Strong masculinity has never been more necessary

Strong masculinity has never been more necessary

In an intense healing session, I cleared a very dark early childhood trauma that appeared like a gruesome monster. However, it actually pointed to the lack of strong masculinity.

3 weeks back, I became aware of my higher mission to assist in the healing process of deep traumas of the lady who is working for me (for instance see Yesterday, I played through an extremely dark traumatic situation of her childhood. It was the toughest trauma I have ever had to face so far.

An alternating theater play of being the victim and the abuser

As I was lying in my bed Sunday afternoon, I wanted to get up and write a blog post about my other mission. Strangely, I felt very demotivated and somewhat depressed. A few days earlier, the lady told me that she has a new romantic love interest but she is very confused about it all. The guy she is interested in is very kind, helpful and caring. He basically is the mirror-image of her ex-boyfriend who was very assertive, dominant and
decisive. It is so strange because it was about a year ago that the lady told me that she had a boyfriend. Only a few weeks later, she left the project to move in with her ex-boyfriend. I felt this strange fear bubbling up in my body that this now would be a repeat of last year! Very negative thoughts came up in relation to those negative emotions I felt, for instance “after all I’ve done for her, she is leaving me again”, “why does this always happen to me?”, “screw this all, it is not worth it”. It was really intense and at the same time, I felt this strong sense of resentment and frustration about women in general. I found myself in an extremely low-vibrational state and I was also overcome by strong violent sexual desires. At this moment, my intentions were not pure though but driven by those dark emotions and unresolved traumas. It was really frightening to observe who I was pulled down to that level.

After a while, I got up to finally start writing my blog post about the other mission. I had a lot of ideas on what to write but the result appeared more like an incoherent word salad. There just was not a guiding thread, instead, I was mixing up different things which simply did not connect well. During the writing, very heavy emotions started to surface again in my body and intensified over time. I felt a very strong contraction in my heart region, it was as if it was pulled together and apart at the same time. I proceeded to prepare a small meal but the emotions became so overwhelming that I almost could not focus on this simple task. I suddenly realized that I was feeling extreme fear as if I was in a life or death situation. This did not make sense at all to me! After gobbling up the food, I immediately went on an extended nightly walk in nature. At that point, I was already totally consumed and overwhelmed by those feelings of fear. I was stumbling around the rugged landscapes praying to Jesus and to Archangel Michael to support me in this matter and help me clear whatever darkness I was going through now.

I continued walking down the dirt roads that were clearly illuminated by the bright full moon. After 10 minutes or so of enduring this fear, I suddenly realized that it is not my own trauma but that of the lady and her family line. This insight was accompanied by an intense energy rush. Having gained this clarity finally, I asked my higher guides to give me a visual representation of the trauma. A few moments later, I was standing behind a very young girl who was dressed like a little princess. She was probably 4 years old and she was facing what looked like a gruesome yet opaque monster, standing in front of her. I saw how the girl was the younger self of the lady and she was paralyzed in fear, staring directly at this monster. The monster was very dark and appeared to have bright eyes and large teeth but it was opaque and fuzzy. I could not see what exactly it was, the only thing I knew was that it was connected to a very dark trauma of the little girl. As I was standing next to the girl, I looked at her and reached out my hand, telling her the following:

You are safe now, I am here with you now. We can face this situation together, let us see what really happened.

The little girl tightly gripped my hand and we started to slowly move forward towards the monster, in very small steps. As we came closer, I started to recognize additional details of the scene. It was not a monster, even though it looked that way from the perspective of the little girl, who was not able to understand what was going on. Instead, it was a forced sexual situation where a man was harassing a woman. I saw a woman lying on her back, her hands pinned down behind her head by an older man who was lying on top of her. I immediately recognized that there was a sexual component here but it was certainly not consensual as the woman obviously did not like it. The man had overpowered the woman and forced himself on her. The little girl still was holding my hand as we stepped forward even closer. We were now standing directly in front of this dark scene and suddenly the woman turned her head to look at me. I saw how it was the lady! Her face appeared as I know her today but she was considerably younger in the scene, about 14 years old. I shifted my gaze to the man who was still on top of her and all of a sudden he looked at me as well.

