A storm of epic proportions will jolt humanity awake

A storm of epic proportions will jolt humanity awake

What is happening right now in US politics is to create the greatest discomfort for the largest number of people to facilitate the most drastic form of individual change.

Humanity is in the middle of a storm of epic proportions. What is happening right now in the United States of America is unprecedented and many people have never felt more uncertainty and upheaval. My goal with this post is to provide you with a higher perspective to be able to understand the unfolding events in an energetic context and give you some tools to weather this storm, maintaining a sense of inner calm and peace. The good news is: Everyone of us has the absolute power to make drastic positive shifts within our individual realities. But let’s start from the beginning:

The human experience in a historic context

For thousands of years, humanity has been enslaved, living in an invisible prison as described in the Matrix movie. We are not imprisoned by physical bars or chains but by the psychological manipulation of consciousness through which our reality is defined. In other words, we are living in a simulated reality where the way we perceive the world around us is defined externally, through the media, our upbringing, authorities, experts and so on. We can also call this mind control, as we are basically programmed (have you ever wondered why they call it “television program”?) to a very narrow set of different categories, which others have prepared for us. There always are freethinkers who go their own ways but they have been mostly isolated from the general populace by calling them crazy, dangerous or irresponsible “conspiracy theorists” and so on. You know the drill!

The other aspect is an imbalance between the heart and the mind: We use the heart to intuitively grasp complex topics through subtle feelings, visions, dreams and vivid imaginations connected to higher realms. In contrast, the mind operates with thoughts, logic and linear processing based on the limited physical realm, memory and the already known information.

We currently have a severe imbalance between the heart and the mind: Our hearts are walled in, underdeveloped and disconnected while our minds are dominating, in control and the supreme authority in our lives. This is of course no coincidence as those negative entities controlling the matrix have designed it this way to keep us locked in. Through our controlled minds, we are kept in unconscious dependence and submission. We are living on a limited frequency band operating at emotions such as fear, suffering, shame, guilt, hate, etc. which is the frequency band the negative entities ruling our planet operate under. There are many different names for those entities: Demons, energy vampires, spiritual parasites, archons, fallen ones, narcissists, etc. It really does not matter how we call it – we don’t always need to over-define things with our rational mind, instead, we can intuitively “feel” what they are. Funny how liberating it feels if we do not always need to control, know or understand everything in exact detail, doesn’t it?

Humanity’s trauma cycles

But how could those dark entities control us for such a long time? Well, as they are profiting from humanity’s traumatic suffering and infinite misery, they are doing everything to keep this negative cycle going as their survival depends on it. They have found a myriad of different ways to keep us enslaved. A key aspect is the creation of traumatic entanglements between humans: The dark entities are able to take control of individuals through their unconscious soul fragments rooted in past traumas – they are basically lurking in the shadows of broken human beings. The majority of people have some sort of “possession” within their field, which exists as long as there are unconscious repressed parts of our soul.

As long as we have a lot of old traumas, our souls are fragmented into different unconscious parts akin to a broken mirror.

When a person is triggered, this means that a current situation reflects back a past trauma bringing it to the surface. Now, the person has two free will choices:

a) Remain unconscious of the emotional trauma and deny its existance

In this case, the demons will continue to be able to take control of the person and keep inflicting the same trauma onto other people around them. Thus, the demons ensure their own survival and prospering by continuously recreating the trauma cycles so they also create more “trauma entanglement” between more people, like a messily interwoven spiderweb. This web is extremely difficult to resolve: We can only untangle trauma by trauma but not resolve everything at once (like cutting with an energetic sword) because this would cause irreparable damage to the entangled people and their psyche and would violate the free will of other involved parties.

b) Becoming aware and deciding to heal oneself

Once a person consciously decides to heal, this will unravel many knots linked to others around them, freeing many more humans in the process. As the entanglements to past traumas are being resolved, the dark parasitic entities themselves become desperate as they have fewer hosts to occupy. They will behave more aggressively, coming out of the shadows and revealing themselves more and more until they have no more hosts and will starve energetically.

Humanity is shaken out of its deep sleep

What is happening right now collectively on Earth can only be described as a harsh awakening to finally get humanity to wake up from their deep sleep. The thing is that most people have been resting comfortably in the Matrix – it is above all what we have been used to for so many lifetimes! While humans are incredibly resilient, we also are very stubborn and slow learners who do not like the unknown. For these reasons, humanity needs A LOT of discomfort to have the conditioning broken through a shocking series of events that are in stark contrast to the common programmed worldview. This is the only way for many people to finally start introspecting and looking at their past wounds and negative patterns, shining a light on them to be able to clear them.

