualify my statement that they had been working for 4 weeks in the Mini Market. Surprisingly, the founder responded that my statement was a bit inaccurate but the core was true nonetheless. He said that the audit team should not interfere so often in the Mini Market as they don’t want to lose the lady who is doing an excellent job. I was very surprised by the hardline stance of the founder. He really seemed determined to use this as an attack vector to pressure the director to finally deliver results instead of making only empty promises. Lastly, I said that the IT guy from the city office and the auditor did not install invoices in our PoS system as promised but wanted us to use their system. I had suggested that we write a data export function to periodically send them a list of invoices for import in their accounting software. They told me that their software does not support this, which enraged the founder as every normal accounting software should have an import function for invoices. The founder vehemently pushed here to demand that the director’s accountant would apply for an invoice authorization for our system. Again, the director reluctantly agreed but said it might not be possible. The founder countered that in that case, he wanted to have a written statement by the main accountant.

Lastly, I pulled out a long report that I had written weeks ago, about how we could make the purchase processes tamper-proof through an approach called 3-way-matching. We would in a digital system link three documents: Quotation, invoice and delivery slip. I explained that this is an international standard procedure in large companies which closes the circuit of purchase processes. I handed over the document to the director, which also outlines a theoretical overview of how the purchase processes could be manipulated to siphon off money. I did not go into specifics but all the theoretical examples I provided are based on what several people have told me. The director said this sounds very good and that, of course, we can implement it. I asked if we could investigate the ERP system that the people from the city office had been working on, but the founder intervened and said we could use the open-source ERP system Odoo instead, which we already have in our warehouse (see This was very interesting that the founder keeps pushing for Odoo, which I also took as a very positive sign. Because I have been suspecting that their local ERP solution is much less suitable for the task, an opinion shared by the main accountant who had been fired about 2 months ago. Subsequently, many people who had been working on the Odoo implementation were attacked through rumors or even fired. And unsurprisingly the auditor was involved in many of those attacks. I figured that their system could not compete against Odoo so they tried to attack all employees who helped to implement Odoo, so that they could start over from a blank slate with their system. I knew this a while ago and had already intervened with their plans, which the project director was not exactly pleased about. The director asked me what I need to implement this concept with Odoo and he would provide all resources. I knew that it would not be easy to implement Odoo but it certainly is a good attack vector to push back at the hidden Machiavellian agenda.

Lastly, the founders mentioned that they don’t trust the auditor for various reasons but especially the fact he always has been avoiding them. The director countered that he does not trust me but he quickly qualified his statement and said he does not trust in my abilities in certain areas such as accounting. The conversation was interrupted at this point as the director and the founders needed to say goodbye to several guests who were leaving.

A turn of events

In general, I was pleasantly surprised by how tough the founder was against the director and it was almost shocking who little resistance the director put up. It was clear that the director did not have any factual arguments anymore and the behavior of several of his employees was unacceptable and illogical, e.g. with regards to the invoices for the Mini Market. After a short break, the director tried to put milk in his coffee but he spilled everything on the table. I looked at him and perceived him as nervous, helpless and overwhelmed, almost like a little child who had screwed a lot of things up but did not know how to tell his parents about it because he was afraid of the consequences. At that moment, I saw him not as this evil, scheming Machiavellian but as a suffering human who needs a lot of empathy as well. It is never so easy and many of us, me included, have gotten our hands dirty by playing in lower consciousnesses. As I mentioned in previous posts (see, we are now replaying what happened in a prior incarnation in the Rennaissance period in Hessen, Germany. Back then, the king (now the project director), had sentenced me to death by hanging through unjustified accusations of extramarital affairs. In fact, I had been revealing his schemes as well in that incarnation but he could stop me before I could expose it to the architects of this project, my parents back then (now the project founders). Many of the previous blog posts are about how I had been processing the unresolved emotional trauma from that key incarnation. I can say with certainty that I have now processed all of it and most importantly, I have forgiven the king for what he has done to me. Hence, I can now with a neutral mindset, free of thirst for revenge, continue to help resolve this situation and help to deliver the divine justice that has been waiting for him. Despite all of this, he still deserves my compassion.

