Preparing for the epic finale of cosmic justice

Preparing for the epic finale of cosmic justice

Accidentally, I stepped into a snake pit of corruption through my work in this community. Several people are not pleased by my efforts for transparency and will attempt to kick me out of this project by applying every dirty trick known in history books.

Chaotic events of epic proportions are going to unfold soon globally, especially in June and July this year. Old power structures are going to crumble as dramatic change is going to be forced upon the populace. What happens in the macro also will be reflected in the micro: The small community where I am living in rural South America.

In this community, we are going to have massive upheaval in the populace, in the ranks of management, leadership and related politics. A lot of old structures, and antique consciousnesses that keep them alive, will crumble and make room for the new to flourish upwards like flowers growing inside of old abandoned buildings. I am going to be in the middle of all of the events which are going to unfold and will be confronted with extremely ugly consciousnesses in the process, especially in terms of political corruption, lies, manipulation and defamation of character. Accidentally, I have stepped into a snake nest of political corruption through the work I am doing here. A couple of people are not pleased by my efforts of transparency and will try to get me out of this project, and they will apply every dirty trick known in the political realm. It is going to be the greatest challenge I have ever faced.

What is my intention with this post? Today, the 17th of May 2021, my intuition is already crystal clear about what poisonous arrows are going to be thrown in my direction. I hereby am going to document, for the whole world to see on my Light Prism blog, everything which has occurred in the name of full transparency. I will also admit my own personal shortcomings and explain all the attack angles they will potentially use against me. I will not reveal the exact details of the project. Those who need to know this later will be able to connect the dots.

Implementation of a digital warehouse

At the beginning of March 2021, I had several talks with the project leader (a well-connected political persona), in which we both agreed that at the current rapid growth rate of the project, logistics are the primary bottleneck hampering the project’s growth. There are many problems with the entire ordering process of materials and products, ranging from internal orders to purchases and inventory management. We have had a lot of well-paying European clients here who were often complaining about long waiting times are incorrect deliveries of products. And the growth rate of clients was rapidly increasing, so the system had to be improved. The main problem was as well that every department uses paper forms, which are archived into separate folders. It is totally chaotic, there is no digitalization of the orders, so there is a high error rate and it is almost impossible to verify or track any of the orders. I recently found a very talented local IT applicant and I suggested to the project leader that we would implement an ERP (Electronic Resource Planning) software and start with the digitalization of the inventory. He agreed so we proceeded with the implementation. We investigated several ERP systems and found that Odoo was the most suitable solution for us right now, as there is a free Community version that could be installed in our own servers without cost. At the beginning of April, we presented our solution to the project leader and our plan to proceed in slow steps according to an agile implementation methodology. I already was aware the company had a lot of outdated structures and many people with a vested interest in not changing their comfortable existing processes. I selected the warehouse as a first starting point because its team leader is a very open, result-oriented, motivated and honest person. We had a trial period until the end of May to totally digitalize the inventory, modernize all processes, educate the employees into using the ERP system, and present the lessons learned in this process.

The project leader agreed with my assessment that the logistics of the company are the worst bottleneck hampering future growth, so we went ahead with the implementation of a digital inventory.

So far so good. Our recently hired IT professional did an excellent job in implementing the Odoo software and he collaborated well with the team of the warehouse. In a matter of weeks, more than 800 products and their real-time quantities were added to the digital inventory. Of course, we also encountered a lot of issues, mainly relating to disorderly work processes in the warehouse. For instance, sometimes workers went into the warehouse and just grabbed items without notifying the warehouse team. Moreover, in the beginning, barcodes were not used so the transactions were registered manually which did introduce errors as well. Well-organized warehouses have an error rate of 5-10%. In the first weeks, we were still significantly higher but the good thing is that the system revealed what the problems in the processes were. ERP systems require well-defined, clearly structured processes inside of the company and accordingly put pressure on the internal workflows.

An unexpected visit from the city office

The company has a second office in the next big city, which is quite far away and there is not much contact between the employees of both locations. This “city office” exclusively manages all order processes and invoices. From the city office, an auditor was sent to be involved in the process of digitalization. The auditor and his team assisted in the stock-taking process to determine the initial quantities of all products in the digital system. This process went flawlessly and there was a lot of progress and optimism about the platform. In the last week of April, several people from the city office suddenly requested a meeting with me and my IT team as they want to know about our digitalization efforts. In the meeting, several people from the city officials were present: The IT leader, the auditor, the leading accountant and several people from our local office. We presented our progress about the system and it was generally well-received. Only the IT leader seemed to have a very negative attitude about our presentation and he raised a lot of concerns, which we however could easily clarify (e.g. that the Community version of Odoo is not sufficient and that the Enterprise version is far too expensive or that our data is not secure in that system). He suggested implementing an individual solution in-house. I found this request very strange and illogical because our plan could be executed immediately without further delay.