Although I did not know the man personally, I immediately recognized him from what the lady told me about her life. I don’t want to go into details but he was a caretaker of the lady who should have protected and provide for her. I was really surprised initially why he did this repugnant action but then I started to get an intuition about his motives. While he was a nice, caring and supportive man, he also was a weak man without a backbone, a pushover who always did what others told him to do. He tried to fulfill all the wishes of his romantic interests, without following his own callings. This guy was unable to assert his own needs and desires and was always putting others first. Of course, this behavior is naturally repulsive to women because it is a very feminine type of behavior. It lacks naturally masculine attributes such as assertiveness, bravery and decisiveness, hence feminine women do not feel any attractiveness due to the lack of polarity. I dedicated a post about divine masculinity, where this polarity also is explained in detail:

So why did the man do this horrible act to the innocent young lady? He had been building up a lot of resentment over time, as he was rejected by his romantic love interests for his lack of strong masculinity. He had done so much to help but regardless of how many sacrifices he made and tried to make it right for the women, he was rejected anyway. It was as if he just was not good enough, however hard he tried. I could relate to the man’s feelings because they were exactly what I had felt a few hours earlier! I had felt this incredibly strong resentment against women in general as I just could not live up to their expectations:

  • “They would run away and just take another man, who does not treat them the way I would”
  • “how dare they do this?”
  • “What miserable creatures they are, they don’t deserve anything good ever!”

Of course, these things did not apply to me personally, I was merely living through those emotions to understand and help clear them. Hence, as strange as it sounds, I could empathize with the man as well. I felt his confusion and despair. He was projecting his anger and resentment on the innocent young lady, who did not have anything to do with it and was heavily traumatized in the process. This goes to show how the traumas are self-replicating in endless circles: The lady was traumatized, locking away fragments of her soul and unconsciously acting throughout her life to continually live out those patterns. I got glimpses of how these kinds of traumas of sexual molestation have been occurring in the lady’s maternal family line for many generations. Finally, the time has come to rupture those vicious cycles once and for all!

I was still holding the hand of the little girl, as I addressed the man directly, telling him that he now has the final chance to come clean by telling me what else weighs down on his soul. After a few moments of silence, I received the confirmation that he has nothing more to say, so I told him the following:

We hereby forgive you for what you have done, as you did so unconsciously and you have been carrying around a heavy conscience your entire life. We will now, with the help of Michael, cut away the energy cords to free ourselves from this trauma, so that it can be processed once and for all. Please go now, we have done our part but your fate lies in God’s hands alone now.

As I spoke these words, a continuous flow of energy was pushing through my entire body, it was as if I was connected to a divine current of intense healing energy. It was truly magical and powerful. The man stood up and left. I reached out my left hand to help the lady stand up. We were now standing in a triangle, as the lady was also holding the hands of her younger self. I started to request the assistance of Jesus, Michael and Raphael who instantly appeared, hovering above us. They formed another triangle, inverted over us, so from the top view, it appeared like the star of David, the symbol of Judaism. I proceeded to speak out loud that we now will channel divine healing energy to assist in the transmutation of these incredibly dark traumas. All of a sudden, an intense green beam of light started to shoot through the star of David reaching up into the heavens and anchoring deep into Earth. The bright green healing light was expanding in all directions, it appeared like the light reflected through a beautiful emerald. I sensed how other people were coming closer, surrounding us in a cycle, as they were drawn in by the green light. They were the female ancestors, who all had suffered from this same trauma cycle and who now wanted to connect to this healing. It was truly beautiful to observe.

