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We are in historic times where the control structures, that have imprisoned humanity for ages, are dissolved. We are about to participate in an unprecedented Rennaissance of ancient truths, divine wisdom and stunning revelations. 

This blog serves the purpose of documenting this monumental shift from my own experiences in all of its fascinating nuances so that it may help you on your journeys. The particular goal for 2022 is to teach you how to do shadow work so that you can heal your repressed childhood traumas and gain access to higher abilities. 

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Master of Orion

I received fascinating channeled information about the Reptilians who have been ruling over Earth. They once were a thriving civilization in the Orion system until they fell for the temptation of the dark side.

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What happens on Earth affects the entire galaxy

Earth can be regarded as a theater stage where different beings incarnate to safely replay disastrous events in order to clear old karmic cycles that were unresolved for eons.

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Reptilian shapeshifters have been walking among us

Reptilians have ruled over us as false Gods for millennia in a dramatic karmic theater play mirroring galactic history and we are close to the final showdown marking the end of duality.

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The greatest gifts enter your life when you least expect it because the narrow expectations have been blocking the divine flow and locking you to a lower timeline. Open yourself up and surrender to miraculous unfolding of the higher plan.

Forgiveness is what breaks you free from endless karmic cycles of suffering. Gratitude is what maintains your life in the highest timeline of bliss and abundance.

Sometimes, your higher self orchestrates a minor catastrophe to prevent a larger one. Trust that everything that happens is for your highest timeline.

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