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We can shift darkness into light, creating growth, wisdom and novelty by directing our loving attention to the darkest parts of ourselves!

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At the cusp of one of the most dramatic transitions in human history

I am being confronted with fascinating revelations about the connections between my past & current life and decided to finally cut energetic cords with Rosa to ready myself for the grand finale.

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Let’s talk about sex baby, a spiritual perspective

What are the spiritual implications of sexuality? Perspectives of religions and modern culture are contrasted to my own eye-opening experiences which taught me that sex is much more than a mere physical act.

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We cannot help others if we are not practicing self-care

I have dedicated my life to follow every higher calling I receive, regardless of how absurd or scary it seems. In a strange sequence of events, Maria and I unraveled other hard truths from our past life’s tragedy.

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Anybody else going through heavy emotional purging?

I feel extreme heartbreak right now. It's related to a past life and balancing out karmic energies.

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