Our Mission

We are in historic times where the control structures, that have imprisoned humanity for ages, are dissolved. We are about to participate in an unprecedented Rennaissance of ancient truths, divine wisdom and stunning revelations. 

This blog serves the purpose of documenting this monumental shift from my own experiences in all of its fascinating nuances so that it may help you on your journeys. The particular goal for 2022 is to teach you how to do shadow work so that you can heal your repressed childhood traumas and gain access to higher abilities. 

Latest Posts

Reclaiming sexuality will liberate humanity

Sexual traumas reflected in our secret sexual desires are the final frontier in this spiritual war and the ultimate blockage towards the liberation of humanity.

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Shadow work: Following the footsteps of Christ

The process of shadow work, clearing repressed emotional traumas from childhood, has the potential to liberate you from the past paving the path towards Christ consciousness.

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A podcast about the organic evolution of human consciousness

I went on my first podcast ever with Conrad to discuss various controversial topics such as twin flames, karmic cycles and sacred sexuality.

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The light is triumphant. Reptilian shapeshifters still walk this Earth but they are neutered like a tiger without claws & teeth. They're given some time to close their own karmic cycles before leaving for good.

A positive timeline shift has nothing to do with putting in effort to raise your vibration.

It's more like letting go of a heavy anchor of old traumas, limiting beliefs & patterns so that you're naturally floating to a higher level of consciousness.

The system spends an exorbitant amount of resources to manipulate and control us. Let's imagine for a moment that all these resources could be redirected to something creative. We'd find ourselves in a golden age in no time.

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