Finally, I stated that this healing is to be extended through time and space, being transmitted through the golden spirals of her DNA to ripple out to all members of her bloodline. This was confirmed through yet another strong energy jolt in my body. It was done. As I continue the nightly walk, more intuitions streamed in. The lady was mirroring the situation which had led to this trauma in the first place through her current romantic love interest. While this guy is very polite, caring and understanding, he also is not able to assert his own needs, he is very indecisive and generally avoids conflicts. I had a weak intuition about this earlier which now was confirmed very strongly. If the lady would have gone down this path, they would have been repeating those trauma cycles. After all, now the time had come to finally reveal and clear this trauma, which I feel the lady was totally unaware of as it was buried deeply. I have to say this was really difficult, even though I have had a lot of experience with this process. It is so fascinating, that I now could very consciously direct those energies. In the past, it was more passive where I surrendered to the transmutation process and just decoded the visions and insights. Now, however, it seems like I have a lot more control over it. It was certainly a “level-up” and I am so grateful to have had the honor to be part of this.

Interpretations and implications

While I did not know the details of what exactly happened to the lady in her childhood, I got the gist of it. Most importantly, I felt the complex cocktail of dark emotions of both the abuser and the victim. As strange as it sounds, I can empathize to a certain degree with the abuser, even though there is no excuse ever to act on those dark feelings. We all have the responsibility and always the free will choice to make the right decisions, regardless of how dark our emotions are. It might have been that this man acted impulsively and immediately realized what terrible deed he had done. But from the perspective of a child, it feels like a life or death situation. The young child, which is still dependent on others, cannot understand why another person is acting this way. Especially if a person harms us who actually should care for us, this makes it even worse. It is something that damages the child’s ability to ever again trust or open up to another person. These traumas will be stuck in the root chakra, where they block the energy flow and negatively affect the person until they are cleared. Yet, they are very difficult to clear as they are so shocking to a little child, who has no points of reference to understand the situation. This explains why the trauma appeared like a gruesome yet opaque monster.

Another point is that this experience explains well why the dark forces and their puppet elites have been trying to undermine and destroy the traditional family unit over the last decades, especially in the West. A highly irresponsible “sex and the city”, “do whatever pleases you” culture has emerged where people are encouraged to quickly enter sexual relations and frequently shift their partners. Oftentimes, people now are looking for happiness externally through romantic relationships, instead of going inwards and working on themselves. There might be merits too of loosening the repressive grip of traditional morals, however, I feel that this system has reached an extreme imbalance where selfishness, irresponsibility and instant gratification have become the unfortunate norm. Especially when children are involved, women who frequently shift their partners or who have children from different fathers are prone to create unstable households where sexual violence against children is statistically more likely. Every child, especially each girl, who is deeply traumatized this way, is guaranteed to carry those traumas into their adulthood, repeating the destructive cycle with their own children. It is a toxic carousel of continuous traumatization. The dark forces who had been controlling Earth for a long time parasitically feed off through the resonance of our lower emotions that are connected to our traumas, such as fear and shame. It is clear why their goal is to create as much trauma as possible. But we have the power to break these vicious karmic cycles, by courageously facing and healing our deepest traumas.

Another problem is the intentional weakening of the masculine, especially in the West. Young boys are taught that their natural instincts to be strong, assertive and protective, are actually a bad thing and they should rather follow their female role models prevalent in society. Especially in broken families without a father figure as a role model, it is a common problem that men are feminized and have no connection to their masculinity. From my personal experience, I know that nobody is more dangerous than a weak man, especially in times of crisis. I had the privilege of having grown up with a very commendable father figure who taught me the importance of traditional virtues, such as honor, strength, courage, discipline, diligence, modesty, etc. That said, I still struggled with my own masculinity. Like most German men after decades of media indoctrination, I was behaving very docile, meek and careful, especially in the romantic realm. About 7 years ago, I was so frustrated about my problems with women, even though I was a physically fit and attractive guy. So I went on a weekend seminar, where they taught us about flirting, masculinity and psychology. I remember that before this seminar, I could not even hold eye contact with a woman for an extended period of time but as I started to follow their suggestions, it suddenly became so effortless. Just looking a woman deep into her eyes while having an exciting conversation, feeling the sexual tension build up in my body, is something I was terrified of. Above all, I was afraid of facing this part of myself. I remember one evening after the seminar, I broke down in tears in my hotel room. I had a massive emotional release, it was beautiful. I had finally reconnected to something within myself, which women were merely mirroring back to me.

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