The obvious assumption is not always the right one

The obvious assumption is not always the right one

I made the decisive breakthrough on my mission to assist in the revelation of a snakepit of corruption by meeting an unexpected ally. This marks the beginning of a massive storm in the weeks to come.

There are new developments in my mission to unveil the project leader’s corruption (i.e. who was the king in the related Rennaissance incarnation), which is so grave that the entire structure of this organization is rotten to the core and at the brink of a collapse. About four weeks ago, the king executed an insidious attack against one of my team members, who then left the company:

Earlier this week, another of my team members quit because he found a better job in his hometown. Another reason is that he was demotivated, as we were totally blocked by the director. So from the director’s perspective, he must have felt really safe and overconfident, assuming that I am not pursuing my investigations to uncover his dark schemes. Well, he could not have been more wrong!

Visions of a coming storm

Last weekend, I felt extremely tired and feeble, as I suspect that massive amounts of higher frequential energy were streaming into Earth. My body showed strange symptoms as well, especially in the digestive system, which probably related to clearings in the lower chakras. Indeed, it was a common theme too that I felt a lot of emotional purgings in the lower chakras as well as in the heart. Many fears and traumas, especially related to romantic relationships and sexuality were processed so I was taking a lot of time to rest. On Saturday morning, I started to meditate and after a short while, I felt a massive energy influx into my body, like a massive tidal wave of white light. It was intense and as I was sitting in silence, a vision of a storm appeared: I was a large bird, like an eagle or falcon, and I was flying directly into a very dark and brutal thunderstorm. As I entered the storm, I basically could not see anything anymore because the visibility was severely limited. However, I intuitively knew that I just need to let go and be carried by the wind wherever it will take me. Fighting against the strong currents would be difficult and could even lead to injury but I was sure that when I simply surrender to this storm, I will come out safely at the other end.

Another vision appeared of two dragons fighting, which closely resembles the passage I received from the Book of Changes (I-Ching) last month (see I saw how those two powerful dragons were brutally fighting each other at close range. I was watching this dangerous spectacle at a close, yet safe distance. I knew that I could not directly involve myself in the fight as they could rip me apart easily, even accidentally. They needed to go through this fight, which none of them could win. They both would be injured and significantly weakened through this fight but it is inevitable. My current interpretation of this vision is that those dragons are represented by the project director (the king) and the founder (who was my father in the Rennaissance incarnation). When a certain chain reaction of events is triggered, they certainly will be at each other’s throats.

Later that day, I went to the next town with my motorbike. As I was driving down the dirt roads, my mind was really quiet and my body entered a seemingly meditative state. I had my eyes open but I felt as if this current world was not real. I was literally between the worlds. Brief memory flashes showed up as well where I was seeing myself galloping through mountainous terrain as if I was on an important mission. Then in the supermarket, as I was waiting in line at the counter, I zoned out again and I just observed the surroundings without any disruptive thought. It was as if I was just feeling into the energies as everything was very peaceful and upbeat. Two people in front of me were telling jokes all the time and everyone was laughing, it was a beautiful ambiance. A few moments later, I had the instinct that I need to pull my sword out of its sheath as if I was readying for a battle. My intuition immediately confirmed to me that we are close now, close to the final showdown.

The director had defined a 60 day trial period to implement another software as a solution for the digitalization of various business processes, which was to replace my solution (see I knew this was a ruse to gain time and to regain control of those digital tools, which would be only managed by the king’s loyal people in the city office but not by someone like me who he is unable to manipulate. Well, the deadline ends at the end of July, so very soon. A few weeks back, I wanted to storm ahead against the king and his henchmen but I received many signals to stop, wait and observe. For instance, the lady who played a key part in my awakening last year returned 4 weeks ago and now works for me again. Also, my body fell sick 4 weeks ago, effectively stopping me from impulsive imprudent actions. Moreover, I received several hints from the Book of Changes. The essence was that I needed to hold still and passively accept everything that occurs while looking for new allies and opportunities.

An unexpected new ally

I noticed that one of the people from the city office, a very experienced accountant, came alone a few weeks ago to examine our implemented ERP system for the warehouse. I was really surprised as I heard that he spoke very highly of our system implementation and he suggested using it in other departments as well. This was strange, as it was going directly against the agenda of the project director, who wanted to replace my system with another one. The accountant told the people from the warehouse that our system is vastly superior and the other solution cannot even come close in terms of performance and the richness of features. Last week, several people told me that the accountant has been fired by the project director. What an interesting turn of events! I immediately had a gut feeling that I needed to contact this accountant as he can maybe provide me with insider information about the ongoing corruption in the city office. I quickly found him on LinkedIn where I immediately messaged him, complementing his great suggestions and wishing him all the best for his future career.