The discussion proceeded but it now took a different turn where the director regained the upper hand. He proceeded to state how several employees have fallen out of favor. And those were the people of the warehouse who were key players in the implementation of the Odoo system and who had helped me a lot in the past. I tried to divert his attack by attacking the auditor, stating how the auditor had attacked the lady who showed me invalid handwritten delivery slips. At this point, the founder switched sides and supported the remarks of the director. The founder told me that my statements are not factual and mixed with my own perspectives and opinions. I did not want to let the director get away with this so I said that all of my 3 team members were attacked during exactly the same week. As mentioned in an earlier post (see, Andrew and James were attacked for political reasons related to the local election and George was attacked by the auditor. Until now, it was a secret that James also was attacked. He had told me in private that there was a discussion in the house of the director about him but several leading employees vouched for him. The director feigned ignorance and outrage as I said this, accusing James of making untruthful statements. James is the one key team member who had my back several times. He is also highly intelligent and self-responsible, producing excellent work results continuously. Also, I trust James and would do everything to protect him. Hence, I now have exposed James to the director, as well as several people who had vouched for James. I suspect that the director will attempt to attack him directly as he now realizes that he is also has become a threat to his power. We will see but I am prepared for every eventuality.

The aftermath

After the meeting, the founder’s son and I tried to analyze the situation. We were both very confused as the meeting did yield very ambiguous results. While the founder pushed hard on several points, he later sided again with the director, attacking key members of the warehouse team. In any case, the founder’s son realized that the project director is playing a game again, as he attempted to direct the focus away from what was really important. We concluded that the meeting was an overall success for our efforts to tackle the corrupt schemes but that we now also would need to expect counter-attacks and other diversions and delays from the director and his team.

I went into the city to do some shopping but my state of confusion persisted. I felt this strange cloud of confusion with a strong undertone of fear in my body, as I was walking aimlessly through the city, unsure of where I wanted to go next. I might have been transmuting what the project director or the founders have been feeling. In any case, it was very heavy and unsettling. A good analogy would be that I felt as if I was standing in the midst of a battlefield but there was fog everywhere around me so I could not clearly see where I stand and where my allies and enemies are. As I went home, I immediately needed to rest as my body continued to process these heavy emotions. In the evening, I was sending the following message to the founder, who thanked me for my loyalty to the project and said we could meet again on Monday:

Thank you very much for the trust you have placed in me. I have tried to keep calm, even if it is sometimes a little difficult for me, because I know that something really stinks in the administration, but the director protects his people unconditionally. My loyalty is exclusively to the project. I want to contribute everything to the best of my human ability to help this project succeed. But I am sure that in the coming weeks the “dam will break.” I hope we get clarity and can finally build better structures. Because in my opinion, this project is far too important to be jeopardized by the greed and corruption of a few.

So that was it, according to my intuition, the beginning of the main battle which however will not be of very long duration. I suspect that the founders will connect the dots themselves about the director in the following weeks. And when this happens, my mission of assisting to expose these corrupt structures is done and I will be tasked to play an important role in helping to rebuild a new administration. I recently did a Tarot session with a friend where I asked her what my future role will look like in this community and the card King of Pentacles showed up. The implication, as confirmed by my intuition is, that I will play a key role in building up better financial structures in this company. The king of pentacles is a fatherly figure, providing others with advice, guidance and wisdom on financial matters. Months ago, I already received several visions of how I would travel to the capital of this country to meet leading political figures as well as business experts so that we can rebuild the financial foundations of this company from the ground up. We also have many very experienced investors who can help to improve the economic output of this project through their innovative ideas and experience. It will be a challenging task but it also is a unique opportunity to create something beautiful, something inspiring for others, which never has been tried before in the history of humanity. Well, to be precise, we have tried it before in the Rennaissance Age but this time we will make this project finally succeed. I am so tired of fighting those old structures of those Machiavellian lies and deceptions. I am looking forward to the end of this so that we can finally start to rebuild it all – a structure without control, manipulation and deception but based on truth, mutual empowerment and innovation.

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