Laying it all down at the feet of Jesus

Laying it all down at the feet of Jesus

Written on July 23rd, 2020.

Upon a soft winter night’s walk under the stars, I realized that I don’t have to “overcome” my traumas. Instead, I can ask Jesus for help and let it all go.

Yesterday I had another breakthrough and I want to share some constructive insights which might be helpful to others.

I had a meditative session with the shaman and his wife, a “healing meditation” with several exercises. For instance, we spoke out loud what we wish for – I said healing myself by fully loving, accepting and forgiving myself so that I can get forward in life and “go onto new paths I have never seen before”. At some point later he played this song:

It really touched my soul, deeply. After the meditation I had long walk under the clear star night sky and I asked myself “how can I overcome all those challenges which seem so massive?” and suddenly it hit me like bricks – I don’t need to “overcome anything”, I just need to fully surrender, believe and trust in a higher purpose. Then I proceeded to ask Jesus if he can help me and take my baggage. Suddenly I felt an intense energy rush in my entire body, it was magical. 

I then proceeded to talk to myself on a higher plane and asked certain questions. First I asked “what challenges will be next for me?” – nothing happened. Then I realized it and asked “I can’t be told/shown what the challenge is in advance right? I need to just let go, let it happen to me and learn the lesson?” an intense energy rush came again. Wow. I proceeded with some other questions and it continued. It is like I found a way to communicate with a higher plane of existence. 

I also asked Jesus to help me sleep and rest well – I did not sleep well for almost 2 weeks now. I am always waking up multiple times, feeling unrested and on the edge. And this morning was the first one for a long time where I truly feel rested, I do feel MUCH better. 

After waking up, I listened to “lay it all down” again and it was beautiful. And suddenly a vision appeared: The more I heal, the less I can be possessed by demons. Because, if we do have a lot of unprocessed suppressed stuff, it fragments our soul and we go into a lower vibration. Once an external thing triggers our unhealed wounds, the trauma is surfacing but our conscious mind is not unable to control it (because it is like a blind spot for us) – so demons take this chance and take over control. They love this because they can create further damage to others around them, perpetuating the downward spiral getting more food for themselves (they also love sexual perversion because that is one of our strongest energies which can be used for good or bad purposes – but that’s another topic). 

So that is it. I hope you might get some value out of this and it might hopefully support some healing any of you has ahead of you. 

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