He responded almost immediately with a very detailed message in a highly professional tone. He told me details about the plan he had to roll out the ERP system I implemented in the entire company in a step-by-step process. The system implementation needs to be accompanied by the definition of systematic business process, which is a standard practice in large companies. He proceeded to say (paraphrased):

Today I understand that the company needs a lot of changes. Companies need to be understood and constantly improved. Sometimes you need a few qualified people rather than so many people who fill space without results. Daniel, there are many things you have to do, and breaking the mold is one of them.

As I saw this passage, an energy jolt went through my spine. I immediately knew that he is the key player who can bring down the entire house of cards of lies and corruption. In the following days, we proceeded to have detailed and factual discussions about the problems in this company. The accountant felt his professional honor has been violated because the project director simply terminated his contract without any obvious reason. He already had many years of experience and has a profound set of knowledge and expertise, including the reformation of structures in economically struggling companies. The accountant told me that this company has the worst structure of all the companies he has seen so far. He even said this to the director, hoping that he would open up for suggestions on how to improve the business processes. However, the director just got angry and swept his comments under the rug. The accountant further stated that the selection of employees is an absolute joke. Instead of hiring people with a lot of expertise and aptitude, the director searches for docile and loyal servants who agree to whatever he says. Needless to say, this was what had always bothered me as well. Moreover, my team and I were viciously attacked as we were coming close to revealing sensitive information. With every message I received from the accountant, I was more confident that he has good intentions. For instance, he told me that due to his professional ethics he likes to live from his work results and not from worshipping anyone or by taking advantage of systems. This resonated so I responded with the following message:

I agree with your professional attitude and like you, I also always did an excellent job, in whatever position I was put. I always have the goal to create value for the company and its customers and earn my fair salary. It would never occur to me to game any system or take advantage for personal gain. This is absolutely repugnant to me and this will only lead to downfall and destruction for all involved. I am repelled by the current way things are handled in this company, which can be described as dishonor, service to self, mediocrity, back-stabbing, intrigues and sloth. Sometimes people have told me that this is normal in in South America but I refuse to believe it. I am convinced it is very much possible to establish something better, if the leadership is making cultural changes. I am envisioning a culture of continual learning and improvement, well defined logical processes, growth and opportunties. And above all, honorable behavior and mutual respect and appreciation.

Finally, I asked if we could meet in person to discuss the problems in more detail. The accountant immediately agreed and suggested meeting on Saturday morning in the next city in front of the cathedral. I intuitively sensed this was one of the most critical steps in this mission so I felt equally anxious and excited.

The great reveal

I booked a room in my favorite hotel where I had a room that had a giant picture of Archangel Michael next to it. I always feel safe and protected here and I take every help I can get. On Saturday morning, I woke up to prepare myself for the meeting. As I was still lying in bed, I noticed how suddenly extreme fears bubbled up in my body. On Friday, the lady who is working for me told me that she has a romantic interest but is still confused about it, so she asked me for my opinion, especially my rollercoaster of emotions with Rosa. It is kind of funny because these are the same fears I felt last year when she revealed to me that she had a boyfriend, even though in secret. A lot of time has passed since then and I made a quantum leap in my development. Yet apparently, there still is a core of fear buried deep within myself. I was lying in bed unable to move, almost paralyzed by this fear as my mind generated images and thoughts of how the lady would get together with this guy and leave me again like she did last year with her ex-boyfriend. It almost appeared to be like I was afraid of a replay of the events a year ago. At some point, I started to realize that these thoughts are not real, they are just a projection generated by the mind. It could very well have been an injection of the dark forces, that wanted to lead me astray to prevent me from proceeding on my mission. Once I realized this, immediately the thoughts and fears started to vanish. It was like a final test. I sat down to pray to Archangel Michael to shield and protect me on this mission before I left for the meeting.

I met the accountant directly at the cathedral, which is a very symbolic location, and we sat down in a small park nearby. I told him that I suspected he was against me and my efforts as he and his colleagues from the city office had attacked my efforts so harshly. He said that he always liked my ideas and suggestions, he was just following the orders of the project director. Surprisingly, he proceeded to tell me that many of his colleagues are also in favor of my plans but are not allowed to support them. The director has a very strict regime which best can be described as a totalitarian dictatorship. The accountant proceeded to tell me everything he knew without any hesitation. In essence, the director has two people under him who know everything, one of them is the lawyer who attempted to threaten me about 6 weeks ago. The rest of the people in the city office are organized in a ring, the director attempts to establish control over them financially and other means and the people are holding each other in check so that nobody walks out of line. It is a very dark type of absolute control and manipulation inspired by Machiavelli’s famous book “the Prince”. The director, as well as his leading generals all regularly read Machiavelli’s book and refine their strategies in accordance with its sinister wisdom which they take at face value. But this is the topic for another blog post.

