Encountering my past life’s partner in this current incarnation

Encountering my past life’s partner in this current incarnation

Written on November 7, 2020.

I suddenly realized that a partner from a previous incarnation has stepped into my current life, presenting me with immense challenges and questions.

I recently had a shamanic session where I processed incredibly heavy trauma from a past life in the Middle Ages in Germany, see: https://lightprism.net/2020/12/07/calling-in-a-team-of-inter-galactic-special-forces/

During the session, I had realized that there was a very important person at the scene, whose name was “Maria”. She was like a shining light within the dark, brutal and cold scenery of my execution in that past life. Strangely, what I did not realize is that our paths would cross again in the current incarnation…

My sudden realization that Maria is in this community

One evening, when I was preparing some food to eat, it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks: Maria actually is here with me now physically incarnated, i.e. a young German woman who came into this community a couple of months ago. I cannot explain how I realized this but I somehow immediately recognized her energy in comparison to the Maria of my past life in Middle Age Germany – an uncanny yet incredibly exciting revelation!

I sometimes ask myself: Why can’t I just have a nice comfortable normal life?

So far I never talked to her much but the few times I did, I immediately felt a strong reaction in my body. I have the intuition that we can use this opportunity to clear up some of the heavy karma of the past. Sigh, I often ask myself: Why can’t I just have a “normal life”, i.e. family, house, job, etc. But here I am breaking generational karma like a lumberjack is splitting wood. I don’t even understand anything anymore, things just unfold and I surrender. It is totally insane but funny and exciting at the same time. Above all, “normal” will soon not exist anymore anyway – it always has been a matrix illusion I suppose!

Joining a weekend trip organized by Maria

What a challenge! So Maria organized a weekend trip with some other younger people from this community here and invited me as well. My realization (that this lady actually is Maria from my past life) just appeared two days before I went on the weekend trip – a perfectly divine timing as always! Of course, I was super excited as I drove to a small house in the mountains where Maria and the other young people stayed. And well, I might have been a bit naive again, as I had hopes Maria and I could talk alone and I could actually get to know her better and understand the reason for this crazy sequence of unfolding events. But it never goes the way my limited ego-mind expects it so I should be used to that right now…

Well, I arrived for dinner and talked a bit to Maria but she was always with the group and there was no opportunity to talk alone. Thus, I observed Maria for a while and her interactions with others. Her mannerisms, peculiar humor and assertiveness as well as her general “energy” seemed oddly familiar yet still so strange! I was totally confused and overwhelmed by the whole situation. To make matters worse, there was always another guy constantly following Maria and they were always side by side. Later in the evening, when we played some card games, they were really close and always touching each other and it finally hit me: They are together but still a bit “careful”, trying to not display it too much outwardly!

I did not get a chance to talk to Maria, instead, I realized that she has a boyfriend as we were playing cards with the group.

I started to feel extremely sick and weak in my stomach, almost as if I could not breathe, as feelings of extreme jealousy and desperation overcame me. I withdrew early from the crowd and meditated a bit before sleeping and I realized: This pain is pointing me towards some past (life) trauma which I have the chance to clear up now! Even though I am not sure what exactly had happened in the past.

Of course, my mind started spinning with the usual projective thoughts of “why can’t I just find a girlfriend and have a good time?”, “will I always be single?”, etc. But I could reel them in quickly realizing that they were just reflections of my deep pain from the past which has been buried deeply but was uncovered now. Most certainly, my path is a very difficult one but I, on a higher plane, probably designed it to be that way! Thus, all those incredibly uncomfortable experiences are actually catalysts for my awakening – which is happening at a record speed! So in a way, I am thankful to Maria for actually orchestrating this situation to help me let go of some past trauma deep within myself.

A conversation with Archangel Gabriel

I did another walk under the stars this evening and Archangel Gabriel presented itself in my field – I immediately recognized his presence. Hence, I could get some further insights to reduce my confusion:

  • Maria is mirroring my own Karma with her current behavior, i.e. the shit I did in a past life and haven’t yet processed, she is shoving it into my face so I can finally get it and move on (really the most rapid way to progress possible).
  • In the past life, where I was hung, I may have actually screwed up massively as well, by digressing from the divine plan and getting greedy or addicted to worldly pleasures or temptations (even though not sure what exactly yet).
  • In this life right now, I am miles ahead in my consciousness compared to most people around me – this might be a mirror as well, so in the past, my consciousness might have dropped and other people wanted to warn me but I didn’t listen and did stupid things which eventually created the bad karma that was stuck with me.
  • The whole situation unfolding now with Maria is to teach me about “Love” again – however not this common selfish, distorted and conditional love but a divine, unconditional and transcendent form of love (see also my post https://lightprism.net/2020/11/19/what-is-love/)

So, I am curious what things will come next, I can only totally surrender to the events and I am sure it will only be for my continued healing. I am sure that many more things will happen to me which will be totally crazy and unbelievable… I am looking forward to it!

An angelic meditation to heal past relationships

I just did the following Angel meditation which appeared in my Youtube feed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFDlVxdB-cY

Archangel Gabriel showed up during a walking meditation and had a couple of interesting insights for me.

It was exactly on point regarding “past relationships” – I invited Maria in energetically along with our Angelic support and I suddenly had the most intense energy rush, letting go of old Karmic bonds, disappointments and wounds in full forgiveness and unconditional love.

All these events are truly fascinating and I am eternally grateful for everything, even though many tough challenges are being presented to me continuously.

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