I mean have you ever wondered why the presidency of Donald J Trump has behaved so chaotically, why he always put out very extreme, sometimes even ridiculous statements? The last 4 years essentially have been preparation, the “preview” of what is to come right now. Everyone who was shocked by Trump’s comments in the past will be absolutely flabbergasted about the things which are going to manifest in our near future. But that is the thing: Nobody’s worldview is safe! Even diehard Trump fans who thought they will get a repeat of 2016 will be shaken to the core. And this exactly is the point: What is happening right now is creating the greatest discomfort for the largest possible number of people in order to enact the most drastic form of change as possible on an individual level.

That being said, there is no reason to panic! Everything is fine and there is not a great physical danger. The upcoming chaos is necessary to manifest the physical changes which are already established on an energetic level. In any case, we are well-protected if we dedicate ourselves to our own healing and walk the highest possible timeline. The exact sequence of events is impossible to predict because we are witnessing a very fluid and highly dynamic unfolding of timelines: There are many possible different timelines, depending on the collective level of consciousness of humanity, which in turn depends on the individual free-will decisions of every person. The individual timelines aggregate into a “timeline window”, i.e. a range of possibly unfolding timelines. The good news is that this timeline window is constantly rising as more people progress on their individual healing journeys and as the general frequency of Earth is rising. There is a lot of upward momentum, many old patterns within humanity are just not matching any more and need to be released. So we can also regard the unfolding of US politics as collective shadow work to shed the outdated programs and patterns like snakes are shedding their skin.

What we can do on an individual level

Many people are wondering what they can do individually to help the process. Should we try to wakeup others by telling them the truth about politics? Should we go protesting on the streets? Or should we even defend the constitution with force? The answer is clear: No, no and no! These are old outdated patterns as well, which try to solve problems by focusing on the external world. Trying to change the world around us is what we have tried to do for thousands of years and what has kept us in a lower state of consciousness, chained to the 3D Matrix.

But what is the alternative? As counter-intuitive as it may sound, we need to focus inwards, onto our own healing and expansion of consciousness! As outlined previously, humans are not isolated from each other, we are all interconnected, our lives are entangled through the multiple lifetimes we have to spend with each other, creating a large number of traumas and karmic debts. Right now is the time to close the cycles, so we have chosen to resolve everything in this lifetime to be able to move on freely onto new paths.

We can imagine ourselves like a single thread within a large, messily interwoven rug. We do not have control over the threads around us, we can only change our own thread. As we progress our healing journey, we untangle and extract our thread from the collective rug of humanity and by this action alone we will reduce the total entanglement and make it much easier for other threads to be pulled out! Hence, when we heal ourselves, we also heal others – so this is the way forward!

The next question of course is: How do we heal ourselves? Well, healing can also be referred to as “facing our shadows”, which are those unconscious, stashed away fragments of our soul linked to past traumas. A couple of steps we can do to heal:

1) Acknowledging that we have unprocessed traumas
2) Observing our emotional triggers
3) Enduring the negative feelings instead of distracting ourselves
4) Allowing the negative patterns to leave the system
5) Creating a positive mindset seeing opportunities instead of problems

1) Acknowledging that we have unprocessed traumas

The first step on the healing journey is to simply acknowledge that we have a heavy load of old traumas that we have been carrying around with us for a long time. The majority of people haven’t even reached this first step. Instead, they prefer to project their internal problems onto other people around them, which essentially is the over-dominant mind preventing the initiation of the healing process. Once we are aware of negative patterns, we can single them out to focus on and work with them. In other words: What is unconscious will control us, what is conscious we have control over.

2) Observing our emotional triggers

The next step is to become aware of the emotional triggers that are activated during our day to day lives. Each trigger is a divine gift, hinting at some inner unprocessed pattern that is ready to be released. A big one for me was a deep childhood wound inflicted by my father: He forbade me to work with manual tools when I was a young boy as this supposedly was “too dangerous” and I “should better focus on things I have a natural talent for”. This has bothered me my whole life as I always was insecure when I needed to do some manual work. I even was insecure about assembling wooden furniture! In 2020, as I moved to South America, I finally gave in to my inner drive to finally execute some woodworking projects. When I asked a friend for some of his tools he told me that “working with electric saws is dangerous” and “I should better focus on computer projects”. An unspeakable rage shot up in my body which was so intense that I could not articulate comprehensive sentences anymore. I threw tools on the floor and left the scene. The immense anger filled my entire body, it felt as if my chest was almost bursting up. I sat down under a large tree, meditating for 30 minutes until the feeling slowly subsided. And then it hit me: The guy had triggered the exact same wound of my childhood as he said similar things my father told me back then! Wow, what a powerful insight! The next day, I went back to this guy, apologized and explained the situation with my father. Surprisingly, he replied in an understanding and supportive manner and allowed me to use his woodworking tools. I proceeded to build several chairs and tables and in the process discovered that I am actually quite talented in this area. What an incredible gift this trigger was! As I healed a part of my wounded inner child, I shifted from being a victim into being a creator, assuming full control of my own destiny and future!

