Floating to new horizons by resolving the anchors of our traumas

Floating to new horizons by resolving the anchors of our traumas

Another healing session with the lady revealed dark traumas, represented as old metal chains. After their transmutation, I received a vision of anchors being reeled in so that our illuminated boats can sail to new horizons.

I received a divine mission to help to clear the traumas of the lady who had triggered my awakening last year. We now have been working together for 2 weeks and it has been incredibly transformational. Today, I helped to transmute another one of her dark family traumas. Even though I had a rough time today as well (which will be detailed soon in another post), I felt the need to assist her another time, as an old friend triggered deeply buried shadows in her.

An old friend triggered her deepest shadows

In the beginning, when I came to this community in South America in early 2020, another German guy helped me with a couple of internet projects. We only worked together for a few months but back then he also triggered my own shadows deeply. This old friend is quiet, reserved and very safety-oriented. He identifies as a prepper and survivalist and always tries to plan for all possible eventualities. I often perceived his behavior as very manipulative but in an underhanded way. For instance, he would apply certain rhetorical techniques to influence others to get his way. Once, he tried to convince me of his plan but he said something along the lines of “don’t you want to have a successful long-term solution?”. Obviously, we all want success for the long-term but especially given the complexity of technical projects this is never that straightforward. So at first, I was really annoyed at him for his behavior but then realized that he is triggering certain parts within myself, which I was not ready to face yet. Because I also had controlling and manipulative aspects in me to get what I (or let’s say my scared little ego) wanted to obtain. A lot of this behavior was rooted in fear. It can be all different kinds of fear, such as the fear of failure, fear of financial loss, fear of disappointing others, etcetera. This list is very long and there are different fears for everyone. But we all carry a lot of fear inside of us which is always linked to unresolved traumas from our childhood and some of which were even handed down from our family ancestry. At some point, I realized this and connected the dots to do my internal work. As a consequence, after I healed and accepted certain parts of myself, this old friend also did not trigger me that much anymore. It is a fascinating change to observe that with each healing we do, we step forward towards being a neutral observer instead of an unconscious actor. This friend sometimes still exhibited very controlling behavior but as I saw more clearly, I could politely yet firmly tell him that I did not like his words and actions which I perceived as manipulation. Our relationship improved and we could speak more at an eye level with equal respect and acceptance for our different paths. The friend eventually left the community in mid-2020, while I stayed.

My old friend contacted me a few days ago and we had several interactions via messenger. Today, I told the lady about the messages and what this friend is doing. She immediately reacted very emotionally and emphasized how she cannot stand that guy. I asked her what the actual problem is with him, what exactly bothers her about him? At first, she did not really know what it was, as I sensed that he was mirroring some deeply buried aspect within the lady. The lady then proceeded to tell me that this friend always treated her like a little child, who is too young and too naive to know anything about life. So she should just obey his grand words of wisdom and don’t dare to criticize him. I felt how angry the lady became as she proceeded to tell several stories about him. For instance, the other friend messaged the lady’s ex-boyfriend to come to the capital to “have fun” together as he knew a lot of “hot women”. The lady, back then still in the relationship, was not invited of course. The lady proceeded to tell me other stories about her relationship where she always had the impression that she needed to unconditionally submit to her boyfriend. The lady’s feelings and opinions were irrelevant and she would never speak to her boyfriend about her personal problems. Why would she? Nobody wants to hear her about her problems anyways! The lady felt as if she had to adapt to the needs of her boyfriend so that he would not leave her for someone “better”. Because there always could be a more attractive woman around the corner taking away her man.

Transmuting her traumas with the help of Yeshua and Michael

At this point, I already was in a deep meditative stance listening to the bubbling up emotions in my body, as I was l connected to the emotional body of the lady to which she does not have conscious access to yet. Oh dear, was it heavy! I felt strong pain in the solar plexus area which is the center of our identity and self-worth. Her heavy traumas basically clogged up this lower chakra region and the mind frantically repeated those negative self-defeating thought patterns as a consequence. I suspected that this trauma was directly linked to her mother as well and as I said that I got a strong energy jolt as an instant confirmation. I intuitively knew that the lady’s traumas were linked to one of the early relationships of her mother, which the lady was partially replaying with her ex-boyfriend. Also, they seem to be linked to the life of her grandmother who was having a similar experience in the romantic realm when she was a young woman. It seems like it is an echo rippling through the generations, always repeating through the murky waters of their unconsciousness. Unfortunately, until today, nobody in the family line was able to break through the outer illusions to actually heal the root cause, i.e. the emotional traumas hidden internally. This is true especially for the mother, who seemed to be constantly projecting her problems onto the lady. It even went so far that the lady’s mother blamed her daughter for her personal eating disorders and skin problems. It is a lot to take in as a child and no surprise that the lady closed her heart and created a large brick wall inside of her, shielding her from any triggers to her traumas. I am not entirely sure yet but I suspect the lady’s mother had an equally tough childhood without much love and affection as the lady’s grandmother made similar missteps when she was young. It really goes back generations and not a single individual can be blamed for it. In general, they all were helplessly overwhelmed, felt alone and without a way out. They all made little steps to improve their lives but nobody could break those intergenerational curses – until now.

