At the cusp of one of the most dramatic transitions in human history

At the cusp of one of the most dramatic transitions in human history

I am being confronted with fascinating revelations about the connections between my past & current life and decided to finally cut energetic cords with Rosa to ready myself for the grand finale.

In my local community here in South America, we are at the cusp of massive and dramatic shifts, which will create a lot of short term pain but eventually are for the greater good, as all the energetic barriers for the ultimate flourishing of this project will be burned away by the raging flames of positive change.

I personally am wrapping up my own storylines that all root back to this particular incarnation in the Middle Ages, where I was publicly executed and blamed for heinous crimes. I now know that there are many more nuances to this story than I initially could grasp. The fascinating thing is that my current life perfectly mirrors what happened back then so that I am constantly triggered and old emotional traumas from the past life are flushed to the surface. Recently, I was describing strange events with Rosa (the lady I had an affair with) where I felt sexual energy flowing through my body in intensity I had never felt before:

I realized that my body seems to be much lighter now as the sexual energy can flow through its entirety and is not limited to the lower chakras like before. It literally is new territory for me, even though confusion persisted about my feelings for Rosa. As I had been processing a lot of negative traumas, I could face Rosa again and we started to engage in this verbal dance of gentle teasing each other, which created this strong sexual energy as described in the previous post. In fact, it even became addictive to me as I started to seek out other situations where I could feel this tension again with Rosa. I had created an expectation which ultimately would lead to suffering. Surprise, surprise!

The inauguration of the jungle café

There is a dedicated entrepreneur in this project who launched some type of jungle café. It is his own business and quite ambitious, as it is the first small dining business by European owners, yet of course, it is important to blaze these trails for others to copy as a valid business model. The inauguration was on Saturday and I knew that Rosa would come as well. I thought it would be interesting to meet her in a casual setting other than the stressed office workspace.

There were a lot of important guests, including local politicians at this event. In the beginning, there were long speeches alternating with classical trumpet music. My body was electrified the entire time as the significance of this event resonated strongly as if I was tuning in to echoes of the past. I intuitively sat down at a central spot where I could equally well perceive the movements on the stage, of the project leaders as well as the community members and employees. Finally, the band played a traditional German classical song (well I recognized it even though it was off here and there) and my whole body was filled with a strong electrifying charge.

As the trumpets played a traditional German folk song, I felt myself being transported into the past life incarnation where I received strong visions about the connections to my current life.

In my mind’s eye, everything started to blur. I even perceived glimpses of the past Middle Age incarnation, where apparently a similarly important event was organized. There were royal banners, knights, businessmen, diplomats, priests, scholars and other important people. A lot of optimism, hope and lightness was in the air, as an important project was inaugurated back then as well. It was one of the defining moments in that incarnation because it was the ultimate turning point, right before things went South in a gruesome downward spiral. As in theater plays, this event represents the dramatic apex point, right before the descent into chaos and despair. Unfortunately, we all did not get a happy ending in the past incarnation. On the contrary, everything descended into a terrible downward spiral, which contained betrayal, intrigues, chaos, suffering and even war. I for one exited from that life through a gruesome death by hanging after an extended public humiliation at the pillory. Many others did experience similar fates or at least have loads of negative karma which now needs to be balanced out to able to start afresh.

I opened my eyes and looked around just to realize that a significant percentage of the people standing around me here had been incarnated in that previous life as well. I already am able to consciously pinpoint the past and present roles of several people who are now with me here again. There are others with whom I feel a strong emotional bond, similar to meeting an old friend again after a couple of years. It is so fascinating! On my right, I saw Rosa sitting with some other young ladies from the company. Suddenly, Maria appeared on the left with her boyfriend. An incredible charge of energy flowed through my entire body, so strong that I almost lost my composure. I still was in a partially meditative state and my hands felt really numb. Suddenly, I was hit by a massive revelation: We are replaying the mission from the past but with a different setup now. I for one, am much better prepared to not fall into the same traps again.

A final karmic lesson from Rosa and cutting cords to the past

It occurred to me that my situation is now totally different than in the past life! I am neither married nor in a relationship. I have been working non-stop on my own emotional healing, inner clearing and purification for the past 12 months. I now have this amazing connection to higher planes of energy and important details are readily transmitted into my consciousness. I am able to decode the significance of what is happening relatively quickly, as to not get lost in the woods but to follow the shining light of my higher guidance. And this is the most important thing ever, in order to succeed with my mission, I always need to maintain my highest possible vibration and connection to my higher guidance, regardless of which snake pit I am stepping through. If I collapse in my vibration down to the level of others around me, I will be bitten and devoured by the snakes. If I maintain my high vibes at all times though, I will be divinely protected and my light will help to transmute the darkness around me. What I did within myself in the last 12 months, I need to now repeat outwardly: Shine the light on the darkest possible spaces to help to illuminate and transmute old traumas and related lower consciousnesses. Obviously, in the past life, I failed massively, as my vibrational frequency collapsed. A good analogy would be: We initially stepped down a few ranks on a ladder but then missed and dropped down in free-fall.