The 6th insight of the Celestine Prophecy states that the more we heal our past traumas, the easier we can maintain our divine connection to access higher energies. Our control and manipulation patterns will also cease eventually, thus breaking vicious cycles.

3) Enduring the negative feelings instead of distracting ourselves

Once we have identified certain triggers and know to which traumatic events of our pasts they are related, we can move into the healing process. To do this, we need to face and endure our feelings, giving them our full attention and unconditional love. Essentially, we just need to sit in silence, breathe in deeply and feel into our body and all of the sensations coming up. The challenge is to endure the oftentimes very heavy emotions and not allowing to distract ourselves by giving in to addictions. Of course, it is much easier to drown our negative feelings in toxic substances such as alcohol or by engaging in certain damaging activities. Many people cannot even cope with their internal pains from past relationships and prefer to distract themselves with the biggest drug there is: Romantic love or infatuation, see also: https://lightprism.net/2021/01/02/how-to-move-towards-unconditional-self-love-and-divine-relationships/

The other factor is that the more often we distract ourselves from the internal pain, the more intense it will become each time. At some point, our pain is so extreme, that we are basically forced into going inwards and feeling it. We can always ask Jesus for help and assistance to remove the traumas from our bodies. For instance, listening to the following song when I felt terrible has worked wonders for me:

4) Allowing the negative patterns to leave the system

Once we feel the pain, focusing our loving attention on it and the hurt parts of ourselves, it often vanishes quickly. To facilitate this process, you can imagine white healing light streaming through your body, more being pumped into your lungs with each inhalation. Moreover, you can visualize that you are connected to Mother Earth through roots growing through your feet into the ground. Imagine that the negative energy is discharged into the ground through those roots as more and more light is flooding into your body.
Another helpful method to accelerate the clearing of emotional traumas is to feel them in your body and to assign them a visual representation. For instance, some of my traumas have felt like heavy, dull, rusty iron fragments stuck into my heart [link]. Having this visual representation helped me to focus my attention on it or to mentally “grasp” this trauma.

5) Creating a positive mindset seeing opportunities instead of problems

As the emotional traumas are released from our bodies, a lot of space is created within our vessels, which can immediately be filled by higher-dimensional energy. In other words, with each healing process we complete, we can integrate a little more of our higher selves into these physical bodies. For example, in many of my healing sessions, as the trauma left my system, I witnessed how the negative structures (e.g. rusty iron fragments stuck into my heart) were transformed into beautiful higher-dimensional structures. This in essence is a graphical representation of the transformation that is happening within us, as we are moving to a more refined crystalline structure, thus having a more stable and direct connection to our higher selves as well. Put differently, with each healing session, the Matrix veil is thinned a little bit and we are instantly rewarded with higher dimensional insights as well as intuitive abilities.
We can further ease this transformation process by cultivating a positive mindset, focusing on opportunities instead of problems. Knowing that we are safe and protected, we can shift our perspective and start regarding the emotional healing process as a difficult challenge with many potential upsides, instead of terrible torture that needs to be avoided.
The healing process will never be easy or comfortable as we need to feel again the negative emotional patterns to be able to clear them. But every time we do it and the more we accept and surrender to this process, the more quickly we can go through those iterations. If you don’t know what to do, don’t despair! There is no shame in seeking external help. On the contrary, there are many highly awakened souls on this Earth who already went through this process, who are more than willing to assist you on your own healing journey.


What is happening right now in US politics is unprecedented and most likely only the beginning. Things will become much more extreme and uncomfortable in the near future. But this is exactly the point: These events are necessary to create the greatest discomfort for the largest possible number of people in order to facilitate the most drastic form of change on an individual level. The Matrix, which had enslaved humanity through the unconscious manipulation of our perceived reality, is going to collapse soon. In order to free itself and become sovereign, humanity must embark on an internal healing journey in order to break the trauma cycles of the past, which locked the human experience into a very narrow limited frequency band. As we are all connected, the best way to help humanity is to help ourselves by exclusively focusing on our own internal healing journey. To facilitate our own healing process we can acknowledge that we have unprocessed traumas, observe our emotional triggers, endure the negative feelings instead of distracting ourselves, allow the negative patterns to leave the system and create a positive mindset focusing on opportunities instead of problems.

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