What is love?

What is love?

Written on August 8th, 2020.

A mysterious series of events forced me to question all that I’ve been taught and to ask the fundamental question: What is love?

So last night, I had another “healing meditation” with the shaman and his wife. I know it sounds cheesy but there really is something going on there on an energetic level. We did some meditation exercises and afterwards, the shaman started reading a text about Jesus, which was very deep and mentioned unconditional love, following the heart instead of mind and just “letting things happen” without always trying to explain everything.

Afterwards, I went on a very long walk and SUDDENLY it hit me! All this shit I was feeling about the lady was to TEACH me about unconditional love! It hit me like a ton of bricks, the energy felt crazy once I realized it. The feelings I had before were twisted, distorted, selfish – basically generated or instrumentalized by my ego mind. The question is: What is love?

Well, what our perverted sick Satanistic Hollywood culture calls love is basically a VERY NARROW form of it: Possessive, manipulative, looking outwards, controlling, punishing, vengeful, etc. It is this “quick fix” love or infatuation which covers up your problems by using those “rush of feelings”. But needless to say, it isn’t sustainable exactly.. Even worse, people living this form of love are actually perpetuating the negative destructive cycle, hurting others who don’t concur with them, even harming people who don’t reciprocate love etc. Just imagine how many people have been killed by “crimes of passion”?

So what is the alternative form of love? Well basically it is expansive, unlimited and without strings attached – i.e. unconditional love. First and foremost, it is inward looking, trying to look at our internal problems before projecting everything outwards on other people. With unconditional love, there is also NO DEPENDENCE, i.e. we love and respect ourselves so much that we don’t need other people to “fill some gaps” and make us complete. Moreover, it will seek to see the situation as it is, thus having a wide open focus and also be more supportive of the other person regardless of their (perceived) behavior. The thing is that other people mostly don’t seek to hurt us consciously. Either we are projecting our own insecurities on their behavior, or they are acting out theirs on us. Either way, unconditional love is understanding and actually can heal many problems we have inside. It can break the downward spiral.

So I wanted to share this as I think it is very relevant. For me personally, I am seeing now that I was acting out a very “narrow egoistic and distorted love” on the lady working with me. And the situations presented to me gave the opportunity to lay this stuff down, thereby recalibrating myself for more healthy relationships in my future. That said, I am sure that there will be more lessons for me hammering in those insights until they really stick.. Humility and openness is crucial for me now!

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