How to find your purpose and unlock your destiny?

How to find your purpose and unlock your destiny?

To find our purpose in life, we need to first disconnect from modern society, seeking stillness and going on an inward journey following our innate talents and most importantly facing our suppressed traumas.

It is a common problem in the modernized world that we have a lack of purpose and meaning in our lives. We are mindlessly following the scripts that were laid out for us by our parents, teachers and other people around us. We usually don’t step far out of what is socially acceptable. Instead, we’d rather busily run in the career hamster wheels to buy a large house and fancy car that we don’t even need. What makes matters worse, we are also trained to be constantly busy. After we spend 9 hours doing nothing really productive at the job we secretly despise, we go to social gatherings or cocktail parties just to not feel alone. Actually, we feel alone anyways, because it is always the same topics that are discussed at those gatherings and nobody really cares about us. If we dared to cross the line and started talking about our heart’s deepest desires, we would be instantly mocked, ridiculed to be taken back on track. That behavior is of course socially unacceptable because we just need to have fun and enjoy ourselves! Right, “you live only once” (YOLO) is a common theme, repeated over and over again. According to mainstream society, it is important to accumulate as much as possible material possessions and to experience as many sensual pleasures as possible. Because that is what life is about right?

If the previous paragraph does not resonate with you, let me present you some alternative ideas on how to find your true purpose, meaning and destiny in life.

Listen to your heart by seeking stillness

I know it sounds kind of cheesy but that is because our mainstream culture has distorted, inverted and diluted everything which is true and real. For most of our lives, we are controlled by our minds, which are in turn programmed through our culture, media and schooling system. Our minds are constantly chattering, like a rabid monkey, repeating the same things over and over again. The common theme of intellectualism, found in the West, for instance, relies on the overdominance of the mind. The mind might be sharp and well-trained but it is only comfortable with what it already knows. Thus, by definition, the mind keeps us in stagnation and endless loops of the same insanity. Trying to rely on the mind, is like a cat chasing its tail. We cannot do so to resolve our problems. Believe me, I tried it many times! But what is the alternative?

The alternative guidance system our human body is equipped with is the heart. Its language is not words, concepts and logic but emotions, intuition and symbolic imagery. Moreover, our heart is strongly connected to other realms and energy fields and can actually bring in novel information and new perspectives. Hence, the heart is a much more powerful catalyst for change in our lives than the mind is. Unfortunately, we never learned to listen to our hearts because our minds are so overly dominant and constantly making so much noise that we don’t even notice the subtle sensations emitted from our hearts. So how can we connect to what our heart wants to tell us?

The answer sounds simple but is in reality very challenging: We have to seek absolute stillness and embrace it with our entire being. In the stillness, we learn to quiet the mind so that we can listen to what our hearts have to say. A good practice is to learn meditation: We sit down in a relaxed position, close our eyes and do nothing for 20 minutes. The challenge is that this goes against everything society has taught us. When I first started doing it, I had the problem that my mind just would not want to shut up. It kept going in those crazy thought loops which are mostly pointless anyways. I learned to accept this and kept pushing the thoughts away gently to focus on the subtle sensations within my body. After a while, it becomes much easier.

To find our purpose and to unlock our destiny, we need to listen to the subtle messages of our hearts. This is only possible when we disconnect from the busy modern society to seek absolute stillness.

