Evil can only flourish in the fragments of our unconsciousness

Evil can only flourish in the fragments of our unconsciousness

I have been slowly exposing those corrupt schemes to the founders who however still are reluctant to face them due to their unprocessed shadows and fears.

In my mission to help to expose dark, corrupt structures in the community in South America, it has been several weeks now, since I have met a new ally who provided me with a lot of critical inside information about the details of what is happening in the city’s office (see https://lightprism.net/2021/07/31/the-obvious-assumption-is-not-always-the-right-one/). Furthermore, I have examined the project director’s behavior according to Machiavellian’s controversial book “The Prince” and it perfectly explains everything. The director essentially has established a duplicitous power structure, which stands in contrast to the goals, values and visions of the founders, see also https://lightprism.net/2021/08/07/how-to-defeat-a-machiavellian-opponent-who-has-no-moral-code/

Slowly exposing the dark schemes to the founders

As I have written in detail about earlier, the director is a Machiavellianist and he has established a duplicitous reign where he carefully crafts his outer image of a benign savior, while in the background he is doing anything to maintain its power, even committing the most heinous acts. He basically does not subscribe to any higher moral code, even though he presents himself as a Christian figure to the outer world. That said, he is not evil per sé. Deep down he is a noble soul who wants to balance out negative karma and contribute to the greater good. Unfortunately, there are many unresolved traumas and fear in him, which allow the attachment of dark Machiavellian entities. Hence, the director obviously tries to contribute to this project but his own unresolved past along with the Machiavellian mindset is canceling out what he creates. One characteristic example is that the director tries to control as much of the power dictatorially so he surrounds himself with docile and loyal servants. This might feed his Machievallian leadership goals but blocks the economic development of this project, as his obedient servants, controlled through fear, are unable to create innovative business structures. As a result, the administration, located in the next city, is an utter disaster, even for a developing country in South America. In addition to the funds, which are siphoned off intentionally through the purchasing department, there is a grave level of inefficiency as the administrative and accounting processes are terribly chaotic. As a result, the management can not properly assess the economic productivity and lucrativeness of its individual departments, which ultimately will lead to the collapse of the entire structure.

As described in the last post, I got a vision of using Roman military tactics against the Machiavellianists. In essence, over a 3 week time period, I would reveal more and more evidence to the founders to help to direct their attention on the corruption and economic dysfunction of the administration. I started with using the Point-of-Sale (PoS) system, developed by my team member Andrew (who left the company), to emit legally valid invoices for my company. We have been using the same system in the Mini Market but the project director and his henchmen blocked us from applying for authorization at the taxation authorities by telling one lie after the other. For instance, they said that Andrew’s self-developed system would need an expert assessment to be authorized and that it would be generally very difficult to obtain authorizations for new systems in this country. All of these were blatant lies, which I recognized from the start, so I just went to my personal accountant and got a system authorization within 10 days. And the authorization process only took a few clicks in the online form of the taxation portal. It was too easy. This represented a key attack vector for me because the founders always pushed for legal invoices in the Mini Market. Thus, as I delivered the proof that it was super easy to get Andrew’s system authorized, the founders were surprised and upset at the director and his people. I used this opportunity to hand over further written evidence of how my team members were systematically attacked through made-up rumors. The founders believed me and understood that some people in their company have been playing a dirty game.

Moreover, I gave the founders a written report containing a strategy to reorganize the purchase processes to be able to prevent corruption. Also, I handed over the written exchange I had with the accountant, who had left the company a month ago. In this conversation, the accountant and I were highlighting several key issues in the company’s administration and how they can potentially lead to a disastrous collapse. We were also touching on the corruption, without giving exact details. This was a good start to lead the founders to the truth, which from their current perspective would be impossible to believe. In fact, all of the corruption, all lies and dirty schemes lead to one singular source: The Machiavellian project director. At this current point in time, the founders could no even entertain this thought, as it would crush their entire worldview. They have created their whole existence around the illusion that the project director shares their vision and has no own lower interests, which could be in stark contradiction to the project’s goals. The director puts a lot of effort into maintaining his image as a “successful businessman” and “political waymaker” and he frequently delivers grand prestigious wins to convince the founders of his effectiveness. And the founders take it all at face value, even though I am sure that the director is greatly exaggerating frequently, by claiming victories for fortunate circumstances. In any case, I noticed during my talk with the founders that they are keenly aware that many things are not going great in the administration but they are obviously afraid of facing the director. The greatest blockage though is the founder’s own refusal to work on their shadows, e.g. past traumas and unresolved fears.