In the past incarnation, I first stepped down a few stairs only to drop down the entire staircase. This time, I always need to maintain the highest possible vibrational frequency, regardless of what happens around me.

That being said, I realized that I need to let go of the past romance with Rosa and all of my desires and expectations of her once and for all. On some level, I would have loved to have a replay with Rosa but there are several problems with this. One aspect is that she appears to be on a much lower level of awareness than I am right now so an affair would complicate things, which is exactly what we do not need right now to not interfere with this mission. We won’t have time for anything but working through the chaos in the next weeks anyways. Last but not least, I already experienced a love affair with Rosa in my past life. My soul already went through this and all the information, experiences and emotions are stored and readily accessible on a higher level. I (or more accurately my ego) was trying to recreate the feelings from the past because they were pleasant and comfortable but I now understand that this was nothing more than an addiction. It also dawned on me that I do have a certain amount of fear of the events to come but instead of facing it and trying to learn from it, I wanted to distract myself by engaging in romantic activities with Rosa.

This lesson was really hammered into me when I saw Rosa that night. As the music was quite loud, I walked away from the inauguration celebration of the jungle café and next to the bathrooms, I saw Rosa. I greeted her and stopped to try to talk to her but she just said “goodbye” in Spanish and kept walking past me without even looking at me. A strong jolt of pain shot through my heart, so I immediately went for a long walking meditation under the stars. I accepted the fact that I need to let go of Rosa, or more precisely of my narrow expectations towards her. I sat down on a large rock under the stars and started meditating. I invited Archangel Michael to help to shield and guide me during this cord-cutting exercise. I proceeded to talk to the soul of Rosa to thank her for all the nice times we had together and all the lessons she had taught me. But now it is time to cut those cords, to end the energetic entanglement, and to retrieve lost soul fragments we have been holding hostage from each other through the experienced traumas. A massive energy influx impacted my body and I perceived myself and Rosa as light beings whose connections were slowly and gently untangled and finally separated.

My entire life right now seems to revolve around events mirrored from an important incarnation in the late Middle Ages in Hessen, Germany.

Nevertheless, I experienced extremely heavy feelings of heartbreak later that night and during the next day. I felt so down that I rested for half of the day. My body was processing a lot of emotions and for certain all of this was also to balance out past life karma. It is crystal clear that this is related to karmic balancing because I was still somewhat confused, I just could not see things clearly as I still was totally entangled in this complicated emotional situation and those lower emotions of fear, sadness and anger were constricting my field of view. I meditated again to get a clearer picture of the whole situation and it suddenly hit me like a lightning strike: It now felt as if Rosa broke up with me because in the past incarnation I broke up with her at this point of our story! In fact, as I described as my “descent through the valley of death” ( was a replay of the period where Rosa and I fell in love head over heels but it was highly complicated as we both were married. We did have a romantic affair but then we both went through a period of enormous confusion. As the dust settled and we both started to warm up again, the crazy tension between us persisted, we flirted and Rosa got her hopes up to get together with me permanently. She even left her husband to be together with me! At that point, as the stress increased in my role at the Hessian kingdom, I however did not want to sort through my complicated feelings for her. Instead, I just focused on my work and ignored all of Rosa’s attempts to get close to me. In essence, I dumped her when she was ready to leave everything behind to be together with me. While I was publicly executed, Rosa did not have a rosy fate either. I feel she was expelled from the kingdom as well and had to live a life in shame and isolation.

How crazy this is, it all does make more sense now, when taking into account the events of the past life. Rosa has been mirroring my behavior so that I can feel the desperation and hopelessness which she had felt back then. While she seemed attracted to me sexually, she does not seem to take time to work through her feelings. She just wants to focus on her career now and this complicated love affair seems to difficult for her to deal with. So she just decided to leave it that way, moving on without talking to me about it to clarify it all. It just “easier” that way for her. What a humbling experience this!


I am now at the apex point in this current storyline in this international South American community that mirrors a past incarnation in the Middle Ages. Things will get much crazier from now on as old structures begin to collapse and the final karmic balancing occurs before we can step into new territory. Things went terribly wrong in the past life as I, and many others, collapsed down in our vibrational frequency. This time I am much better prepared though for this grand finale. Most importantly, I will always need to maintain the highest possible frequency. Moreover, I finally realized that I need to let go of the old past-life romantic storyline with Rosa so I engaged in an energetic cord-cutting meditation to free myself so that I am ready to receive new things readily flowing into my life. I was taught another brutal karmic lesson as I now felt what Rosa went through after she left her husband to be with me but I just halted all contact with her because I could not be bothered to process my complicated feelings for her and I just focused exclusively on my work.

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