5 years ago, I even had burnout at work, so I could not work productively anymore. I always used to be highly creative, having access to a constant stream of ideas and solutions for complex problems. At some point though, I worked so much that I disregarded other areas of my life, but most importantly I disregarded my emotions. Emotions (energies in motion) are nothing more than energies trying to move through our bodies to be processed and released. This is only possible if we allow to feel them in all their nuances. Back then, a lot of uncomfortable dark emotions were bubbling up but instead of facing them, I chose to distract myself with work. The consequence was that the emotions got stuck in my body and the energies could not flow anymore. Thus, I also lost my higher connection and creativity. I remembered staring at the computer screen for hours without being able to understand what was written there. At some point, I felt so low (my body felt heavy and dense like having cement blocks on my chest), that I locked the office door from the inside to collapse on the office floor. As I was lying on the floor, my mind was completely empty as I started at the grey office wall. In this stillness, the keyword of “meditation” suddenly emerged into my consciousness. In my desperation, I googled “meditation Berlin” (the city I was living in) to find that there were several courses offered at my university. I found an MBSR (Meditation Based Stress Reduction) course which just started the following week. I instantly registered and had the luck to get one of the last spots!

This MBSR course changed my life. The teacher, Susanne, was a beautiful soul who taught us the basics of meditation and awareness training. In essence, we just had to learn to focus on certain parts of the body and especially on our breath. She also incorporated meditative music, conscious walks through nature as well as journaling and gratitude exercises. The other 9 people in the course all had similar issues like me and were plagued by the accelerated rhythm of modern life. We all had lost focus of what’s really important: Our inner peace. Joining this course shifted the trajectory of my life for the better. Months after the course, meditations were part of my daily routine and I started to go onto extended solitary walks in nature. Ironically, my life drastically improved as my creativity exploded and I also started to embrace radical authenticity. In other words, I ruthlessly rejected everything which did not feel right anymore, like those meaningless social gatherings or mindless partying. I decided to go all in and to follow the guidance of my heart. Eventually, I was guided out of the city, even to leave Germany in exchange for a simpler life in South America where I encountered my soul’s destiny. See also: and

Follow your natural abilities, talents and preferences

Which fields, topics and subjects were always of interest to you? What were you drawn to when you were young? Are there recurring themes in your life, such as certain roles you always assumed or situations you always found yourself in? The answers to these questions might indicate a deeper pattern leading back to your soul’s blueprint and mission. Most of us have had thousands of incarnations on this Earth to experience every possible experience and constellation. However, with regards to the current lifetime, we are equipped with the most optimal set of tools to be able to complete the mission we have set ourselves before coming here. Furthermore, previous lifetimes which might help us to achieve the higher mission are consciously linked to the current lifetime and there will be many hints and breadcrumbs to help us activate those connections and to activate those hidden abilities.

It might sound complex, so I will explain it with my personal example. I was born in Hessen, Germany, yet I had been searching my whole life for something which was far beyond my understanding. I was intuitively guided to travel the world and to work in many different countries, especially in East Asia. I did a 2-month internship at a university in Taiwan as well as in Korea, where I was the only foreigner amongst a group of more than 20 natives. It was a challenge but also one of the most fulfilling times of my life. I imagine the feelings of pure bliss, joy and serenity when I was visiting those beautiful ancient Chinese temples. I immediately felt at home there, I vigorously enjoyed life at every breath there. Moreover, despite the language and cultural barriers, I was quickly accepted as equal in both the Taiwanese and Korean teams. As I was open and curious about their culture and quickly adapted to their customs and especially their cuisine, initial resentments faded away rapidly and we started seeing each other at eye level. In fact, I always had a talent for inter-cultural communication. Later on, I worked as an IT researcher at a large German science institute so I had many international projects where I worked with people from different countries and cultures. I loved to visit other countries, meet people with totally different cultural viewpoints and perspectives. And especially in the work context, I had to collaborate within international teams coordinating the individual work packages and managing other’s contributions too. All of this was always coming naturally to me and I was flowing through these experiences without any hassle.

I was always strongly drawn to other cultures. During my travels and business projects, I worked with many different cultures, especially in the Far Eastern region. Working and leading cross-cultural groups flowed effortlessly to me as it was part of the preparation for my actual mission in South America, which is in progress right now.

