Divine absolution and the ultimate promotion of the highest honor

Divine absolution and the ultimate promotion of the highest honor

During a shamanic session, I received divine absolution for my past life’s missteps, could finally forgive myself and was awarded a promotion of the highest honor to ready myself for what is to come.

Recently, I was going through my personal valley of death, as I was replaying a series of dramatic events with a partner from a past incarnation in the Middle Ages, where we all had collected loads of heavy karma: https://lightprism.net/2021/04/02/my-ascent-through-the-valley-of-death/

While I could come out of my personal valley of death, climbing up the mountain of enlightenment, I still felt that not all has been processed. Even my relationship with Rosa (the lady from the past incarnation I had a dramatically turbulent love affair with and who is now a coworker in this lifetime) seemed to normalize. I could look her in the eyes and talk to her without going through an internal rollercoaster of emotions. She also seemed to relax and seek more contact with me, as I saw myself confronted again with her peculiar sense of humor. It was a good sign, as I thought that I went through the old karmic theater and have learned my lessons. But there still was a remnant of doubt in myself, as if I somehow could not find peace and closure with the events of the past.

Visiting the shaman and his wife

Hence, I decided to visit my old friend, the shaman and his wife, who are now living outside of this community where I am living and working in. For those who haven’t read the older posts: The shaman was one of the central figures in my awakening last year. He guided me through many sessions where we resolved massive traumas, many of past lives, like a demolition worker is splitting concrete blocks with a sledgehammer. Due to a series of dramatic events, he left the project, so I had not seen him for almost 3 months. They currently are living in a beautiful resort, in a sort of large tree house next to a beautiful rain forest at the side of a mountain. It was really peaceful and relaxing there and we generally had a great time together.

On Sunday morning, the shaman agreed to do a session to dig deeper into my past life trauma. We started to meditate for about 15 minutes and then I proceeded to tell him everything I experienced so far about the botched love affair with Rosa, for instance how things went awry in a downward spiral. What happened to me was akin to trying to step down a few steps but eventually falling down the entire stairway. I told him how confused I was as I replayed the events with Rosa, as if my internal compass was erratically spinning in all directions so I lost my way completely. Furthermore, I told the shaman how I got glimpses into war and that I feel a large burden of guilt for its occurrence and the dramatic loss of life and suffering eventually caused by it. I apparently had a very high political position back then and a very important mission, which I miserably failed at. For sure, Rosa and the knight screwed up massively too! They have a large burden of karma to resolve on their own, I reckoned. By the way, a few days earlier on a nightly walk, I did realize that the knight actually also is incarnated in this project in a high management position! He and Rosa had their heated arguments, which I observed from the sidelines. It seems like they also have a large karmic load to resolve! What also occurred to me is that I was somehow betrayed by Rosa and the knight. They also bear a large part of the responsibility for what happened but I was sacrificed so they did not need to suffer the same fate as I did.

Doves of peace with divine messages

The shaman asked me to go back to the scene at the pillory, where I was seeing two white doves of peace circling about me. Strangely, he asked me to focus my attention on the doves, if they have information for me. I found this strange but surrendered to his request. Surprisingly, one dove flew down and landed next to my left hand, as I was still at the pillory. To my astonishment, the dove had a message in its claws, like those carrier doves used to have. With a strange sense of excitement, I looked at the message: I was a royal paper scroll with a red wax seal. I reached for the scroll and was in wonder and awe about how noble and special the paper and seal felt. I proceeded to open the seal and started to focus on the message, which was written in the typical typesetting font common in the Middle Ages. While I could not make out individual characters, I energetically sensed the meaning of the message: It was an unconditional absolution! It clearly stated that I was cleared from all charges and am now free to move on with my life. I also got the feeling that my actual punishment was too harsh, or at least that I could not forgive myself for a long time. I had been very hard on myself and assumed a lot of responsibility for a cascading downward spiral of events where many others contributed as well. The message also implied that I had served enough time at this allegorical pillory and that I now had learned the lessons from my missteps in the past.

Two carrier doves hovering above the scene at the Middle Age pillory had important messages for me.