I knew that the director is siphoning off large sums of money, which he does through the purchasing department. I had my suspicions but was not sure how exactly he was able to do so. The accountant told me all the exact details, which are even cruder than I expected. I won’t go into details but discovering those problems is no challenge when an experienced person knows where to start looking. The accountant took over this position from another guy who was terminally ill, even though he was not very old. His predecessor was absolutely ruthless, did not have any ethics and did everything for money and power. The accountant however had his professional and Christian ethics which prevented him from committing certain acts he could not reconcile with his conscience. He assured me that he always maintained his ethics, never accepted any money, and never entered any dependency with the director. Anyways, his predecessor has been ill for a long time, bound to a wheelchair but he is not dying. One could presume that this even could be instant karma for the immoral deeds he has done.

And that is the next point: How can the director control his staff? By creating dependency and fear. Part of the money which is siphoned off is used to give out large loans for his loyal employees. Many of them have purchased large cars or grand mansions through these loans. However, this luxury comes at a cost because they become economically dependent on the goodwill of the director. If someone steps out of line, they can be fired and as they are unable to pay back their loans, their properties and cars can be seized by the director. This explains why I always feel so much fear and why people are so obedient to the director. This forced loyalty is very fragile though and can fall apart quickly when the tide turns. Only time will tell.

Another problem is that the director basically has established a company within the company with hidden interests and agendas directly opposed to those of the founders. For instance, as the director has many political connections, he plays by the dirty rules common in this corrupt country to influence certain decisions in his favor. Similarly, there are more people employed than would actually be necessary for this project. In other words, productivity is catastrophically low. Frequently, there are teams of people who could complete their work with only half of their staff. It is all quantity over quality. The reason for this excessive number of employees is primarily political because the more people work for this company, the more people will support it politically, e.g. through votes. Despite these efforts, the favored political candidate of the director dramatically lost the last election so all of this was futile.

The accountant knows the financial situation of this project is dire as there are no structured processes and barely any tools for controlling the financial flows internally. It all is a giant mess of inefficiency, disorder and mediocrity. For instance, it is currently impossible to calculate the unit costs of products, let it be construction, agriculture or catering. What the management cannot measure, they cannot properly control. What they cannot control, they cannot improve. The accountant and I are in agreement about the steps to reform this system, by bringing in a team of external specialists to clean up and modernize everything to the highest international standards. The project director will of course do everything to block these efforts because it would lead to the revelation of his dark schemes. When this eventually happens, the project director will have to answer for many of his past actions as well. He is unsurprisingly very afraid and will do everything to keep this charade up as long as possible.

The obvious assumption is not always the right one

The accountant and I talked for almost 2 hours and as we parted ways, someone called my name. It was another employee of the city office who has been in the same park with two German friends. He knew that I talked to the accountant so I instantly wondered if he already notified the director of this meeting. I quickly talked to him and the situation was extremely awkward. After a bit of small talk, I excused myself to go home and as I pulled out my phone I saw two audio messages by the project founder. My heart started racing and I suspected the worst, i.e. that the guy from the city office already told the director about the meeting and they would now reprimand me. I meditated for a couple of minutes before I listened to the message of the founder. To my surprise, he asked me innocuous questions about my projects (e.g. the current internet stability). There was no hint of any hostility in his voice. I went back to my room where I collapsed on the bed in total exhaustion. After a short rest, I decided to drive to a nearby mountain to ascend to its peak. Maybe this would give me some clarity and help to process this confusion in my body. The hike was arduous yet fulfilling. On the mountain peak, I meditated for a while and saw two large falcons, similar to those I saw in my vision earlier.

During my hike, I was wondering if that guy from the city office had betrayed me by informing the director about my meeting. Or maybe it really was just a coincidence, albeit a very odd one. I was not sure and my intuition did not give me an answer either. As I came back down to drive home, I noticed that I did not have the keys to the hotel room in my pocket anymore. They must have fallen out somewhere, I thought. What a disaster! Now I need to quickly return to the hotel and kindly ask the owners if they have a spare key for my room. If they did not have any spare key, we would have to replace the lock or take out the door. And it was already Saturday evening – what a hassle? How could I only lose my keys? This never has happened before. I must have been very mentally absent or distracted earlier. Thus, I returned to the hotel as quickly as possible. As I was walking toward my room I was flabbergasted because my room key was still in the lock! Apparently, I locked my room but did not pull out the key, instead, I just left it there. It was so strange and I was away for more than 3 hours but nobody had touched the key. It was still there, I did not lose it. What a pleasant surprise! It then occurred to me that my initial assumption about the key was incorrect, exactly as my assumption about the guy from the city office earlier was incorrect! I realized that he really was there randomly and did not spy on me. An energy rush immediately confirmed this hypothesis. I laughed out loud because God sometimes has a really strange humorous way of teaching us!

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