Climbing up the golden spiral of our upgraded DNA

Climbing up the golden spiral of our upgraded DNA

A traumatic event in the lady’s family brought back up old repressed traumas. During a healing session, the deep well in a dark forest turned into a beautiful golden spiral of our upgraded DNA.

In the last post, I have described how the lady, who triggered my accelerated awakening in 2020, has miraculously re-entered my life. We only have been working together for a week but I received several very strong intuitions that I needed to help her to heal the very dark traumas of her family line. In fact, as we both seem to be closely connected, I even got the intuition that I should heal her traumas through my body, as she is not yet ready to do so alone. Her family’s traumas appeared to me like a very spooky deep and dark well in an old enchanted forest. I knew I needed to go in the well to help clear them but had no idea how – until today:

A traumatic event brought back old repressed memories

Yesterday, a very traumatic event happened in the lady’s family. I cannot go into details, what I can say is that her sister went through a very dangerous situation, mirroring what the lady herself did when she was younger. A series of dramatic events played out between the lady and her mother. As I was talking with the lady yesterday morning, I felt a lot of confusion, distress and a sense of emergency. The lady even wanted to fly back to Germany to care for her younger sister, as she feels responsible for her and still views the situation through her distorted trauma-lense from her childhood. For instance, she strongly feels that she needs to care for her sister because the mother is unable to do so. Her mother had severe problems when the lady was young and could not take care of herself, much less look after her children. Again, I can’t go into many details for obvious reasons. What I can say that it was a very traumatic childhood and a great part of those traumas had been lying in the shadows, until now. What I also noticed is that the lady was searching for solutions in the outside world, instead of going inside and trying to face those traumatic shadows in herself. There was a very dramatic back and forth between the lady and her mother which might have been exactly what the mother needed as well to bring some suppressed emotions to the surface to finally heal them. It was yet another dramatic theater play, which I have had plenty of, for instance with Rosa.

Yesterday evening, I understood that it was “go time” in this current mission I had received to support the healing of the lady’s family traumas. As I sat down comfortably in the evening under candlelight, I had several realizations. Above all, a visual of the deep, dark spooky well in the enchanted forest was very fitting. The well represents the conglomeration of the lady’s ancestral traumas. Every female member of her family line (e.g. the lady, her mother, her grandmother) fell right into this deep well, repeating the horrendous trauma cycles from the past, unable to free themselves. Furthermore, the well is so dark that it is impossible to see clearly once trapped in there. It is truly a scary thing and that explains why the lady’s mother also did not want to face it. From what I observed, there generally was a lot of denial and deflection, instead of facing the root causes. Lastly, there is another sinister aspect because the darkness of the forest well shelters many low-dimensional entities, who are disconnected from God. How can they survive if they are disconnected from the infinite love of God? The answer is simple: They have been parasitically feeding off the emotional traumas of all people trapped in the well. I have written about this before, the best way to clear possessions and entity attachments is to heal our traumas – they will have no more “openings” to connect to. A fitting analogy is having leeches living inside of a festering wound. We can engage in distractions or finger-pointings but only when we face the wound and the nested parasites head-on, we can heal it and regain our full strength.

There is another sinister aspect to all of this: The parasitic entities attached to our traumas also influence our minds to re-create the traumatic cycles in the outer world, thus continually providing a food source for them. Using the analogy of the leech which is attached to a festering wound, it would be as if the leech would implant harmful thought patterns inside of our mind. Those thought patterns could be directed outwardly or inwardly but the goal always is to create more damage to others or ourselves so that the leeches will have more wounds where they can attach to. But how can we prevent our minds to be controlled by those negative entities? The short answer is: We can’t. Our mind is always susceptible to their influence because they have specialized on this. As we cannot beat the demons at the battleground of the mind, the only way to win is to stop our over-reliance on the mind. Our culture programs us from early childhood, to do everything in the mind. We want to define and control every minute detail of our realities, always “be right” and have the correct set of beliefs, which also is no more than fragile mental constructs.

Fortunately, we carry an alternative faculty inside of us, that is much more powerful: The heart. Our heart operates with emotions, subtle sensations and divine imagery. This is where lower entities have no access to, especially if our heart is purified after our internal healing journey and in a direct connection to God. Once we have learned to live our lives through our hearts instead of the mind, we are outside of the reach of negative entities. Hence, each person who has gone through their individual healing journey represents one step forward towards the liberation of humanity from the horrendous grip of the dark forces, who have ruled us for far too long.

