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We are in historic times where the control structures, that have imprisoned humanity for ages, are dissolved. We are about to participate in an unprecedented Rennaissance of ancient truths, divine wisdom and stunning revelations. 

This blog serves the purpose of documenting this monumental shift from my own experiences in all of its fascinating nuances so that it may help you on your journeys. The particular goal for 2022 is to teach you how to do shadow work so that you can heal your repressed childhood traumas and gain access to higher abilities. 

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Dimensions of consciousness

This article provides a concise overview of the differences between the dimensions 3D, 4D and 5D and how they relate to the ascension process of human consciousness.

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Karmic, soul mate and twin flame relationships

We are all looking for our dream partner yet there is much confusion around karmic, soul mate and twin flame relationships. This article shines a light on the differences between these connections.

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The Orion Wars

The Orion Wars marked a calamitous chapter of our galactic history where we explored extreme depths of duality.

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Our minds often expect a linear progression of timelines while in reality, they occur in parallel or in a chaotic manner. That's why it's impossible to predict future outcomes. The mind is too limited to make accurate predictions so we should stop trying. It's a waste of energy.

Earlier today, I cleared major blockages in my solar plexus and throat chakras and as I meditated, a giant portal of powerful light opened. It created a connection to beautiful lion beings who assist us in closing old karmic cycles and moving on to new timelines.

Dear twin flames, a harsh reality check:

The fact that you are chasing and waiting for your counterpart actually creates a blockage preventing union because they feel that you're always available. You need to move on with your lives to create a healthy and balanced dynamic.

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