My plans for absolute transparency and tracability apparently seemed to have triggered intense fear in a couple of employees from the city office. The question is why?

Besides, a very interesting fact is that the IT leader of the city office already had a failed ERP implementation under his responsibility. About 1.5 years ago, a local IT company was tasked to provide their ERP system for us. This was explicitly requested by the European project founder, who realized early on that we need to have a digital system for the entire company to scale it effectively given the rapid growth of clients. While there were several meetings and people from the ERP company visiting us here, there never was a working solution presented. The project eventually failed and was forgotten, despite the desperate requests of several departments, especially the warehouse, for a better IT solution.

Stumbling into a strange conflict with the project leader

We just continued to work on the system roll-out and I did not think further about this meeting with the people from the city office. What was odd though was that the project leader ignored my requests to have a personal meeting with him. I asked at least 3 times for a short meeting to discuss some details but did not get any response. On Saturday, the European founders invited me to their house where the project leader also was present. I started to mention that the progress of our implementation is excellent so far and the wife of the founder chimed in suggesting that we could use the same software for other departments as well. The project leader exploded in rage and vehemently disagreed. He subsequently cited two main reasons why the software no is applicable (it would be too expensive and that the data is not secure, repeating the invalid points of the IT leader from the city office). He also stated that “the employees from the city office have no interest in using the Odoo ERP software”. I asked who exactly had a problem with it to which he did not want to respond. I tried explaining the situation with factual arguments but he did not want to engage in a discussion and shut down all of my attempts to do so. The project founder and his wife also seemed a bit confused about this extreme reaction. Also, the project leader admitted that he ignored my attempts to have a meeting with him earlier. I was utterly confused, it did not make any sense to me.

I was 100 percent sure that the city office’s IT leader was talking negatively about our project so I asked him directly, in a polite way, via messenger if he had a meeting with the leader and why. His tone was extremely polite and sensible. We reached an agreement but he insisted that we only should use the system inside our community location but not for the city office. He was very clear and drew a line there. To me this was very strange and highly suspicious. What is he hiding?

An echo of our previous incarnation in the Rennaissance Period

After the conflict with the project leader, I felt the echoes of old trauma inside my body, all connected to this particular incarnation in the late Middle Ages, at the beginnings of the Rennaissance period – which actually is the French word for rebirth. Without any doubt, I was replaying an old karmic timeline here with the project leader to eventually balance the scales and reach justice energetically. My body was processing a lot of negative emotions the entire weekend, I felt heavy and defeated and was resting a lot. On Sunday, it hit me like a lightning strike: The project leader actually is the king of the past life reincarnated! Things started to make sense now. Whatever is happening right now is an echo from the past incarnation. We are replaying a certain script but now have the option to make better choices than in the past.

The currently unfolding events appear like echoes from an important previous incarnation in the Rennaissance period in Hessen, Germany, where a similar project was attempted, which unfortunately failed dramatically.

On the following Monday, there was a festive lunch in the project founder’s house, where we discussed important innovative projects. Several inventors attended and the project leader was present as well. The large table was beautifully decorated with a royal red table cloth and there were napkins in a very elegant blueish color tone. For a moment, I felt flashes reaching back to the past incarnation where a royal gala dinner was held to welcome foreign inventors, merchants, scientists and philosophers into the kingdom. After all, it was the beginning of the renaissance period after the dark Middle Ages and the project had a very important role to become a shining model for others to follow. There was an immense uptick in trade, literature and intercultural exchange. A very optimistic feeling of progress was shared by many. I personally still felt very mixed feelings towards the project leader. On the one hand, I felt sad that he seemed to ignore me, on the other I felt very angry that he apparently did prefer the judgment of the IT leader from the city office over my honest opinion (as I did not even get a chance to explain myself properly). As the project leader stood up to leave, he shortly stopped in front of me and started engaging in some small talk about the local weather. I took this as a positive sign.

Stepping into a snake pit

In the second week of May, I was requesting a meeting with the auditor and the leader of the warehouse. I wanted to get his opinion about the progress of our implementation. He said that he will not say anything until the end of May when the trial period is over, as he needed to maintain his “neutrality”. I proceeded to explain what happened to me the Saturday before with the project leader and that I thought the city office’s IT leader had something to hide because he tried to disrupt the implementation. I also commented that we already found out that there are a lot of discrepancies in the shipments we receive from the city office. Some quantities are off, some products not according to the ordered version, etcetera. I showed a drawing of the current organizational structure of the company and said we would have to include the purchase process in the city office as well into the system. The auditor politely yet firmly recommended that I focus exclusively on the inventory for now. Furthermore, every additional step needs to be authorized by the project leader. I asked him if he was in the last meeting with the project leader (where the IT leader was criticizing our implementation plans) but he did not respond to this question. My gut feeling told me something was not right here, as if there were pieces of the puzzle missing.

