A trail of divine breadcrumbs leads to our destiny

A trail of divine breadcrumbs leads to our destiny

While we are programmed to only search for answers in the material world, there are so many hints left for us everywhere, like a trail of divine breadcrumbs leading to our destiny.

In the last post, I examined my connection to the Far Eastern cultures, where I was incarnated in previous lifetimes: https://lightprism.net/2021/06/15/a-man-does-what-he-can-until-his-destiny-is-revealed-to-him/

While we are programmed to only search for answers in the material world, there are so many hints left for us everywhere, like a trail of divine breadcrumbs leading to our destiny. In this thread, I am going to explore some of them and how they help to paint a magnificent picture of something which is still way beyond my human understanding.

A session of Tarot

I have been talking frequently to a good friend of mine about my challenging life situation and she offered me to lay Tarot cards to get some answers and perspectives. This was already weeks ago when I feared being kicked out through false allegations and character defamation (see https://lightprism.net/2021/05/17/preparing-for-the-epic-finale-of-cosmic-justice/). We meditated for about 5 minutes to clear our mind before commencing laying out the Tarot cards. We got some interesting cards as shown in the following.

It was my first time doing a Tarot session so please correct me if my interpretations are wrong (feel free to comment below). The Tarot cards are of a German edition, i.e. the names of the cards. Anyways, the first three cards showed 3 people with chalices, ace of chalices and the death. We discussed possible meanings and the main interpretation was that the leadership of this community (the Austrian project founder, his wife and the Argentinian director) is going to fall apart slowly, through a very emotional catalyzing event. The ace of chalices is representing the female energy, which hints that the wife of the founder is going to be the decisive person in this play. Already in December of last year, I started to get visions of a leadership break-up and drastic change in this community (see https://lightprism.net/2021/02/22/the-worst-virus-is-fear-the-antidote-unconditional-love/).

My friend proceeded to lay 5 additional cards. The first two cards on the left are negative, representing backstabbing and betrayal, in the sense that there are attacks but they are emerging from the shadows, unbeknownst to me. In the middle, we have the ace of chalices and the ace of wands, which are two very positive cards. They represent the primal female and masculine force respectively, in a very positive, empowering and creative sense. Great change is heralded by those cards as in new beginnings, containing a lot of positive momentum. The card on the right is “Two of Pentacles” and is very important for my situation:

In the Two of Pentacles, a young man dances while juggling two coins in his hands. The infinity symbol links the coins, suggesting that this man can handle unlimited problems so long as he manages his time, energy and resources well. In the background, two ships sail the high seas, bobbing up and down on the huge waves – another sign that the ups and downs of life are manageable with focus and attention.


The key for my situation is to carefully prioritize all of the incoming tasks to not get overwhelmed by certain details or distractions. As long as I focus on the most important things, I will be able to handle every challenge which comes my way. A central point here is delegating work to my team members, so I can focus on the higher viewpoint and strategy.

Lastly, my friend had another set of cards (not sure how they are called) but she offered me to draw one as well. I got “Lancelot, open the cage of your heart!”. Like Lancelot, I am a warrior and will go to battle against the darkness but the key here is to open my heart and to keep it open, regardless of what darkness I am facing all around me. It is a challenge but a very fitting piece of advice for my situation.

A signal of divine protection by Archangel Michael

Months ago, I was riding with my motorbike to another city. I was already late but wanted to drive in one go to arrive at my destination before the sun was setting. As I was about halfway, my rear tire suddenly exploded and I started to swerve – fortunately, I could slow down and stop without having an accident. At first, I felt nervous. This was derailing the plans I had as I now could not reach my destination in time! But then I thought to myself: There might be something positive about this situation, like a message from above or a divine signal. I surrendered to the situation and started to push my motorbike along the side of the road. After about 15 minutes, I encountered a small repair shop on the side of the road. They instantly started to repair my tire and they had, wait for it, exactly one spare tire left! The old one basically exploded so was beyond repair. I had a nice conversation with the locals, thanked them and continued with my repaired tire. It now started to dawn already, so I needed to change my original plans. I remembered that there was a cozy little hotel in the nearby city, where I stayed the first time I visited this city.