But it did not stop there, as the second dove sat down on my right-hand side to deliver another message. This message actually was with a blue seal and I was in absolute disbelief still. Why was there another message? I sensed that this was something important and positive but for a long time, I just could not get myself to open the paper scroll. While the dove waited patiently and looked at me with its kind and peaceful glance, I was wondering: How do I deserve this after what I did? I still could not believe, neither accept that I would actually receive a great gift right now. At this point, I started crying uncontrollably, as a great charge was lifted off my shoulders. For a long time now, I had already been forgiven for what I did. I myself was the one, who held onto this guilt and could not forgive himself. I now finally was ready to do so and as I did, tears started streaming down my face, while a strong energetic charge flowed through my whole spine. It was intense but a great relief as well. It took me a long time to ready myself to open the blue scroll but I eventually did so and suddenly the whole scene was flooded with light emitted from the scroll. The light was so bright that I initially was blínded by it. After all, I had been at this pillory in this extremely dark environment for a long time. My eyes got accustomed to the bright light and I started to see golden letters, while simultaneously the dark background faded away. I found myself in an empty space, which was very light and bright.

As I focused on the content of the blue scroll, I began to understand that it actually was a promotion of the highest kind. Comparing this to the military, I was promoted to one of the highest possible ranks, like a 5-star general. It was a tremendous honor to receive this and absolutely humbling at the same time – what an incredible gift. The message contained a strong essence of gratitude as well, thanking me for my services and endured hardships, while at the same time granting me a lot of privileges and powers. While I obtained access rights to command specific higher powers, it of course also entails a high level of responsibility. Furthermore, the letter contained a lot of information, in the form of wisdom, knowledge and abilities. I realized that it actually has multi-dímensional properties: Between the lines, there were other smaller lines, which also contained smaller lines between them. It was as if there are an infinite number of layers contained, we just have to zoom into the deeper levels to obtain the hidden information. That said, the golden letters in themselves contained smaller text, which was artistically curved inside of the larger letters. It reminds me of the technical concept of modulation, where a radio wave of a high frequency is overlaid with one of a lower frequency, which enables the transmission of large quantities of information of very long distances.

A holy trinity of the mountain, tablet and human body

While I pondered the depth of this blue message with wonder and amazement, I suddenly realized that I was located inside of clouds. In front of me, I saw what appeared to be Zeus, the highest God of Greek mythology. Next to him, there were other important figures, which I did not recognize but which seemed to be of an Angelic nature. I then became aware of other people who were watching me but in a human form. They were standing under me but could all see me clearly, it seemed to be like a large ancient amphitheater but turned upside down, so I was standing on top, like on a stage. After a moment, I realized that I was actually standing on top of a mountain! While my feet were firmly standing on the mountain top, my upper body was inside of the clouds. It was as if I was in both realms at the same time: The Earth and the heavens. It was as if I was a conduit to anchor higher dimensional information in the material realm. At this point, a wide golden pillar of light started to being emitted from the mountain top, through my body into the heavens.

After opening and reading the blue scroll, I saw the Greek God Zeus in front of me, as I was standing in the midst of clouds.

As I looked towards the blue scroll, it started to transform into what looked like a stone tablet. The tablet reminded me of the 10 commandments, which Moses received on top of a mountain. The stone tablet was massive and indestructible, while at the same time it was easy to understand for humanity in the material realm. It was as if the essence of a higher-dimensional message has been extracted and channelled into the tablet in the simplest yet most accurate form possible. Interestingly, the stone tablet also started to emit a strong pulse of light but it was redirected downwards, along the sides of the mountain. It almost appeared to be like a lighthouse which was illuminating a bright path on the mountain’s surface for others to follow. The shaman asked me to focus on the stone tablet and to feel into it and its individual consciousness. Fascinatingly, my consciousness merged with the tablet and I saw the world from its perspective: It desires to guide others along the mountain on the path I had now already carved out. While my consciousness was still in the tablet, I saw myself in human form standing behind it. All of a sudden, my consciousness expanded like a balloon which is rapidly inflated to its absolute limit, right before it bursts. I felt that I was simultaneously the tablet, the human and the mountain. It was utterly fascinating! It reminded me of the holy trinity taught in Christianity, the unity of the father, the son and the holy ghost. I was absolutely mesmerized by this vision and for a moment did nothing but enjoyed my expanded consciousness.

The blue scroll transformed into a stone tablet, immovable and indestructible placed on top of the mountain, illuminating a path for others to follow.

My attention shifted to the middle of the mountain, where there were Rosa and the knight trying to climb up the mountain but they seemed frustrated and confused. I sensed that they were going in circles, stumbling around, being disoriented and not knowing which way to take. While the light from the tablet was illuminating a path for them, they seemed to be so much caught up in their own affairs and worries, that they did not even notice it! Fortunately, at some point, they started to look up and recognized the light, so they could start to follow the path to the mountaintop. I thought back to the vision I got two weeks ago, that I should “guide” Rosa. Back then, I thought in the “old” 3D way, that I needed to talk to her and to convince her of something. I was again looking at the external to affect change. I now understand that the guidance happens internally by completely clearing the karmic trauma bonds from this incarnation. As I, Rosa and the knight are intertwined in those bonds like a spider web, my act of complete healing and forgiveness for all involved is akin to severing these strings, which were holding us down. Similar to the healing I did for my family line, I hereby also cleared large parts of the trauma of Rosa and the knight. Maybe, this is a little push they needed to now make their way to the mountain top on their own, resolving their remaining karma in the process.