I soaked up all the words the lady spoke out in her usual distanced, emotionless and even robotic way. I felt extremely heavy trauma which could be described as having knives put through my heart and dirty rocks in my guts. I also sensed a feeling of constriction as if I was tied down, totally helpless and unable to do anything. Suddenly, a vision of old chains appeared. I saw myself as the lady, who was standing in a large old factory, surrounded by massive metal chains. Those chains were hanging down from the ceiling and went into the ground, they were old, dirty and covered with a dark slick grease. I felt terribly alone, disoriented and desperate as I was surrounded by those massive chains and could not see a way out. It also was very dark in this vision and freezingly cold. It felt as if this had been a very active factory once, which however had been shut down for a very long time. Then, I asked the lady to pray with me. I spoke out the following prayer:

Dear Yeshua, dear Archangel Michael, I kindly request your assistance to help resolving those dark generational traumas of the lady and her family, which I am feeling in my body right now. Please shower us with your unconditional love, the infinite love of God, that we always have access to regardless of how difficult our life situation is and which does not depend on other people.

Immediately, I sensed very intense jolts of energy through my entire body. I imagined how white light streamed in from the top, through my body dissolving those dark clouds of traumas. As the traumas were dissolved, I imagined they were flushed out, being absorbed by the Earth. After a while, the heaviness in my body began to fade away and was replaced by a feeling of warmth and peace. In my mind’s eye, I saw how dark orange / red light was starting to enter the scene. The warm light slowly crawled through the scenery, like the warm evening sun shining through a dense forest. All of the sudden, the light intensified and became so bright that I was blinded for a moment. It was as if I stepped out of a pitch-black room, directly into the bright afternoon sun. After a few moments, my eyes got used to the brightness and I realized that a massive shift had occurred in the scene: The chains were moving, all of them! What was stuck, dull and creepy before now was highly dynamic, active and lively. What a magical transformation! As I was mesmerized by the movement of the chains, I wondered what they actually represented. In the following, I saw an anchor, stuck in the deep dark ocean. And this anchor was being pulled up right now! Subsequently, I perceived an old sailboat that was stuck at the shore. The boat was very old, rotten and dirty. It apparently had been stuck there for ages, unable to move despite the incoming tides. I saw how the boat started to flow freely again and how its sail was set so the boat could be carried into the oceans again. As the sailboat floated away from me, I noticed how it had changed its molecular structure as well. Before it was old and heavy, constructed with materials such as wood and metal. Now, the boat appeared light and even luminous. It was as if the boat was build from glass fiber and other high-tech materials. What a truly magical transformation!

Interpretations and meanings

The creative genius of imagery and symbolism I am receiving during the transmutation process of traumas never ceases to amaze me. There are various explanations for this complex vision. First of all, the heavy chains represent the stuck old emotional traumas that held her entire female family line hostage, as well as many other people. The sheer number of those old rusty chains indicates that many people on Earth have suffered from similar types of romantic relationship traumas. The fact that the scene was so dark and felt incredibly old shows that these destructive trauma cycles have been ongoing for an extremely long time. People were caught up in the same old never-ending cycles, feeling lost and alone, without a way out. It truly was a dire situation. Fortunately, as the traumas in my body were dissolved with the divine help of Yeshua and Michael, the old chains started to move again as the anchors were reeled in. I witnessed how all chains started to move so this healing might ripple out to a lot of people who had similar traumas. While the vision of the trauma was focused on many different people and bloodlines, the new image was focused only on a single boat, which could now float freely towards new horizons. This implies another interesting fact: The trauma binds together the fate of many people basically trapping them, making them repeat the same dark timelines over and over again. As the healing happens, the people are liberated from those trauma shackles and can sail towards new horizons, in accordance with their heart’s desires. The old world was dull, boring and brutal but the new world will be lively, exciting and diverse.

That was it, we had processed another of the lady’s family traumas. What was funny, right as I started to decode the vision of the floating sailboat, someone called the lady’s messenger account and it loudly rang on her laptop. And now get this: It was a mysterious “Mr. White”. What a coincidence! The lady muted the loudspeaker so I could proceed to decode the vision. I explained to her what just had happened and she listened attentively but was still skeptical and somewhat confused. Her mind still has put up a lot of barriers around her heart that inhibit the free emotional flow of energy through her body. I told her she eventually will be able to feel and see the same visions I see but she completely needs to break down the walls around her heart to open it up completely. After our conversations, I got short glimpses of a massive brick wall where subtle cracks were starting to form. Behind the wall, there was intense white light, that was starting to shine through the cracks. I intuitively understood that it now only was a matter of time until the walls around the lady’s heart will come down. Until then, I need to assist her in lightening the load weighing down on her through the transmutation of her most difficult traumas. At some point, when the dam breaks, a massive emotional release will be occurring. Finally, she will be able to cry and feel again – the full spectrum of emotions that is such a key part of the human experience and what makes us humans such strong and fabulous beings.

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