I arrived at the hotel and as they took me to my room, I saw that a large painting of Archangel Michael was directly next to the room I was assigned to. I was absolutely mesmerized. I instantly realized what was going on here: I was learning a divine lesson that even if apparently negative events happen in my life, this might actually be divine redirection. Michael signaled that I am always safe and under his protection. What a beautiful coincidence! After checking into my room, I went to have a smoothie at a nearby store. As I was sitting outside enjoying the evening sun, pondering about what had happened, I looked down on my phone and saw the following:

What a series of beautiful coincidences! My body was flooded with positive emotions as I felt a higher presence around me. I knew that whatever challenges were about to be thrown in my direction, I had a lot of support behind me and all around me. I quickly did a Google search and found the following quote as well:

Meaning of 555: You Are a Divine Being.

Seeing 555 is an angelic reminder that you are a divine infinite being who chose to incarnate here on Earth to experience life in human form. Always feel that you have worth because you are here to co-create with the Universal Source and complete a life mission.


Rosa and Maria are two sides of the same divine figure

Before the dramatic situation in this project unfolded, where they wanted to kick me out by framing me for crimes I did not commit (see https://lightprism.net/2021/05/17/preparing-for-the-epic-finale-of-cosmic-justice/), I went to the next city, hiking in the nearby mountains, to clear my head and get new perspectives. On the way home, I went shopping in a large supermarket and found candles with Christian motives. The following three candles of San Miguel (Saint Michael), San Jorge (Saint George) and Rosa Mística resonated strongly:

As I saw the candle of Rosa, I was flabbergasted for a moment. Energetically, I instantly felt the significance of this, as there was an important hint for me to find. Later that day, I started to research who “Rosa Mística” actually is and I was astounded that it is another name for Maria, which was mainly used in the cultures of Southern Europe. Maria and Rosa were both important figures from my most important incarnation in the Rennaissance period in Hessen, German: Maria was my wife, Rosa my colleague with whom I had an emotional affair. Both women are now incarnated again with me to replay dramatic, karmic events of our missteps to finally close the cycle now and to move on to a new age.

Maria triggered a lot of my shadows (see for instance https://lightprism.net/2020/12/13/closing-old-karmic-cycles-and-new-beginnings/) but it was nothing compared to the negative karma and the trauma I had collected with Rosa! I already have several posts about the emotional rollercoaster I was living through again with Rosa to bring those traumas to the surface to clear them once and for all (the most relevant post: https://lightprism.net/2021/04/02/my-ascent-through-the-valley-of-death/). That said, Rosa and Maria, as know those two ladies from my current life, could not be more different. Maria is a very kind, soft and calm girl, who is always straightforward about her intentions and has this childlike naivety and innocence to her. In contrast, Rosa always appeared to be very cheeky, daring and cunning. Rosa also has this extreme, dramatic, exaggerated sense of humor that always gets under my skin. When I first met Rosa, I also sensed a childlike innocence but she seems much more fierce, passionate and ardent. Of course, there is a cultural aspect, as Maria is German and Rosa from the Spanish culture but their personalities always felt very distinct to me. In my karmic replays, I was both attracted to Maria and Rosa. But with Rosa, it was much more intense, confusing and chaotic – like a raging fire and a lot of smoke everywhere preventing me from seeing clearly. The situation with Maria was clarified relatively quickly, but my karmic theater with Rosa is ongoing for months now and I still don’t have uncovered all shadows to regain full clarity.

Hence, I always perceived Maria to be purer, more divine than Rosa. However, discovering that Rosa is just another name used for Maria, my whole perspective suddenly shifted. I saw Rosa in another light, I started to look through our karmic theater and to perceive her purity, courage and integrity. Actually, both Maria and Rosa are very old souls who have had challenging missions to fulfill together with me. Rosa and I just got caught up in the alluring temptations of duality so we departed from our higher path. We got a taste of heavy emotions like suffering, heartache and shame but we learned a lot as well on this detour. Now is the time to learn all the remaining lessons, to finally close this chapter so that our true higher selves can shine through again – undistorted by the heavy traumas we had been carrying around. In essence, Rosa and Maria represent two sides of the same coin of duality, which is soon to be unified again.