Dissolving the chessboard of duality

The shaman asked me to look around if there is something else relevant in the scene. As I looked down into one of the darkest valleys, I recognized a giant chessboard. That valley was so dark as if no sunlight could reach it for a long time. There actually was a chess match going on and moves were made. Interestingly, it reminded me of two other related visions. In January, I saw a chessboard with a red and a white team, where the white team had achieved checkmate against the red team. Last week, during meditation, I realized that in that particular chess game, I actually am the rook (also referred to as tower). This is very intriguing, as the rook actually has a few interesting attributes:

  • It is the second strongest figure in the chess game
  • It can swap positions with the king during a rochade move
  • It becomes stronger in the later game when it has room to move freely
  • It can traverse the whole board
  • The enemy king can easily be put into checkmate in cooperation with another rook

A shift occurred in the scene: Light started streaming into this dark valley of death and slowly creeping over the chessboard. Each chess figure that was covered in the light was instantly vaporized and all that remained was what looked like crystalline sand, that was glittering in the sunlight. More and more figures were covered in light and dissolved. At the same time, from the crystalline remnants of the figures, a large but transparent chess figure was manifesting. As time progressed, this figure grew larger in size until it actually reached the exact height as the mountain. Remarkably, this tall transparent chess figure was the rook! This giant rook also seemed to have higher dimensional fractal properties. It contained rainbow-like colors and the light shining onto it created beautiful reflections like a prism! I was absolutely stunned because earlier a part of my soul’s mission was revealed to me and I learned that my consciousness can be regarded as a prism with the potential to quickly redirect, combine and amplify various different energies to achieve a certain goal, especially related to the manifestation in the material realm. A link to the previous blog post: https://lightprism.net/2020/12/04/revelation-of-my-souls-mission/

The giant chessboard in the valley of death was slowly dissolving as the light started to cover it, eventually leading to the creation of a giant glass rook that grew to the height of the mountain.

Subsequently, I observed the entire scene from the viewpoint of a bird circling around the mountain, as I saw how an energetic connection was established between the mountain and the giant rook chess figure. Like an old lightbulb, it initially was flickering and unstable but grew stronger over time until it was a continuous powerful stream of golden light. It seemed to be a mutual strengthening or amplification of both the mountain and the giant rook, as both of those entities seemed to be supercharged with electric crackling sounds, similar to what we feel right before a massive lightning bolt emerges. I realized that one explanation of this is that multiple of my previously separated soul fragments now have been retrieved and united so that the whole is much more powerful than the individual fragments. The vision also signals the end of duality, represented by the dissolution of the chessboard. Fortunately, this goes hand in hand with the end of all wars, which stem from separation and duality. As the chessboard is dissolved, from the rubble something new and higher-dimensional, something beautiful is being created, which is also highly interconnected to everything else. From separation, unity is created. The light is strong and unstoppable, it will shine everywhere, even into the last crevices of darkness fighting for their survival.

Entering unchartered territory

Finally, I saw myself in an empty but light space looking at the entire scene from an external point of view. The entire scene seemed very small and encapsulated within a glass enclosure, similar to those snow globes but rectangular and without moving parts inside. It appeared to be more like a holographic projection inside the glass, similar to what is used for those souvenirs of the Eiffel tower in Paris. I grabbed this object and put it into a sling bag at the front on the left side of my body. One interpretation is that the whole scene is now stable, preserved in this souvenir, which is small enough to be carried anywhere. I can always access it and remember the wisdom contained in this great story.

The following day, I saw Rosa again and I was surprised how kindly and positively she greeted me. It occurred to me that Rosa is the other rook in this chess game, which is currently played. She and I will, in the near future, most likely play an important part in the events to come. Free from old karmic bonds, we now have the free will choice to enter new paths, not those of suffering, fear and limitation but prosperity, bliss and enlightenment. I really felt a considerable shift and others commented that I somehow seem different. Many challenging tasks on this day magically disappeared or solved themselves, without any effort on my part. I am looking forward to the days and weeks to come and all of those challenges which I was being readied for.

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