Being trapped under the crushing weight of fear

Being trapped under the crushing weight of fear

I told the truth to the project founder’s son who became overwhelmed by cognitive dissonance causing massive fear. In a healing session, we alleviated this fear to not jeopardize the mission.

In terms of higher mission in assisting in the revelation of dark corruption in the project where I am working in South America, I recently encountered new powerful allies who have switched sides: This way, I obtained a lot of information about the intricate details of the organized corruption. For instance, I learned how money is siphoned off to then give out loans to employees to reward them for their loyalty. This creates a control mechanism as employees can be extorted if they do not follow the commands of the project director. Of course, these schemes can only exist in the shadows, outside of the awareness of the project founders. A lot of effort and manipulation is put into maintaining this illusion. My challenge now is to convince the project founders of what really is going on, even though it might seem absolutely absurd to them. After all, the project director has presented himself as their savior and always pretended to follow their wishes to bring their vision of the project to reality. Hence, there will be enormous amounts of cognitive dissonance, as the chasm between reality and their beliefs could not be any wider. Thus, I felt it would be a good idea to talk to the son of the founders first. Well, I might have been a bit careless in my assumptions..

Telling the bare truth to the founder’s son

I talked to the son of the founders and told him everything the accountant told me, i.e. that the director basically has been orchestrating a Machiavellian shadow regime all along, deceiving and controlling everything and everyone. I also sent him an Email conversation I had with the accountant. The founder’s son took the information in even though he was quite shocked. He did not negate or question my information though, at least not yet. However, he told me that he would need to reflect a bit about it, so we could talk again the next day. Indeed, we had a short meeting the next evening but his attitude had shifted and he was again starting to deny my allegations and to defend the director. For instance, he said there could be other reasons for these problems, e.g. some corrupt people in the city office, who have been misleading the director. I tried to give some additional information but the founder’s son blocked everything and started to vehemently argued against it. I realized there was no point in continuing this discussion so we postponed it again to the next day.

The next day, the lady and I were talking about the son of the founders. She warned me that he does not like to hear these facts and there is a possibility that he could betray me, by revealing my plans to his parents and the director. The lady and the founder’s son are close friends and they were talking about the employee from the office in the city who saw me talking to the accountant but who did not notify the project director, nor the founders. Hence, the founder’s son said his behavior is “disloyal” and he should be punished if not fired. As the lady told me this fact, I was utterly shocked, I had missed the elephant in the room: The founder’s son is in cognitive dissonance and just cannot hold the perspective that the director has been betraying them for the last 3 years. It is too wide of a chasm, especially having gone through so much that the director feels almost like family. The founders and their son have the same problem, as they need to admit to themselves that their whole life in this project was built on lies and illusions, and they were naive and gullible enough to believe them. Admitting this fact would raise a chain reaction of secondary questioning: What else is there which I was wrong about? They need to question their whole existence.

In 2015, I personally had a similar moment where my life was being turned upside down. For some strange reason, I felt the urge to read a lot of books that were questioning our governments, financial and medical systems. Something deep inside of me always knew that something is not right in this world, something felt terribly off. Every book I read caused massive upheavals inside of me. At first, I was shocked but then had to struggle with massive amounts of cognitive dissonance. I remember one night, I was waking up shaking in a cold sweat. It was not a physical illness though, the whole facade of my beliefs had begun to collapse. Everything, which seemingly gave me stability and allowed me to function as a good little boy in the hamster wheel of society, was falling apart inside of me. I also felt these strange fears of social exclusion if my beliefs are now not congruent to those of the majority anymore. Fortunately, the shock only persisted for a few days and I then quickly adapted to the new information. After all, I was quite happy that I now had a more accurate mental map of the world to see reality more clearly.

Healing the founder’s son’s fears

Thankfully the lady warned me and suggested, I should backpedal to keep intact the son’s illusions – to some acceptable degree so that he does not give in under the pressure, taking unwise actions that could jeopardize the mission. Of course, she was right, I was too impulsive again. She saved me from taking an imprudent action here, which means she is now actively assisting in my mission. As the lady told me additional facts about her conversations with the founder’s son, intensely negative emotions started to surface inside of me. I felt extreme fear in my chest, as well as a potential betrayal as if I cannot trust anyone, feel totally alone and lost, trapped without any chance of being rescued. It was also a constricting feeling in my chest as if I was covered by tons of heavy material. All of a sudden, a vision appeared where I found myself in a building where the roof had collapsed. Interestingly, this links to the I-Ching vision from weeks ago, where the roof would collapse after the last good man was gone – which I now realized had happened as the accountant left the company. In this vision, I found myself under a heavy layer of rubble, unable to move, desperate, feeling alone, without any hope to be rescued. It was dark and totally silent and I could barely breathe.