That said, it is no surprise that I was guided on this unusual life path because my divine mission is to participate in a replay of a Rennaissance period project, which utterly failed and created heavy karma, unresolved to this day. The project was located in Hessen, Germany – where I was born this lifetime! There are no coincidences, everything we experience serves a higher purpose. I was guided to an expat community in South America, where I have been working for 1.5 years now. A strange sequence of events led to my awakening and I ultimately realized that all the main participants from the botched Rennaissance project have returned to try it again and don’t mess it up this time. As in the past lifetime, I am now one of the main interfaces between the cultures (German, Spanish) and I was able to build up a very successful team of IT and innovation consisting only of locals. This track record of success has enabled me to assume a key position in the project where I am now able to shine a light on grave corruption that is happening in the organizational structure of the project director (who was the king in the Rennaissance incarnation). More details about visions I had regarding my soul’s journey and mission:

There is more to it of course. For instance, I was always very stubborn and highly individualistic. I questioned everything and never accepted the default answer, which used to be quite an annoyance for some people. Furthermore, from early childhood on, I enjoyed writing fictional stories and articles about various topics. I refined my writing skills, especially in the English language, by publishing several research papers during my time at the science institute. This is no coincidence of course, as part of my mission is to document the rebirth of the Rennaissance project, so that the world can understand what is going on. Especially in the beginning, it will be extremely chaotic and tumultuous so many people will be in shock and fear. I presume my writings can help to provide a different perspective and to give a bit more clarity about what will be going on. Last but not least, I always had a strong sense of justice and used to support the underdogs, those who were downtrodden. I always talked to everyone, regardless of their social status and if they are liked or not liked by the peer groups. And on several occasions, I intervened in situations where injustices happened, e.g. when some cool kids made fun of the outcasts. That being said, I never was very popular in my peer groups but I also was never an outcast. I always maintained a neutral stance and kept doing my own thing.

Likewise, I have a combative spirit and always enjoyed pushing my mind, body and spirit to the absolute limits. When others sought comfort and pleasure, I tackled one challenge after the other. I used to play handball (it is not that common outside of Europe), which is a brutal contact sport. I just loved the struggle and to return after a match totally exhausted, bruised and worn out. It now makes sense to have these traits, as I needed to constantly overcome my limits to be able to succeed in this mission. Besides, I need to fight battles against cunning enemies who often represent the superior force. It is no coincidence again that I had been a warrior in several past lives leading up to my current life. In the Rennaissance period incarnation, I was one of the highest generals under the king and even led armies to battle, as there were internal wars breaking out in the kingdom, which were connected to the religious struggles between Catholics and Protestants. Fascinatingly, another very important incarnation was in ancient Japan, where I was a Samurai warrior. Many of the old tactics and wisdom have bubbled through to help me in my current mission:

Start facing your childhood traumas

Our traumas are holding us down like cement blocks, preventing our spiritual evolution. They are such a heavy load on our shoulders that we cannot raise up if we don’t first get rid of them. So what actually is trauma? It is nothing more than a repressed unresolved negative emotion that happened in our childhood or youth, which could not freely flow through the body because we refused to feel them and pushed them away. Commonly, we were not ready to allow those emotions because we were too young or felt physically unsafe. The thing is that life on this Earth has been extremely hard and dense. Our ancestors often needed to survive and did not have the luxury to sit in silence to process their repressed emotions. Hence, many traumas are even handed down across different generations, looming over the family bloodline like a sword of Damocles. Fortunately, things now have changed so that the vast majority of humanity has much better living conditions and consequently more time to focus on the inward journey.

So how exactly can we resolve our traumas you might ask? Well, it is not an easy one-step process, it is a very challenging, multi-faceted endeavor. The general problem is that many of our traumas lie in the shadows: As we repressed them, we are not aware of them consciously anymore. It is a protection mechanism so that we can keep operating normally in our daily lives. Hence, first of all, you need to have the willingness to actively work on yourself and to uncover these shadows. Generally, it is very uncomfortable to face our shadows, as we need to re-live those traumatic situations again or at least feel the stuck emotions completely before they can be released. As explained before, energy needs to flow freely through our body which requires us to accept and feel those energies regardless of how gruesome and terrifying they might appear. That said, from my humble experience, the stuck trauma is never as bad as it initially seems. Our mind has the annoying habit to create those massive, scary stories around our traumas. In fact, once we process them, they are not that bad at all and a lot of positive change can emerge from them.