There was another important occurrence: One day, I visited Rosa in the office and I noticed she is the one who is managing all the keys of all buildings. In a joking manner, Rosa told me she feels like San Pedro (Saint Peter) who holds the keys to the kingdoms of heaven and hell. I now realized Rosa indeed holds the keys to fulfill this mission, which we were supposed to fulfill already in the past incarnation. Rosa and I need to overcome our own traumas to be able to cooperate together to bring this mission to completion.

My bloodline connection with the king

You thought things are already strange? Well, it gets even much more incredible: A few weeks back, I was talking to an Austrian lady who has been in the project from the start. We had a very extended conversation and we freely shared our personal struggles, along with the deeper spiritual aspects with each other. At some point, I realized that the lady was my aunt in the previous incarnation, as she was the sister of my mother (who is no the wife of the project founder). This lady was obviously nobility in the past life because in her current life she has a lot of freedoms, could manage several languages (Spanish and German) and had a relatively high status. She always preferred to stand at the sidelines, to observe and assist in a few projects. She never liked to go all-in. In the past life, I did not see her very often but when we met, my aunt gave me very important advice, that often helped me to overcome challenging situations or conflicts.

On that evening, we talked for several hours and discussed all the spiritual aspects of the projects. I told her everything I had learned, e.g. that I have already identified several key players of the past life and who they are now. As we were talking, I made many new connections. At some point, we talked about the king (who is now the project director) and that he had been totally corrupted by power and money, back then as well as today. For example, the king sentenced me to death under false, made-up allegations to silence me, keeping his dark schemes hidden. I am certain that the king also exploited his power to engage in sexual affairs with women, thereby fathering one or more illegitimate children. Suddenly, I remembered the past life session I did with the shaman almost a year ago, where we cleared out the core trauma of my father’s bloodline: One of our female ancestors was raped by a rich lord and she received the child which is part of my father’s and my bloodline (see also https://lightprism.net/2020/11/23/breaking-the-generational-trauma-cycle-of-my-ancestors/). I remembered that the landscape in this vision looked like the area where I grew up in Hessen, German in the Middle Ages.

Talking with my aunt from the previous lifetime, I had the incredible revelation that there exists a direct bloodline connection between me and the king.

At this point, an energy rush streamed through my body as the dots connected: The horrible crime happened in the same Rennaissance incarnation and the corrupt king actually raped my female ancestor and thereby became part of my father’s bloodline. I was mindblown, what an incredible revelation! Can you imagine what the implications are of this? I incarnated in my father’s bloodline to resolve the karma inflicted by the king, which was hovering over my ancestors unresolved for dozens of incarnations. This way, I also helped the king’s soul by solving these karmic bonds, which certainly had a liberating effect on him as well. That said, it is also kind of ironic that I chose to take this road of absolute selflessness. I mean, the king sentenced me to death, which was absolutely unjustified, and now I was suddenly helping him? I guess the main lesson is that the king is not a bad person or a tainted soul per sé. He is a troubled soul who got pulled into the ugliest muck of the 3D matrix. He has learned his lessons and wanted to be set free for a long time but he was stuck and could not get out without help. His higher self has had an agreement with mine before incarnating this lifetime. This also explains, why his higher self actually watched in the theater, as the shaman and I did the karmic clearing of my father’s trauma, see https://lightprism.net/2020/11/23/breaking-the-generational-trauma-cycle-of-my-ancestors/

Another perspective on this incredible story is that the divine has the power to transform even the darkest, most gruesome and terrible situations into the positive. Isn’t it ironic that an illegitimate descendant of the king’s bloodline is now the catalyst to deliver the ultimate justice for the corruption of the king, that had not been achieved in the past? Certainly, the bloodline connection strongly links me to the king energetically as well and has enabled my soul to access various energies in preparation for this challenging mission. I am just glad to be able to make this historic contribution by helping to finally close these old chapters and move on to the new ones. We will finally have divine justice, reflecting in balance, unity and peace. I am sure, the king will still have a heavy karmic balance to resolve in the near future. I for one have almost cleared my karmic debts and I am close to bringing into reality everything, which my heart has longed for – and much more than that.

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