As I was sitting in a peaceful silence in the dim light of a red and blue candle, I was pondering this complex situation of the lady. I knew that she and her family could not get out of the deep forest well alone, so I took on this grand challenge by stating out loudly:

If the lady agrees on a higher level, I hereby affirm that I will take on her traumas as if they were my own. I will do everything I can to process her traumas through my body to help resolve them

As I spoke those words, an intense energy rush flushed through my spine – I took this as a strong confirmation. This mission had begun. Later that evening, I was overcome with extremely negative feelings of desperation and hopelessness. It was as if I felt there was no way out of this situation. As I endured those traumas, my mind also started generating very dark and violent thoughts, it was uncanny. I went to bed but had a terrible sleep and could not rest well at all.

Miraculous healing and transformation

The next morning, the lady came to work but was very distraught. She proceeded to talk about her feelings which seemed to be very similar to those that I had been feeling. The lady also barely slept the night before, so she went to get a coffee in a shop nearby. As I could not hold any clear thought either, I used the time of her absence to do a meditation, listening to the Gospel song “Lay it all down at the feet of Jesus”. My mind cleared a bit and I got positive sensations in my body. The lady mistakingly ordered a coffee in a cup (instead of to-go) so she needed to consume her coffee in the shop, where she started conversing with the owners. As they were talking about her current delicate situation, the lady saw that a waiter was observing her. She perceived the waiter’s expression as intense disapproval and several thoughts emerged in her mind: “How dare she exploit her situation to extract sympathy?”, “she is exaggerating and nobody wants to listen to this”, “other people have problems too, so why is she putting herself in the spotlight?”. The lady was startled by this experience and drank her coffee in haste so that she spilled part of it on herself and on the table. Other thought patterns emerged, e.g. “What will people think of me if I leave a mess?”, etc.

When she came back, I had meditated for about 15 minutes and I felt much better right now, much calmer and centered. I noticed how upset and nervous the lady was. She apologized and wanted to continue the work but I told her to not worry about that and kindly requested to know how she feels right now and at what point in life she felt in a similar way. She made several connections in her mind and certain memories bubbled up to the surface. In the past, the lady had to care for her little sisters, as the mother was unable to do so for various reasons. Hence, the lady basically had to look after herself and behave like an adult, thus negating her own needs and desires. Above all, the lady felt misplaced and unwanted, as if she was a burden to her mother. What makes matters worse, that the lady also felt responsible for her mother at times, as traumatic situations occurred. Even though her mother got her life in order to a certain degree when she was older, the lady was never able to talk at eye-level with her mother to clear things up. Every discussion turned into a back and forth of blame, denial and deflection. Both the lady and her mother seemed to verbally wrestle each other instead of solving the root cause of their problems: The heavy emotional traumas still lying in shadow as represented by the dark well in the forest.

I was sitting there with my eyes closed and focus on the heavy emotions in my body, mainly felt in the heart and solar plexus area. I felt scorching pain in my heart area and an intense heaviness in the solar plexus region. The lady kept telling me several stories from her childhood in the usual detached, even somewhat robotic manner. At some point, the lady started showing me several photos of her sister, mother and grandmother. I was so deep in meditation at that point that the physical world seemed surreal to me, as my mind was empty and I was focused on my body. I was waiting if there would be some visions but nothing came. The lady continued to tell some stories and the dull heaviness I felt in my body only intensified even more. I then started praying to Yeshua to envelop us with his light and his unconditional love, to help flood our body with white healing light so we can clear those traumas. At first, there was not a strong reaction but then I sensed how the pain in my body lessened and how it was being replaced by a feeling of warmth as if I was sitting close to a warm fireplace.

A golden spiral

All of a sudden, several images started to emerge in my consciousness: At first, I saw a triangle out of glass, which appeared to be like a mirror. The three corners of the mirror represented a triangular relationship between the mother, the lady and her sister. I saw myself from the perspective of the lady but the mirror reflection showed her mother. Inside the mirror, there was another mirror that was further away. I saw how the lady’s mother was looking inside of the second mirror but she actually saw her mother (the lady’s grandmother). There was an infinite number of layers, fractally organized like Russian dolls, each linking mother and daughter. Fascinatingly, the triangular mirrors were slightly tilted to each other at an angle of about 7 degrees. When looking from afar, this gave the cascade of mirrors a “spiral look”. A few moments later, I saw how the mirrors turned into a golden spiral, which looked like a DNA helix. However, it was much more complex than the common two-strand DNA structure we are taught in school. I witnessed how this golden DNA spiral was really long and also looked like a golden rope. In the following, I saw the scene of the dark scary well where the golden rope was lowered into. In fact, it seemed as if this golden rope was shot into the dark well like an energy beam. Consequently, I was looking into the well but saw how it was illuminated through this golden rope. A cozy, warm, golden light was reflected at the old walls inside of the well. This marked the end of this dark well, which used to be a hiding place and feeding ground for dark entities. Moreover, everyone who was still stuck inside of the well, i.e. the lady, her mother and her sister as well as her ancestors, could now easily climb up the golden rope to get towards the higher light and reconnect to the unconditional love of God. Lastly, my perspective of the well zoomed out and I was looking from a bird’s eye view, where the well and the golden rope in the center looked like a target. We have hit the mark, something great has happened today.