Facing our childhood traumas can be quite scary because our mind makes those traumas larger than they actually are, The challenge is to bring those repressed emotions back into our awareness and accept them in their entirety to be able to finally clear them for good.

But how exactly can a childhood trauma be cleared? In order to be able to clear an unconscious shadow, we first need to get it to the surface. This is done through triggers, which are external situations that remind us of what happened in the past in the traumatic situation and thus create a conscious link to the repressed emotions. As a consequence, the specific emotions are brought back to the surface and we are able to feel them in their entire heaviness and ugliness. Sadly, we are programmed again to not follow our triggers but to distract us in the external world again by fingerpointing to others around us. Instead of thinking “how could this trigger relate to my childhood?”, we will say to the other person “how dare you trigger me, you terrible person?”. I am exaggerating but you get the point. Part of it is to take full responsibility for our own lives and our own healing. At some point on the journey, I realized that everything negative that is happening to me is just a reflection of my internal world. Once I made this perspective shift and assumed full responsibility to always look inside first, my life drastically improved for the better.

So once we uncovered a traumatic emotion, we need to feel it without trying to run away from it. Believe me, it is easier said than done! This is where addictions come into play: Every one of us has certain addictive patterns which are a distraction and coping mechanism to avoid feeling negative emotions. Addictions can be everything from alcohol, cigarettes, overeating, pornography, social media, fishing for compliments, etc. It depends on the individual life journeys but everyone has them. Thus, in order to heal trauma, we need to muster the courage to sit with this feeling in silence without running away or distracting ourselves through addictions. That is super challenging but sometimes the traumas will get so loud that our distractions don’t even work anymore. That is the point when our body forces us to look at those shadows to finally clear them. In any case, the more readily we start to face our shadows, the quicker we will succeed and advance on the trajectory of raising up our consciousness. Even though there is some social stigma connected to it, I highly recommend seeking out a good therapist who can assist in the clearing process. I for one met a very experienced shaman, who helped me to rapidly clear out so many of my deepest traumas, see all related posts:

A very fitting description of how to do shadow work: Only when we sit down to feel our most traumatic emotions in their entirety, they can be released from our system, source

Regardless, the clearing of traumas can also be done alone. What is most important is to simply sit in silence in a meditative stance, focusing on the negative emotions. The key is to fully accept and embrace the heavy sensations, without resisting or trying to control them. After a while, they will flow through our bodies and be released. The clearing process can be facilitated through breathing techniques and visualization. I like to visualize that white light is streaming in me from the top and through my entire body, to be finally released through my feet into the ground. Sometimes, when it was really heavy, I asked Jesus for energetic assistance and he always helped me to by taking away part of the heavy charge. We just have to ask him for assistance and he will join in. A processed trauma is making room for clarity, insights and lessons. Every trauma contains important hints which help us on our mission.

A personal example from my family: My father’s mother had to raise her 3 sons alone, as my grandfather was captured in WWII and died in a prison camp in France due to malnutrition. My father never saw his father, as he was just 3 years old as his father died. My grandmother had to struggle extremely hard to survive and obtain enough food and other resources for my father and his 2 brothers to survive. It was a tough, merciless time period and she was operating in survival mode. Unfortunately, she regularly took out her frustration on my father, hitting him even with objects. He was just a small boy and could not even understand what was going on so this was absolutely terrifying and highly traumatizing for him. Needless to say that my father had a long list of unprocessed traumas he kept refusing to look at. Fortunately, I did several shamanic sessions, where we inspected those generational traumas of my father’s bloodline and could finally clear them, for instance:

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