The lady and I prayed to Yeshua and Michael to help resolve this and free us again to be able to act without restraints. I felt the trauma in my body lessen as I imagined white light streaming through my body. Quickly, the scenery changed and I saw light coming through the rubble as if you’re in a dark forest but suddenly reach a clearing where the sun touches your face. Then, the rubble shifted into snow, as if I was trapped under an avalanche. The snow started to melt and quickly dissipated into the ground. I then found myself lying on a nice green pasture close to the mountain top. The melting snow seemed to have watered the soil on which I was lying, thus many beautiful flowers started growing all around me, in all the colors of the rainbow. It was truly beautiful scenery and for a moment I just enjoyed lying in this colorful bed of flowers. After a few moments, I found myself being lifted up by the flowers, they formed what was like a bed on which I was lifted upwards. A plant spiraled upward like a double helix and my perspective shifted to the side view where I saw it was growing into the sky, transcending the frontier of this world reaching to the stars. From the stars, higher essences of light were flowing down the double helix of the plant which now appeared like a transparent tube. A viscous, golden fluid was slowly flowing down the tubes, it was glittering as if it contained the essence of stars in them. The more it was flowing down, it was illuminating the Earth and the mountain around it. After the golden fluid reached the ground, a permanent energy flow was established, like a divine link. The energy could flow into both directions, upwards and downwards, it almost seemed like an elevator.


The lady induced trauma of the founder’s son inside of me so that I could transmute it into my body. In retrospect, it feels like he was close to a psychological breakdown as he just could not endure this extreme level of cognitive dissonance. If we did not resolve his trauma, the founder’s son could potentially have spoken with his parents, thus derailing our plans due to the extreme fear and confusion he was feeling. Hence, it seems this healing process was almost mission-critical and preserved the highest possible timeline we are currently on. Moreover, seeing the vision of the collapsing roof indicates that the old advice of the I-Ching, i.e. to wait observe and hold still, does not apply anymore. As the roof has finally collapsed – it is now time to launch the attack our attack on the director and his corrupt henchmen. The collapsed roof also highlights financial distress in this company, which will manifest itself more clearly in the coming weeks. In general, the emotion of fear is very challenging because it always appears to be very real. What appears real and solid is not easy to overcome so we also feel paralyzed, unable to act, to see solutions, alternatives, etc. In other words:

Whenever we feel strong fear, our viewpoint is really narrowed. The reality is that fear is not real, it is just another emotion linked to old traumas, blocking the energy flow through our bodies.

Solving the fear basically removes the constriction easily, so that we become free and can see clearly again. Once the fear is gone, we have a better divine connection and can be elevated to higher levels of consciousness. Lastly, there is a connection with our DNA as well, which is transformed as our level of consciousness rises. Our body and the physical vessel are adapting as well to our higher abilities. Everything is connected.

The aftermath

Later that day after the healing session, I went to the city office with the founder’s son. In the car, I backpedaled, telling him that the director might have changed, that he might be “just trapped”, “maybe people are pressuring him” etc. I was taking off the pressure allowing the founder’s son to fall back into a more comfortable stance, which lies in between mine and his parents. I personally know that the director is orchestrating everything dictatorially; the founders think he is totally innocent just protecting some of his “bad apples”. The son now holds a stance that lies directly in the middle so he can also help to maintain the illusion when speaking in front of the director and his parents.

We had a strange meeting with the director who complained that I do too much single-handedly and should ask for permission more often. We talked about many things but there was no big result. It seemed innocuous though, as the director apparently had no clue at all that I was seeing the accountant days before. Furthermore, the city office’s IT guy seemed to want to establish contact, he even suggested a meeting in the community to discuss certain things. My intuition said he wants to “talk business”, seek cooperation with me, laying his cards on the table. It is likely that he is being extorted by the director and his henchmen, feeling desperate and hopeless. We will see what the next weeks bring. Overall, it was a great success for us, as the corrupt individuals apparently have no idea what is coming for them.

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