Unconditional love will rupture the Matrix

Unconditional love will rupture the Matrix

A horror movie triggered dark childhood traumas leading to a beautiful vision about the union of divine masculine and feminine and a rupturing of the Matrix.

Yesterday, the lady and I met in the evening to discuss the current events occurring in this project. At some point, I mentioned Tarot cards, which triggered an old memory in her. She talked about her mother who has been using Tarot cards in several sessions but some horrible events happened which were blamed on the cards. The lady also mentioned that she felt she was groped last night by something, she felt as if something dark was with her in her bedroom. She asked me to go to the small forest at the project main entrance, as she really has a bad gut feeling that something is not right there. So we went there together and I tried to sense the energies in this old forest. Contrary to her assessment, I perceived the energy in the forest as very positive, I felt strong energy jolts à la “you are on the right path, keep going”. I immediately know that another of the lady’s deeply buried traumas was triggered here by something in this forest. I asked her if she can remember a situation from her childhood where she had the same feeling. She said, when she was 14, she was in a forest with friends and saw a white ghost or something scary. We went back inside to start going deeper.

Facing Bloody Mary again

The lady remembered that she watched a very scary horror movie clip with her mother, “Bloody Mary”, when she was 8 years old. In this movie clip, a woman is summoning a demon but is then killed by it in a horribly shocking way. Back then, the lady was so scared that her mother needed to repeat the summoning ritual to convince her that this is not real. As the lady searched the video on Youtube, I was getting into a meditative stance. I told her we need to watch it to go through the old triggers again bringing those old emotions from her childhood back to the surface. The lady started the movie clip but she was so scared and did not want to look at it. I told her to take my hand and that she is safe now, so nothing can happen to her. The lady grabbed my hand and hold onto it really tightly and she courageously watched the entire scene. Obviously, it invoked a lot of traumas but instead of focusing on her emotions, the lady let her mind go into overdrive with distracting thoughts: “I should not have watched it”, “I cannot sleep”, etc.

Bloody Mary, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAwOS7jAJP0

I kindly yet firmly told her she needs to get out of her mind, focusing on her emotions now and what she feels in her body. I was surprised that the lady immediately followed my request, as she started to describe her upcoming emotions as extreme fear, panic and confusion. Assuring her that she is safe as I am by her side, I asked her to go deeper. I felt she was ready to go one step further now, digging down on some deeper, buried trauma from her childhood. The lady said that she saw herself lying on the floor in a fetal position, totally scared, lost and alone. I asked her if there is more to this memory and I also got some visuals of a large bed and two-door wardrobe with large oval mirrors. She said there were white tiles on the floor, which reminded her of the old apartment she was living in on the 6th floor as she was about 8-10 years old. My intuition indicated that we were now uncovering sexual trauma, that was deeply repressed.

In the following, the lady received another vision but she did not want to tell me at first what it was. I insisted, saying it all needs to be released right now. The lady proceeded to tell me how she saw herself with a transfigured and distorted face, even demonic. Her eyes were scary and her jaw somehow twisted. Until this point I had not felt anything, i.e. my body felt neutral and balanced. This means she has been processing the traumas in her body, which is a grand step forward on her healing journey. Then, I suddenly started to feel extreme fear and also shame in my body. I knew this meant the time has come to transmute them. After a few moments, we started praying. She spoke out aloud the Lord’s prayer and I asked for the help of Yeshua, Michael and Raphael to protect us from any demonic dark entities so we can resolve and heal those trauma blockages to be liberated once and for all.

Shortly thereafter, I received a visual representation of the transmutation of the lady’s traumas. I found myself standing at the scene directly in front of her when she was still lying on the floor curled up. I felt as if I had the job to protect and watch over her and I started to see how a dome of light extended from me to shield her as well. Despite of this golden dome of energy, the lady was enveloped in a “dark blanket”, which was like black smoke covering her body, preventing the light from accessing her. Suddenly, the smoke was dissipating so that the healing light could reach her and cover her body instead. She now was being enveloped in a blanket of light, almost like angelic energy, which was protecting, healing and nurturing her. We suddenly found ourselves in a different, higher “heavenly” realm. She was still lying in the bed and sleeping, while I was watching over her. The scene reminded me of the fairy tale “the sleeping beauty”. I realized that I was a knight with wire mesh armor that had a lion sigil on it. I also was holding a sword in my right hand. I was guarding and protecting the lady so that she is safe from any outside influence and can heal and regenerate without interruption, for as long as it may take.

