When we maintain a high vibration, victory is certain

When we maintain a high vibration, victory is certain

In a past life, I was framed for adultery at the king’s tribunal. Today, I am maintaining a high vibration to follow divine guidance, stepping onto a higher timeline for a better future.

In the last blog post, I described how I accidentally revealed a cesspit of corruption in the project I am working for in South America. I anticipated a plot to throw me out through character defamation: https://lightprism.net/2021/05/17/preparing-for-the-epic-finale-of-cosmic-justice/

The week after this post was quite dramatic for me in terms of the emotions I felt in my body: Extreme fear, worry and pain. Those events triggered deeply buried traumas within me and my body was processing immense amounts of negative emotions. It was tough and I was already prepared for the worst-case scenario. I expected a tribunal where the project director would present a number of false allegations related to the sexual assault of a number of female employees. I was prepared to publish my previous blog post far and wide to all of my contacts so I could defend myself but also to enact immediate revenge for the behavior of the project leader. On Friday of last week, I was sure that they would summon me to their house. I had all my bags packed, ready to leave in an instant.

But what happened actually? Nothing. Nothing at all! As I was sitting and waiting in my room, processing those heavy emotions, the time progressed but nothing happened. At some point, I went on a long walk but my body was absolutely exhausted. As I came back to my room, I collapsed into my bed. Something had changed, the timelines have shifted dramatically.

Replaying an important project of the Rennaissance period

This ambitious community project in South America (which name is to be revealed once the time is right), is a replay of a similar project in the Rennaissance period in the state of Hessen, Germany. In the past incarnation, our souls had the challenging task to establish a center of cultural, scientific, technological, commercial and spiritual exchange. This project was supposed to become a beacon of light to raise the level of consciousness in one of the darkest corners on Earth at that time. It was a tight collaboration between the kingdom of Hesse, Germany and the Spanish kingdom. Back in those days, the Spanish were the leading culture and the Renaissance emerged in the Spanish-speaking world. As a consequence, a large part of the nobility all over Europe could read, write and speak Spanish. In this particular project in the German kingdom of Hesse, many Spanish people, i.e. scientists, clerics, philosophers, etc. were invited to bring the ambitious vision to reality.

The project I am working for now in South America mirrors an important project in the Rennaissance period in Hessen, Gernany. The goals were to establish a center of cultural, scientific, technological, commercial and spiritual exchange. acting as a beacon of light for others to follow.

One after another, I recognized the key players of that incarnation in my current life. The project director actually was the king in the Rennaissance incarnation. He was totally consumed by material temptations: Sex, money, power and women. He engaged in unthinkable corruption, political power struggles and countless affairs with women so he totally lost track of the higher mission. As a consequence, he shoulders a massive karmic burden, which is to be revealed and to be resolved in the near future. The project founders, an Austrian couple, actually were my parents in the past life. I recall that I had a very close relationship with my mother, Silvana. Their son was my little brother, we were also quite close and we always had each other’s back. The project founder, my father back then, was a great visionary and the right hand of the king. He had a very important role as the architect of this community and to create a powerful vision to draw as many people into the project as possible in order to acquire further support and resources. My family was royalty so we had the privilege of having received a very rich education in languages, science, religion and philosophy. Furthermore, we enjoyed a lot of freedom and never had material worries, which was rare at that time. The problem of my father, in particular, was megalomania, he always aimed way too high and was too far ahead of his time, which resulted in constant disappointments as the ambitious goals could never be reached. Moreover, my parents held onto too many details and engaged in micromanagement instead of trusting others and delegating the work. The most critical failure of my parents was that they trusted the king unconditionally and turned a blind eye to his corruption. I am now aware of the fact that a key part of my mission in the Rennaissance incarnation was to help to uncover the corruption of the king because it was one of the main hurdles preventing the success of the project. It is not that the king was evil per se. In fact, he is a very old and noble soul. The problem is that the darkness he engaged with was a widespread consciousness in that time period, like a virus or a parasite, infecting even some of the strongest souls. A coordinated effort was planned to reveal that consciousness, bringing it to the light to be able to dissolve and transmute it.

My entire family could manage fluently German (native), Spanish and Latin. We had a lot of freedom and resources at our disposal, so I could for instance travel on horseback whenever I wanted to. I was a noble knight, called Heinrich, which is my second name in this incarnation. It also is the name of my uncle in this lifetime. Isn’t it funny which breadcrumbs are left in such an obvious manner for us to find, or more accurately to remember? I recall that my role back then was to act as an interface between the German and Spanish cultures. I led several projects with diverse teams of both cultures. I had the keen ability to rapidly shift my perspective to understand the viewpoints of the people from the Spanish culture. Quickly, I gained many friends and allies among them and I was well-respected in both cultural realms. My parents and the king admired and praised me for my ability to build bridges between the cultures thus pushing the project forward. Needless to say, I was very popular with the Spanish women, even though it was commonly known that I was married (my wife was called Maria). It all went flawlessly – until I met Rosa.