Unconsciousness creates room for evil

It is no secret that the founders carry a lot of unprocessed trauma with them, which frequently is triggered and causes massively dramatic theater plays with other people in this community. Instead of facing their shadows, they seem to prefer to distract themselves in the external, mostly through work, so that they are doomed to go through the same dramas over and over again. I talked to the founder’s son about this and that the lady who works with me has been equally unable and unwilling to face her traumas internally and prefers to seek out outer distractions. Thus, he said, the lady with her lack of introspection would fit well into his family. I found this to be a very funny statement. Still, I do not blame anyone for being unwilling to face their shadows. It is the toughest thing and nobody taught us how to do this. Moreover, the founders really have a high workload, which can be partially attributed to their fear of letting go of control of certain processes. If they would work on their fears internally and resolve them, many things in the external world would immediately improve too, as talented people would take over more work. That said, there is another more sinister, yet very ironic aspect to this, because they unconditionally trust the project director who has been actively blocking and misleading them too in several instances. I am not entirely sure yet but I suspect that in the past, many talented European workers, who wanted to establish modern business structures in the company, were blocked and kicked out by the director. What I know with certainty though is how the director systematically started to attack me and my team as we were getting close to revealing certain discrepancies in the purchase processes. The founders have been requesting an ERP system to digitalize the accounting, sales and purchase processes in this company but this was also blocked by the director. Hence, there is a grave conflict of interest between the founders and the director but the founders desperately want to look the other way to not have their illusions shattered.

Furthermore, I had a discussion with the founder about his previous business failures, which were always caused by a corrupted business partner they trusted too much. As those mostly were megaprojects with immense sums of money, every single one of their business partners gave in to the temptation of greed and power so they were siphoning off money for private purposes. The founder proceeded to tell me that because of these experiences, they now do not trust anyone with those sums of money anymore. Instead, they are handling everything themselves because they know that the temptation to divert funds would be too high. The founder also said that he knows his main psychological weakness: He trusts people too much who constantly praise him. As the founder was telling me this story, I was calmly listening and politely agreeing but deep inside, I was utterly flabbergasted. How can he be so blind to what is going on? The founder apparently knew exactly what his psychological blindspots are but still has been totally oblivious of how he was being played like a musical instrument over all those years by the director.

In the weekly newsletter, the founder mentioned the fight against corruption in this country and how for the first time in history, a senator was convicted for corruption. As usual, he exaggerated with his illusory grandeur by attributing this victory against corruption to his own efforts as well as those of the project director. There is a key quote standing out:

The dark side can only flourish when people are asleep and look the other way. Those who do not stand up and fight against evil become accomplices.

As always, the founder hits the truth with what he is writing but given what I know now this statement is hypocritical and comical, as he does not succeed in doing so in his own life. The key problem again is that the founder is focused exclusively on the external illusion, e.g. as presented by the political power plays.

The real spiritual battle happens inside of us, where we need to find the courage to look at our darkest shadows within. Hence, evil can be put on the same level as unconsciousness because it is can only flourish in the shadows of our repressed traumas.

Certainly, we all want to have political corruption cleaned up globally. Doing this externally would not work at all though if humanity did not work on their own traumas individually. What we see in the political theater is just a mere reflection of the collective level of vibration that humanity holds. As people are facing their shadows and heal, they also become more conscious of those shadows externally until they simply would not tolerate that extreme political corruption anymore. Every healing lifts us up to a higher vibration where we assume a clearer viewpoint of what is happening around us as well. And when the majority of people have reached a certain level of consciousness, those corrupt political schemes will simply fall apart as enough light is shining on them.

Finally, I can only say that I am still convinced that both the founders as well as the director have good intentions. The key problem is that they are all trapped by their unprocessed shadows and their unwillingness and inability to face them. Evil lower consciousnesses can easily attach to their shadows and through the fog of their unconsciousness assume control over them to wreak havoc in the external, causing fear, suffering and financial loss to people involved in this project. This goes to show that the most important work we could ever do is shadow work, i.e. facing our traumas and fears head-on to clear them. This way, our level of consciousness is raised until we become completely sovereign beings with an unbreakable divine connection who are outside of the reach of those dark forces, who like to keep us trapped in the swamp of our lower emotions. In conclusion, this spiritual war is not won by engaging the external illusion but by doing shadow work within. And we will win this war, eventually by ruthlessly fighting for unconditional love.

How can you start facing your past emotional traumas? The following is a good starting point: https://lightprism.net/2021/06/18/how-to-find-your-purpose-and-unlock-your-destiny/

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