A tower moment of divine intervention

A tower moment of divine intervention

A tower moment of divine intervention occurred to unblock me and to set free all necessary resources to bring this mission to the conclusion by exposing the entirety of corruption in this project.

So this is a mission update. I became aware of this higher mission a while ago and I am playing a key part in revealing corrupt structures in this project in South America, where I have been living and working for 2 years. It has been 3 months since I became aware of this corruption and was intensely attacked for my efforts to bring in transparency: https://lightprism.net/2021/05/17/preparing-for-the-epic-finale-of-cosmic-justice/

Meanwhile, I have been connecting with several people who had been kicked out of this project and who provided me with important information about what exactly is happening. I consequently learned that the project director alone is responsible for all of it. He is controlling his entire staff through methods right out of Machiavelli’s book: Fear, repression and lies. What makes this mission so challenging is that the director is an extremely good actor. Applying Machiavellian tactics, he always plays his role of the benign savior, while in reality, he will break any of his promises if he gains from it. The vast majority of the people still buy into the theater play of the director, especially the project founders. They have almost unconditional trust for him and quickly rationalize away any issue which is arising. It is always other people, maybe the director is just too protective of some of his people, etc: https://lightprism.net/2021/08/07/how-to-defeat-a-machiavellian-opponent-who-has-no-moral-code/

A catastrophic internet failure as a divine intervention

On a Sunday morning, suddenly the internet connection was cut off. I wondered what the reason for this problem was, as I suspected the provider is doing maintenance or they have power supply problems in their connection point. I contacted the city office’s IT guy who talked with the provider. He informed me that there is no problem on their end but the fiber-optical connection between their station and our property seems to have lost connection. Immediately, I had a strong intuition that this situation is part of the mission, a large challenge but ultimately positive for us. I asked the boss of security if we could drive along the fiber optical line to see if there are some apparent cuts or damages. We proceeded to drive along the entire line and I took several photos of the fiber optical cable. I could not find any obvious damage (like the cable being cut or ripped apart) but the cable was hanging really low at some points and there were tree branches pushing down on it at another location. As I returned back to the community, I posted a message in our internal group chat, informing the investors that the cable seems to be without obvious damages but that we need to wait until the service team of the provider comes here, which might take a long time. The director posted another message into the group chat afterward, saying that he talked to the board of directors of the provider and that they will send someone the next morning and it all will be repaired until noon. He also said that our employees in the city office and locally did a good job, which was an indirect hint to put me in my rightful place, under his authority. Obviously, he did not like that I took responsibility for this whole situation as he wanted to collect the praise and glory for the repair, which by the way is a Machiavellian tactic, i.e. to adorn oneself with huge prestigious wins.

The next day, the director sent another message in the group chat, that the service team will only arrive around noon. They only arrived at half past 2 in the afternoon and I was already suspecting that the promise of the director of a quick solution would remain unfulfilled. The service technicians could not find any problems with the active components so they proceeded to begin driving along the fiber optic cable to examine its different segments. Meanwhile, the director asked me for regular updates on the situation. The service technicians were unsure themselves and also did not take a lot of time to explain what they were doing so I also could not give any clear statements, e.g. of when the problem would be solved, to the director. The technicians failed to bring back online the internet on their first day, which was a really bad situation as we were already without internet service for more than 30 hours. In the evening, the director gave up with his little power game and told me I should directly post status updates into the group chat. The service technicians managed to restore the internet service the next day, as we already had about 55 hours without service. They needed to replace more than 300 meters of fiber optic cable and serval connection points. I asked them to measure the signal strength of the line, so I could compare it with the measurements another technician had shown me a year ago. As it turned out, the fiber cable already was damaged a year ago, it was operating at the lower limit of signal strength. So it did not take much to finally drop down the signal level to where the internet connection was cut entirely.

In any case, all of this turned out in my favor. Finally, I wrote a detailed message about the problems and shared it with the clients, who thanked me for doing great work in restoring the internet connection. Hence, the director could not take any credit for this and quietly retreated from this battle.