Falling in love with my coworker Rosa

Rosa was a young Spanish lady who started working in the administration office for my parents. She was not of nobility, even though she was of a higher administrative class. Hence, Rosa was not that well-educated, i.e. she could only speak Spanish but not German and she did not have a lot of knowledge outside of her field of work. Rosa also did not have a lot of freedoms, she had a tight work schedule and basically not much free time. When I visited my parents, I frequently came into contact with Rosa and an intense attraction started to develop between us. Even though she was married to her Spanish husband, Mario, she developed a strong interest in me and frequently initiated contact. While she was not of nobility, she had a very unique character, a very special charm, a peculiar sense of humor, a highly disciplined work ethic as well as an unshakeable sense of justice. Rosa was strong-willed yet very feminine and kind at the same time. I was totally mesmerized by her and by her energy. I started to fall in love quickly, even though I knew that I should not. I was drawn to her like a moth is drawn into the raging flames. Rosa was intensely drawn to me as well, she was waiting in anticipation for me to return on horseback after my travels when I was wearing a noble wire mesh armor, that had the emblem of the Hessian red lion on it. She was drawn to me due to my honorableness, courage, and determination. Each time we talked, we got closer and the tension grew as we engaged in a careful yet daring verbal dance, mutual teasing and oftentimes uncontrollable laughter.

In the past life, I quickly fell in love with a Spanish lady who was doing administrative work for my parents. As she was not of nobility and we both were already married, this started to create a lot of problems.

At some point, we had been fallen helplessly into love with one another. It was a love like an intensely raging flame, uncontrollable and dangerous. We both knew that in that time period it was a grave sin and a terrible crime to have an extramarital relationship. To make matters worse it was unthinkable for a man of nobility to have a common woman as his wife. Hence, our relationship turned into what was a dramatic rollercoaster of emotions quickly fluctuating between emotions of infatuation and desire towards emotions of heartbreak and despair. The main problem for me was that I got lost totally in Rosa and the romantic love story. I focused on her and lost my higher connection. As a consequence, I could not continue on my divine mission to help to root out the king’s corruption. In fact, the king and his corrupt loyal henchman noticed that I had been investigating his secret deals and started to plot my removal. They were looking into my life, trying to find weak points they could use against me. Unfortunately, they found out about the romantic affair between me and Rosa and used this to charge me with adultery.

The king’s heart-breaking tribunal

As I was still totally confused about my feelings for Rosa and focused on her exclusively, I could not receive divine hints warning me of the plans the king was plotting behind my back. While Rosa and I had close contact and were in love with each other, we never had sexual relations. We actually never fell for the temptation, especially due to both our tight work schedules and many responsibilities. We just never had alone time even though Rosa invited me once to a private meeting. While I initially said yes, I just did not come there, leaving her sitting alone because I was scared of the consequences. So actually, we did not commit adultery but the king and his henchmen did not care at all. They wanted to keep their corruption and crimes hidden at all costs so they used my emotional love affair with Rosa to frame me. One morning, the king’s guard arrived at my chambers to escort me to a tribunal to be charged for my crimes. One of the guards was Mario, the husband of Rosa. We used to have deep respect for each other and collaborated on many projects. I was absolutely taken aback and utterly confused. The king surprised me with this tribunal and I did not see it coming. As I entered a large hall being escorted by the king’s guards, I sat down in front of a large table where I was facing three parties: The king on the left, my parents in the middle and Rosa on the right. At the sidelines, there were many people who acted as witnesses against me. The king proceeded to state my charges, that I had abused Rosa and several other women against their will. Rosa confirmed the charges of the king in a few words, as did several other women.

This situation was one of the most terrible heartbreaks which could have ever occurred to me. This horrific injustice was enacted against me and I had no chance to defend myself. The worst thing was that I did not have a chance to speak about it all with my parents to clarify the situation. The king presented the false story and they believed him, as they were aware that Rosa and I had been very close. And Rosa tried to save herself as well by speaking out against me. Above all, she was dependent on the king and was afraid of being executed as well. This tribunal certainly was one of the deepest traumas I had been carrying around in my body. For a long time, I was not ready to face it. This moment had finally come so I could make peace with the situation and forgive all people involved, especially Rosa and my parents but also the king. Because forgiveness is not primarily for them, it is for my own healing first and foremost. Through forgiveness, I cut those energetic cords connecting me to this old trauma and this old timeline. I was finally letting go of it, being liberated to move onto new paths, onto new timelines.

