A spectacular vision of ancient pyramids

A spectacular vision of ancient pyramids

Written on September 10th, 2020.

During a shamanic session, I suddenly found myself in a sarcophagus in a pyramid’s burial chamber in ancient Egypt.

It has been a while but I did another session with the shaman where I told him that the last few weeks I felt quite lost, disoriented and without a sense of direction. I also have certain worries about not being able to find a wife who is able to see me on a deeper level, i.e. seeing my soul instead of the external avatar. One thing I am sure of is that I don’t want to change myself or pretend to be someone else in order to please people (I have done that enough in my life!). I really want to be authentic to myself, speak only my internal truth and do the things that my soul desires. This somewhat goes hand in hand with my post about unconditional love as well, because so many of the romantic relationships we have are based on external, societal patterns or old baggage (even from previous generations).

Discovering the root of the pain

So as my ego-mind did not know what to do anymore, the shaman and I went into deep meditation and I focused on the heavy feelings of sorrow I felt in my chest and stomach area. I tried to imagine, how it feels like and suddenly an image popped up: An ancient old Egyptian sarcophagus! I saw the Egyptian symbols on it (e.g. double-headed figures, intertwined snakes, etc) and how it was golden and noble yet very heavy and depressing. Because I was inside of the sarcophagus! In my mental view, I continued to see the scene unfold: It was a burial chamber inside of a large pyramid, with many large heavy pillars, burial items, artifacts and there was one small opening in the ceiling where a small beam of light was shining inside. In front of the sarcophagus, a priest was standing with a large robe, who was observing the situation. Also, I noticed how the man inside the sarcophagus was dressed like a pharao, with a dress of golden snake scales, holding two powerful symbolic items in each hand, the hands crossed over the chest. On his head, he was wearing a helmet typical of this period, looking like a python.

During the meditation, I found myself inside an ancient Egyptian burial chamber in a pyramid. I was actually inside of the sarcophagus!

I actually saw myself in both perspectives of the pharaoh and priest, alternating between them. I noticed that the pharaoh was actually tied up with chains and that there was a dagger sticking inside the body as well. So I came to realize this was punishment – even though I am not sure for what. And the priest was executing it but he himself had to die too, as the huge round stone door was locked. The priest executed first the pharoah and then himself with the dagger.

Then I asked Jesus to assist me and guide me in this situation and he appeared at the top near the hole in the ceiling, very distant, observant yet supportive. We proceeded to project white healing light onto the situation, which started to fill up my body. All the dark old energy was slowly being released to the outside and transformed. I saw the scene in the pyramid from a 3rd person perspective and how the white energy stream was oscillating between the pharaoh, priest and Jesus. Right in the center of this triangle, a small object was forming out of the dark cloud of energy. It was like a small glass pyramid, crystalline and beautiful. Do you know those glass objects which have some symbols engraved inside of them? It looked like that, but with thousands upon thousands of different symbols. And this glass pyramid was also acting as a prism, refracting light and creating some interesting patterns where it projected.

Transmuting old trauma into positive momentum

I then saw how this glass pyramid was acting as a “movie projector”: It was filling up the old, dark, dull pyramid scenery with beautiful, colorful, vibrant geometric patterns, which were constantly changing as if a movie was being displayed. Truly fascinating and breathtaking! Then it came to me: The pyramid was always acting like a “radio station” – transmitting a certain frequency band. But now, the pyramid has been reconfigured and is sending out a novel, much wider frequency band, never seen before on this planet. I saw how the projections of the small glass pyramid rippled out of the large pyramid, almost like ocean waves into the surrounding area and around the globe.

The pyramid was transformed by sending out a bright light representing a novel frequency band transmitted around the globe.

After this, I saw how a huge white light beam emerged from the pyramid connecting it to the stars. I proceeded to actually go through the light beam and left the Earth, it was like a Stargate of some sort. I saw how Earth was getting smaller and more distant and how I left the system and went somewhere else. It was distant, yet familiar, even though I cannot recall where exactly I was. All the time, I was enveloped in some “energetic cocoon” protected and secure. Suddenly, I saw many “energetic signatures” swirling around me like fireflies. We all descended back into Earth through the White light beam but at different locations. However, we were all interconnected like an energetic grid. Extremely fascinating!

So I guess all of this craziness I am going through does have some meaning and deeper divine purpose to it after all! There are other similar energies to me out there which means one day, we will cross paths. But the thing is that it is an individual journey first and foremost, so I can shed all the external programming, like a snake sheds old skin, for the true essence to reveal itself. And one day, when I do not think about it, something magical will unfold!

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1 year ago
Reply to  Daniel

Wow So fascinating, your experience and book review! Thank you for sharing your experiences. I just found your website and am loving it. I think you would enjoy watching the past life regressions that Alba Weinman does. She posts them on YouTube. They are incredible and I remember at least one person review, under hypnosis, their life from ancient Egypt and their take away from it. The regressions are so healing for her clients.

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