A desperate attempt to block me from hiring

As stated in an earlier post, two of my team members had quit on their own accord several weeks ago. They both were heavily attacked, false rumors and stories were spread about them and in general, our work was totally blocked. It was not exactly a very productive work atmosphere. Anyways, 3 weeks ago, I tried to find new IT people to help us out as we were overwhelmed by the workload. I asked one of my colleagues, the guy who helped me to get to the hospital as I was really sick in January if he could announce our job offering on social media. The project director saw this posting and invited me and the founder’s son to their office in the next city, which more accurately could be called a “snake pit”. The director and his human resources manager proceeded to ask me who will pay the fine for illegally posting this job offer on social media. I was utterly confused as I did not know what fine they were talking about. They explained that you first need to create an official job opening on the website of the employment office before the job can be announced on social media. I was still confused about this situation as the director quickly changed the topic and started talking about a potential applicant for us, a young lady who was physically impeded. The director called the city office’s IT chef and we started looking through her application documents. Eventually, the director said that this lady should not travel these far distances every day with her disability so it would be better to employ her at the city office.

After the meeting, I immediately started researching if it is illegal to announce a job offer without uploading it to the employment office before. I also asked several people. None of them had ever heard anything about a law of this kind and it generally is a totally normal hiring practice to just announce whatever job directly on social media, even for large firms. As I discussed all of this with the founder’s son, I realized that this visit to the city office was simply a demonstration of power by the director. He wanted to get the message across that he can block us from hiring new people and that he alone decides where people are placed in this company. I asked the human resources manager if I could announce the job offer again on social media so I asked the same colleague again, who did it earlier. However, even a couple of days later I only received a single application through this friend. I was baffled because with the generally high unemployment rate in this region, I would have expected at least 10 applications per day. I asked him if he really announced this job offering on his social media again. He responded that he could not do so because the director had not authorized it. Damn, my gut feeling was right! The director was so afraid of me and my efforts that he now tried to block me from hiring new people, even though through his usual deceptions as he could not to so openly to not enrage the founders. He already was in a weak position and every day it was becoming more obvious.

Of course, I would not accept defeat so I asked another friend, who had left the project last year, to announce this job offering on social media. Through this posting, a talented IT guy signaled his interest and sent his application to the IT guy of the city office. A few days later, after the tower moment of our internet outage, the director surprisingly had already invited the IT applicant and hired him instantly after our confirmation. Again, the director needed to change his strategy as he probably realized it would look really bad if the founders found out that he blocked applicants while we had an emergency situation here with the internet. The situation changed in our favor and this blockage was removed through divine intervention.

Using Roman military tactics against the director

As described in the other post about Machiavellianism, I got a vision that I should use the Roman military tactics against the director. In essence, I would create a heavy and continuous artillery bombardment and as the infantry advances, I would execute a cavalry strike from behind the enemy lines. Hence, for the last 4 weeks, every Thursday (Thor’s Day – there are no coincidences), I revealed a little bit of information to the project founders. It is described in more detail in the following: https://lightprism.net/2021/08/15/evil-can-only-flourish-in-the-fragments-of-our-unconsciousness/

The founders were really angry about many of the things I showed them and rightfully so. They proceeded to put pressure on the project director, who in turn quickly needed to invent even more false narratives to maintain his image of being ignorant of all of this, while also protecting his key players. However, the stories he made up were absolutely ridiculous and illogical. For instance, he told the founder that I should use digital invoices that were requested for another system. He truly was cornered and I sense that we are now near the endgame where I myself will execute the decisive strike at the director, to totally destroy his false facade of righteousness and honor.

This endgame will already begin to unravel tomorrow, as the founders have invited me to a joint meeting with the director. I feel that this is the time for me to strike with all I have and without showing mercy. I am going to talk truth to power and to push the director until the breaking point. I have a lot of written documentation ready as well to underline my position. At this point, the founders and their son are already really aware that something in the project administration is really off. The only problem is that they still think the director is innocent and ignorant of all this corruption. They can’t entertain the fact that he would follow selfish goals to attain control, power and status by siphoning off funds. Well, we will see if this illusion can be shattered tomorrow. In any case, regardless of what the director will say or do, I will never give in. This project, which is a replay of a failed project in the Rennaissance age in Hessen, Germany, is way too important to be destroyed by the lower impulses of greed and thirst for power of a few individuals. A total collapse will not be allowed again. This is the final battle before the complete revelation. A rocky path is ahead of us but the light will triumph, I am absolutely certain.

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