The divergence between the past life and current timelines

The current events have been triggering those deeply buried old traumas from the Rennaissance incarnation. It was as if my body was living through those dark emotions again to now finally let them go, clearing them out of my energetic field. At some point, it occurred to me that the current timeline is much higher than that of the past life! I first realized the differences during an opening ceremony of a project weeks ago: https://lightprism.net/2021/05/09/at-the-cusp-of-one-of-the-most-dramatic-transitions-in-human-history/

My current timeline is much better in a number of ways: I am not married, there exist neither kings nor nobility anymore, I have been on a very intense journey to face and heal my traumas for the past year, my connection to the divine is stronger than ever, I have a lot of support all around me. On Thursday, May 13th, 2021, I became aware that the project leader and his team (i.e. the king and his henchmen) were plotting something against me due to their very odd behaviors and a strange sequence of events (see https://lightprism.net/2021/05/17/preparing-for-the-epic-finale-of-cosmic-justice/). I realized that this day marked the beginning of the “endgame” of my mission, relating back to the past incarnation. One day later, I had lunch with several people from the city office (where the organized corruption happens) and they suddenly started praising me for my “success with women”, “that women are chasing me”, “falling in love with me constantly”, etcetera. I found this to be very odd a couple of people chimed in to corroborate my image of a “Don Juan” in front of around 15 other people.

Later that day, intense sexual desires manifested towards Rosa, it was as if my entire focus was drawn onto her. This was the final test, as this had happened as well in the past life. On Sunday morning, as I was lying in bed, confused and semi-awake, I suddenly saw myself in a dream, riding on a horse to collect two royal symbols. I instantly realized that this means I needed to leave immediately to get a perspective shift. I drove to the next big city with my motorcycle to meet friends I had not seen for a long time. I also went into the mountains to go hiking in the forests, which gave me a lot of peace of mind and clarity. On Sunday, I visited another friend, who has been a Spanish priest, close friend and my prime advisor in the past life. He was called Roberto. I started talking about Rosa, my feelings and desires for her and asked him if I should contact her. Roberto listened attentively and guided me through the whole situation. He strongly advised me against contacting Rosa and instead recommended focusing on the intrigues the king and his henchmen are plotting behind my back. With his help, I analyzed the situation and my intuition quickly confirmed what the exact details of their plan were. They indeed were trying to frame me for the sexual harassment of a female employee. Roberto and I brainstormed about the different options I have to undermine their plans and I suddenly received a strong intuition to publically document it all in written form – this is how the previous blog post was created.

As I was totally confused by my intense feelings for Rosa, I received a dream of riding away on horseback ot unite royal symbols. I immediately drove to the next city with my motorbike to meet several people who helped me to focus on my mission, especially my old friend Roberto (who was my priest in the past life).

On the following Wednesday, I talked to the son of the project founders (my little brother in the previous life) and he listened attentively to all of my worries. He gave me a lot of helpful perspectives and finally said that I should write down everything which happened to discuss it with his parents (our parents in the past life). One day later on Thursday, I had a meeting with the project founders and their son, which truly felt like an old family reunion! The meeting was very positive and constructive. I explained the suspicious series of events that happened between me, the people from the city office and the project director. I also emphasized that I feel they want to frame me in some way. Thus, I openly admitted what had occurred between me and Rosa: We had a lot of attraction between us, many ups and downs but there never happened anything. The project founders thanked me for my honesty and believed what I said. The atmosphere in this meeting was highly constructive and mutually supportive. I proceeded to draw a picture of corruption in the city office and how they could have been extracting large sums of money out of the project. The founders listened attentively, agreed to my assessments and added information and perspectives on their own. They acknowledged that the behavior of several people at the city office has been very odd. The only thing they did not want to believe (yet) is that the project director (i.e. the king in the past life) could possibly be involved as well. They still trust him unconditionally, even though seeds of doubt are planted in their subconscious minds.

Despite my anticipation to face the king’s tribunal again, nothing happened that week. It seems that I had successfully undermined the plans to frame me. It is official: I am on a much better timeline now, where I finally can bring my mission to completion! While the project founders still avoid asking the king uncomfortable questions, they emphasized their absolute support for me and my efforts and multiple occasions, even publically in front of investors. I can feel it in my body that we are approaching the point where we close the karmic timelines of the past and enter much higher, much more positive and uplifting timelines.

The Endgame

Even though we are on a higher timeline, there still will be immense chaos in the near future. As the Chinese say chaos contains both danger and opportunity and we will have plenty of it. I will continue my efforts to bring transparency and traceability into the project through ruthless digitalization. The project director (the king) and his corrupt henchmen are cornered and the noose around them is tightening every day. All of their efforts to sweep things under the carpet have failed and turned out to become their disadvantage. We will be confronted with a lot of very heavy, extremely dark consciousnesses but this is necessary to clear them. Everything will eventually be revealed and the project founders will clash with the director. Many investors will attempt to flee the project and there will be a lot of chaos, confusion and turmoil. The project will not fail though, it is way too important to not succeed. A lot of very intelligent, talented and reliable individuals are already positioning themselves to assume important leadership roles to bring the project forward – into a new age as a shining example for others to follow. And this time, there are no more kings and royals but we are all equals to be guided by those who are the most enlightened into a brighter future.

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