All of a sudden, the lady slowly awoke from her deep sleep, rubbed her eyes and turned around to face me. She immediately recognized me and smiled, happy to see me and that I watched over her. I reached out my left hand to help her stand up. The lady got up from the bed and was now standing on my left side, her right hand holding my left hand. I noticed that she was dressed like Cleopatra with a very elegant feminine white silk robe. In her left hand, she was holding a scepter, which had on top a crystal ball that actually was Earth! In front of us, a strange thing happened. It was as if a white projector screen was starting to “burn open”, as a small hole got bigger until a huge circular opening was created. Through this opening, beautiful stars were visible. Suddenly, light beings swirled in through this hole to position themselves in a half-circle in front of us. They moved in very fast, which looked like photos, where the camera was moved too quickly at night and a punctual light source looks like a string. Those light beings then appeared like those “crystal children” (double pyramids) mentioned in the last post: https://lightprism.net/2021/07/22/we-heal-so-that-our-children-dont-have-to/

I got a massive realization: Those beings are here to honor us for our efforts. We were now standing there as king and queen in front of them, the lady and I both had golden crowns on our heads. Wow, this was incredibly powerful! I was overcome by a massive energy jolt in my spine. I realized that we went through the darkest depths of 3D duality and have transmuted it to elevate the vibration of this Earth. Those new light-beings don’t know the 3D matrix, it was too low for them to incarnate but now as the tide is rising, they finally can come here to enter this physical experience. Moreover, those beings are lifting us up with them too, as they bring in higher dimensional essences from other star systems. It is truly a beautiful and powerful vision. Finally, I saw a “zoom in” into Earth (like on Google Earth), where we ended up in the current location in this community in South America. A white energy beam was connecting the divine and our physical location. I asked the lady if she can imagine this and now consciously extend the beam to cover everything. She followed my request and told me she saw something: The energy now surrounded the community but was more like a white energy barrier, similar to the dome in my vision earlier. I saw it too but also perceived “white flames” inside the barrier as if every dark entity which would attempt to pass through would be dissolved immediately by this powerful energy.


All in all, this session marked massive progress for the lady as well as for our collaboration in transmuting emotional traumas together. We did a back and forth, cooperating consciously to solve this trauma. It was as if we were passing a ball back and force and seemed relatively effortless compared to other sessions I did alone. It was really impressive that the lady processed large chunks of her trauma herself and later passed on the baton to me. Our visions of the trauma were also complementary. The lady saw her trauma from the inside, i.e. she saw herself in a distorted way while I saw it from the perspective of an external observer. I protected and watched over the lady so she can heal without being attacked or held hostage by dark entities. Hence, she is now waking up from her deep sleep like the sleeping beauty, beginning to connect to her higher abilities, as she stood up to take her position by my side, as an equal. Our roles are still quite distinct, while I am a warrior, conqueror and protector with a sword in my right hand, she has the ability to nurture, heal and give life, represented by the scepter with Earth on top, she is holding in her left hand.

Another fascinating detail is that the lady and I appeared as queen and king with crowns on our heads standing together firmly. The crown stands for our highest energy center, the crown chakra, so this is an indication that with every healing we receive more upgrades and our divine connection becomes stronger. Moreover, the trauma healing is literally burning holes in the Matrix projector screen, which is being dismantled bit by bit until it will vanish entirely. The Matrix can be viewed as some sort of cage or prison and represented an artificial barrier preventing the easy influx of higher-dimensional beings from other star systems, our galactic brothers and sisters. The good news is that we are rapidly dismantling the Matrix barriers so that the connection to other star systems is strengthening and we will be able to receive much more support and assistance from them. The lady and I are making quantum leaps in our abilities which are honored by other beings entering this realm.

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