Due to my quest for transparency and efficiency, I accidentally stepped into a snake pit of lower consciousness.

A couple of days later on Thursday, my IT team informed me about an unusual series of events that happened. They saw how those same people from the city office (i.e. the auditor, the IT leader, the lead accountant and the HR leader) were having another meeting in the project leader’s house. What was strange, they had technical problems with equipment but did not request assistance from my IT team. Instead, they asked a media guy who had no clue how to solve it so he asked my team’s IT specialist for help – that is how I got to know about that meeting. It was all so odd. Why are they all having a meeting there right now and did not want that I know about it? My mind and intuition operated quickly and analyzed all possible perspectives of this situation. I initially thought the IT leader was doing some odd deals so he wanted to protect himself by shooting down the project. But it seemed to me that all of them seemed to be involved in this, including the auditor, lead accountant, HR leader and of course the project leader as well. Another interesting fact was that the project leader promised me a meeting with the lead accountant to clarify some questions about legal invoices but this meeting never happened (he let me know that he already “clarified” the matter without me being there).

There are so many strange coincidences. It was crystal clear to me that I had hit a proverbial snake pit or let’s say shone the light on it. Needless to say, they were in desperate fear of being exposed right now so they were discussing how they could regain control of the situation and put a lid on it again to continue their “business as usual” – whatever that may be. It is not for me to decide or to judge. I will just write my unfiltered truth from my personal viewpoint by being 100 percent transparent here. The project leader already started testing the chain of command in my IT team by making illogical requests to change the parameters of the network infrastructure. He is acting according to the old playbook, probing other people to see how they react. I slightly improved his network bandwidth but in accordance with the limits of our network setup to not negatively affect the network stability of our other clients. I did not follow his request to “redirect all bandwidth to his house”. I suspect that more of these tests will come and they will eventually realize that I will not bow down to their authority, neither will I be intimidated. My only allegiance is to God and my mission in the higher plan unfolding right now. Maybe they already are at this obvious conclusion. When that happens, the only logical choice will be to attempt to kick me out of the project.

Anticipation of a plot to kick me out

But how can they kick me out? I have always ensured to maintain my absolute neutrality, especially financially, by not being tied to favors of the leader and the founders. I also am not an employee of the company here, instead, I founded my own small business and I am writing invoices each month. Thus, there is no contract and legal commitment between me and the company. That said, I have always delivered excellent work. I have a long list of achievements, which I document regularly (e.g. building up a modern IT infrastructure with cabled and wireless components, building solar modules, etc) and I received a lot of praise publicly on several occasions. On my birthday at the end of March, the project leader praised me in front of the leading employees that I am such a role model for intercultural collaboration. I have always had a good standing with the leadership, local employees as well as European clients.

So what else do they have left? As sad as it sounds, the only option is the defamation of my character by putting out untrue rumors about me. I see two options: A) I could have stolen something B) I could have sexually harassed one or multiple of the local female employees. My intuition already confirmed to me that they are going for option B). As I have documented publicly in this blog, since the beginning of 2020 when I entered this project here, I have been walking a highly spiritual path. I always stayed single as I needed a lot of time for my personal healing of my traumas, for self-reflection and expansion, as well as connection to higher planes of consciousness. Without trying to sound arrogant, I am a tall, blue-eyed German guy, I am successful and in shape physically. So needless to say, I have had a lot of offers from local ladies. I generally like to banter and flirt with women too, but it always is in a playful and respectful way. I never had any sexual relations in the last 2 years as I was focused on my spiritual path of healing and self-discovery. Moreover, I always thought it would be difficult to date someone in this strict work environment. The work structure here always seemed really backwards and outdated, as we had it in Europe in the 1950s. I also was always very careful as there is a lot of gossip in the workforce. I never requested any date from anybody, the sole exception is Rosa, the lady I have written about a lot in this blog, who is working in the office. Rosa and I had a strange series of karmic events playing out between us, linked to our failed past-life romance. I once invited Rosa on a date but she did not come. In the following, we had a lot of ups and downs between us but we always maintained our professional work relationship.

Closing words

In the past life, my affair with Rosa was one of the main points which were used against me to execute me by hanging. I was subsequently made responsible for a series of calamities that even led up to a war, as described in the other posts. Back then, Rosa protected herself by accusing me of having abused her. Right now, we are replaying the “end game” of the karmic past life events. I sincerely hope we all will be able to make the right decisions this time, in accordance with the divine plan to achieve justice to finally enter a better future. The future ahead of us will have no kings and nobility, we will all be at the same level and those who have a sufficiently high level of consciousness will be chosen to guide others around them. I hereby have documented publicly my personal point of view for the whole world to see. Let us see how things actually play out. It is the 17th of May, 2021. Thank you for reading.

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