Moreover, I had an intuition that several dark entities were still trying to hide in the well. So I spoke out aloud that they also now have the free-will choice to leave the darkness and to reconnect to the divine love of God, thus ending their parasitic existence. I realized that the experiment of the extreme duality on Earth had reached an extreme in that many souls were trapped inside the darkness, without knowing how to get out alone. Thus, I strongly feel that many of those corrupted souls will choose the path back to the light, as they are fed up with the path of darkness, which in fact was a cul-de-sack of limitation, stagnation and suffering. Still, we learn a lot from the dark as well and we can appreciate the light much more once we have experienced the darkness. But the path of the darkness is limited and got stuck in a seemingly never-ending and self-reinforcing loop, which had trapped many souls. We all desire expansion, growth and new experiences. Thus, this old theater, which humanity had experienced for thousands of years surely was getting stale and boring. It is time to break those cycles and reintegrate the darkness into the light.

At that point, I stopped this session and started to talk about what just had happened with the lady. The whole experience was exhausting, I instantly needed to eat something. It is obvious that my body expended a lot of energy to do this emotional transmutation and to connect to the higher realms. The lady still was a bit skeptical as she feared that she would be invoking demons or negative spirits. However, she did not interrupt the process and surrendered to it too, which surprised me. Interestingly, she also remarked that she felt physical changes in her body, in the heart and solar plexus region. It seemed as if certain blockages had been released. As we were talking to each other, the heaviness which had persisted earlier had vanished entirely. The conversation turned into a more positive and light-hearted tone. The lady proceeded to talk to me about several dreams where she was chased by dark entities, e.g. a large spider with a tiger color pattern. Instead of running away as she did in the past, she courageously faced those entities in her dreams. To me, that is a very positive sign as it indicates that she is no longer tolerating those entities and also demonstrates a readiness to face the underlying emotional traumas from her childhood. After all, she is not a child anymore, but a strong and courageous woman right now.

The lady then started reading aloud a text about how to cast out negative entities and possessions. I told her that the best strategy is to heal our childhood traumas, so they have no wound where they can attach anymore. As a last resort, I suggested that we could ask around to find a local witch who could do an exorcism. We laughed wholeheartedly. Before we parted ways, the lady expressed gratitude for everything and said this was a very positive experience. I was still in wondrous awe at this point and could not yet fully grasp what actually had happened. It will be interesting to see if this had helped the healing of the lady’s mother and sister as well. In my personal experience, me healing my father’s traumas seemed to liberate him as well as he sounded much more unburdened after my healing session had occurred. Nevertheless, it could be possible that there will be a long series of several clearings between the lady and the mother, where several old wounds are coming up to the surface again. What I also noticed is that this healing session seemed to be much easier than those I did with the shaman half a year ago. I suspect that the collective vibration of Earth and humanity has risen dramatically in the last months through the intense influx of higher frequencies. In any case, it is a very positive sign and I am eternally grateful to be part of this experience.

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Sebastian L Cole
Sebastian L Cole
1 year ago

You are a courageous intriguing soul with good web design skills and a gallivanting nature by the sounds of you being in Colombia. I enjoy reading your visceral descriptions of your spiritual awakening

Sebastian L Cole
Sebastian L Cole
1 year ago

Absolutely fascinating as usual. Trauma is not on the syllabus list at school – so I want to thank you for opening a channel to learn about it. I am unobjectively skewed from seeing my personal traumas clearly. But it is something so powerful that I would love to learn and work through it. I am currently in a third world detention center on trial for crimes I did not commit, and have been in a relationship for about a year with a girl who I could well be incarnationally linked to because the divine hand actually had us transferred here together (very rare since the jail does not officially accept new inmates). She is triggering a lot of trauma in me that perhaps my mother originally did. And I am not triggering her, similar to your dynamic with the girl in your article. I’ll hope I make sense of it the more I read through your material

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